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File 130807665956.jpg - (469.32KB , 800x800 , 57bf1471e83748ad9323c57cceaae4fa.jpg )
4363 No. 4363 [Edit]
List anime that you want to watch, but you can't 'cause it was never subbed.

Oishinbo for openers
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>> No. 4365 [Edit]
Saint October
>> No. 4366 [Edit]
Tetsuko no Tabi... Frostii did the first 2 episodes, but dropped it after that.
>> No. 4367 [Edit]
File 130808140027.jpg - (91.48KB , 1280x720 , 1305971562428.jpg )
Hyouge Mono, it's currently airing but only the first four episodes have been subbed in English. The group working on it said that they were going to take their time with subbing it, but I don't know. It's been nearly a month since their last release.
>> No. 4368 [Edit]
shouwa monogatari.
hadena was subbing it, but they dropped it after ep 3
>> No. 4369 [Edit]
hey thanks, i read about that show last year and couldn't find it subbed. i thought it was just cause i was incompetent, but this sovles the mystery of the missing anime in a more satisfying manner
>> No. 4370 [Edit]
No problem.

I have the said 2 episodes on my HDD, but I haven't been able to watch them since I know I can't ever get more.
>> No. 4371 [Edit]
They dropped it? That's a shame. I thought they were just going at a slow pace. The show's definitely enjoyable and informative, though I can see why no one was interested in subbing it when it aired.
>> No. 4372 [Edit]
File 130808862634.jpg - (64.64KB , 360x500 , 6740.jpg )
Porphy no Nagai Tabi. Can't even seem to find decent torrents for this show but this thread has inspired me to go look for raws and just watch it.
>> No. 4427 [Edit]
There's an OVA based on Lovecraft's stories I'd like to see subbed. I hear it sucks but I still find the fact that noone was willing to sub it very surprising.
>> No. 4581 [Edit]

The third is subbed.
>> No. 4594 [Edit]
Musashi Gundoh.
>> No. 4599 [Edit]
I watched 1&2 because i thought thats all I was going to get & now I'm wondering if I should watch 3 or wait a while so I don't have to watch the rest of the show at a Hellsing Ultimate pace.
I started watching Shouwa when Hadena said they'd being doing 1ep a week, but they broke that rule the first week and its more like 1 every 5 weeks. Still a quality show, but kind of weird watching it like that…
>> No. 4648 [Edit]
File 130951537297.jpg - (33.97KB , 225x354 , 938.jpg )
Yawara. Luckily the subbers have resumed the project recently.
>> No. 5627 [Edit]
Just went to do some checking around after seeing S.2 was on the Fall chartfaggotry and I can't find it so I'm adding
Fujilog to this thread.
>> No. 5628 [Edit]
File 131302594639.jpg - (25.37KB , 303x400 , Captain_Harlock_2.jpg )
Arcadia of my Youth: Endless Orbit SSX

I think a few episodes are done, but I'd rather not tease myself like that.
>> No. 5629 [Edit]
It isn't fully subbed in English yet? Oh I feel bad for you, it is really good.

Are you a fan of other Harlock or Leiji Matsumoto series?
>> No. 5630 [Edit]
I've only seen the Arcadia of my Youth movie. Found it pretty good, so it kind of sucked afterwards finding out the follow-up series wasn't subbed.

The original Harlock TV series on the other hand is fully subbed and has been sitting on my hard drive forever, so I'll give that a shot next.

Also, apparently there's a group done 9 episodes and still working on it, just unbearably slowly.

Post edited on 10th Aug 2011, 7:01pm
>> No. 5631 [Edit]
The original Harlock series is pretty good, but the first 20 or so episodes are very stale. The series is also much more surreal than Arcadia of my Youth or SSX.

I recommend trying out Endless Odyssey, when you are done with the first series, it is the official follow-up to the first series and is probably my favourite entry other than Arcadia. Any idea who is subbing SSX? If they need a faster TL I could try pitch in, I'd love to give a hand so English fans can watch it.

>> No. 5632 [Edit]
Endless Odyssey interested me just on the idea of seeing a Harlock series with pretty modern animation. I hope it's as good as it looks.

Also, Live-eviL was the group. It was apparently 10 eps done though, and they look like they're actually making more progress than I thought.
>> No. 5633 [Edit]
File 13130300963.jpg - (30.78KB , 300x412 , KamenRider-1.jpg )
Not anime, but I would also love to see the original Kamen Rider fully subbed. I know it's getting worked on though, I'm just impatient and prefer to marathon when it's done rather than watch a few episodes now knowing I'll have to wait months for another.

For that matter, I'd love to see a Kamen Rider anime adaptation, but that's another story.
>> No. 5634 [Edit]
Hell yeah.
They showed a dubbed , Kamen Rider here in the states, though I forget which series it was exactly, I thought it was awesome, I'd love to see the original.
>> No. 5635 [Edit]
Fujilog, I really liked the idea, but it's a shame no one subbed it. I heard it's getting a second season too.
>> No. 5639 [Edit]
File 131307487616.jpg - (115.24KB , 303x400 , astro4p.jpg )
Astro Boy (2003)

I'm a little torn on watching anyway since it's fully dubbed, but I'm surprised no one subbed it yet.
>> No. 5668 [Edit]
I think that this thread can somewhat explain the comments made by the OP of
It seems that a lot of potentially very good animes never get subbed
>> No. 5901 [Edit]
I've never been able to find a subbed version of Niea_7, only the dub and I just can't bring myself to watch dubs.
C'est l'animé
>> No. 5902 [Edit]
Seriously? Even a simple search on google for "Niea 7 torrents" gives you a handful of torrents. Maybe you just downloaded dual audio versions and never realized they were dual audio?
>> No. 5910 [Edit]
I downloaded and watched that only a few months back, and wasn't hard to find, although the default sub language track was German, it's not hard to change each ep to eng subs.

I'd give a link or something, but the version I got doesn't say who subbed it or anything like that at all, past the name of the show.
>> No. 5914 [Edit]

That one's dual audio. I always search for 'show site:bakabt.com' into google, it tends to have all the anime I want to watch except the licsenced ones.
>> No. 5915 [Edit]
I usually avoid that place at all costs, and view it as being little better then CR.
>> No. 5919 [Edit]
What? It's just a torrent tracker, they have nothing to do with the subbing of the shows. While I agree that their choice of group to host may not always be the best, it's always been reliable for finding a fast download for pretty much any show.
>> No. 5920 [Edit]
The first ep of Fujilog is subbed as of August 11 nobody seeding, no DDL
>> No. 5921 [Edit]
File 131442530275.jpg - (74.78KB , 353x500 , 27498l.jpg )
Did anyone get around to subbing the Blu-Ray release of 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku?

I know Doki did a subbing of the television version, but as you probably know it was censored to hell, so I'd rather have the Blu-Ray version.
>> No. 5922 [Edit]
A private torrent tracker, that you can't download from without a account.
or has that changed?

Last thing I need is people keeping track of what kind of stuff I download and making it publicly viewable, or people getting on my ass for not seeding more (I have completely shit upload speed)

I even once bite the bullet and singed up like a year ago after being pressured to do so by a bunch of people in the TC irc, but the crap wouldn't work.
>> No. 5923 [Edit]
you can download from there without an account now, you just can't use the search feature. Luckily though you can just type "anime name" + bakabt in google and find what you need.

Post edited on 27th Aug 2011, 1:06am
>> No. 5924 [Edit]
You've always been able to download without an account, it's a semi-private tracker. Notice how you can download the torrent from that link at full speed completely fine. I've done it for years.
>> No. 6907 [Edit]
Testuko 04 released a couple weeks ago
>> No. 7332 [Edit]
File 132167682512.jpg - (60.63KB , 698x469 , zOMD_01.jpg )
You need subtitles to understand Japanese?!?

>> No. 7335 [Edit]
i guess 4chan is still offline
>> No. 7337 [Edit]
>view it as being little better then CR.

What? BakaBT has been around forever, and many sub groups endorse it.

And yes you don't need an account. You need one to search, but you can just use this in Google "site:bakabt.com searchquery" and get the same results.
>> No. 7346 [Edit]
Sally the Witch and Panzer World Galient.
>> No. 7723 [Edit]
Three newly subbed eps of Igano Kambamaru released recently.
>> No. 7929 [Edit]
File 132494252053.jpg - (60.60KB , 480x720 , zsay.jpg )
Best Christmas Present Ever
>> No. 8761 [Edit]
Aah Harimanada. Its about sumo. I like sumo, but I've never seen an anime dedicated to it. So far two eps have been released and fortunately, they're both relatively recent.
>> No. 8762 [Edit]
they released a few more eps recently
>> No. 9388 [Edit]
File 133445603285.jpg - (348.57KB , 1000x1000 , kpv.jpg )
Needs more food-related anime.
>> No. 9417 [Edit]
the first newly subbed ep of shouwa in almost a year came out a couple days ago
>> No. 9426 [Edit]
Ashita no Joe
Getter Robo
>> No. 9530 [Edit]
File 133566584619.jpg - (5.48KB , 252x158 , 2012-04-06.jpg )
There are still unsubbed eps of Ashita no Joe?
>> No. 9532 [Edit]
from the thumbnail at the front page, I though it was Lucy.
>> No. 9828 [Edit]
Igano Kabamaru is now completed
>> No. 9829 [Edit]

Huh?! They really, really, REALLY picked up the pace over last few months, didn't they? I remember they used to release one ep per month or two and they weren't even halfway done when I last checked. Either way, this is wonderful news, downloading right away. I'm actually smiling right now, I didn't think they will manage to finish it before I kick the bucket.

If only the group who trnaslates Tokimeki Tonight could be as fast...
>> No. 9848 [Edit]
Shouwa Monogatari is now done through ep8 and seems to be going at a relatively swift pace, Gotwoot did three eps in May. They spell it Showa Monogatari.
>> No. 9849 [Edit]
File 133862241080.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , shot0001.png )
Yeah, I was pretty happy when i found out about it too.
Its been a while since I've gotten to acquire all of a show that I enjoy this much and watch it at whatever pace I feel like. I wish I had the willpower to ignore currently airing shows and just watch them all at the end of the season.
>> No. 9850 [Edit]
Saizen has subbed only 33 episodes.
>> No. 13571 [Edit]
Shouwa is now complete.
Has been for quite a while actually.
>> No. 13575 [Edit]
Other way around, actually. I can think of plenty I want dubbed, but have yet to get any love.
The main two that come to mind are Real Drive and Aria.
>> No. 13605 [Edit]
>> No. 14027 [Edit]
sounds like an amusing premise
>> No. 14535 [Edit]

its subbed now
>> No. 15877 [Edit]
File 136989373140.jpg - (50.58KB , 540x270 , Asian_Risshiden_no_Shima_Kousaku.jpg )
>> No. 15878 [Edit]
also tenshi no drop

i know they're both recent, but i'm also impatient so i guess that pretty much balances things out.
>> No. 15879 [Edit]
Somehow I knew no one was going to sub that.
>> No. 16050 [Edit]
File 137112065138.jpg - (38.76KB , 500x500 , 3x3.jpg )
Yeah. If it's not a moeblob anime, it's not going to be subbed.
>> No. 16104 [Edit]
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun
>> No. 17143 [Edit]
How about the original Astroboy aka Atomu?
>> No. 17164 [Edit]
Warau Salesman
>> No. 17175 [Edit]
Musashi Gundo
>> No. 17207 [Edit]
Me too. Also Ultraman!
>> No. 17358 [Edit]
File 138019675853.jpg - (141.37KB , 1900x1128 , Zyam.jpg )
Wasn't that subbed under the name "Samurai Gun"?
>> No. 18443 [Edit]
tetsuko no tabi has subs as of last summer
>> No. 18463 [Edit]

KAW is slowly picking away at it. Very Slowly.
>> No. 18480 [Edit]
File 138986860116.jpg - (152.32KB , 1200x703 , zzChess.jpg )
Sub more Doraemon please.
>> No. 18685 [Edit]
seconding fujilog
>> No. 18689 [Edit]
I'd like to see the Strawberry Eggs OADs get subs
>> No. 22214 [Edit]
why are there no subs for the gdgd Fairies movie?
>> No. 22215 [Edit]
Just not popular enough unfortunately.
>> No. 22240 [Edit]
File 142481137667.jpg - (756.09KB , 1447x2047 , rsz_48200732_p0.jpg )
Yoru no Yatterman made me interested in the original and the 2008 remake (moreso the latter than the former but I still want to watch both) but the legal subs are incomplete due to lack of funds.

(I know someone fully subbed '08 but from what I've seen those are pure garbage.)
>> No. 22261 [Edit]
>gdgd Fairies movie?
There was one?!? Want!
>> No. 22263 [Edit]
Yup, came out around the time of the second season I think.

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