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No. 4351 [Edit]
  Why do they hate video games so much?
>> No. 4352 [Edit]
law and order or CSI or SVU or whatever show that is are made for bored old women who've never played a video game in their life
>> No. 4353 [Edit]
Well to be fair videogames are terrible. I still play some of them anyway, because I too am terrible
>> No. 4354 [Edit]
  Video games on TV are always hilarious
>> No. 4355 [Edit]
  poorly coded indeed
>> No. 4356 [Edit]
>> No. 4358 [Edit]
...uhh, wh.. what exactly is the context here?
>> No. 4359 [Edit]
Consoles are like computers, only they have games. Get it!?
>> No. 4362 [Edit]
yeah buy why do they have to get to level....
ah, forget it.
>> No. 4364 [Edit]
he obviously hid is child porn in level 10, where only the most elite of hackers could find it
>> No. 4366 [Edit]
Not sure if I should laugh at these or cry at how stupid this is.
>> No. 4367 [Edit]
Speaking of porn...
>> No. 4368 [Edit]
>fortunately, without credit cards, most hardcore porn is out of kids reach
>> No. 4369 [Edit]
and of course, the DS isn't safe either, even with it's overboard parental controls, they still always find something to bitch and complain about.
>> No. 4370 [Edit]

>Well to be fair videogames are terrible. I still play some of them anyway, because I too am terrible

That's what I thought, too. As in, that's what I thought before watching these vids.

When I put down a good book and play a game afterwards the level of writing leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I actually think to myself 'wow, this sure is awful'. But now, my next thought will probably be '... well at least I'm not watching TV'.

It's amazing that there are people who actually watch this. The Big Bang Theory clip is so awful that... That I can't think of anything witty to say. It's just... just... Uhhh...
>> No. 4371 [Edit]
Makes me glad that I don't watch TV anymore.
>> No. 4372 [Edit]
But wait, there's more from The Big Bang Theory!

Apparently, listing off videogames is hysterical.

Bitch please, I own at least five times as many games

Post edited on 22nd Aug 2011, 1:15am
>> No. 4376 [Edit]
What confuses me about big bang theory is that th audience can't be smart enough to know what an emulator even is, yet they laugh at it anyway. Is it just because "lol nerd say funny word" or what?
>> No. 4377 [Edit]
It's because they're using a laughtrack. No one is actually laughing at the jokes, it's just a cheap too the writers need to use in order to spell out to their viewers that they tried to make a joke somehow. You know, like every sitcom ever.

Post edited on 22nd Aug 2011, 11:10am
>> No. 4378 [Edit]
Same scene, laugh track removed, more autism.
>> No. 4379 [Edit]
  This I found amusing.
>> No. 4380 [Edit]
>LOL in his richest wildest´╗┐ fantasies, he's still assistant to the regional funny.

Why does every youtube ever have a comment that either explains the joke or quotes the video as one of the top rated comments.
>> No. 4382 [Edit]
>> No. 4396 [Edit]
Why is The Office the only smart show on television
>> No. 4468 [Edit]
holy shit these are hilarious.

I think most people play the videogame for the gameplay, not the story.
>> No. 4566 [Edit]
Some games can have very good storys, much better then anything from the tv shows in this thread anyway.
Besides, different people like different games.
Some might like mindless shooter games, others story driven rpg games.

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