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File 132920934154.jpg - (74.61KB , 500x375 , fuko.jpg )
13229 No. 13229 [Edit]
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>> No. 13230 [Edit]
It's valentines day.

I honestly wouldn't have known if it wasn't for this thread
>> No. 13233 [Edit]
What's the point of Valentine's Day anyway?
>> No. 13234 [Edit]
File 132921079597.jpg - (115.76KB , 1280x720 , 1265271760977.jpg )
Honestly? To make money.

What its supposed to be about? Having a specified day to show love, which... really doesn't make sense, because I'll show my waifu love whenever I Haruhi damn please.
>> No. 13235 [Edit]
true, but at least it gives girls the chance to get their feelings across to the boy they like.
because during the rest of the year, it's usually up to the guy to make the first move, and he might might be too shy to say anything or just too dense to notice a girls hints.

.....oh wait, that's japan.
Fuck America.
Nothing but greed, if you gave a girl hand made chocolate on valentine's day, she'd dump your ass and feed that shit to her new boyfriend that can buy her all the overpriced shit she demands.
Haruhi damn, guys don't even get an equivalent to white day here, it's just give give give all year round and give extra and valentine's day.
Bunch of greedy bitches.
>> No. 13236 [Edit]
I still don't know what to get my bitch for valentines. She's real special and has been with me for a whole year now, always happy when I get home. I was thinking a fancy chew toy or those doggy beds.
>> No. 13237 [Edit]
I would go with the toy. Bitches love toys.
>> No. 13238 [Edit]
I'll get both, she deserves the best.
>> No. 13241 [Edit]
Whats a good valentines day message to sent to a fellow tohnochanner?
I can't give any presents because I'm poor, but I still want to give something.

I mean, I want to send something like an ecard, but if it says "I love you!" they could take it the wrong way right? I don't know why I'm getting so nervous about this... Maybe I'll go with the card, it's not like I don't mean it anyways, even if we're both dudes.

Post edited on 14th Feb 2012, 5:28am
>> No. 13242 [Edit]
a holiday is what you make of it,
for instance
for me christmas is about eating a whole lot and gorging myself with food.
>> No. 13244 [Edit]
I think they read this per-emptively and I scared them off.

Worst day ever.
>> No. 13245 [Edit]
Its ok, I still love you.

As a friend, of course. Or, more like a brother, probably. You are all my brothers in arms, in this fight against the real world.

Ignore this part, I'm just messing with the guy from the other thread. I love using spoiler text to hide things I'm embarrassed about, but I also use it for actual spoilers, so it evens out, me thinks.
>> No. 13249 [Edit]

In some parts of the world it's celebrated as Epilepsy Day, as Saint Valentine is patron saint of epilepsy (and epilepsy even used to be called Saint Valentine's disease).
>> No. 13250 [Edit]
did you just decline my valentine?
>> No. 13251 [Edit]
File 132924131611.jpg - (51.94KB , 545x434 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Yes, but I hope we can still be friends~
>> No. 13252 [Edit]
File 132924229348.jpg - (453.20KB , 1200x1718 , _007.jpg )
I mean, I hope I'm talking to the right person right now. Something about summer and winter?

Post edited on 14th Feb 2012, 10:07am
>> No. 13259 [Edit]
As Radijo Nippon wished me last night, I now wish to all Bronohs: HAPPY BALLENTINES DAYU!
>> No. 20647 [Edit]
Sorry guise, I'd meant to send this thread around for another trip a couple days ago, but i forgot to.

dog in a car drinking a soda from taco bell

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