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File 137377484918.jpg - (74.52KB , 300x450 , 52125l.jpg )
16619 No. 16619 [Edit]
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>> No. 16620 [Edit]
I like this show, but it doesn't seem to very popular. Not on pixiv, anyway
>> No. 16629 [Edit]
While I might be a big fan of moe, this show makes me understand a bit why some people might say 'moe is ruining anime' This anime was trying to be a lot more moe than I expected. It's like Upotte and K-on's bastard child, and I don't think it goes together very well at all. Everything was just so Pink and fluffy and sparkly... which is fine on it's own but it's just strange to go from cute girls having cake and tea, to having them get down and dirty in a forest and shooting at each other while still being cute. I don't think it's bad so far by any means, The contrast just seems a bit much. I like my cute girls doing cute things, and I don't consider rolling around in dirt and shooting at each other to be all that cute. Upotte didn't go overboard with moe stuff, which is why that show worked in my opinion. Here it's like they're trying to have their cake and shoot it too.

and really, school uniforms are expensive in japan, especially at prestigious privet schools aren't they? seemed a bit strange to show such disregard those girls have for their uniforms. but maybe dress codes there are lax and teachers don't care if students attend class in ripped up muddy uniforms?

Post edited on 14th Jul 2013, 3:48am
>> No. 16671 [Edit]
Maybe I'm just desensitized at this point, but I don't think the series is laying the moe on too thick. The moe is there, but it's balanced with enough genuine comedy that the series is already reminding me a bit of older shows like Manabi Straight.
Cute girls playing airsoft in the woods does seem unlikely, but they are supposed to be eccentric rich girls, which could also explain your point about the uniforms.
>> No. 16674 [Edit]
Besides the bright colors and art style that include those chipmunk type teeth. They dropped a lot of hints in the first ep at wanting to do the slice of life moe thing with cute girls doing cute things. It's what the main character was expecting out of the airsoft club before it turned out to be about airsoft and they tried using cake multiple times to trap her. Numbers times we see the main character looking to make friends with the normal girls, and seems almost envious while eavesdropping on them chitchatting among themselves. The anime also starts and in a fairly tail like slice of life type way before the main character finds a gun under her pillow, one could interpenetrate this as their way of saying "this aint gonna be your mothers moe anime!" but the tone doesn't change much at all from the beginning. It's not until they start the combat that things take a sudden shift, but even then it feels a bit like they're just playing around.

I'm not saying the anime is bad, I'm just not sure if these two elements work together. Even the characters in the anime pointed out how they're viewed at freaks (and refer to themselves as such)and their hobby isn't much liked in the school since it's not very lady like as they put it.
>> No. 16817 [Edit]
File 137497486813.jpg - (714.22KB , 1280x1440 , fuk u character development! stop ruining cute gir.jpg )
God damn it... why did you have to go and do that?

It's not often I can pinpoint the exact moment that makes me drop an anime, but there you go.

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