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File 134758383983.png - (273.11KB , 704x396 , kagami.png )
10406 No. 10406 [Edit]
How do yo deal with the massive issues of depth, proportions, etc. when thinking about your waifu? I mean it doesn't translate into 3d at all in my head, it makes no sense. For example Kagami is ridiculously cute, but looks virtually nothing like an actual human being if you think about it. You know what mean?
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>> No. 10408 [Edit]
I was always under the impression that you weren't, uh, supposed to.

Like, you just see them as they are in their source media.
>> No. 10409 [Edit]
This is something that really depends on you.

Anyway, maybe going to some booru and looking around the "realistic" tag can help you a little bit.
>> No. 10412 [Edit]
I don't make comparison to any realities except for her own.
>> No. 10418 [Edit]
File 134764979115.jpg - (1.50MB , 2560x1920 , Izumi_Konata_full_1191272.jpg )
If you mean how big things like her head and eyes are I never really put any thought into it but just imagined her, I see Konata like this. Not sure how much help this is but since our loved ones are from the same source media I could try explain better or post more pictures or something if you want.
>> No. 10423 [Edit]
File 134766252691.jpg - (25.14KB , 300x300 , kagami_hiiragi_by_alimangonyu.jpg )

I guess it doesn't bother you but I have a hard time with it. Not sure why I guess I'm just in the minority with this. I think that lucky star is particularly exaggerated in it's art style so it kind of another reason why I suppose.
>> No. 10431 [Edit]
File 134767243024.png - (47.57KB , 322x230 , Lucky_Star_v07_p112.png )
They are drawn in some kind of chibi-style, but it doesn't bother me, i love misao for what she is and i don't mind the artstyle, actually i think it is very cute, but i like the manga style more.

Would you like her to be drawn in a more "realistic" style?
>> No. 10438 [Edit]

No, because I think it's perfect the way it is. I also love the art style, and I think it's adorable don't get me wrong. It's that it's undeniably different from reality by a significant degree.
>> No. 10439 [Edit]
Just do it the other way, translate the real world to 2D. I think its easier.
In addition, the 3D world is plentiful, to experience it you just need to open your eyes. So there is no need to convert your waifu to 3D, to experience even more 3D.
>> No. 10441 [Edit]
File 134775956895.jpg - (177.97KB , 764x1069 , makoto1023.jpg )
I figured that if you're having trouble imagining her, you should look for an artist to use as reference. I see Makoto as how she is portrayed in Nekopuchi's drawings. Sometimes I also see her as her 3D model in the game [email protected] I'm not much of a big fan of the anime so I almost never see her as so.
>> No. 10458 [Edit]
File 13480165391.jpg - (730.18KB , 2712x3832 , Super Mario 3D Land.jpg )
Well, she has a 3D model, but I usually put myself in her world in my imagination. With her body I more often tend to imagine her how certain fan artists portray her, because I feel like it's a more realistic portrayal of how she'd really be.
>> No. 10514 [Edit]
File 134847768412.jpg - (156.23KB , 572x800 , 1617f6c1118172407bf03a29f1b33427.jpg )
My main concern with her proportions is her height.
I mean she's 2'5"/74cm tall. It's something that bothers me because when I imagine her I'm not sure if I have to imagine her with her actual height or something more akin to a normal person's height.
Aside for that I have no further issues about her proportions
>> No. 10528 [Edit]
File 134864765912.png - (555.38KB , 587x673 , 2d67497dcaf5354d6937e0825816228f.png )
Imagine a 3D girl with appropriate proportions, hair color, eye color, and so on.
>> No. 10547 [Edit]
I imagine they'd look something along the lines of really good kigurumi. Except of course the hair and skin would feel real and really flow, maybe their faces would be smaller, more proportioned like humans, i dunno.

It's really hard to translate 2D cuteness into 3D cuteness.
>> No. 10554 [Edit]
I generally just imagine her to be similar to what a good 3D rendering would look like. Her features still remain faithful to her 2D form.
>> No. 10555 [Edit]
I see her as she is in 2D, but with depth... I know that makes no sense at all, but it's just how I've always seen her. Works for me.
>> No. 10593 [Edit]
File 134963008880.jpg - (182.14KB , 710x1064 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Pardon me, but doesnt cosplay falls right into your description?
>> No. 12064 [Edit]
Good question, actually, I find myself having these troubles as well. Even for usual style, not super-deformed, I am unable to "project" anime character looks at imaginable 3D girl, and for some reason without that I can't fully immerse myself into thinking about any interaction. But then, my imagination suck anyway.
Does this need for ability to project 2D onto 3D in order to feel makes me inferior? Maybe the reason is that I am trying to project 2D image on some generic japanese girl like cosplayer, and that is doomed to fail, they just don't share attractiveness.
>> No. 12066 [Edit]
File 13629779329.png - (511.39KB , 900x700 , 23753919_p1.png )
You've never seen her in a dream or anything? Once you have, it's easy to visualize without mixing in 3DPD trash. It's kind of like cel-shading. Though that term can't even begin to cover how she looks and feels there. That's how "2D" appears to me in the dream world, at least.
>> No. 12069 [Edit]
For me imagining her physical form is a bit like breathing or blinking. It just sort of happens, you know? No thought involved normally. It's only when I stop and try to do it, for lack of a better word, manually that I have problems and get hooked up on it.
>> No. 12071 [Edit]
File 136299967380.jpg - (68.72KB , 453x600 , kanakowitch.jpg )
Well canon depictions of her are pretty realistically proportioned. Shes got the build of an average slender girl. My university has an area where people can spray graffiti, and I wanted to draw a life-sized picture of her to admire and stuff, but I lack the skill.
>> No. 12073 [Edit]
Its not that difficult to imagine her in 3D, yet its much more comfortable to just imagine myself in a 2D form.

>>12071 Thats a sweet idea man.
>> No. 12074 [Edit]
File 136304200456.jpg - (262.27KB , 722x1000 , mai empressu.jpg )
The official art like this. Just throw an extra dimension in there. I guess it's just easier for me than for others.
>> No. 12075 [Edit]
I think my experiences are a mixture of >>12073 and >>12069. I usually only try to picture her at the end of the day, and usually when I think about her cuddling in bed with me, it's fairly easy to imagine her shape next to me and things just go from there. When I realize what I'm doing the illusion typically breaks, and I need to focus on imagining her voice to bring it back.

That said, I usually also imagine myself and my room shifting into 2D to match, or 2.5D or something. Not quite as flat as 2D but much more idealized than 3D, but it doesn't look like 3DCG either. Kind of hard to describe.
>> No. 12076 [Edit]
File 136305554385.jpg - (179.24KB , 275x691 , A-28 color (face) -PLUS- [half].jpg )
I try to build my own one.

Over the years and in accordance with my own viewing and capabilities, I've kept trying to make a fair interpretation of her on a little more realistic basis, so I can someday make the picture that will finally be my Asuka: the one who'll make drop dead at her sight. Sadly, I still haven't got there; but I keep trying...

Nothing against the art of Sadamoto, though. I love it too.
>> No. 12100 [Edit]
I tried to imagine my waifu what she would look like in real world but when I did, I decided that she would look better as 2D
>> No. 12101 [Edit]
I have honestly never given it any thought, I just see her for her. I just don't think of myself and it feels as if I'm 2D when I'm with her and she is the normal looking one.

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