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File 144339575324.png - (1.14KB , 242x182 , ;_;.png )
24052 No. 24052 [Edit]
Why are there so few non-supernatural semi-slice of life anime with a continuous plot?

Every anime I find that looks like it has interesting characters and numerous "nonbiri" scenes unrelated to the main plot, turns out to have a supernatural plot. And I dislike supernatural because it makes everything look too unreal

Maybe I can learn of a few here. Does anybody know of slice of life anime with a moving plot and no supernatural elements?
>> No. 24053 [Edit]
Googling "slice of life anime -supernatural" might get you somewhere.
>> No. 24054 [Edit]
Having a plot kinda contradicts the idea of slice of life if you ask me. That said you could try raildex if you haven't already, that kinda has some slice of life elements to it.
>> No. 24056 [Edit]
Isn't magic a supernatural element?
>> No. 24059 [Edit]
sure I guess? For that matter there's also kamichu.
>> No. 24095 [Edit]
ROD TV has slice-of-life eps that an action watcher can skip.
>> No. 24114 [Edit]
I prefer the term "healing"
>> No. 24115 [Edit]

Most iyashikei series are episodic. Actually, it's more like 'almost all of them'.

Then again Tamayura is actually more or less what OP might be looking for, seeing as the plot sorta kinda goes somewhere.
>> No. 24118 [Edit]
Oh I didn't notice you asked for "non-supernatural", my mistake I read that as just "supernatural". Yeah kamichu and raildex wouldn't be for you then.
Pretty sure non-supernatural semi-slice of life anime are actually not uncommon. this season we've got gochuumon and yuru, and last season there was non non.
Still, a continuous plot is a bit of another matter as most of these shows are episodic comedies with no over arcing story line most of the time. First thing that comes to mind is aria, in which they're slowly training to become undines over the course of the show.
>> No. 24129 [Edit]
Kokoro Toshokan, maybe? A lot of the episodes are self contained, but there is a clear overarching plot to it. Guaranteed supernatural free.
>> No. 24175 [Edit]

Ah, Tamayura was already on my to-watch list. Didn't know it had a continuous plot though, I'll move it up on my list.


Didn't know of the Aria series. Looks kind of nice.

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