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File 136012194264.jpg - (375.31KB , 1280x720 , piza eating CC.jpg )
20417 No. 20417 [Edit]
How do you like your pizza?
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>> No. 20418 [Edit]
Extra well done, extra sauce. Pizza places usually can't do either of those things correctly
>> No. 20419 [Edit]
File 136012331656.jpg - (54.00KB , 432x279 , Frank Pepe's Pizzeria is the best shit holy s.jpg )
Plain cheese. Toppings only serve to distract from the pizza imo.

Prefer New Haven style, but New York is just fine.
>> No. 20420 [Edit]
I like it with a bunch of delicious meat on top, but some places don't use good meat or just don't do it right (Little Caesar's) , so I settle for a regular pepperoni. I also like it if it has cheese in the crust.

Little Caesar's is the only one I can go to since it's the cheapest ($5.00+ US monies) for a large.

The Portofino's grilled pizza is also really good, but I'm not sure what to compare it to since I haven't eaten at many Pizzerias, and I'm not sure how much it costs since the last time I went, I wasn't told the amount of the food and was told to "not worry about it".
>> No. 20421 [Edit]
File 136013304227.jpg - (8.34KB , 250x201 , salami-san.jpg )
Salami Hut Cheese.
>> No. 20422 [Edit]
Peperoni, with extra sauce. I like papa john's pizza best, but something about their business sits uneasily with me, maybe it's the thing with employees and health care benefits. I prefer giving my business to pizza hut, not only becuase they support plenty of anime, but also becuase of some decent little childhood memories. I liked how they gave out kinex sets for a while many years ago. and somehow their dining area seems really cozy, at least in the ones I've been to.

Post edited on 5th Feb 2013, 11:19pm
>> No. 20425 [Edit]
>some decent little childhood memories
Same here. I clearly remember my first time eating their garlic bread with my mother, on a shopping day out, as one of the best things I ever tasted. Now we're both melancholic shut-ins in pajamas, most of the time.
>> No. 20426 [Edit]
Hm, meatlovers with barbeque sauce.
>> No. 20427 [Edit]
Anything with peperoni or calabresa(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lingui%C3%A7a ).
>> No. 20428 [Edit]
Pizza is my absolute favorite food ever.

I want one of those...

That sounds pretty good.

Out of the pizzerias that are well known, Pizza Hut is my favorites since it has the best tasting pizzas.

I want pizza!
>> No. 20431 [Edit]
I like the basic pepperoni. Also black olives and mushrooms. Too many different toppings will spoil the effect, though. I'm not a big fan of non-traditional pizzas with toppings like chicken or broccoli (for Haruhi's sake, who puts broccoli on a fucking pizza aside from California Pizza Kitchen?)

The classic Neapolitan pizza is also really nice, but I don't know any place around here that does a good margherita.

Every time I've had Papa John's pizza, I've gotten sick. It must be something they put in the sauce, I don't know. I guess it's just me, though.

The absolute best pizza around where I live is made at a neighborhood restaurant run by a Turkish guy. He makes great pizza, just the right amount of cheese (in other words not spilling all over the place a la Dominos. I can't deal with that.) As chains go, I remember Round Table pizza being pretty good, but the last time I had it was before I left the west coast when I was a kid, so it might have changed since then.
>> No. 20432 [Edit]
Pizza is a reason to live! I wouldn't be able to live without pizza. My favorite pizza to get anywhere is a white mozzarella with garlic and sometimes I like to get ham on it too. Simple and tasty, I like pizza with red sauce but I like none so much more because it tastes more pure. It's all about the quality of dough and topping for me. Had the best brick oven pizza I ever ate last weekend with ham in New Haven at this place called Brazis because my father found a gift card. (I live in connecticut, brick oven pizza is common here).

The only chain place I like is Pizza Hut and there is also a Pizzeria Uno around here to too but I never go there. At Pizza Hut I just get a large pan cheese, eat what I can and save the rest for later.

Post edited on 6th Feb 2013, 9:54am
>> No. 20433 [Edit]
I think a lot of pizza in the Havens altogether is going downhill. I went to Modern and Zuppardis and what was usually a great tasting pizza was a overcooked, tasteless, and almost inedible mess. I'm not picky either, it was terrible. They must have changed the ingredients or something because it was fine every other time. I think Pepe's is overrated but the couple times I've been there it was good. Maybe it also has something to do with a white pie being harder to do right than a red pie.
>> No. 20462 [Edit]
I won a free Papa John's Pizza for calling the outcome of a coin toss. Sadly my dad said that if I order it while he's around he'll throw it out on the street because of the CEO of Papa Johns' comments about Obama. I'll just have to order it when he's away and enjoy it without him~

Also, deep dish pizza is great but I feel like the only one that likes it.
>> No. 20464 [Edit]
Pepperoni Pizza WITHOUT cheese.
>> No. 20468 [Edit]
I got one of mine yesterday from that promotion. They only charged like $3 for delivery.
>> No. 20469 [Edit]
I prefer to make my own pizza and put a bunch of different cheeses on it, with habaneros, and venesion.

Your dad would throw away a perfectly good pizza because of opinions? That's a waste.
>> No. 20509 [Edit]
So I ended up ordering that pizza and now he is flipping out and shouting at 50,000 decibels at how he "is an american and the ultra-conservative capitalists" are not and he's saying "this house is my castle".
i effectively stole a pizza from papa john's and he is bitching about how i "promoted them"

"That man should be hung for what he has done to the working class"
"I do not support the ultra-right asshole pizza"
"You paid with your soul with that pizza"
"Your mother used to call me a communist, did she even know what she was saying"
"Do you have any idea what the unions really stand for"
"I am the proletariat, I don't want to fund the rich people"
"Do you know why everyone all of a sudden supports Obamacare? It's because it's correct"
"Who the fuck do you think you are"
"I'm going to kill myself"

Post edited on 8th Feb 2013, 8:32pm
>> No. 20510 [Edit]
what happened to waiting till he was away? did you try and explain to him you didn't pay for it?
>> No. 20511 [Edit]
Holy shit. I thought my dad was nuts, but Haruhidamn. Yours takes the cake.
>> No. 20512 [Edit]
That's hilarious.

Anyway, it really would've been better for you to have bought it when you were alone or something. So much unnecessary rambling can be annoying and probably ruins the meal.

Post edited on 8th Feb 2013, 3:58pm
>> No. 20513 [Edit]
I'd like to share a drink with your dad
>> No. 20514 [Edit]
Ranting nuts parents can hurt, indeed.
>> No. 20515 [Edit]
Comedy gold! My father isn't crazy like that but my mother can be a real batshit insane, screaming at ear shattering volumes when mad woman(more like demon). Only difference with her is if it has to do with you, you better be ready to defend yourself because she actually gets abusive. It's like trying to fight off a zombie when she's really pissed at you but the catch is you can't seriously hurt it or kill it. Luckily that hasn't happened in forever.
>> No. 20516 [Edit]
Order another pizza, then plant a hidden camera and upload the footage to youtube, go viral.
>> No. 20517 [Edit]
>what happened to waiting till he was away?
>Anyway, it really would've been better for you to have bought it when you were alone or something.

Oh, I did, but he saw the box in the trash when he got home.
>> No. 20518 [Edit]
The life of a pizza is a hard one.
>> No. 20519 [Edit]
Why are those tomatoes so happy when their friend just got sliced in half?
>> No. 20522 [Edit]
Because they give it their all to the greatest purpose of becoming pizzas.
>> No. 20523 [Edit]
good luck, tomatoes
>> No. 20524 [Edit]
I like pizza as much as the next human being which is pretty universal. Upon moving to Chicago though I discovered the beauty of the deep dish style which is really more like pie. Thick defined layers of flavor where you can truly distinguish the sauce (best when it's on top, chunky, fresh, just barely sweet. Toppings baked in the cheese, or at least under it. I love how it satisfies after 1 or 2 slices, whereas I always end up eating another slice of thinner crust pizzas until it's gone. I prefer deepdish with a thick cornmealy crust (idk if they actually use cornmeal). Crust is most important factor to me, then cheese quality (only mozzerella), then sauce. I love NY style but my biggest gripe with thin pizza is the sauce is like a paper thin layer, so little sauce (the healthiest part of pizza). Favorite toppings in general: garlic cloves! spinach, tomatoes, green pepper+sausage or pepperoni, though I'm usually a sucker for specialty pizzas because it's probably the most universal food. Also try sicillian/stuffed (or detriot style) pizza if you can find those. Pizza is art, love, life... deep dish also inspired this song:


On the topic of papa johns and chains, I worked at a papa johns so let me know if you have any questions, it was fun though I did delivery. Instore are typical slaves especially if it's busy, they were always begging everyone to give up there life to become a shift manager for that extra 1$/hr, I assumed the point was to get experience, not to build your future there. Whenever people complain about a lack of benefits at pizza/sandwich/whatever shop I get pissed because they could just apply at the other better competitor, you are going to have an advantage over the inexperienced hires, but I guess this might not be an options in the middle of nowheres. BTW papa john sold his hotrod in high school to fund his pizza endeavor and turned into the frat bro of pizza chain industry, he recently threw a hissy fit over a tax increase on his mansion estate. I also met a guy hut hunts exotic animals with the Jimmy John, bastards founding everything.

Anyway at papa johns always ask for the pizza well done, one time through the oven doesn't truly bake the crust (as with lots of small joints that throw a preheated slice in the oven for under 5 minutes) unless you love chewy. Easy way to fix this at home is to bake it on a hot pan til it's crispy, this is also the Best method for reheating leftover pizza. Papa Johns is decent though, mostly natural, but the preserved meat is weird like most chains though. I got the 10$ large pizza hut deal with buttload of toppings, pretty okay, but I scarfing down the entire hand tossed in one setting made me debate the true value of the promotion. Same with dominoes super cheap medium pizzas which is easily a small, but at least they improved there recipe 3 years ago, before then it was the blandest pizza ever.
>> No. 20525 [Edit]
>I worked at a papa johns so let me know if you have any questions

>"Do you have any idea what the unions really stand for"
>"Who the fuck do you think you are"
>"[Do you support] the ultra-right asshole pizza"
>"[Do you think Papa John] should be hung for what he has done to the working class"
>> No. 20526 [Edit]
>I worked at a papa johns so let me know if you have any questions
How much semen do they put in the sauce?
>> No. 20535 [Edit]
not enough
>> No. 20542 [Edit]
File 136051614092.jpg - (172.00KB , 761x504 , T7GdLnO.jpg )
Deep pan pizza has taken me on some pretty wild rides. I love ordering 3 large from Pizza Hut (Pepperoni, Super Supreme and Meat Lovers), buying a case of beer and living the dream for the weekend. I can't imagine I'll be that big a fan of the future liver, weight and digestive system issues but I can't imagine I'll be that big a fan of life without these sultry, delicious pleasures either. I'll focus on the long game when the game is over.
>> No. 20548 [Edit]
I feel the same, but in my upper 20's and beyond my life will be over anyways. I don't want to be fat I'll just starve myself and eat minimally when I do. My body already probably has some major problems going on under the surface that will end up killing me from how much I've abused it with what I've put into it so far. Food is really one of the only pleasures I have which is why I love it so much. I just pig out on weekends and hardly eat much on week days. That's the way it has always been for me.
>> No. 20563 [Edit]
Plain cheese with cheesy crust.

With tons and TONS of GARLIC SAUCE.
>> No. 20566 [Edit]
File 13606272313.jpg - (33.93KB , 500x407 , 101513284.jpg )
>> No. 20614 [Edit]
I'm in the mood for pizza this week, I'm probably going to order some on Thursday. I'm in the mood for a nice white clam pizza right now. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
>> No. 20643 [Edit]
File 136089062680.jpg - (232.65KB , 1025x927 , sparkle.jpg )
The pizza I ordered was actually cooked the way I wanted it. This is the greatest valentines day ever
>> No. 20644 [Edit]
I got pizza too, it was ok but pizza sure does make valentines day better. But now I ate too much and I just feel overstuffed.
>> No. 20648 [Edit]
I feel the same way right now. I need to learn when to stop.
>> No. 20666 [Edit]
Well Thursday night into Friday, doesn't matter much to me. I don't eat much any other time besides Saturday usually anyways. I'll be fine but for now I'll try to be comfortable feeling like a pig. I've probably damaged the way my body absorbs food with how much I can eat in a single sitting anyways and most just passes straight through me.
>> No. 25158 [Edit]
I like my pizza with either pineapple and ham or just pepperoni. I prefer it thinner also.
>> No. 25161 [Edit]
Tombstone pepperoni ultra-thin crust. Ever since pizza was the last thing I ate before having a really violent (hacking up bile for over a week, constant fever, etc, violent) flu, I've associated real pizza, even delivery pizza with that experience. The only pizza I can stand is this kind of artificial pizza that doesn't taste much like pizza should. Yet despite this, its still one of my favourite things to consume.
>> No. 25309 [Edit]
Anything is fine as long as there are no mushrooms. I'm not picky when it comes to food.
>> No. 25311 [Edit]
I don't particularly like mushrooms either, I've never had pizza with them on it.
>> No. 25644 [Edit]
I like pineapples on my pizza.

Yeah, never had any problems with other food but mushrooms just don't look appetizing.
>> No. 25671 [Edit]
I like tons of mushrooms and pepperoni. I add my own habenaro peppers to it for a kick. The peppers they have are usually shit. Favourite is Papa John's, but Little Caesar's is the only pizza I dislike.
>> No. 25672 [Edit]
File 141785355950.jpg - (106.62KB , 965x567 , 2013-10-15-180043_DSCN2211.jpg )
capers, kalamata olives amd Sicilian anchovies. crispy to medium base. not too much cheese.
>> No. 25673 [Edit]
That looks really good.
>> No. 25726 [Edit]
Pepperoni with extra sauce, just like >>20422. There's no Papa John's in my small town, sadly, so I haven't ever had a chance to try theirs out. Sometimes I make my own from scratch though. Freshly risen dough gives the pizza a unique chewy texture and a pleasing taste, so it's worth the hassle.
>> No. 25727 [Edit]
>>20422 here.

I'm done with pizzahut. They've been skimping out on their pizzas ingredients to an unreasonable level. My dad got one from his local place and called them up to complain about it. Thought it was just a one time thing or something and paid it no mind. I ordered one from my local place and it was the same shit, it was like eating Italian bread. Almost no cheese sauce or toppings. It was easily one of the worst pizzas I ever had and I felt ripped off.
Also that 'cozy' feeling of their dinning area? gone! last I was there they striped the place clean. All the wacky road signs and ornaments gone.
Too bad papa john's is fucking pricey. I don't even care about the drama with them anymore, but shit the cost of their pizzas even with coupons is a bit much.
>> No. 25728 [Edit]
Well, I wish I still had a Pizza Hut nearby. They have closed over the years and right now I pretty much only have Domino's delivering to my house. They improved their stuff lately, but I really miss the good old Hut too.
>> No. 25823 [Edit]
File 141989742131.png - (80.63KB , 463x191 , roy.png )
>> No. 25833 [Edit]
What's a new year-ish pizza? I'm going to order one today the 31st for myself.
>> No. 25834 [Edit]
your favorite one.
>> No. 25836 [Edit]
That's kind of cool.
>> No. 25837 [Edit]
That's kind of cool.

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