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File 130048461117.jpg - (114.33KB , 662x710 , 4f65asd.jpg )
1728 No. 1728 [Edit]
New gameplay has been posted on Youtube.

I really love the setting but the game feels underwhelming. Textures (square tires, really?) and animations are bad, lots of aliasing going on, NPCs don't react naturally. I hope this is an early version of the game (or console versions) because this is one of my most anticipated games.
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>> No. 1729 [Edit]
The chick narrating the first video is annoying, and yeah, graphically, it's unimpressive. Most objects look pretty poly starved, too, and the HUD is somewhat ugly. I hate how everything looks sepia/yellowish toned. What a shame, because cyberpunk settings usually tend to have a nice contrast between vibrant and gritty.
>> No. 1733 [Edit]
It looks OK. Don't know how it can compare to DX1 though. I never played IW but I heard it was pretty shit.
>> No. 1735 [Edit]
>> No. 1738 [Edit]
File 13004917055.jpg - (359.32KB , 1920x1080 , MassEffect2 2010-11-05 16-40-02-53.jpg )
>I hate how everything looks sepia/yellowish toned.

Yeah, I think they went a bit overboard with that thing, but it gives the game a recognizable style. Mass Effect also that kind of blue/grey hue sometimes and it made me feel nostalgic. I'm just a sucker for this sort of runnerbladesque/futuristic games, I just hope it won't suffer too much from consolitis.
>> No. 1739 [Edit]
>I just hope it won't suffer too much from consolitis

It has health regen, a cover system, an enemy radar, and what so far appear to be compromised graphics. I don't see how it could get much more consoley.
>> No. 1785 [Edit]
File 130057602488.jpg - (81.01KB , 1280x720 , dx3-screenshot76.jpg )
This site has some new screens

It really doesn't look too hot graphically. I don't mind too much, since after all I still play the first game and it looks dated as hell, but still
>> No. 1786 [Edit]
File 130057764741.jpg - (88.82KB , 1280x720 , dx3-screenshot74.jpg )
Behold, a whole room of waist high ailiased walls
>> No. 1787 [Edit]
Yeah, those shots aren't flattering at all. It looks better in motion.
>> No. 1788 [Edit]
This is like, 2003-era graphics.
>> No. 1789 [Edit]

Insert "I didn't know there was going to be a wii port" joke here
>> No. 1790 [Edit]
I was excited for this game for so many years, and it looks like fucking shit.

Regen health? Fuck that.
>> No. 1791 [Edit]
Welcome to the future. Games with no health regen are "too hard" for today's average gamer
>> No. 1793 [Edit]
why the hell are they making this on the PS2?
>> No. 1794 [Edit]
My vision is augmented (by lack of advanced graphics options due to consoles)
>> No. 1811 [Edit]
File 130074214956.jpg - (310.52KB , 816x3600 , deus exbox.jpg )
>> No. 1815 [Edit]
File 130075755567.jpg - (90.04KB , 640x360 , 1300752325363.jpg )
>> No. 1816 [Edit]
Which path will get me the most achievements????
>> No. 1817 [Edit]
File 130075965850.jpg - (53.40KB , 800x600 , deus-ex remake.jpg )
Exclusive screenshot of a Deus Ex remake in the works
>> No. 1818 [Edit]
less orange more yellow
>> No. 1845 [Edit]
File 130090347936.png - (67.38KB , 415x243 , face.png )
>> No. 1846 [Edit]
File 130090382969.jpg - (123.00KB , 1366x768 , 1300472086605.jpg )
Made me chuckle.

It looks like the game is heavily console oriented from the latest reports and as PC player this makes me sad, considering the DE history on the PC.
>> No. 1847 [Edit]
I'm hoping the GLOWING OUTLINES OF EXPLORING is only a tutorial thing, since having all these things pointed out to you all the time will kill any sense of discovery. With DX1 I'm still finding out about new shit even a decade later, and I get the feeling that won't be the case with HR
>> No. 1848 [Edit]

As if there was any doubt, the PC version is indeed just going to be a port from consoles handled by some 3rd party. I was going to get it on day one, but I am going to wait now.
>> No. 1849 [Edit]
Welp, there goes my pre-order, I'm going to wait as well, see how the PC version turns out.

I can only hope now that Mass Effect 3 won't suffer much from this trend. DA2, Crysis 2...
>> No. 1850 [Edit]
The ME2 port was great so there's no reason to worry about ME3
>> No. 1851 [Edit]
Not the guy you were replying to, but my only gripe with the ME2 port was the lack of a setting for AA. I hate having to force it through my graphics drivers just to stop everything looking like a shiny PS2 game.
>> No. 1852 [Edit]
On the bright side if it is made for console hardware then my computer should run it perfectly no problems, unless they fuck up.
>> No. 1857 [Edit]
New video
>> No. 1859 [Edit]
At least the PC version will have mods (maybe). I just started the PC version of ME2 and being able to use a save editor to give myself unlimited palladium (after needing to play a boring mining game for hours to get any in the xbox version) made me feel like I had just orgasmed.
>> No. 2236 [Edit]
  I hope they air this on TV
>> No. 2402 [Edit]
  Highlighting and objective locators are now an option. Lol.
>> No. 2403 [Edit]
Pretty sad it wasn't an option to begin with
>> No. 2409 [Edit]
As cool as this game looks I can only bet it's going to be awful.
>> No. 2410 [Edit]
I don't know if it will be a bad game, but it will probably be a bad Deus Ex game.
>> No. 2564 [Edit]
File 130376347498.jpg - (42.75KB , 800x451 , HnpP0.jpg )
>> No. 2694 [Edit]

Apparently, the PC version won't look as shitty as these shots:

>> No. 2695 [Edit]
Wow, full mouse support!? They've really gone the extra mile!
>> No. 2696 [Edit]
Also, the recommended specs are surprisingly high for a console port
>> No. 2697 [Edit]
extra graphics options doesnt make shitty art look non-shitty
>> No. 2700 [Edit]
Still, it makes the game look much better than shit like this >>1786

Now if they could just do something about the yellow light all over the goddamn place
>> No. 2702 [Edit]
Gameplay yes/no
>> No. 2734 [Edit]

Good news:

The interface is really really similar to DX1

Already been mentioned, but you can turn off the retarded highlighting

Bad News:

There's not even a "texture quality" option

Long ass loading times even on a good machine

Mouse movement is slower on the vertical axis because consoles
>> No. 2737 [Edit]
You can prepurchase it on steam now, and if you get the special edition you get the first deus ex with it.
>> No. 2779 [Edit]

Sounds OK, but there's apparently tons of pre rendered cutscenes everywhere(you kill an unavoidable boss in one) and constant "HEY GO HERE! ARE YOU HERE YET???" waypoints and arrows, which seems to go against the feel of the first game.
>> No. 2780 [Edit]
Basically "We've dumbed it down and consolized it in every way possible but it's still deus ex!!!"
>> No. 2804 [Edit]
PC Gamer has a preview on the first ten hours of the game. This time they were playing a psychopath. They say the game is more mature than Deus Ex 1 and the cities seem to more explorable too.
>> No. 2828 [Edit]
I thought I wasn't going to mind the yellow lighting everywhere but when I see it in those images it puts me off so much
>> No. 2830 [Edit]

>I also can’t finish up this preview without mentioning that during my time playing Human Revolution, I spotted an advertisement for McDonald’s Chicken McBites plastered across an overpass in the future city of Detroit. It was the Australian advertisement and everything, with Shane Warne’s face hidden behind a packet of chickeny goods, and labelled with the Australian price. When I went back again to take a screenshot, it had changed to an advertisement for Adidas sports instead, indicating that whatever server was up and running delivering these ads was already working quite well. We’ve contact the Australian distributors, Namco Bandai, for further clarification on how these in-game ads will work, and will let you know once we receive a response.

>> No. 2837 [Edit]
Haha I read that too, pretty worrying to be honest

At least they care enough to have the aussie ads!
>> No. 2838 [Edit]
In-game ads in a single player game is fucking ridiculous.

I mean it would be different if they put EFFORT into the ads, like it's an ad for futuristic adidas clothes or something (that would actually be cool), but no. They're fucking shit ads like you'd see on yahoo or some shit being fed through an ad server somewhere

Post edited on 12th May 2011, 7:22pm
>> No. 2839 [Edit]
What the
>> No. 2954 [Edit]
someone posted this on their forum:

OK, just to confirm a few more things.

All locks on doors are electronic, and must be hacked. HOWEVER, doors still have health - the game just doesn't display it. You can still blow up doors, AS WELL AS shoot them to bits if you pump enough bullets into them from any weapon (a couple of pistol clips seems to do it).

Ammo is quite rare on hardest difficulty though so you can't do this willy-nilly.

But that's not all - doors are subject to PHYSICS DAMAGE too. I basically broke into half of the Detroit Police Station by bashing my trusty fridge against any locked door that stood in my way.

Looks like much of the first game's systemic elements have survived!

Oh yeah, another point: when you set the fridge down, you can snap to it as a cover object.

So, lets recap. The fridge is:

1. A killing machine
2. A mobile, impenetrable shield
3. A large and loud lockpick
4. Mobile cover

Conclusion: nerf the fridge.
>> No. 3191 [Edit]
A leak of a preview copy that has the first 10 hours has been released. If you're the type who cares about spoilers I'd be careful on the internet for the next...3 months
>> No. 3198 [Edit]
File 130695101182.jpg - (155.03KB , 1920x1080 , 1ddsW.jpg )
>> No. 3201 [Edit]

Wow that looks awful.
>> No. 3203 [Edit]
Apparently this version doesn't really have it's proper lighting in place yet. In other news, this
>> No. 3231 [Edit]
>> No. 3236 [Edit]
I think you accidently posted a screenshot from Sim Hobo?
>> No. 3254 [Edit]
>> No. 3255 [Edit]
all this guy's stuff is great. I think this game might actually be cool
>> No. 3327 [Edit]
>> No. 3663 [Edit]
Achievements have been revealed

There's ones for not killing anyone (except bosses) and one for never setting an alarm off, which is nice
>> No. 3799 [Edit]
This is hilarious

Why yes why would anyone turn down a trip to Detroit
>> No. 4065 [Edit]
File 131153588927.jpg - (81.90KB , 1440x900 , buggedjensen1.jpg )
I didn't ask for this!
>> No. 4230 [Edit]
Deus Ex 1 has a high def texture pack now
>> No. 4238 [Edit]

Damn, and I finished playing it last week.
>> No. 4298 [Edit]
Console version has been leaked
>> No. 4300 [Edit]
Apparently the load times on the leaked console version are really really long, whereas on the PC leak they were pretty quick.
>> No. 4349 [Edit]
File 131396427689.gif - (3.55MB , 360x240 , abuse.gif )
>> No. 4408 [Edit]
File 13141842887.jpg - (54.34KB , 508x450 , 1314182905882.jpg )
>> No. 4411 [Edit]
Now I'm going to be on the lookout for that guy so I can stab him in the lungs, solely because of that hat
>> No. 4412 [Edit]
i've seen people posting screenshots of this game with a post-it note with the "forever alone" face drawn on it
if i was playing and i saw that i think i might quit instantly
>> No. 4413 [Edit]
I'll just shake slowly shake my head and move on. In-game, of course, because I will pretend Adam hates it too
>> No. 4415 [Edit]
Well, that's just how mainstream internet culture is nowadays. I am bothered by it, of course, but there's no real rational reason to be angered by it.
>> No. 4420 [Edit]
This game is really good but the forced boss fights are fucking horrible. I've been playing through without killing/alerting anyone, and the only reason I was able to beat the first one was because I picked up some frag grenades earlier thinking I could sell them.
>> No. 4452 [Edit]
A patch today fixed one of my biggest issues: loooong load times. Now if they could just patch out the boss fights...
>> No. 4461 [Edit]
File 131439369734.jpg - (332.18KB , 1600x1200 , jensen punch.jpg )
>> No. 4462 [Edit]
My god this game has awful graphics.
>> No. 4464 [Edit]
They aren't that bad, but yeah they definitely could have done better. NPC faces look like ME1 quality
>> No. 4465 [Edit]
>> No. 4467 [Edit]
Tip for anyone playing this: When fighting the third and fourth bosses, keep in mind that you can fire a laser gun through glass
>> No. 4493 [Edit]
File 131490916926.jpg - (238.16KB , 1680x1050 , 2011-09-02_00002.jpg )
>> No. 4494 [Edit]
File 131490919086.jpg - (239.94KB , 1680x1050 , 2011-09-02_00003.jpg )
>> No. 4495 [Edit]
File 131490920968.jpg - (220.51KB , 1680x1050 , 2011-09-02_00004.jpg )
>> No. 4496 [Edit]
>> No. 4497 [Edit]
My favorite is when he's dancing in front of the man choking to death in the gas room
>> No. 4498 [Edit]
Oh geez.
>> No. 4499 [Edit]

>> No. 4500 [Edit]
I love the bit where he hops from cover to cover while getting shot at by gangsters. It made me physically chortle.
>> No. 4501 [Edit]
The best part is when he continues dancing even after a grenade lands right next to him at 2:21
>> No. 4507 [Edit]
  Why couldn't I have found any funny bugs while I was playing ;_;
>> No. 4511 [Edit]
File 131500548712.jpg - (255.20KB , 1600x1200 , 2011-09-02_00003.jpg )
>> No. 4515 [Edit]
  I killed everyone in the first level, then went back through it and killed all the SWAT guys too and nobody even mentioned it. That's kind of disappointing considering DX1 had things like this
>> No. 4516 [Edit]
they make a big deal about lethal/non-lethal, it does seem a bit forced though
>> No. 4517 [Edit]
It's just really disappointing that a decade old game has more depth and flexibility than any modern game. Human Revolution is a step in the right direction though, even if it does have it's flaws.
>> No. 4519 [Edit]
even though human revolution has more variety than other modern games, it's still only about half as complex as the original deus ex. there are a few things i like about it more than the original..
i think the main cast (adam, pritchard, sarif) were more likable and developed, although the story really goes downhill about halfway through the game where you spend most of your time flying around the world and character development is thrown out the window. i wish they developed the relationship with adam and megan more instead of vaguely hinting at her being a cheating bitch
i also liked the conversation battles alot, probably the best multi-choice dialogue i've seen in a game, especially the mercenary in the chinese sewers where the only way to win is to switch sides and agree with him
>> No. 4522 [Edit]
A lot of fps games from a decade or so were very in depth. It wasn't just deus ex, there were a lot of games that forced you to conserve health and explore and think alternatively on how to solve problems.

Then consoles really started to take off. Forced with limited hardware constraints, traditional pc developers tried to make multi-platform games to compete for the very first time and failed horribly (See: Deus Ex: Invisible War). The more successful games were streamlined and roller coaster themepark styled, this has continued on until today. Many traditional pc gamers had become put off of the themepark style, so fewer and fewer pc sales for games were the result. Consoles have taken over, and thought provoking games have all but died out. Developers have stopped trying to make complex and challenging games, and instead opted out for simple linear hallway shooters. When asked why they don't develop things for the pc anymore, they quote piracy, even though there is rampant piracy across all gaming platforms today. They just don't care because they want easy money and developing challenging content is too much work.

At least this is what I tell myself.
>> No. 4523 [Edit]
Gameplay spoiler: Upon returning to china, I spent many-a-loading screens trying to save Malik. After finally succeeding, the feeling of accomplishment that engulfed me was enough to genuinely make me realize that I liked Malik more than any of the other characters. I like Sarif and Pritchard, especially Pritchard (uguu~ he'll never get his own tv show on picus), but Malik is always there ready to pick you up and drop you off. She's just a helicopter pilot doing her job. She isn't evil. She doesn't even hint at being evil. She's just a genuinely good character in a game full of pricks and backstabbing assholes.
>> No. 4526 [Edit]
Pretty much, yeah. Real video games are pretty close to death
>> No. 4527 [Edit]
>When asked why they don't develop things for the pc anymore, they quote piracy, even though there is rampant piracy across all gaming platforms today.

Especially funny is how in Human Revolution's case, it was the xbox version that got leaked and pirated before any other
>> No. 4528 [Edit]
>> No. 4540 [Edit]
  I liked the game but still this is great
>> No. 4555 [Edit]

Interesting debugging tool for those that are bored.

The Debug Menu allows you to manipulate the game (no health regen, infinite power, infinite ammo, AI options, UI options) and has a "Shop" feature, which lets you spawn yourself augmentations, money, weapons, weapon mods and other in-game items, as well as tons of debug options which you probably should leave alone.

You access this via the Pause menu.

It also comes with a "Map Selection Window", which lets you pick which map to load. The list also has some "unused" maps like the E3 Demo and GamesCom, along with "Zoo" maps (which are usually maps with all NPCs and items so you can quickly test things), although the only one I could load was the "E3 Demo" one, and I think it's identical to the retail Hengsha map, except without NPCs. So I'm guessing the maps themselves aren't actually included.

You access this via the Main menu.

1) Navigate into ..\Steam\steamapps\common\deus ex - human revolution\ (finding these folders depend on where you have Steam installed) and make a backup of patch0.000 though you can have Steam redownload it by doing verify integrity if you want the original file back.
2) Unpack the download into the same folder, so you'll have a "new", modded patch0.000 file. If you don't need a backup, over-write the existing file.
3) Play!


Only works with game version 1.1.622.0

(Mirroring in case thread gets removed)
>> No. 4556 [Edit]
It's pretty satisfying after a non-lethal run to turn on the infinite batteries and all augs thing, and just run through levels cloaked while murdering everyone with takedowns
>> No. 4560 [Edit]
It's pretty satisfying to just do a ninja-lethal run with only a crossbow. Too bad that you can't kill heavy armored players with it though. But pinning people up on walls is so much fun
>> No. 4561 [Edit]
Yeah I saw a video of a guy shooting people with a crossbow and it looked pretty cool. Time to give myself one and a ton of upgrades for it with the power of burger menu magic
>> No. 4562 [Edit]
File 13153472253.jpg - (44.30KB , 453x397 , kyoko hey.jpg )
Man the crossbow is pretty gruesome. I shot a guy through the head (pinning him to the wall), and his body tensed up and slowly twitched around for a few seconds before going limp.
>> No. 4570 [Edit]
File 13154040153.png - (338.47KB , 450x413 , hey kyoko.png )
>> No. 4616 [Edit]
It's nice that they included a personality typology system in the conversation to spice it up, but did it have to be the 4chan alpha/beta/omega garbage? There are plenty of pseudoscientific BS personality typologies to go around, why use one based on high school pecking orders?

Eh, I just felt like complaining, it doesn't really bother me. This game is good.
>> No. 4655 [Edit]
That might be the right place to post...
Discovered this interesting text in Lower Shengha in one of the books. It gave me lots of feels.

Deus Ex - Dear Diary

Some kids banged on my door and taunted me today. They yelled "Hikikomori" and "shut-in" and banged and scratched and kicked to get my attention. I think they belong to a women down the hall. I am repulsed by their guttural accents.

Today was a good day. I sat in my usual place but this time I was content to look out the window. The people look so sad and lost. I pity them when I am not angry.

Someone ranged my phone at 4:18pm today. It came as a shock because noone is suppose to bother me. I spent most of my day trying to figure out if it was a mistake or on purpose. I do not like days like today. They make me nervous and confused.

Today I am cold and cannot warm up. Very cold. I made a bowl of miso soup but it did nothing. Sometimes i wonder if my blood is thinner than other people.

My neighbor was making a lot of noise last night. He plays his satanistic music at an infernal volume. I think he does it to drawn out the sounds of him beating his girlfriend. If I dindt have to stay here I would teach him some manners. I think he is from Central Asia. There is a part of me that really likes his music.
>> No. 4656 [Edit]

>> No. 4668 [Edit]
Oh, you are right. And here I was, typing all this shit for nothing. Oh well, story of my life.

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