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File 131000887420.jpg - (294.01KB , 421x470 , 1244102502377.jpg )
594 No. 594 [Edit]

Even though Zero may sometimes feel like kid-version of Akagi/Kaiji, it's still awesome because the usual Fukumoto snail-like pacing is surprisingly not there. I would assume the credit for that would go to the editors of Kodansha Weekly Shonen for trying to keep things fast-paced enough for younger readers to like it. I just hope to god Fukumoto listens to their advice and keeps making things just as fast-paced as the first part. Otherwise, it might end up going down the same path that the Kaiji manga is unfortunately on...
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>> No. 595 [Edit]
File 131000937197.png - (7.14KB , 125x125 , 1226193042007.png )
Yes! Finally!
>> No. 597 [Edit]
I can't wait for the gambling convention of the world's richest people, lots of stereotypical foreigner Washizus everywhere.
>> No. 603 [Edit]
File 131053734259.png - (361.93KB , 915x1300 , Spoiler Picture.png )
AWWWWWWWWWW YEAHHHHH, new chapter is out and translated!

Who the fuck says golfing is boring!? Because Fukumoto is about to make this the most batshit insane tense life-or-death round of golfing ever! Next week cannot come faster.
>> No. 628 [Edit]
The last I recall was Zero finding some rings in a door knob. What chapter was that and who is translating it now?
>> No. 629 [Edit]
That was the last volume of part 1 but it sounds like you haven't finished reading it. Here's the link for that:

Same guy (Hox) is translating it, so you can find new chapters on his mediafire:
>> No. 653 [Edit]
I really want to get into fukumoto after watching Kaiji. So far, I've watched Kaiji, Akagi, and One Outs, but haven't read any manga because I heard the Kaiji manga sucks compared to the anime. What other good mango is there from Fukumoto, and where should I start?
>> No. 655 [Edit]
>Kaiji manga sucks compared to the anime

Well... Firstly, the anime is better I admit, but it's still pretty damn good if judged on its own merits. Secondly, One Outs is not a Fukumoto manga. But to answer your question, I suggest reading Legend of the Strongest Man Kurosawa, Buraiden Gai, Confession, and Seizon. The latter two are done in a non-fukumoto artstyle because it was drawn by Kawaguchi Kaiji, whom you may have heard from Zipang. If you like mahjong, go check out Ten, which is where Akagi made his first appearance (Akagi is a spinoff prequel to Ten). The ones I've mentioned so far are all completely scanlated so you don't have to worry about hiatus or scanlators going missing.

Now, as for currently ongoing manga, I think the only ones that are getting translated presently is Kaiji and Gambling Emperor Zero. Obviously, Kaiji part 3 would be a logical choice once you finish watching s2, but be aware that this part has a single game (a variant of mahjong) for all 13 volumes (it's also less interesting than parts 1 and 2 in my opinion). Gambling Emperor Zero, on the other hand, does a lot of stuff that Kaiji part 3 does not do. By that, I mean having numerous varied insane gambles/games and fast-pacing (though the first volume is setting up stuff so it is a tad slow). However, Zero, being a shonen manga obviously aimed for younger audiences, lacks any sort of more adult drama or philosophical statements on life (ex. Tonegawa's speech on the value of life) that tends to characterize pretty much every other Fukumoto manga. But as a whole, it still manages to be a fun action-shonen manga and I do suggest you give it a try.

The manga I've talked about are pretty much the only ones available to the English fandom but even if you do speak Japanese, I wouldn't really recommend any as there's not much more notable works, with the exception of Gin to Kin. Well, I hope that helps and here, have a link to where you can download Kurosawa:

Post edited on 20th Aug 2011, 3:04pm
>> No. 657 [Edit]
Legend of the strongest onani master kurosawa
>> No. 658 [Edit]

>> No. 663 [Edit]
I second Kurosawa. It made me break down, cry, and blush repeatedly. If you are in doubt of your humanity I suggest you watch it.

And the manga version of Kaiji wasn't that bad...

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