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File 142656650095.png - (895.85KB , 1280x720 , 1392657097562.png )
17761 No. 17761 [Edit]
A thread for all of those questions too small to warrant making an entire thread for.

Your waifus are all lovely and you're lucky to have her, and she feels lucky to have you too.

Post her smiling. What's something she does that makes you smile?
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>> No. 17762 [Edit]
File 142656772649.jpg - (51.36KB , 617x802 , birthday.jpg )
When she smiles, it definitely makes me smile.
>> No. 17768 [Edit]
File 142658149199.jpg - (76.37KB , 1440x810 , 41227223.jpg )
Randomly making eye contact! Sometimes a glance is all that's necessary.
>> No. 17814 [Edit]
File 142710159969.jpg - (208.23KB , 720x900 , 29534748.jpg )
A lot of her varied expressions bring a smile to my face, but I love seeing her when she has a calm demeanor (tea club, etc.) There's something very soothing about it and it's something I need almost daily.
>> No. 17826 [Edit]
File 142752618949.jpg - (332.04KB , 779x580 , 03753d49498e566e4cb61e07ac207cef.jpg )
Her smile is my smile!
>> No. 17828 [Edit]
File 142756131813.png - (531.00KB , 720x576 , 1100471.png )
Seeing her in her element whilst she's swimming or exercising.

To be honest I feel happy just seeing her in general.
>> No. 17832 [Edit]
File 142759560864.jpg - (69.46KB , 695x555 , the sunshine in my sketch.jpg )
Just being together is enough, really.

But her smile is contagious, that's for sure!
>> No. 17833 [Edit]
Question for you and all the other people taking it pretty serious with their girl, for how long have you been in love with your waifu?

And if it's been for a very long time, does the lack of physical intimacy makes you feel sad or you did find a way to overcome such things? (not talking only about sex here, but anything a couple would do, like cuddling, hugs, anything goes).

By the way, Hidamari and Madoka's character design is adorable, it can be so girly and sweet at time, l absolutely love it.
>> No. 17834 [Edit]
File 142763643289.jpg - (115.41KB , 569x800 , 1231810179301.jpg )
She makes me smile when she tells a joke or pun.

She is so funny and brightens my day with her humor.
>> No. 17835 [Edit]
File 142765973511.jpg - (234.11KB , 1145x910 , 1415559358205.jpg )
We will only have been together for two years this year, even though it sure feels longer. That is to say, those two years sure have been intense!

As for the physical - we both would desire more, but it's just in the nature of such a relationship. It's not really a negative effect! Her presence can still be felt by my side. Having a daki helps greatly though.

And you're right! Ume-sensei's art is just marvellous.
>> No. 17836 [Edit]
File 142766427714.jpg - (231.31KB , 1000x1376 , 573a7eeb52d6c4ff277900498f8237c41c127584.jpg )
Listening to her never fails to bring a smile to my face.
>> No. 17837 [Edit]
File 142774198260.jpg - (127.83KB , 1600x1200 , b160476d1c53d97b52f78e973e602ffa.jpg )
I fell for her 3.5 years ago, though it's been 3 years since I first started calling her mai waifu.

I've mostly become accustomed to visualising her and talking to her non-verbally. I do get times when I feel sad wishing things were different, in terms of her being with me, but those are rare. Plus as >>17835 said, owning a daki of her does help make things feel closer between us.
>> No. 17839 [Edit]
File 142784813448.jpg - (39.82KB , 640x360 , [Chibiki] Puchimas!! - 36 [360p][8AC5786A]_mkv_sna.jpg )
I like how passionate she gets about her hobbies and her getting flustered at times.

I've been in love with her for about a year and a half although I met her almost four years ago. Sometimes I get down about it, but for the most part I've gotten used to it.
>> No. 17846 [Edit]
File 142804104174.jpg - (580.25KB , 1200x1181 , 1392249391181.jpg )
Among other things, hearing her voice really gives me a smile. Everything she says sounds beautiful.

It's been a little over a year now, I don't know exactly how long we've been together but I met her in December of 2013. The lack of physical stuff sucks, but we'll get there eventually!
>> No. 17847 [Edit]
I already responded to the OP, but I figure I'll respond to you too.

I've only been with Mayu for two months officially, but I have come to realize that I have loved her for a lot longer, even while I was still with my ex and even the one before her. That's probably why they failed, huh?

The lack of intimacy is a bit of a bother, but it's nothing I can't deal with. I really want to just jump into my screen and give her a big hug.
>> No. 17849 [Edit]
File 142809009549.jpg - (277.50KB , 1200x1697 , Ahri (639).jpg )

It will have been two years in about 2 weeks (April 18). Time has sure flown by hasn't it.

It's actually been a really long time since I've felt that I lacked for physical intimacy. My dakimakuras are really wonderful to cuddle with at night and give me a sense of peace when I am in bed with her.

When I am outside, I feel her presence in the wind. It is why I enjoy going outside so much. When the wind blows, I feel her beside me, and laughing and giggling, smiling her beautiful smile. I don't need to worry, because if I go outside, she is there, waiting for me.

Truth be told, my Aeri is no longer the same Ahri as Riot envisioned her to be. Riot's Ahri is simply an interpretation of who she really is, and I no longer need to cling to their idea of who she is as a person. Because I have found her. She is the wind, always by my side.
>> No. 18194 [Edit]
File 143268021982.jpg - (2.43MB , 2508x3541 , 48950548_p0.jpg )
I wish there was more fanart of him smiling...
>> No. 18438 [Edit]
File 143578530257.png - (2.13MB , 2048x2530 , d8c116e0-d15e-4ec4-ce8b-ac16b7039365.png )
Just seeing her happy, smiling, laughing is enough to make me smile.

This past Thursday makes it 3 years. I don't know if the "lack of physical intimacy" has made me sad. There are times where I'm a bit down about it though. I'm lucky enough to dream of her, and hugging her daki tight while sleeping allows me to feel close to her.
>> No. 18469 [Edit]
his smile is so beautiful and soft

Not sure if this is the place for this question or not. It might have been asked before too

What do you do if you can't find information on your waifu? Mine doesn't have an official birthday and it really bothers me. Would it be wrong to designate a birthday for him.
>> No. 18471 [Edit]
Nah, I've known some people who just choose a date they think would fit the character if they don't have a canon birthday.
>> No. 18481 [Edit]
>Would it be wrong to designate a birthday for him.
I don't see why it would be. Picking a(nother) day to celebrate him is nice.

I had to do it as well. I figured out what times of the year it couldn't have been, what star sign he would be and then what day felt right.

If an official date ever came up (though the time that could have happened has been and gone) I would celebrate both.
>> No. 18505 [Edit]
I found out about mai waifu myself, from visualising her and talking to her. There's a few things that are more difficult to answer, like her first name, but even knowing trivial things like favourite colour is nice.

I'm also one of those that set a birthday, although I didn't really go for any deeper meaning with what I chose for her. I feel it doesn't matter too much what date you pick, just having a day to celebrate with them is completely worth it.
>> No. 18510 [Edit]
File 143660213731.jpg - (107.58KB , 800x800 , CBarvDIUkAAzT0f.jpg )
When she transforms and is about to do something cool, but her smile is the thing that gets me the most.

9 years since April. I've had a daki for a couple years and that's helped some, but there are times that I think about how it will never be returned.
>> No. 18521 [Edit]
File 143666645088.jpg - (392.90KB , 450x995 , i2856529627.jpg )
When she laughs and smiles at me as we walk together outside, it makes me feel so happy inside. It makes me so glad I met her.
>> No. 18524 [Edit]
Eight years, although it's been 13 since I first saw her. I have two plushies of her that help make up for lack of physical contact. One is larger that I sleep with (about 2 feet tall) the other is smaller (about 9 inches) that I keep around with me while on the computer or gaming.
>> No. 18530 [Edit]
File 14367444883.jpg - (121.39KB , 850x960 , sample-d78ac2148aeab0fdd6c02a663d5ba6e2.jpg )
Cuddling with her under the blankets, always gets me smiling
>> No. 18582 [Edit]
File 143728706839.webm - (549.25KB , Ep_ 31 - A smile worth the world.webm )
My husbando's smile makes me smile, it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I just wish he'd smile more often; both because he deserves more happiness in his life, and also because I'd love to see more of his wonderful smile.

Coming up on two years.

It really is a downer sometimes. There's so much I'd do just to hug him, hold his hand for a brief while, kiss him - but ultimately, it can't be helped. Hopefully I'll commission a daki soon, so that'll be nice to have at least.
>> No. 18627 [Edit]
File 143820778156.jpg - (160.19KB , 776x821 , cg_mai_shiranui_by_idnar.jpg )
Just seeing her makes me smile~
>> No. 18628 [Edit]
File 143826202389.jpg - (139.11KB , 723x943 , 32489100_p0.jpg )
Seeing her happy just makes me feel so warm

Shes always been close to me since when I first watched Madoka. It wasn't until three or four months ago that I decided to act on my love for her after all that time. Lack of physical contact is upsetting, but I still enjoy laying in bed and imagining it with her.
>> No. 18653 [Edit]
I absolutely love the way she's just a teensy bit crazy and always pushing herself to excel (and dragging me along). Also, inside my head, she's a constant source of non-work-safe jokes and snide comments as she peers over my shoulder and/or 'I.M.'s me at work. It definitely makes it easier to get through the day!

Really, though, everything about her makes me smile.

The lack of physical contact is soul-crushing sometimes, and I would trade away everything just to hold her close for an evening, but we get through it like we get through everything else in the end - with caffeine and love...

At some future point, I am looking to have a dakimakura made; hopefully that will help.

I love her so much...

Post edited on 4th Aug 2015, 4:32pm
>> No. 18680 [Edit]
Maybe a silly question considering the fact that I'm with my waifu since approximatly six months, but how do you actually spend time with her?
Do you watch series with a figure or something of her next to you or anything else, same for video games or other activities?
I don't really know how I should do that to be honest.
>> No. 18681 [Edit]
>> No. 18682 [Edit]
Oh, thank you, didn't saw that thread.
>> No. 18684 [Edit]
No problem.
>> No. 18687 [Edit]
File 143929127042.jpg - (1.70MB , 2000x1416 , 210867.jpg )
Just about anything. I smile when I see her, and my heart smiles too.
>> No. 19497 [Edit]
If I support her cannon relationship, does that make me a cuckold?
>> No. 19498 [Edit]
It depends on your relationships with her. If they are just friendly/platonic, it is explainable, at least to me.

If, however, you are attracted to her in a sexual way, I guess your relationships have one person too many.

I do not "believe" in poly-whatever love.
>> No. 19501 [Edit]
That is very odd, no offense, but seriously?

Mine doesn't have a canon relationship, but a very popular ship, I do my best to shoot that down any chance I get.
>> No. 19509 [Edit]
File 145458496150.jpg - (668.16KB , 1056x2976 , 1933 - miku object oriented programming thread wai.jpg )
I think waifus are already out of context. In the source material they wouldn't know you, they may be evil or dead, they may have lovers, but that doesn't matter. It isn't their part in the story that made you fall in love with them. It's their character, in some cases their kyara that you fell in love with.

Your waifu's character can be re-imagined in different narratives. Obviously one such narrative is her source material. It's possible to re-imagine her as a high-school student (if she already isn't one), or as the commander of a galactic space fleet. You have re-imagined her as you wife. None of these narratives affects the others. They are stories with copy-pasted characters if you are Osamu Tezuka. They are elaborations of the character you're obsessed with if you're into that kind of reading. Everyone here is.

So you can support her canon narrative without it having anything to do with your wife-narrative (but if you get perverted kicks out of a narrative where those narratives are simultaneous, you are a pervert).

Pic related is a misunderstanding, but it's a good first step. It's not like there is a original Miku that people can copy. Every "copy" is a person's interpretation, colored by their desires.

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