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File 141076114835.png - (19.07KB , 388x143 , Untitled.png )
25042 No. 25042 [Edit]

poor tohno-chan...
>> No. 25043 [Edit]
You read the news too?
>> No. 25044 [Edit]
Wow, it's almost like we're jobless NEETs with no monthly income!

But really, I don't see the point of patreon. I'd rather just donate through paypal.
>> No. 25045 [Edit]
I'd rather donate as well, even if I haven't as of yet and am unsure if I should.

What is the total amount at anyway? I would've done so on the first day, but Paypal is being dildos and I can't get back to that old account without using outdated information that no longer works. I don't even remember making a Paypal account with that specific email, either, although it's likely that I did in the past.

I don't feel okay with just putting in the information like that and let Paypal be dicks with my information because I don't want to use their shitty accounts.
>> No. 25067 [Edit]
I cannot steadily sponsor Tohno, but I do donate now and then.
>> No. 25068 [Edit]
we're at $164.67 of the $224.80 current server costs due in October. I try to update the number after every donation. Not sure how much has been donated over the course of tc's life but if I had to guess probably $250-$300.

and I appreciate it, thanks.
>> No. 25069 [Edit]
make that $219.67

I just did it for the hell of it really.

...also sorry in advanced, it's just for the day.
>> No. 25073 [Edit]
Relatedly: why are you selling your figures, Tohno? Is your economic situation that bad?
>> No. 25074 [Edit]
I don't really sell figs from my personal collection. I mostly sell figs I find good deals on for a (small) profit. I simply made some mistakes in doing so recently which kinda set me back a bit. mainly getting a bunch of figs I didn't (but should have) realized were cheap prize figs that would cost more in shipping/fees than what could sell them for.

Post edited on 19th Sep 2014, 10:19pm
>> No. 25087 [Edit]
The next two years we'll do Cheetahmen on the front page.

Or this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nClhUae7DMs if I'm still alive and don't forget.

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