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18569 No. 18569 [Edit]
Hey. I'm in a bit of a pickle.

Recently, feelings for my old waifu re-emerged stronger than before. I had been fighting them for fourth months, going back and forth between depression and enthusiasm.

I suspect I might be infatuated-- after all, she's the only concept I've ever accepted as an individual. I have some, if not a lot of issues, and it's very hard for me to relate to people and things or to accept/tolerate them. But she was always the only one whose presence I could be at peace with. Infatuation isn't the issue, as it often leads to true romantic involvement.

The issue here is that I want her, and don't at the same time. A part of me wishes nothing more than to hold her in my arms as I've always dreamed to, another one wants to forget about her. What am I supposed to do in that scenario? I remember someone advising someone else with a vaguely similar issue to do more things with their waifu, however I can't seem to be able to do that-- the more I do it, the more I find myself attracted to her (not on a physical level), and the more I want to run.

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>> No. 18570 [Edit]
If you feel even closer, it won't hurt you to try and be with her again unless you're trying to not to be with anybody period.

Was there a reason you broke it off with her in the first place? You could of made a mistake and are now realizing it.

Post edited on 17th Jul 2015, 11:45am
>> No. 18572 [Edit]
Yeah, I don't really get it. What makes you want to forget her?
>> No. 18624 [Edit]
OP here-- I have no idea whether linking to other boards is against the rules, but I've talked a bit more about my issue, so here are a few screenshots to save time:


My issue has becoem worse as of late. A part of me is scared to lose her... yet another wants her gone for good.

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