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File 135363903029.gif - (3.60KB , 198x221 , done.gif )
18716 No. 18716 [Edit]
so for those in countries that partake in it, how was thanksgiving for you?
>> No. 18731 [Edit]
Better than I expected, in that we didn't go to see family like I thought we were going to. That, and we didn't eat together, so no sitting in the living room with football on TV while I get asked what I'm grateful for. Food was pretty good, too.
>> No. 18735 [Edit]
having frozen dinners for about half an hour to an hour with dead silence at the dinner table mixed with the sound of creaking wood chairs and silverware tapping on plates, and the occasional forced small talk not lasting for more than a few sentences.
>> No. 18737 [Edit]
I gave away $90+ to my mother since she ended up making me her gopher out of the blue, I guess it's my fault when I'm nothing more than a retard to her. I wasted time doing a ton of stupid, boring shit, most notably waiting in line for 2-3 hours (My NEET legs couldn't take it) for my uncle's t.v. I ended up getting a shitty laptop with Windows 8. A ton of 3DPD to look at me and make me feel bad/worse about myself, and I hardly ate anything since it was made into an awkward situation with some purple potato salad and my self confidence issues being diagnosed as high blood pressure by my family.

It was awful and I really wish that I had just stayed in my room eating pizza while I fapped then went to sleep. The only thing I wanted are some screen protectors since amazon fucking sucks and failed to give me the ones I ordered a week ago.

I wish I were dead.
>> No. 18741 [Edit]
Thanksgiving sounds like fun. I wish I could stuff my face full of turkey and other food! Its like a buffet for free!
>> No. 18742 [Edit]
My mother was kind enough to place an order for a semi prepared Thanksgiving meal at a supermarket near me. All I had to do was heat it up, although that was a bit difficult due to my lack of proper kitchenware and my lack of knowledge of cooking turkey. Regardless, it turned out well. I now have a nice collection of leftovers to go with the soda and fruit drinks I have in my fridge.

Not spending Thanksgiving day with my family felt odd though, even though in the past I still spent a majority of Thanksgiving in my room on my computer and not watching movies or parades or whatever with them. Felt a bit homesick.
>> No. 18747 [Edit]
checkout my vevo channel and buy me on iTunes and amazon~~ William S.Burroughs
>> No. 18749 [Edit]
It's not, you aren't missing much if anything enjoyable and I hate turkey, it's the driest, most flavorless bird on the planet. Only time I actually like it is when I get those turkey, cheddar, bacon sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts every week.

For some reason that sounds even worse than your family being loud and obnoxious with each other. I'm just imagining you and your family sitting in a dimly lit, old kitchen in total silence with emotionless small talk eating bland food till you feel like sick and unsatisfied. That's like dull, ugly existence in a nutshell. I've had so many nights like that with the family that always take place in some old home on the top of a hill where it seems it's Halloween or deep Fall all the time because it just has such a dark atmosphere.
>> No. 18751 [Edit]
The white meat is dry and gross, but the dark meat isn't.
>> No. 18757 [Edit]
Stop being racist.
>> No. 18762 [Edit]
To be fair, turkey can be pretty good when prepared correctly (brined), but 99% of people are completely incompetent and overcook it to death with very little seasoning. Along with the rest of the brown/tan flavorless filler that goes into Thanksgiving dinner, it's just disgusting. Most people have no idea what good food tastes like, so they convince themselves that it's good and compliment the cook.

Fuck, for the past few years I've hinted that I would do the majority of the cooking for Thanksgiving (I'm a NEET, what else would I be doing), but my retarded aunt takes it upon herself even though she's the worst in the whole fucking family. Nobody wants the young male nerd to cook even though I'd do a much better fucking job.

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