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File 136000642861.png - (1.14MB , 1280x622 , last momomoment.png )
13829 No. 13829 [Edit]
have any of you fuckers ever gone to watch anime in a movie theater?
i did this for the first time last night, letter to mono.
no kinoko no yama at the concession stand, but still pretty great.
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>> No. 13830 [Edit]
No, becuase they never show anything I would ever want to see in movie theaters here, and even if they did they'd give it shitty dubs and I'd have to deal with annoying people.

On second thought, I have seen the first two pokemon movies in theaters when I was a kid.

Post edited on 4th Feb 2013, 11:58am
>> No. 13832 [Edit]

>> No. 13835 [Edit]
File 136001092864.jpg - (57.30KB , 637x356 , Saori feet.jpg )
Once I saw "Legend of Crimson Youth" in theater when I was a kid; the movie was nice, but I thought the audio was unnecessary loud.

If that counted, another time (as a child as well) I saw a few independent animation films from minor European countries as a part of some film festival on the university. They were OK (one of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcJFhiQMB8I)

However, yeah: they just don't have a thing of putting anime on theaters, here (Disney really monopolizes the globe in that department). Generally I don't really mind, since I don't like going to theaters anymore; but sometimes I wish they would, to be able to see things like Eva or Madoka as soon as possible.

Post edited on 4th Feb 2013, 1:17pm
>> No. 13862 [Edit]
that suicide ending was very sad
>> No. 13869 [Edit]
Could you please stop calling people here "fuckers"?
>> No. 13870 [Edit]
Sure thing, fucker.
>> No. 13872 [Edit]
Stop being an ass.
>> No. 13893 [Edit]
EDIT: wrong link (duh); can't find the one movie I saw for the life of mine.
>> No. 18242 [Edit]
I watched Madoka. Does that count?
>> No. 18243 [Edit]
Of course.

How it was? the experience, I mean; I can't stand crowds (moreover otaku crouds) so I let them pass and waited for rips.
>> No. 18256 [Edit]
how can you masturbate comfortably?
>> No. 18273 [Edit]
File 138792457826.jpg - (129.80KB , 800x588 , zDB.jpg )
Best movie of 2013
wherein the Dragon Ball crew fight not-Egyptian gods
>> No. 18293 [Edit]
Not that person, but going to the first two movies was kind of terrible. The movies themselves were fine but having crowds around that are noisy is the worst. At least I got a poster out of it.

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