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No. 10468 [Edit]
I've just been thinking... I'm twenty years old and a total shut-in leech, what happens when I get older?

What becomes of most NEETs when they grow up?
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>> No. 10469 [Edit]
File 133807249468.jpg - (536.51KB , 510x680 , Nick_Drake_Grave.jpg )
>> No. 10470 [Edit]
What the hell kind of question is that? They, uh, get older.
>> No. 10471 [Edit]
they learn to change their NEET ways and get a job, or roll over and die.
Rarely do other options surface.
>> No. 10472 [Edit]
Knock, knock, knock...
>> No. 10473 [Edit]
One day you will have a chance encounter with a beautiful, but quirky girl. From that point on, your life will be one big adventure!
>> No. 10474 [Edit]
Possibly more than one. Of course he will be unaware of their affections
>> No. 10475 [Edit]
I dislike the picture you posted, OP.
>> No. 10476 [Edit]
that autism
>> No. 10478 [Edit]
Some find jobs and become ants like the normal people
Others, when the yrealize everything is futile and having jobs and money is boring, grab a pack, a wooden sword, and start walking, away, always forward, until they find something worth living for.
>> No. 10479 [Edit]
It gets worse.
>> No. 10480 [Edit]
It's just like one of my chinese animes!
>> No. 10482 [Edit]
OP what are you expecting us to tell you here? It's only going to get worse. I think the first picture post there sums up where most of us are going within the next 10-20 years. The unlucky ones have to live longer.
>> No. 10485 [Edit]
>I'm twenty years old

Get out, kid.

But yeah what others said. It gets worse.
>> No. 10489 [Edit]
File 133815264894.jpg - (197.18KB , 569x800 , madoka as waitress.jpg )
That's what. Or sometimes they get a job, and try to survive for a while.
>> No. 10529 [Edit]
>what happens when I get older?

good question. its up to you
>> No. 10532 [Edit]
Hopefully I'll be dead before I get old
>> No. 10533 [Edit]
give it 4 or 5 years, it gets worse. If I make it to 30 I'll be surprised.
>> No. 10534 [Edit]
Thanks for making me feel old.
And depressed.

Being a 25 year old NEET is suffering. If I learn how to wield a spear I'd qualify for a position as a Lancer.

Serious answer.
You either learn to swim or drown.
I fear that I'm on my way to drown but at 20 you could still change and try to pretend to be normal, at least enough to support yourself.
>> No. 10535 [Edit]
They will be eventually forced to get a job wherein they embarrass themselves daily due to low social skills. At least that's how it happened to me.
>> No. 10536 [Edit]
I'll never get a job even if I actually wanted to anymore, I'm just too incapable for one. The only way I could ever possibly get one is if someone forced me into one where I don't need to do much more than move things or something like that and whoever I'm working for doesn't care who they have working for them.
>> No. 10537 [Edit]

I'm going to be 21 in 3 days. There isn't a single thing that I have to look forward to or that can make me happy. I'd rather die now than get older and either end up having a job or being homeless. The current lifestyle is probably the best it's ever going to be for the rest of my existence, and I don't want to.

To be honest, there's a bigger chance of me going to prison than ever being "happy" in this existence of mine.
>> No. 10538 [Edit]
I'm nearly 30. It's not pleasant. It's very lonely. It gets annoying when relatives ask you "So what are you going to do with your life? Sit around and watch anime all day?" Maybe I will!
>> No. 10539 [Edit]
I'm close to 30 as well. Life doesn't change much. There will always be the same monotony day after day if you're 13 or 30. If anything it gets a little boring as you get older.
>> No. 10540 [Edit]
At least you didn't droped high school. Being a 25 years neet in a 3rd world country who needs a highschool diploma to get the most pitiful job it's totally soul crushing.
>> No. 10541 [Edit]
File 13382624893.jpg - (69.16KB , 1280x720 , [Coalgirls]_Bakemonogatari_03_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FL.jpg )
I will become an eccentric author who lives in the woods with only my infinite imagination and maybe a daki to keep me company.

That's the dream, anyway.
>> No. 10543 [Edit]
I was a high school dropout before basically buying my diploma by means that should be illegal. Now I'm a college dropout. Fortunately, college was free and I didn't accumulate any debt. Now I'm scheduled to earn some money using my mom's political position on our city government. It won't be much, but for several months I will earn enough to have a decent lifestyle here, and I don't have any expenses. Unless I had a way to exploit the system, I probably would not be much better in a first world country.

Well, I won't be able to free-ride for much time, anyway. As soon as I lose my family's support, I will be in for a life of poverty. I'm 22, by the way.
>> No. 10545 [Edit]
Have you ever seen a weird angry old guy that working on low paid job and hated by everyone? That's your future.
>> No. 10549 [Edit]
>hated by everyone
>> No. 10550 [Edit]
He's weird, angry, and old.
>> No. 10554 [Edit]
File 133829119518.jpg - (15.93KB , 174x210 , 1263320112913.jpg )
>> No. 10574 [Edit]
Actually, that's what I've been thinking I'm going to become, whenever I see an old grumpy man at a bus or a train or whatever.
Swearing by himself and almost running people over when he's going out.
>> No. 10584 [Edit]

When I think of this, I always think of 40+ year olds who are like collecting shopping carts at malls or stocking shelves.

I don't think I could do such a thing. Not that there is no pride or worth in what you're doing (there is, however small) but that it would be so mundane I'd probably flip out and kill myself.
>> No. 10722 [Edit]
When I was younger I would see those people on the bus and think the same thing. Maybe 25 years ago they were like me thinking they would never become what they have. I tell myself that that future isn't an option because I'll end it before then.
>> No. 10814 [Edit]
My plan is to get a job that allows or forces me to travel around the world. I work my time, enjoy my freetime after work playing videogames or watching anime, and spend weekends quietly looking around the country. Always being in new places is the best way to avoid boredom, especially if you find work and regular life to be boring.
>> No. 10815 [Edit]
Good luck with that.

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