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File 142844046816.jpg - (76.03KB , 1275x715 , weogijweogiwefd.jpg )
22705 No. 22705 [Edit]
This is going to be a pretty damn good show. I can tell from the first episode alone.
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>> No. 22706 [Edit]
>kyoani doing a show about high school girls playing music
very creative and adventurous of them, i'm on the edge of my seat
>> No. 22708 [Edit]
It doesn't have to be innovative to be good.
>> No. 22709 [Edit]
fun things are fun
>> No. 22713 [Edit]
I watched the first 12 minutes of this last night (skipping the OP) and then I fell asleep.
>> No. 22714 [Edit]
File 142853153216.gif - (1.25MB , 540x394 , 1cf1facbed0d6114322591b8cd96a86f.gif )
>> No. 22742 [Edit]
But this time it seems to actually have a focus on music
>> No. 22748 [Edit]
File 142871737862.jpg - (68.12KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Hibike! Euphonium - 01 [A72D5FD8]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
Mom of the season, right here.
>> No. 22750 [Edit]
Isn't that her sister though?
>> No. 22751 [Edit]
File 142872360950.jpg - (207.36KB , 1366x768 , [FFF]_Hibike!_Euphonium_-_01_[A72D5FD8]_mkv_-_VLC_.jpg )
Liked this a lot more than i thought i would. The art is really pretty and even though the style isn't very different from most the way its presented is. Has a very nice cozy feel to it and has a lot of effort put in. Just look at this scenery shot.

Thought it was just gonna be k-on 2.0 but it's much different. Seems more like a drama than a comedy.
>> No. 22752 [Edit]
Yes, but she has two kids. With different fathers.
>> No. 22799 [Edit]
File 142904956246.jpg - (110.78KB , 1276x706 , oiwehtoiweh.jpg )
I remember noticing this only when high school was over, and then again when college was over.

The art and the balance between tension/drama and light heartedness is very nice in this show.
>> No. 22800 [Edit]
I agree. I believe Hyouka was when it came to tension/drama and lightheartedness. Not in the amount, but in the way.
>> No. 22871 [Edit]
File 142965036053.jpg - (69.67KB , 1280x720 , 1429649303567.jpg )
>> No. 22874 [Edit]
I love her posture there.
>> No. 22944 [Edit]
File 143026896357.jpg - (59.10KB , 1280x720 , Hibike! Euphonium - 03 [720p][AAC].jpg )
I find her mixture of beauty and dorkiness irresistible.
>> No. 22976 [Edit]
File 143034156240.jpg - (57.79KB , 1280x720 , 1430263444116.jpg )
Good Lord, I really love their uniforms and posture.

This last episode was pretty fun, and I think that KyoAni has found a really nice measure between the progression of character relations and story and of focus on everyday events. It reminds me somewhat of Hyouka in this aspect, although I found Hyouka to be even more entertaining and interesting than Hibike.
>> No. 23028 [Edit]
File 143086994183.jpg - (55.99KB , 1280x720 , 1430862460886.jpg )
>> No. 23212 [Edit]
File 143269283960.webm - (1.78MB , 1432689512258.webm )
oh my.
>> No. 23214 [Edit]
This week's episode was absolutely stunning. I'm glad KyoAni is here to make fantastic shows such as Hibike.
>> No. 23216 [Edit]
File 143291355033.jpg - (707.44KB , 1300x1163 , 1432890236440.jpg )
>> No. 23230 [Edit]
File 143318513853.jpg - (540.82KB , 1280x1440 , [FFF] Hibike! Euphonium - 08 [4F2BE868]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
That moment definitely took me by surprise, and I'm still not sure if yuri undertones of any degree fit well with this series. I mean, it's not going to ruin it or anything, but it feels kinda weird.

I'm also not sure about Reina. She's definitely intriguing, but I can't decide whether she has genuine nuance and depth or is simply a grab-bag of impulses sewn together. Eager for her backstory!
>> No. 23261 [Edit]
File 143370626923.png - (1.20MB , 1133x636 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Honestly, it was apparent early on that Hazuki wasn't going to make it on the concert band. The opening itself fails to show her in it. What is really interesting is that she doesn't notice until a while after her name is called that she didn't make it. Even Kumiko doesn't react when Hazuki's name isn't called. She reacts more to Natsuki not making it.
>> No. 23303 [Edit]
File 143439259550.jpg - (53.97KB , 400x784 , 1433874198349.jpg )
Natsuki is absolutely awsome.

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