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File 142399052226.png - (518.21KB , 700x800 , 1423526705346.png )
19607 No. 19607 [Edit]

So I started doing this, and I'm actually seeing results. I don't stalk people to see if they hold their end of the bargain or something, but just seeing other people smile and admit they have faults the same as me is really nice.

Is this something you'd consider trying?
Am I an idiot for even trying this?
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>> No. 19608 [Edit]
Has anyone told you about how they've kept of their end?
>> No. 19609 [Edit]
It's only been a couple of days since I posted it, and I've only had two people reply.

One man agreed to keep in touch with his children he possibly could. I'll likely call or email him in a week to see how that's going.

One older woman needed help moving her furniture and various things around her garden. She agreed to stop drinking for the sake of living longer to see her grandkids being born. I won't hold her to that one, she was a sweet woman that genuinely couldn't do the work herself, and she offered me a nice meal. I'll still call her to ask how life is treating her from time to time.
>> No. 19610 [Edit]
File 142399493265.jpg - (29.09KB , 335x430 , 1423092993152.jpg )
Sounds neat.
>> No. 19613 [Edit]
Not a half bad start.
>> No. 19619 [Edit]
Personally I wouldn't do something like this as it requires too much effort for little gain in my opinion. As long as you feel good about trying to better the people of your community and enjoy your interactions with them I wouldn't call you an idiot.
>> No. 19621 [Edit]
Today I rebuilt a mans carburetor and bled his brakes.
He said he had a habit of hitting his spouse that he'd break. It put me off, but I'd like to think he's telling the truth.
>> No. 19637 [Edit]
Wow, why would you this? Most people are assholes who don't deserve to live. 95% of the human race should be gassed
>> No. 19638 [Edit]
On the one hand, I commend you for trying. On the other hand, I feel this might end with you feeling even more bitter about the human race.
>> No. 19642 [Edit]
Human species you mean. Race = subspecies.
>> No. 19643 [Edit]
Isn't that exactly why it's important to give people a chance to better themselves? Wanting to admit your faults, to be forgiven, to become a better person, neither of those things are bad. People are trash, but I won't make fun of them for wishing to live in another way when they're too shitty to do so.

At least 100% should die or it won't really matter.
>> No. 19644 [Edit]
I believe people shouldn't lose their fundamental sense of decency. Don't give up hope on the human race to do good things.
>> No. 19668 [Edit]
This is why I love TC <3
>> No. 19719 [Edit]
I couldn't do it, its too forward for me, I have no problem helping people, but I don't want to be their friends, and I think people have trouble with the idea of people helping them and not wanting to talk to them or get to know them. Our society isn't based around non-monetary transactions, or transactions that benefit one party but not the other with the non-benefited party being aware of it.

side note:

it was -40c and 6:30am and a guy offered me a ride, he asked if I had far to go at a set of lights, but I thought he just asked if I was walking long, anyways he ended up pulling across all the lanes when the light turned and following me (not in a creepy way) and offered a ride. I declined, and he had to do a loop and probably wait at a light for some more minutes.

Once I offered to help a guy push his car, and he declined because his son was coming.
And I pushed a car out of deep snow once.
>> No. 19764 [Edit]
Well good luck in your future endeavors fellow brohno.

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