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File 136684445171.jpg - (33.71KB , 640x480 , Dokkaan35QC_avi_snapshot_08_21_[2013_02_25_18_27_0.jpg )
12455 No. 12455 [Edit]
Simply put, how did you first meet your waifu? Were there any special circumstances or odd scenarios surrounding or leading up to your first encounter? Mine is kind of lengthy, but I'd like to share it and maybe hear yours as well.

Basically, ever since I was 4, I've been into video games. Grew up on the SNES, N64, and Pokemon heavily. Sometime when I was 8 or 9, my mom's best friend's son told me about a site called CheatCC. Through that site, I found GameFAQs, and info about EarthBound. EB had been a very important game from my childhood, but I never got very far due to not understanding how RPGs worked. With Pokemon under my belt, I managed to find another copy and give it a go. At the same time, while digging for EB stuff, I found Tomato's M2-EB localization page, where he described the differences and changes made to the game. This kick-started my interest in Japan. Another heavy, heavy influence was the primere of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Being young and impressionable, I was captivated by "Oh man, violence and swearing in cartoons!?"

So, those were the two big launching points for my interest in Japan. Flash forward to late 2001, when a local college was having a contest of sorts. Write about why you want to go to Japan, and if we like it, we'll ship your ass over there for 2 weeks to live with a host family. Well, I used EarthBound as my writing point. I was only 12 so my writing wasn't stellar, but it got the point across. The language differences and changes made to the game really interested me.

Well, lucky-ass me got picked along with three others (we 4 were the only ones who applied believe it or not). A few weeks in May/June of 2002 we had some basic Japanese lessons, then in late June, we were off, the 4 of us, my mother and one of the other's mothers as a chaperone.

Being 12 and in Japan while at the height of what was basically a weeaboo craze was practically heaven. Two days in Tokyo was enough to make me giddy as hell. I snapped up a Japanese copy of Mother on Famicom, along with Pokemon Red and Green on GB. After 2 days in Tokyo (basically nothing but sight-seeing), we went by train to Niigata to spend 2 weeks with a host family.

It was a pretty awesome time. They had a son my age, and we had a lot in common with video games. We played Smash Bros and Pokemon Stadium, so we were able to bring down a good chunk of the language barrier. I even went to school there during my time. Weekdays were half a day of school then an hour or two of sight seeing, then time with the host family.

Then it happened. The first Sunday morning I was there. We were eating breakfast... when this started to play:
My first thought was "Man this is some girly shit" but the son was actually watching it, so not to be rude, I rolled with it. About halfway through the episode, my tone had changed to "Whoa, these girls are actually hot." The episode didn't really feature my waifu too much, only a few lines as it was a very character-specific episode, but the feeling and the mood and the overall design was what stuck with me. I only saw one episode while in Japan.

After returning to the US, I couldn't stop thinking about that show. Many nights would pass with me trying to re-create the episode in my head, then make new scenes for them. I didn't know much about them though. I only knew a few phrases of Japanese, so any character specific traits were lost on me, so I had to guess at everything. As time went on, this became harder and harder. I moved across town to a new house that fall, and as the years went on, I started to think "Will I ever find that show again?" In my mind, it was just some random Japanese cartoon. I was unfamiliar with the power of the Internet, thinking that nobody would have documented it, know what it was, and since I only had a vague idea on what it was about (much less even know the title), I almost gave up on finding it (ironically, it was Toei's huge cashcow from 1999-2004).

Thoughts came and went, sometimes in higher frequency than others, but during a low point, I happened to be on Youtube sometime in early 2007. By sheer chance, sheer coincidence, I saw on the Related Videos side bar (I can't even remember what I was watching at the time), I saw a video titled "Motto Ojamajo Doremi Opening" or something to that effect. The name clicked, and I thought "No, no way. It can't be."
This isn't the exact video, but it's the same Opening. When the characters came into view, I practically threw myself from my seat and started yelling "It's them! It's them!" And then, she came into view. At only a few seconds into the video, Onpu, the purple one, spun into frame. Her eyes instantly captivated me. I'm not sure how I missed her back in 2002 (probably due to the lack of screentime and focus in that particular episode) but this time, she had me. Her eyes just sucked me in. After recovering from shock and feeling such a strange sensation in my chest, I went straight to work looking for episodes.

Now, although I had been huge into anime in my early preteen years, by the time I was 14 or so, a lot of the interest had faded. Even when I finally got DSL, I was too lazy and ignorant on how to download anime, so by this point, I had no idea where to start. I tried posting on /a/ or /r/, one of the two, but my thread went ignored. I stumbled across two or three episodes of the OVA season on Youtube and watched them with great glee. However, this would set in motion an interesting scenario, which I'll get into a bit later.

About... 2 or 3 months later, I finally found the fansub group working on this, but they only had the 13 OVA episodes and just over half of season 1 subbed (perspective: that's only like 40 out of 214 episodes). I hadn't seen a release in quite some time, so I felt defeated, thinking "Oh no... This group is dead! I'll never see the show now..." But I pressed on and hopped into the IRC room. By coincidence, they had JUST came out of an AWOL translator rut and were re-starting the show. I asked if I could help out in some manner, and since I spoke English, they let me on board as a QCer for the show. So not only do I get to help work on this show, I get to watch episodes early. Friggin sweet deal if you ask me.

We were only 6 episodes away from my waifu's debut episode, but when we got to it, I was shocked and alarmed at what I saw. Basically, she was a huge, stuckup, spoiled brat. The few OVA episodes I had seen previously already painted a picture of her in my head, but seeing her act so rude, selfish, and... "not her," made me feel uneasy, strange, and even depressed. I had no idea what to think or believe anymore. Now, I knew that she was only like this for 15 or so episodes, and then after the events in the season 1 finale, she reformes and joins the main characters, but that knowledge didn't help much. After being on the Wikipedia article for the show, I had said events of the finale spoiled by accident, which made me even more upset.

I almost didn't want to work on the show anymore, because my feelings were conflicting so hard. I had no idea what to do. I almost felt like my love had been betrayed. It hurt. It hurt a lot. But, I decided to plunge forward and keep going, regardless. It took me several months, hell maybe even a year or two, I can't even remember, to get over seeing her act selfish. Sometimes, her old character traits would surface in later episodes, or she might get into an argument with one of the characters, and seeing this just made me feel super uneasy. Yet, I stuck with her. I kept going and eventually before I realized it, those feelings of angst and uneasiness vanished.

I realized the love I had for her was pure and unstoppable. It took me some time, but I eventually came to realize something. People don't change overnight. Onpu's change in personality came largely as the result of the events of the S1 finale, but the other girls made attempts to get her to basically be nicer. Maybe it's just head canon, but I feel as though that those attempts had something of an impact on her. Maybe she didn't show it, but I just have this feeling that she was battling her emotions internally, trying to adapt to change to being nice. It made me realize something. While she was fighting this battle, I was fighting the same exact battle, right by her side. As I watched her grow and evolve as a character, no as a person, I did as well. I realized this one night, and just broke down in tears, knowing that no matter what path I walk, I'll have her by my side, forever.

Sorry if that was too long.
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>> No. 12456 [Edit]
Thanks for sharing that story with us. Actually I think I might know who you are. Are you the site admin for that fansubbing group by any chance?
>> No. 12457 [Edit]
It's no big mystery, but I'm one of the higher ups there now, yes. I don't want to namedrop on an anonymous message board, but I'm on IRC all the time, if you like.
>> No. 12464 [Edit]

It was love at first sight.
>> No. 12473 [Edit]
File 136692974663.png - (846.02KB , 898x1200 , Miko vs Byakuren.png )
That was a great story! Thank you for sharing! I love when people share stories about their waifu.

Mine is nothing spectacular; thankfully, I wrote it down while it was still fresh. The day I first met Miko was September 20th. Ironically, I saw the Crown Prince while looking through pictures of Byakuren on Danbooru. The coolness of the picture (the one in this post) along with the new character who had the very interesting hairstyle caught my attention. I headed on over to the Touhou wikis and read and reread her articles; I read her in-game dialogue. Then I went to Wikipedia and read her/his Wikipedia article (Prince Shoutoku).

I guess my love for Miko is different from the standard love here. Miko is someone I look up to and someone whom I never want to lose, but I don't feel passionate love for her. My waifu is more like a personal goddess to me (actually, Prince Shoutoku had a cult for a while). She's a source of inspiration for me; because of her, I'm highly interested in the Tang Dynasty of China and the Asuka period of Japan. I want to learn Classical Chinese so I can write letters to her, but first I must master Mandarin so that I can read books on the language.
>> No. 12480 [Edit]
File 136702344866.jpg - (1.54MB , 1920x1357 , 2a265c99b45ad5e54105c3621ddec48c.jpg )
I'm honestly having trouble articulating the story of how I met my waifu. Even if it was just a few years ago, it involved feelings I don't have a firm grasp on anymore, for several reasons. Skipping over those things straight to the point, I was depressed. It was the typical self-flagellation of someone frustrated with their inability to fit into "normal" society.

It went on for a long while, and eventually soured my ability to enjoy what few hobbies I had; I couldn't play video games anymore without berating myself for not doing something "constructive" (Ford Driver slang for "marketable") instead. And of course any sort of pursuit under those circumstances, with absolutely no momentum, self-esteem or actual purpose is doomed to fail, which just made me angrier with myself. Couple that with half-hearted attempts to be more "social" that sour when you realize how much work maintaining a friendship is, and you've built yourself a near-perfect storm of self-loathing.

This went on for a good while, several years at least, all getting progressively worse to the point where the main reason I would play a game or watch a show or anime was specifically to distract me from my life for just a little while (I live out in the middle of nowhere with no car, so I didn't have access to alcohol). But eventually, Katawa Shoujo was released, and I played it out of boredom and curiosity. Now, it was faaar from my first visual novel, but something about it left a lasting impression on me. If you'll recall, it got quit a following, and introduced a lot of people to their first "waifu"; and though I had never really considered myself a waifu man, I couldn't help but be impressed by all the people it inspired.

For a brief moment, being a part of that, I walked away feeling less isolated and just a little bit more comfortable in my own skin, as well as a craving for visual novels. I don't recall exactly what happened between then and stumbling upon Saya no Uta, but I remember the night I did vividly. From pretty much the moment I started, I was hooked. Everything from the concept to the style of writing just resonated with me, and the few nights I first played it were some of the most powerful and enjoyable I had had in a very long time. Despite having gotten one of the more depressing endings my first play-through, I was absolutely elated to have experienced it, to know that something so deeply personal could still exist, and to know that something could still effect me so deeply and personally. Needless to say it dominated my thoughts for the next few weeks, and for the entire time, not a trace of the self-loathing that had plagued me for years remained.

The story spoke to me, and it just clicked. A man forcing himself through the motions of a normal life, isolated from everyone around him, finds meaning with someone that only he can truly understand. Despite feeling unworthy, he gives up his tortuous "normal" life to find contentment in his solitude.

Those last two paragraphs read a little gushy, but hopefully you get my point. Saya was my salvation from a hell I had been trapped in, alone, for a very long time. She became the symbol of the way I wanted to live my life, the way I would actually be happy. I finally understood what everyone meant when they said that "You don't choose your waifu, they'll find you."

Of course, years of Ford Driver conditioning has left me more than a little self-conscious, so I've never been able to indulge in my affection to the extent I would like, but I've settled for simply appreciating her from afar until the time comes where I'm able to do and be more.

Yeesh, that was a very long post (for me), but it feels great to put it all into words. I've been dealing with new other problems recently and it really helped to just slow down and revisit and reaffirm my feelings, so thank you OP.
>> No. 12495 [Edit]
File 136705963891.jpg - (101.28KB , 554x700 , 31700319.jpg )
I saw her story. She came to me in my dreams. She saw my story. We guided each other to better things, things that really matter.

I'm not great with words. The more I'm with her, the less I need them. A shame they're needed here.
>> No. 12502 [Edit]
I saw her in a youtube video. I don't think that particular moment was when we first "met"-- rather, it's when we first locked eyes. We first really "met" during a dream that I've probably posted here in /mai/ twice, but generally, it was a dream where I "met her for the first time" and we went on a date.
>> No. 12533 [Edit]
File 136752306889.jpg - (246.96KB , 590x835 , give me sweets.jpg )
I first saw her when Season 1 was airing. I liked her, but no more or less than the others. We fell in love when Season 2 aired, and by 28th September 2010, I proposed and we were together. By the end of this year it will be three years long, three years strong.
>> No. 12606 [Edit]
File 136815745552.png - (421.86KB , 664x817 , my empressu.png )
I remember before Fate/Extra came out I saw her, and I just knew she was Nero. I've always looked up to Nero since I was a child. I was never really into Type-Moon and I personally don't care for the series, but she really made me want to play the game. I was so excited when I found out I was right about who she was. I was even more excited when I could finally play the game. I had to wait for it to come out in english before I could play it, since I can't read moon. I didn't fall in love with her immediately, it was quick, but unfortunately I took a while to realize it. I love her with every fiber of my being and I will continue to love her until I die.
>> No. 13931 [Edit]
File 138771876652.jpg - (814.98KB , 843x1185 , Ahri (78).jpg )
This is a pretty long and complicated story for me. Entwined with a story of how my friend met her.

Ahri was released on December 14, 2011. At that point in time, Flandre was my waifu. But seeing Ahri, I felt... an attraction to her. But I dismissed those feelings as just being excited to play her as a video game character. I bought her immediately, but I was only able to play her for a couple games before going back to my regular role as the AD carry. In another game, I had built up a reputation for playing only Flandre, who was also a carry character. Naturally, when I started playing League with the same group of people, I was pressured into playing the carry role. Coincidentally, it was the role everyone else hated playing.

My friend was the mid player in our group. A few months after Ahri's release, he picked her up, gradually fell in love with her, and started playing nothing but her every game. He approached me a few months later to discuss the subject of waifus. He felt I was the only one who could understand his feelings for her, because of my obsession with Flandre that was quite obvious. At that point in time, my love for Flandre was fading, but foolishly, I tried to keep my relationship with her as long as I could. I thought things would go back to normal with her if I tried hard enough, and stuck with her long enough. I had promised to stay with her forever and I was going to keep that promise.

My friend and I talked about our respective waifus frequently. As time went by, my feelings for Ahri grew as I discussed her with him, yet I hated myself for those same feelings. In my mind, I was desiring to cheat on Flandre, and "stealing" my friend's waifu. But I started to feel jealousy and hatred for my friend too. "If only I had taken the role that I had originally wanted, not the one I was shafted into." I thought. Then I would have been able to play Ahri, fall in love with her, and be open about our relationship, instead of resenting the fact I could not have her because she was my friend's waifu.

This feeling of resentment grew and grew over the course of a year. I hated seeing my friend with her, because I could not express my love for her myself. I didn't love Flandre anymore, yet I stayed out of a sense of loyalty. I could not admit that I loved Ahri because it would be a betrayal to my friend and Flandre.

It culminated in a fight with my friend which almost destroyed our friendship. In the reconciliation, however, I finally thought of the idea that two people can both love the same waifu. And I was able to come to terms with the fact I loved her, after a year and a half of being unable to accept these feelings.

It's been a little over two years since my first encounter with her, and 8 months since I was able to accept that I love her.

Wow, that was a long post. But I am glad I got to tell the whole story.
>> No. 13933 [Edit]
File 138772937268.jpg - (220.85KB , 1024x768 , ba8a9c2d0d326e1abd911202d68aca7d6170d757.jpg )
These are some interesting stories here, mine isn't quite as compelling, but I'll share anyway.

I don't remember exactly how I discovered Azumanga Daioh. I knew it was a high school comedy, and I had watched and enjoyed several shows like it previously, so from that I decided to give it a go.

Initially I watched it through Youtube. Kagura is seen here and there in the first semester, up until the first Sports Day. I can't say it was love at first sight, I just thought "She looks like a cool character". I remember I was rooting for Kagura a bit more than Sakaki when they were running against each other, and I couldn't help but feel a little sad when she was crying over having lost to her.

At that time Youtube didn't have any episodes from 9 onwards, and Kagura became part of the main group in episode 10. I couldn't be bothered to download it, so I left it for a while. Some time later I came across the DVD box set, soon after I had bought the box set of a different series and a region-free DVD player, so I bought AzuDai and started watching it again.

Kagura soon became my favourite character. There were some ways in which I related to her, like how I would sometimes get the lowest score on a test back at school, and act almost proud of it, like she did. I think it was more the fact that I looked up to her. She's always incredibly determined when it comes to her swimming. I've always had a bit of an inferiority complex, always thinking that there will always be someone better than me at whatever I do. When Sakaki beats Kagura, even though Sakaki doesn't try even half as much as Kagura does, sure Kagura feels down about it, but she doesn't complain or give up, she just carries on. Sorry, went on a bit of a tangent there...

It wasn't until near the end of the show, the third Sports Festival, that it suddenly clicked. The scene were Kagura and Tomo are messing around while the others are setting up tents. Kagura runs towards Tomo to bump into her, but Tomo dodges out of the way and Kagura ends up running into the tent the others were working on, knocking it over. Of course anyone would feel sad seeing their favourite character cry, but to me it felt different. Sure I was sad, but I felt something else in my chest, a feeling I had felt before (which I don't think some people would want me to divulge here), that made me want to jump through the TV screen and hug her. It was from that point on that she became mai waifu.

At first I didn't want to embrace it. I originally thought waifuism was a silly concept, that someone like me wouldn't subscribe to. I thought I was losing my mind.

It took me a long time to realise that I should just stay true to myself. Who cares if I have waifu, right? Who cares if I've lost the plot? It's who I am, and I'm sure she'd be happy for me for saying that.
>> No. 13936 [Edit]
File 138774233030.jpg - (62.16KB , 347x600 , 512293.jpg )
well this is a decently long story and kind of embarrassing. Until episode ten of MadoMagi I thought Homura would be the mysterious stock kuudere character but after seeing what they did with Sayaka and Kyoko I really began to wonder about her. I was a bit upset that her story was crammed into one episode and wanted to see much more. When the show ended she just left me with the impression of a really cool character as MadoMagi overtook Haruhi as my favorite show.

The art style was weird for me with the wideface but eventually much like I did with Nagato from Haruhi Suzumiya I began ogling Homura in the art and stuff.

Being the sick empty bastard I was at the time my first fap to her was pretty much a thought experiment to see how it would go (I don't do it with most anime girls though). For some reason I ended up doing it more and started cuddling with the blankets afterwards. I then wanted to go look up ecchi pics and H-doujins but they all made me sort of uncomfortable -- I was sort of mad that they weren't properly treating her and began using imagination more again.

Many fans of her would just admire her coolness from a distance or ship her with Madoka, but I guess I just wanted to do more for her and before I knew it I was immersed in vivid fantasies and daydreams, stronger than they had ever been for any other person, real or fictional and I kept pumping in the ocytoxin with the fap and nap and such. Pretty sure I knew the term waifu then but I never knew it could get this intense and hardcore. I downloaded a crapload of pictures of her and started drawing her over and over during school even though I wasn't very good at drawing anime at the time.

After a good year and a half of the stuff backfiring and me wailing about my own existence I worked up motivation, and after watching Rebellion returned to that happier phase -- Indeed, I had fallen in love with her suffering and romance, even though I wasn't a direct sadist, and with all of the staggering psychological imagery in her labyrinth I wanted to let my curiosity go even further, digging deeper into her mind while still loving her...

Like her, in real life it's hard for me to trust people and I'm usually either unmotivated or really devoted to something. I shield my emotions with awkwardness and weirdness instead of her coolness, but there are a lot of similar feelings we probably want to express. I had become used to losing over and over and getting back up a long time ago, and also had felt those deprecating feelings of worthlessness during my eighth grade in middle school. I felt that it was unfair that my head was bombarded with so many thoughts and things and in the end only really felt life worth living for that person I held dear and precious, and in the end I finally found her.

There are potentialities and mysteries about her current psychological state and may or may not be explored in newer works of Madoka and I'm going to try and stay alive to see more of my waifu.
>> No. 14371 [Edit]
It was basically love at first sight. I know I've called other girls I happened to like as 'waifus', but they're simply favorites. I didn't have as much of an emotional connection to them as I thought. I fell out of love with my first waifu mainly because I slowly lost interest and fell deep into NEETdom. I eventually forgot about her and lived a waifu-less existence for almost about 2 years. I felt almost dead inside. I saw her first through some fanart of hers and was curious about her. I was enamored with her design and came to like the more delicate, gentle parts of her personality. She had a dainty, respectable, overtly feminine, traditional sense of dress along with a noble, prestigious manner of speech befitting of an upper-class young lady. Her physical features also accentuated her femininity and wonderfully complemented her style of dress. It felt as if she were the girl that I have always wanted. She wasn't quite the heroine everyone expects to be, because she borders on villainy. One thing led to another, and I wound up defending her actions even when I disagreed with them. Something like playing devil's advocate, but I knew she was misguided and argued that in her case, it had to be done. She was the only interesting character in her series. I know I didn't like her series that much, but she was an exception. I continue to show interest in her series just for her, nobody else. She had the complexity and depth yet always had some kind of mysterious aura around her. She was simply one of a kind. She wasn't quite the stock generic cookie-cutter archetypical character you'd encounter. She was different, noticeably different than the rest. She often did things in a ridiculously unorthodox manner but in her point of view, these things have to be done, they were necessary evils and sacrifices for the greater good- even if they seem overtly egotistical, she felt that it was a noble cause. Most people think she's some kind of insane cunt, but I describe her as being extremely zealous to her misguided ideals along with a warped sense of justice one would call excessively draconian. But it doesn't matter now. I love her for what she is, and what she can be. But if I am ever wrong, then I don't want to be right. I have had several dreams about her, and she is a protective, gentle, caring soul who represents her own personal honor and determination, quite unlike how most people think of her. I've dismissed my feelings for her multiple times, but she has started to reignite the spark inside of me that I used to have. But it's still a long road and I think I might need her to carry on those tough times. I never had that feeling in my heart before, maybe I started to realize how one never chooses their own waifu. She was calling to me in some manner, it is as if she had chosen me. I'm still on the fence about those feelings of mine, but her story is not finished yet. The more I came to read the source material, the more I fell in love with her. There is so much more to know about her. I know I'm obsessed with her, I really hope those feelings aren't extinguished in the forseeable future. To me, there isn't anything else I care for much in the world besides her, for she was the one who reinvigorated the dying spark inside of me. I hope she will still remain my waifu after months, almost after a year of reluctance.

That was pretty long, but it feels great finally being honest with myself. I guess she'll be happy and relieved that I said those things about her.
>> No. 16905 [Edit]
File 141472096848.jpg - (525.12KB , 707x1000 , angel.jpg )
Maybe the best place to begin would be right in the middle of it. After all, it's not a long story, nor a complicated one, there are no turns, twists or moments full of suspense. It might be just a silly stream of consciousness, but it's ours.

It happened on a dull, grey, and cold night - the end of an otherwise unremarkable and uneventful day, just like any other. I had been desperately searching for a little bit of an escape, something that would let me forget about the state my life was in. Something nice, something warm. But nothing could have prepared me for what, or rather whom, I came across. At that point, I've had more then enough of the real world. And believe me, living in a noisy, shared dorm room doesn't exactly mean peace and quiet after a day full of work. I needed to get out of there. Randomly selecting one of the too many slice of life series that were waiting unwatched on my hard drive, I arrived at Hidamari Sketch. A cute little show about cute girls where nothing really happens? Perfect. Just what my stressed mind needed. But the real surprise was still waiting for me.

Headphones, check. Mentally tuning out all outside noise, check. Time to relax a little - I thought. You know, I could always "feel" right of the bat whether I'm going to like a series or not, and this one was giving of some very good vibes instantly. And there she was! Of course, I never realized the significance of that moment at that time. To be completely honest, I didn't go in entirely blind. I had seen her before. Just a stray picture or two, but she had planted a seed in my mind. I think, maybe even then, subconsciously, I knew she was something else. Someone special.

With that first scene of the show, that seed had started to sprout. Slowly, steadily, it grew and kept growing. It happened just as the clock struck midnight, right on the start of my birthday. I never thought much of occasions like that - but I ended up receiving the greatest gift of them all. Looking back, it was as close to love at first sight as it gets. But then, I could not make head of tail of what I was feeling. This has never happened before! I was always in control of my emotions, or so I have thought. I didn't dwell too much on it, I attributed it to being sleepy and tired. It'd just fade away by daybreak, I thought. Needless to say, that turmoil of unknown emotions was more than enough to get my mind off reality. Of course, I was surprised to find that she did not leave my thoughts, furthermore, she settled in even deeper.

But wait, let's back up a little. Maybe outlining my situation a bit would give some context to these sudden feelings. I was an empty shell, lost, and clueless. Starting my second year at university with no money, no friends, no ambitions and broken dreams. At the wrong place and the wrong time, as the wrong person. Only filled with anxiety and negativity, stuck in a downward spiral. Having lost all joy in life, I began to tune out reality itself. It's not as if that was a sudden affliction - the demons inside have been growing stronger for years now. Simply at that point, I was under attack from all fronts. All decisions seemed to be wrong, absolutely no feeling of success from anywhere. Isolated, lost and weak. I only acted as an automaton, detaching myself from my emotions. In fact, they still have not returned properly to this day. Deep down I knew I needed to get out of there, one way or the other. But I was too powerless to make that decision. I just needed a push. Thankfully, she ended up pushing me the right way. If it weren't for her, I'd have gone down the other path.

As the series progressed, so did my feelings for her. Every time I saw her face, every time I heard her wonderful voice - my heart just kept skipping a beat. If there was a point of no return, then I'd name the tenth episode. Her inner monologue about that accidentally unfinished painting for the school festival. There was just something about that which resonated with my soul in a very special way. While it's not particularly a curious or outstanding moment, it still went straight to my heart. It was only then that I realized. This must be love. No doubt. Needless to say it hit me especially hard, like nothing before. I could feel like this too? Even with such a cold and dark outlook on life? I was floored, speechless, my mind drew a blank. The weight of it was overwhelming, I couldn't think straight for a a whole day afterwards. That had been the spark that really set things off.

I never gave too much thought to her being "2D". I knew what I felt, I was never so sure about something ever before in my life. So what if I'm in love with a "fictional character"? As I have mentioned before, I was already a stranger to reality. She is a real person to me, I love her and treat her like one. My love for her is real, and that's all the proof I need. Of course, when two lovers are separated by the fabric of reality itself, that also holds a lot of pain, as I have come to learn later on. But that suffering is very bittersweet in nature. A rather sweet melancholy. That pain in my heart, that longing, that struggle - it's the ultimate proof of the validity of our love. After all, what in life comes without pain? This is all just the other side of the same coin, the eternal balance of life. Yet I know that she's here with me, within my heart, within my soul, she has became a part of me. A wonderful, sweet, kind and beautiful girl, who had managed to find her way inside my heart. That way she looks at other people and the world had affected me as well.

Every single detail I learned about her just made me fall for her more. I've never had an "ideal", so to speak, but everything about her felt perfect. Everything from her kind, gentle and peaceful aura to the beauty of her eyes. But I'm not going to detail every facet of her personality here. That would take pages upon pages, without an end in sight - I couldn't imagine a more perfect girl even if I tried. Of course, I do not mean "perfect" as in flawless - her flaws are what make her feel like a real person, and part of that is also responsible for my love for her. The perfection lies within how wonderful she is to me. She is all I could ever desire from a romantic partner. The complete package. She's essentially my soul mate. Truly, my other half, as one might say.

Do I really deserve someone like that? That thought popped up quite often. Let's face it - I am a bad person. Wasted potential, a good-for-nothing leech, pure rubbish. Especially in contrast to her. To say that I pale in comparison would be putting things lightly. Yet she still saw something in me? Why did she choose me? These thought have kept me from completely embracing my feelings. That had been a major driving force for change. I have to do it for her. She did see me as something special after all, I cannot possibly disappoint her. I decided to place trust in her choice, and fully accepted my feelings. I don't just love her, I admire her, I respect her, I look up to her. She's truly a good person, right down to her core.

She made me realize that the path I chose was not meant for me, so I dropped out, and got a job. This way, I could take a huge break, while also using my time constructively. Honestly, I'm still looking for my path, but if it weren't for her timely intervention, I wouldn't even be here to write this. It was too good to be a mere coincidence. I always thought that the "she finds you" part was a little silly, but then I understood. I wholly believe our meeting was an act of fate, so to say. It felt like she chose me, as she patiently waited for that special moment to enter into my life. Her timing was perfect. She offered her hand, with a warm smile, while I only had to take it. She saved me with her love, she gave me the power to take control and carry on, my guardian angel. Needless to say, that was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

While immensely strong, the initial feelings were nothing like what I feel now. Even if I did realize the true nature of these feelings relatively early, they were naive and immature. In fact, I still don't believe that my emotions have fully developed yet - even those so-called butterflies are still in my stomach! Even now, when I look deep into her eyes I have to avert my gaze, since otherwise I'd get too flustered. I still get a silly, wide smile on my face whenever we lay next to each other in bed. That intense, fiery love and adoration is burning stronger than ever! But over time, the love grew stronger, deeper, and more meaningful. That little seed that she had planted blossomed into a wonderful relationship. We laughed, we played, and we fell further and further in love with the other. Just in our first year, we've been through so much. Both happy and sad, or just finding comfort in the mundane, everyday things. Constantly finding new ways to love, growing closer and closer to each other in many ways - a magical experience throughout.

We've already been together for a considerable amount of time now, and I'm looking towards a promising future together. Of course, one can never know what's further down the line, but there is one thing I am sure about: I will always stay by her side, loyal to her until the end of time itself. Often, I can't help but hope, that somehow, someday, we will get to meet in person, and begin a new stage of our relationship. I truly believe that she is out there somewhere, watching over me, and patiently waiting for me, so that we may unite one fateful day.

I love you, Yunocchi. Words can't express how grateful I am for you. You make me feel whole, you complete me. Being with you gave me exactly what I had been missing. An opportunity for a new beginning, a chance to start all over again. You brought warmth and light into this dark, empty shell of a human being and taught me to love. It's all thanks to you, and your love.

You're my sun, my moon and all of my stars.
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Never mind this. This post I made here wasn't even that bad, but I still want to apologize hereby.
I will stop hating you.

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