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File 138701548111.jpg - (98.87KB , 640x512 , Christmas-Anime-69.jpg )
13830 No. 13830 [Edit]
So with Christmas coming I've got a question out of a curiousity.

Do you prepare a gift,bake a cake or something for your waifu?Why or why not?Or in general do you spend Christmas with your waifu?

The question also applies for your waifu's birthday and other similar events.
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>> No. 13831 [Edit]
File 138702567374.jpg - (310.31KB , 1280x785 , Azumanga_Daioh_full_703.jpg )
I've been thinking about it, as I said here >>13821

Last year was the first Christmas I spent with her, the year before that I was in a "denial" stage, for lack of a better word.

I wasn't able to properly spend Valentine's with her this year, since I was away with relatives at the time.

It's unknown when her birthday is, so I can't really celebrate that with her. Although next year is the 10th anniversary of the Azumanga Daioh anime, so I've been thinking of plans for that.
>> No. 13836 [Edit]
File 138704811650.jpg - (92.97KB , 522x640 , miyakochristmas.jpg )
That is a mega cute pic OP.

This question comes to mind for me often too. Unlike a lot of people here I'm not really so good at pretending my waifu is really here with me, it's more so an obsessive love for her and embracing these wonderful feelings, immersing myself in her. That being said I still try to "spend time with her" as in maybe rewatching some of the christmas episodes or blazing it while blasting some nice music like shoegaze, I feel really close to her then. I've thought about stuff like cakes and food and presents but in the end all of that would just end up going towards me and it feels a bit pointless. Her love for food makes me always think of her when getting something to eat and such, but it's different that actually giving her something.

All of this said brings me to another question, do most of you folks try to imagine her with you, talking with her and stuff? I know a few people who are capable of this and have always been jealous.
>> No. 13838 [Edit]
File 138705473667.png - (557.36KB , 755x700 , 101224xmas.png )
I spend this year birthday, valentines and Christmas with her, it's only the first year we've been together but I hope to I can manage to do it forever. so far it's only been cakes and stuff, I'm still not sure what I'd give her for an actual gift.
I guess I spent those days with her since the holidays are less stressful so I imagine her with me far more easily then on normal days

For me I can only imagine her being there off and on, and even then I can't imagine her voice at all
>> No. 13840 [Edit]
File 138706030347.jpg - (1.21MB , 1320x1596 , 25738625.jpg )
Christmas? no, because no (that's Newton's day). I always commemorate Valentine's and her birthday with a drawing, though (I already have the poem for next year -it's quite long- but I'm still uncertain about the illustration).
>> No. 13841 [Edit]
File 138706160348.jpg - (192.56KB , 584x700 , Kurisu Okabe xmas sweets.jpg )
I am looking forward to new christmas themed fanart. That's all really.
>> No. 13845 [Edit]
File 138707463348.jpg - (955.43KB , 1000x1000 , 9ede6660b9e4704fca550040239df588.jpg )
Hmm I've spent the previous three Christmases marathoning (rewatching) anime that I liked late at night, even though I had my waifu for 2 of those. (2010: Haruhi movie, 2011: Madoka Magica 2012: Black Rock Shooter) Planning to rewatch Darker Than Black S2 this year I think. I would be more open into fully immersing into waifu but I'm at home for the holidays and my parents don't know and it's better if they don't. I'm always imagining my waifu and other lolis around me 70% of the time or so though Also writing a new crazy fanfic (just had to after watching Rebellion)

Post edited on 14th Dec 2013, 6:37pm
>> No. 13849 [Edit]
File 13870850659.jpg - (99.26KB , 589x398 , top_7.jpg )
I've been thinking really hard about what to get Keisuke. I've already planned to write him a little something on a Christmas card I bought him, and I'm filling a stocking for him with little treats, but I want to get him something that he'd find interesting or special. I'm thinking about maybe a choose your own adventure book, because he said that he was really engrossed in the one he read on a whim. Not sure. I just want to buy something that he'd enjoy so I can experience it with him.

Due to familial concerns, I probably won't have much time to spend with him actually on Christmas, but I'm going to try to spend at least a few minutes with him alone. We're going to do our Christmas celebration a few days late so we can really enjoy it, most likely. Regardless, we'll certainly spend the new year together.

I do. I'm somewhat lucky in that I used to have literally dozens of imaginary friends as a kid that I was able to see and hear (I knew they were fake but they were fun) and even though I haven't thought about them in about a decade prior, I was able to jump into imagining Keisuke at a pretty quick rate. I still struggle with the language barrier and more often than not I feel his presence more than seeing or hearing, but it's still a very nice feeling. Most of the time when I "see" him it's out of the corner of my eye.

I might not be the best person to ask because I have a lot of negative capability about the whole thing, but I doubt it's impossible for most people. It might take a little more time if you aren't used to meditating (another thing I do a lot), imagining things around you, or getting completely lost in thought, but if you want to do it you can probably do it eventually. I'm still working on it myself - I'm not sure how much farther I want to go (I'm a little worried about making a tulpa for multiple reasons) but I do want to refine some things.

Gosh, sorry for the derail.
>> No. 13850 [Edit]
File 138708632911.jpg - (804.11KB , 700x678 , 9e65258e5a0744a4d359dea06bf1ff39.jpg )
I've always had fantasy prone personality, and the waifu stuff really hit me hard when I began it because of that (but then again, the downs are equally as emotional...) Before I had entered adolescence a lot of my personality quirks were more tolerated and thus I didn't need as many imaginary friends as I do now ;_; But it's okay we take good care of each other.
>> No. 13930 [Edit]
I count rewatching Christmas episodes of her anime pretty much as spending time with her.I'm also the one who can't really pretend my waifu is here with me,but I still try my best to do stuff that would make her happy.
>> No. 13940 [Edit]
I bought a nice christmas cake and ingredients to make a decent meal, but unexptectedly family decided to come over and stay for a week and now I'm not sure what I should do.
>> No. 13941 [Edit]
File 138782174817.jpg - (456.36KB , 647x997 , 0b925ab4ecc2a3db42d7636c4fd88e69.jpg )
Because my waifus birthday is 24th December, we generally spend her birthday and christmas together. Last year I couldn't get a cake together for us to share, but this year will be different and special.

Hehe, I tried to post the same picture as this post >>11285 but it declined me. It's funny how a year has passed and things have changed.
>> No. 13942 [Edit]
All I do is replay the date.

I got her a gift the last two years, but when she's never going to receive them, what's the point?
>> No. 13954 [Edit]
Merry Christmas, /mai/. I'm not one for speeches but thank you all for being here, and here's hoping that the love for our dear ones grows in the new year.
>> No. 13956 [Edit]
File 138795203464.jpg - (145.95KB , 762x842 , 23448772 - クリスマスいおりん.jpg )
Merry christmas everybody. Hope you have all the lovely time with your wonderful partner.

And a merry christmas to you, Iori, my princess.
>> No. 13958 [Edit]
File 138795801873.png - (744.48KB , 591x874 , 0408212c6d11d195ffb99ab69713a0f1.png )
Merry Christmas, e'erybody. Enjoy your waifus, enjoy your food and enjoy this day.
>> No. 13959 [Edit]
File 138796036186.jpg - (239.57KB , 600x600 , 84acb2b56828c1fe41aa62dd1217b616c977e33f.jpg )
Merry Christmas, /mai/. Everyone and their beloveds have my best wishes for both today and the upcoming new year.
>> No. 13960 [Edit]
File 138796181042.gif - (165.92KB , 568x801 , 449c48cebb51e0e7004d7a7024bcc317d85a056e.gif )
Just got enough time to make a quick post on here before I have to dash off.
Merry Christmas /mai/!
>> No. 13961 [Edit]
File 138798729288.png - (2.15MB , 1500x1125 , 40495765.png )
I do not prepare a gift, a cake, or anything else, but I probably should. I'm a bad husbando.
Merry Christmas, and I hope your day is better than mine.
>> No. 13962 [Edit]
Merry Christmas /mai/

She receives the love you put into those gifts, the same reason is why it's worth dedicating your love to her.
>> No. 13975 [Edit]
If you can tell me how someone who doesn't exist can receive anything at all I'd love to hear it.
>> No. 13977 [Edit]
She exists in your heart through the force...

No, seriously. It's been talked extensively here before: she exists as any beloved entity does, that is, as a virtual character in your mind. In that sense, the love for a waifu is actually far more legitimate: you do not mistake the object of your love for an independent living being, which then you'd have to try to reduce (a coercive process indeed) into the conceptual double created by your desire. Thus, by being in full command of the existence of your waifu as your own creation, of course you can deliver her the fruits of your love within you, reinforcing her functional existence (her weight in your life) by living accordingly with what that love drives you to do... including giving her a Christmas gift.

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