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File 134870565962.jpg - (24.36KB , 428x288 , a_sabaospray1.jpg )
10533 No. 10533 [Edit]
I think I'm in love.

Anyone here already have Mercury as a waifu? I don't want to steal someones waifu. That would be rude.
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>> No. 10537 [Edit]
Exclusivity of waifus isn't really a thing around here. Love whom you love; no more, and no less.

That said, I don't personally recall seeing Mercury on /mai/ before.
>> No. 10538 [Edit]
with how much this comes up, you'd think there would be an announcement on the board or something letting people know it's okay to have the same waifu as someone else.
>> No. 10539 [Edit]

Wasn't your waifu Nodoka?
>> No. 10540 [Edit]
File 134876107370.jpg - (37.60KB , 640x483 , bath_miyazaki.jpg )
I can admit I have a problem.

There's just no 12 step program that I would care enough to go to or that exists.
>> No. 10542 [Edit]
A waifu isn't just any random female anime character you fap to.
>> No. 10544 [Edit]
It's funny how Hisakawa Aya's voice hasn't changed the least bit over last two decades.

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