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18258 No. 18258 [Edit]
Doesn't loneliness imply a desire for companionship?
>> No. 18259 [Edit]
Perhaps, but most people here have probably lost faith in human companionship.
>> No. 18261 [Edit]
If you mean "companionship" as in "romantic companionship", not even close. That's a very bold and inaccurate assumption to make.

The dictionary definition of loneliness, and the one that the board generally seems to go by, is:
"sadness because one has no friends or company"

It refers to feelings of general isolation and lack of contact with ANY human beings- not a lack of romantic partners or a desire for intimacy. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of people here not only have no desire for 3D intimacy, but also frown upon it.
>> No. 18270 [Edit]
You can feel lonely even in the company of others, in fact sometimes more so than when you are alone.
>> No. 18271 [Edit]
I've never really thought of the board's name as literal. "/so/ - Depression" would probably be more accurate.

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