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File 140481761881.png - (320.64KB , 550x391 , Hanayamata.png )
19925 No. 19925 [Edit]
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>> No. 19926 [Edit]
File 140481840865.jpg - (81.17KB , 1280x720 , 1.jpg )
Playing bass with a pick? DROPPED!

I feel I'll end up complaining mostly but ep 1 was actually fairly okay. Unsurprisingly not much has happened yet so there's not much to praise but for the time being I think this looks promising.

As for my complaints I must say that this artstyle isn't really my thing. From the way the eyes are drawn through mouths to weird blush stickers I can't say this is aesthetically pleasing for me.
Moreover I don't care much for the protag. It's funny how things like that change over the course of years. Back in the day I looked those shy, timid girls as I could identify with them to some degree but nowadays they really aren't my thing. I liked the optimistic Hina and confident Yaya way more than low self-esteem Naru.

A while ago somebody pointed out to me that most foreign exchange students in anime tend to be really short. Alice was by far the shortest character in Kinmoza, Hina is obviously the shortest character here. Fairly amusing, on average a British/American girl would be like 10-15cm higher than her classmates. Naru's eyecatch said he's 150cm, that will make Hina like 140. She's a complete midget. Good use of eyecatch by the way, I like shows which dump some info in their eyecatches.

Well, looking forward to ep 2.
>> No. 19927 [Edit]
Don't be a meanie. Japanese girls have to take care of their fair and pale skin.
>> No. 19949 [Edit]
Quite a few talented bassists used picks.

Episode 1 was OK. I was expecting more comedy though. The Japanese is so simple I can almost watch the whole thing without subs, so if nothing else I'll continue watching it for the practice.
>> No. 19950 [Edit]
I liked how they characterised the main girl as more than just introverted, but constantly on a defensive position, continuously trying to both open herself and shut others away from life. It's quite a nice, refreshing change to characters who are made to seem pesismistic and uncapable, but come out simply as douchebags instead.
>> No. 20003 [Edit]
Is that really a remarkable achievement to you?
>> No. 20004 [Edit]
In anime, any hint of complex and/or unique characteristics should be met with enthusiasm and applause. Positive reinforcement, you see.
>> No. 20006 [Edit]
File 140539236137.jpg - (601.68KB , 1280x720 , [Vivid] Hanayamata - 01 [BD40BBCB]0026.jpg )
Can't say I cared much for the character design styles, which is a shame as the backgrounds can be really pretty at times. Those almost diamond shaped eyes and their drifting placement will probably take a lot of getting used to.
I know the stereotype for Americans is that they all have blue eyes and blond hair, but when she said she was from new jersey I couldn't help but think of those jersey shore freaks and busted out laughing.
like >>19949 was saying the language is so easy to follow I feel like I don't need subs for this show.
All the bloom with pinkish/purple shades was a bit distracting, reminded me a bit of NGNL. Then got reminded at the end this is from madhouse. I guess some of NGNL stuck with them during the transition over to this show. First half of the ep was all 'wtf am I watching?' almost disappointing that jersey girl wasn't actually a fairy there to take boring girl on a magical fantasy adventure, that might have been more fun. oh well, k-on meets Joshiraku is okay too I guess.
>> No. 20007 [Edit]
>First half of the ep was all 'wtf am I watching?' almost disappointing that jersey girl wasn't actually a fairy there to take boring girl on a magical fantasy adventure,
The point is it was Naru's own wish all along, projected into her perception. Hoping someone would carry her own wish was the reason she felt lacking in her life. This is why she made the decision to take up the mantle herself and affirmed her encounter with "the fairy". At first she was in denial of the truthful encounter, but in the end she affirmed and declared "yes, yes!" to the new unknown realm. The whole story starts from that point onwards, it's too obvious.

Shows like this started by asking "how can a boring mundane schoolgirl life like this be meaningful?" and then proceed from the point to experiment itself. With cuteness.

In case you forgot NNB started with "how can a backwater, desolate, and retarded countryside like this, so devoid of youthfulness and life, be meaningful?"
>> No. 20008 [Edit]
File 140539420410.jpg - (151.54KB , 1280x720 , [Vivid] Hanayamata - 01 [BD40BBCB]_mkv_snapshot_00.jpg )
>> No. 20009 [Edit]
I loved the OP, the artstyle and animation but I can't get into this
>> No. 20010 [Edit]
File 140539604193.jpg - (736.55KB , 2048x1222 , [Vivid] Hanayamata - 02 [FDFCA585]_mkv_thumbs_[201.jpg )
Really? I thought it was cute.
>> No. 20011 [Edit]
It is obvious. She's getting what she wished for, just not in the form she had hoped. Part of me simply laments that it wasn't more literal. Of course that would have been a completely different anime.
>> No. 20012 [Edit]
I too thought it was quite cute. Although the way they tried to develop the drama throughout the second half of the second episode was somewhat dragging, it was still a nice episode, and I guess the character relations make up for some faults the show has here and there.
>> No. 20013 [Edit]
File 140540269380.jpg - (112.68KB , 1282x720 , sure bro.jpg )
If she's so perfect you'd think she could fix that bed head hair of hers.
>> No. 20016 [Edit]
No need to fix what isn't broken.
>> No. 20017 [Edit]
File 140544715661.jpg - (460.27KB , 1280x720 , 12244352354332.jpg )
says you
>> No. 20018 [Edit]
I want to hopelessly try to comb that hair.
>> No. 20022 [Edit]
File 140546619411.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0031.png )
how she get up there?
>> No. 20023 [Edit]
>> No. 20024 [Edit]
File 140546973135.jpg - (132.01KB , 1440x810 , 897698656535429.jpg )
>> No. 20145 [Edit]
File 140601723837.jpg - (52.47KB , 926x522 , 5676y7uh.jpg )
Second ep was pretty decent.
>> No. 20245 [Edit]
File 140660230470.jpg - (83.35KB , 1280x720 , japanese animation.jpg )
>> No. 20248 [Edit]
File 140660628799.jpg - (96.10KB , 1280x722 , please refrain from being a cunt untill you have p.jpg )
How are you supposed to get four members to officially form a club if you're not allowed to recruit members until you've officially formed a club?
>> No. 20250 [Edit]
File 14066132044.jpg - (137.02KB , 1281x719 , fuck yo shit.jpg )
I guess she's got a stick up her ass now that she's too old to be cure muse anymore.
>> No. 20260 [Edit]
File 140669722819.jpg - (116.24KB , 1281x719 , why.jpg )
Yeah Yaya, why?
>> No. 20268 [Edit]
File 140679081029.jpg - (509.92KB , 1280x720 , fangs.jpg )
If fangs in anime are a representation of fucked up teeth as commonly seen in Japanese girls, why would a girl from America have them?
>> No. 20312 [Edit]
She has two fangs. She's a vampire.
>> No. 20313 [Edit]
All american woman are.
>> No. 20315 [Edit]
Aw snap.
>> No. 20317 [Edit]
nice one
>> No. 20350 [Edit]
File 140738366611.jpg - (304.71KB , 978x550 , sure is.jpg )
If this were true then why do only the main characters do it?
>> No. 20372 [Edit]
I was hoping she'd actually give an answer. I wanted to know, too.
>> No. 20421 [Edit]
File 140840292492.jpg - (241.32KB , 850x1200 , 80d8438a960442a9b13ca85363f952ad7ab7c30e.jpg )
Nah, clearly Hanayo is pissed off about u's braking up.
>> No. 20425 [Edit]
File 140845151452.jpg - (150.48KB , 1280x720 , 1.jpg )
Finally caught up. I like it. It's nothing special but this season is very summer-like so even something like Hanyamata is good enough to stand out.

Somehow I don't have much to say, probably simply because I saw 4 eps at once and smaller events don't stand out as much. I must say I kinda like the characters. Like I said after ep 1 Naru really isn't my thing. To the point where I don't even feel like explaining what's wrong wiht her.

But I like the optimistic-simpleton Hina, the sheltered-girl-who-just-made-some-new-friends Tami and not-a-typical-tsundere Yaya. Yaya especially is quite interesting and I see her as way more than a run-of-the-mill tsundere, although I feel she's been getting crowbared into that role more and more as the series progresses. It's fun seeing her put up a front and get jealous over Naru. But the real highlight are her ambivalent feelings about good-for-nothing-timid-girl Naru trying to change herself a little and become a bit more assertive and... independent? Yaya seemingly can't decide whether she should be happy for her or sad because her role as Naru's 'guardian' is approaching it's end.

The spoilersome OP/ED is a bit of a waste, though. Yaya didn't really have to become a full fledged member of the club. Tami's initial refusal seemed to be the real deal. I won't even mention the seito kaichou-chan who certainly doesn't appear to be keen on joining the club but as >>20421 pointed out we've been through the same strokes before (maybe even more than just one time, although right now I can't recall any examples besides Hanayamata) so it's not that surprising.
>> No. 20426 [Edit]
File 140845191070.jpg - (191.35KB , 1280x720 , 2.jpg )
And here's Hina's eyecatch. 144cm. Not quite on Kimoza's Alice level (she's 139cm) but goddamn is she short. Again, makes me wonder why Japan likes to do this.
>> No. 20427 [Edit]
Anime/Manga characters that are 144cm tall from the top of my head:
Yuno from Hidamari Sketch
Taiga from Toradora
Isumi from Hayate no Gotoku
Rukia from Bleach
144cms is generic as fuck.
Non Non Biyori has Renge, she is also 139cms tall and Koma-chan is 1 centimeter taller than Renge

Post edited on 19th Aug 2014, 5:51am
>> No. 20428 [Edit]

144cm is tiny even by Japanese standards but I meant it in the gaijin girl context and as such that 'why do they do that' was meant as 'why is the shortest girl on the show from a country which has a much higher height average'. Feels kinda silly to me.
>> No. 20429 [Edit]
Might be a long shot, but could have been her obsession with Japanese culture was reflected in her diet as well. Eating nothing but Japanese food might have caused her to not grow very big. You know how western food can be with all those chemicals they inject into livestock to make them grow bigger.
Same could apply to Alice as well, since she also something of a weeaboo.

Just guessing here of course. Not uncommon for anime/manga to simply pretend the Japanese aren't shorter than the people of western nations.
>> No. 20430 [Edit]
I'm rather interested to see how they go about getting seito kaichou-chan to join the club. Seeing as her best friend is in the club they'll probably be using that, but could still be interesting to see how they manage it.

I'm worried it'll be like the start of ep 5 where they forced Yaya into the club out of nowhere. Up till then she was on the sidelines clearly only there to hang out with a friend. I don't remember them even trying to get her into the club before then, probably becuase she already has the band thing. Then ep 5 starts and they're all over her to join the club. Felt like I missed something between 4 and 5.
>> No. 20431 [Edit]
I want Yaya to confess before the show ends.
>> No. 20461 [Edit]
File 140861492490.jpg - (105.98KB , 1280x720 , 10.jpg )
Mid-length rant with small relation to Hanayamata:
Not getting a 100 on a 'foreign' language test (when it's in fact your mother tongue that the test is about) is understandable. In fact I've experienced it myself (with a 96). The way foreign languages are taught at most schools is downright retarded and most of the time people who get good grades couldn't hold a five minute conversation with a foreigner even if their life depended on it. On the other hand I always kept getting shitty grade in English; in fact I was in danger of flunking the class altogether one time.

... But how you actually end up with 61 is hard to understand. Unless they asked questions with lots of linguistic terms Hina didn't know ('underline the particle in the followig sentence') but that's a cheap explanation.

Somewhat amusingly even with a 100 in English Hina would still fall short of the 80 average - by literally 1 point.
>> No. 20462 [Edit]
File 140861501551.jpg - (161.16KB , 1280x720 , 9.jpg )
Yaya stalking Naru like it's no biggie.
It's kinda interesting how Naru keeps calling her 'Yaya-chan' despite how long they've known each other.
>> No. 20463 [Edit]
File 140861509859.jpg - (753.31KB , 1000x1250 , 1408052869046.jpg )
I've grown to like Yaya a lot, it's fun to see her try to hoard Naru. A somewhat refreshing character who's not quite the Mary Sue goody-two-shoes most anime girls are. Can't wait to see her go full (Ya)yandere.
>> No. 20464 [Edit]
Also I'd like to point out that Yaya's band failing the audtion is entirely >>19926's fault, playing bass with a pick is inexcusable.
It's either that or divine punishment for getting boyfriends.


>I'm worried it'll be like the start of ep 5 where they forced Yaya into the club out of nowhere.

I think ep 7 kinda fixed that, it didn't feel as forced as before. Not like it was completely natural but it's hard to form a band just by yourself.
>> No. 20480 [Edit]
Full version of the OP is out!

>> No. 20506 [Edit]
File 14090385353.jpg - (558.53KB , 1280x720 , shot1158.jpg )
Why didn't they take those things off once they left the rooftop?
>> No. 20507 [Edit]
File 140911722684.jpg - (534.10KB , 1280x720 , 32456789.jpg )
Yuri goggles: activate!
>> No. 20509 [Edit]
File 140911996936.jpg - (462.48KB , 1280x720 , [Vivid] Hanayamata - 07 [B079CB06].jpg )
Pretty nice ep. I used to think of yaya as being a generic tsundere but clearly it's a lot more complicated than that.
>> No. 20531 [Edit]
File 140962825020.jpg - (102.18KB , 1280x721 , t43ewy54.jpg )
Things seem to be heading in a nice direction for these two.
>> No. 20642 [Edit]
That dream sequence was fucking intense.
>> No. 20688 [Edit]
File 141150520267.jpg - (162.87KB , 1280x720 , 1.jpg )

Ah, so it was something like that afterall. Oh well.

You know, normally I'm annoyed when characters randomly go 'fuck the flight, I'm staying' in situations like this even though they really have to go. But this time around it was just Hana being retarded. Her father remained in Japan - she should've simply stayed with him until he'll be done with work and then go back together. She could dance in that festival, too. Obviously going back to States to live with your family is just about the only logical choice here but it could've waited a month or two. Well, whatever.
>> No. 20690 [Edit]
File 14115143364.jpg - (86.98KB , 1281x720 , qwer4t5yuij.jpg )
bit of a disappointing and abrupt join, but I guess they can't afford to drag it out too long.

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