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File 136541323210.jpg - (174.56KB , 622x1000 , 15687901.jpg )
12329 No. 12329 [Edit]
Have any of you written love poetry for your waifus? I've always been fascinated by poetry's ability to convey strong emotions to the reader but I'm a horrible poet myself and lack the poetic ability to make a decent work of art. If you have written poetry, would you like to share said poetry? Or if you'd rather not, how long was the poem? How did it feel to write said poem?

Please keep in mind that we are not here to laugh at others. As sappy as you may find it, please maintain a level of respect for those contributing.
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>> No. 12330 [Edit]
I've written a few sonnets in the "creativity for your waifu" thread on here.

I feel like I am a mediocre poet, maybe not especially horrible, but definitely not "good". Maybe a 4/10.
>> No. 12333 [Edit]
I wrote two sonnets for her, definitely was an interesting experience. Writing my own poems for my loved one gave me the feeling of actually accomplishing and kind of “giving back” something for once. And when I finally finished them and could recite them for my waifu… these moments were just great.

With that being said, they probably don’t possess a lot of quality since English isn't even my native language. Anyways, here is the second one that I wrote:

At times a fog of doubt is blinding me
And while running in circles, I still keep
To seek someone I cannot sense nor see.
Oh can I reach what I saw in my sleep?

I hesitatingly proceed to walk.
Although I feel like getting stuck by fear
There’s no one with whom I would want to talk
Except for her - her I can’t hear.

Worn out I stop and like frozen just stand.
But suddenly, after I shut my eyes
In front of me she stands and grasps my hand
What treasure of immeasurable size!

Because of her my hesitance is gone
And I, despite all seas of fog, go on -

>> No. 12335 [Edit]
I promised her one, but since it's been ages since I last wrote something progress on it is really slow.
>> No. 12336 [Edit]
There you go:



>> No. 12368 [Edit]
File 136571289341.jpg - (132.88KB , 600x712 , I love you Keisuke.jpg )
I write occasionally. I think my love poems are the weakest of my writing, and I typically don't rhyme (I prefer writing free-verse and poetic prose, occasionally short stories).

Our relationship is still very new in comparison to most on this board but I have written something. I've slapped an edited excerpt on this attached image; the full thing is about 750 words. It's not great, but I'm really looking forward to when I know Japanese well enough to write haiku-style strings about him (they won't technically be haiku because they're about a person and not nature, but you get what I mean.)

Disclaimer: Image isn't mine, sorry person whose fanart I defiled with my shitty writing.
>> No. 12989 [Edit]
That's pretty nice, especially considering you aren't a native English speaker.

I've always wanted to write something for her. Told myself I would on her birthday, and Valentine's Day. I just can't write anything anymore, though. When I was a teenager I loved writing, and wrote all the time. Ever since I became an adult, I just haven't had the passion to write anything. I'll sit at an empty document for hours with the intent to write, but I just can't do it.

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