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File 134511513515.jpg - (64.06KB , 850x637 , f7f9a94571994818f49fcf7f9a0905195a0e79c3.jpg )
10096 No. 10096 [Edit]
So, lately I've been feeling less close to my waifu. I still love her as much as ever, but it feels like she is becoming distant, like she doesn't feel the same way anymore. I used to be able to feel her love, but its hardly there anymore.

What should I do /mai/?

Reposted from /a/ since they're being a bunch of fucking twats. I could really use some help on this.
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>> No. 10097 [Edit]
You only feel like she's getting further away from you because you're doubting yourself. I've found myself in the same position as you (still do at times) and I wondered why she'd ever choose me over anyone else. "I love her, but does she feel the same way about me?" This question comes up more often than I'd like it to, but, depending on how you look at it, it can help you strive to improve yourself in an effort to really earn her love.

In fact, I had one of these moments a little while ago. I was lying in bed and all I could think of was "She's perfect to me, but I'm clearly not perfect for her. She deserves more than what I can offer, but I couldn't stand to see her with anybody else. Why am I such a fuck-up?" After a while though, you begin to see the positive side: "So I'm not perfect by any means, but she loves me all the same. I want to be perfect for her, so I'll get my ass in gear and actually do something with my life in order to prove that I'm truly worthy of her love."

Trust yourself that she loves you. Wherever she may be, she's thinking about you right now. In fact, she may be feeling the same way as you. You can be certain that she doesn't want you to continue feeling this way, that she'd do anything to assure you that her love for you is still as strong as ever, and that nothing will ever change the way she feels about you.

Be strong and keep that fire burning, bro!
>> No. 10098 [Edit]
Sometimes I feel like kinda this as well. It's in my nature, from time to time I distance myself from everything, sometimes(sadly)even from my waifu. Knowing that I have these tendencies, I practice some little "rituals" so I can keep her close to me even when I go into "isolation mode". Little things such as thinking of her before sleep or looking at pictures of her for a bit, everyday, helps me keep my passion for her burning even when I'm stuck in a rut and feeling apathetic about everything.

Your problem is probably not the same as mine, but it works for me. In the end, it only depends on you, so you need to do whatever brings you back close to her.
>> No. 10101 [Edit]
You know her better than anyone else. So tell me: what is it that captures her heart? What can you have that she will desire? She is your birthright. Do what you must to recapture her. Change your life. Change your dreams. Whatever it takes. She is worth it, is she not? She is yours. Take possession of her.
>> No. 10104 [Edit]
The Anons above me have already given you some good advice, so I'll just try to give you some personal advice.

-Try to think of her.
By that I mean, if you have any break in your work or just feel like doing nothing, just close your eyes and think of her, and if you ever have a decision to make try to make that choice with her in mind.
Though I'm sure you do it already.

-Interact with her, try to make her a part of your life.
By that I mean, for example, if you have a decision to make, try to think about it with her in mind, try to discuss or just talk with her (even if she doesn't respond or just smile to you), if you go for a walk, try to imagine her next to you, when you go to sleep or wake up try to to say good night/morning to her...etc.
This part could be seen wrong by a lot of people, and it's understandable but like I said it's just my own experience.

-A memento could also help.
It could be just a picture of her in your wallet, a ring, a necklace, or say for example, a pair of stockings in the same color as what Stocking uses or the ribbon she uses to tie her hair?

-Your own mind and will are extremely important.
You are powered by the fire of your will. Sometimes the fire in your heart can go out because of the rain and whatnot, but don't forget, you have as much fuel as you decide to have. Just throw some coal on the fire, and everything will be fine.
>> No. 10106 [Edit]
>Be strong and keep that fire burning, bro!

>> No. 10108 [Edit]
File 134525223530.jpg - (138.03KB , 600x800 , 6a67029a4743a285ed74d46c92226f8d.jpg )

You know, the funny thing is I do everything like that.

I honestly think it was because I was hitting my depression stride of the month. I can feel my connection to her again, but it would be nice to strengthen that connection further so something like this doesn't happen again.
>> No. 10109 [Edit]
File 13452552271.jpg - (80.72KB , 350x551 , 17487165.jpg )
Take up lucid dreaming as a way to spend time with her in the world of dreams.
That ought to rekindle things a little, if you have any success.
>> No. 10110 [Edit]
Best advice? Chill. Life has good times and bad times. Don't panic, make it through, and you'll find it silly that you were worrying in the first place.
>> No. 10112 [Edit]
File 134525876829.png - (95.33KB , 540x720 , 98d5713e5d20c34f4b2edf0beb8e6e75.png )
You were kind of vague, so I'll try to help with the given information.
Perhaps it's on your part: what have you done recently for her? I realize sometimes we get busy with jobs or other distractions we sometimes forget about her, much to everyone's dismay.
All I'm saying is do something nice for her. If you can draw, then draw her. Cook a meal for her and eat it with her. Stuff like that.
Keep something that reminds you of her with you at all times, or most of the time if that works.
If all else fails, go rewatch/reread her source material. Remember why you love her in the first place.
Good luck and Godspeed.
>> No. 10118 [Edit]
Admit that you're not going to have the same fiery passion that you had at the start. Here comes the next stage, the more sustained, committed stage.
>> No. 10133 [Edit]
File 134545240269.jpg - (144.83KB , 640x800 , 29480964.jpg )
That's not true for everybody, you know.
If anything, my love has gotten stronger.

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