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File 137227821689.png - (1.04MB , 1360x1503 , Fashion.png )
22217 No. 22217 [Edit]
If you feel like it please rank these designs from worst to best (or best to worst, doesn't really matter).
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>> No. 22218 [Edit]
File 137227834568.jpg - (418.50KB , 1250x1750 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Spoilered because I wouldn't want to influence anybody's opinion.
Didn't rank the meido, office lady and schoolgirl because I felt I was ranking the archetype far moreso than the actual design.
>> No. 22219 [Edit]
File 13723106165.jpg - (263.89KB , 816x902 , designs.jpg )
If these are yours you should post on /cr/.
They're overall pretty nice and the girls is really cute.
>> No. 22220 [Edit]
File 137231438733.png - (1.06MB , 1360x1503 , 137227821689.png )
Blue dot: 7 - 10/10
Green dot: 4 - 6/10
Red dot: 1 - 3/10
Purple square: My favorite(s)
>> No. 22222 [Edit]
File 137231669024.png - (959.09KB , 1360x1503 , 137227821689.png )
Apologies for the awful mouse-writing.
Best to worst.
That hood is just too cute.
>> No. 22223 [Edit]
File 137232015689.jpg - (1.01MB , 1360x2000 , Fashion.jpg )
I gotta say, I'm really not a big fan of scene type fashion at all but I thought I'd give this a shot anyway.

10 seems out of place being as it's a uniform and there's not much room for personalization there. The uniform itself looks nice but I discounted the score on that one because of the punk type bag.
just as with 10, 8 seems a bit out of place as well, and I just can't say no to a maid outfit, but I'm not that crazy about the stripes.
5 as well is just a uniform, a secretary perhaps?

14, 11 and 9 would be at the top of my list. Don't think the boots on 14 are working (not really much for boots) something red would have made the outfit perfect in my opinion. 11 is really nice but feels like it's maybe missing something, possibly an accessory? hard to say what I would change with 9.

1, 4 and 18 feel like decent efforts that just don't pay off as well as they could.

2, 6, 7, 13, 15 are just way too trashy, all over the place, or flat out silly for my tastes. Some of those look like the result of a girl getting dressed after going blind, picking clothing items at random, or both.
>> No. 22225 [Edit]
File 137232813291.png - (0.98MB , 1688x1503 , Untitled.png )
Sorry for the simple categorization of good, average, and not-so-good if it's of little use.

Also, that girl is real cute.
>> No. 22227 [Edit]

If they were I would but they are not, it's just something I found a year or so ago. That's about how long it took me to make this thread.


>hard to say what I would change with 9.

Personally I wanted to rank it above 14 the whole time but changed it at the last second. I ended up feeling that the... bow? (no idea what to call it) is a bit much. Overall they are very similar but ed is a bit too vibrant for my tastes, I prefer the classy, subdued green. Then again adding boots to the red one made it much better in my opinion, instead of trying to 'conceal' how flashy and aggresive red is it focuses on that point.
As for 11 I agree, a simple bracelet or even a watch (with a sensible, thin leather strap, not one of those all-silever monstrosities) could improve it but the design's simplicity is precisely what makes it nice in my opinion.

>I discounted the score on that one because of the punk type bag.
>but I'm not that crazy about the stripes.

Haha, that's precisely what I liked about them. It added some flavor to otherwise run-of-the-mill designs. Especially the bag, I guess most people would dislike that kind of character but couples with that old school, long skirt it gives her a classic banchou/anego vibe.
Again, I didn't rank them because I feel I'm really biased here (which is a strange thing to say considering how subjective the matter at hand is but whatever), otherwise I'd probably end up ranking them 1st and 2nd.
>> No. 22259 [Edit]
I think OP is a 3DPD female (not to derail anything....just seems...fishy)
>> No. 22260 [Edit]
Who says only girls can enjoy pretty cloths?
>> No. 22268 [Edit]
What's wrong with that? If it is a girl, then it's fine, her post wasn't like...
>hey guise imma girl XD *holds up spork*
Or lowering the quality of the board in general. If anything, you are, by calling attention to such a thing.
>> No. 22315 [Edit]
He's not a girl.
>> No. 22370 [Edit]
I find them all very cute.
>> No. 22396 [Edit]
i like the maid one, the blue one and the grey one (middle row on right) best

i don't think any of them are really bad but if i had to drop one it'd be the third one in the top row
>> No. 22419 [Edit]
File 137374633114.png - (1.09MB , 1360x1503 , rankingclothes.png )
Obvious trollbait. Anonymous name and they aren't looking for anything beyond discussing the topic at hand.

That being said, I'm pretty ambivalent about them after the first 9, gave 10 for a reasonable sample. The poses did influence the ranking somewhat, but I'm guessing that the poses chosen were supposed to be flattering for the particular outfit. I'm probably putting too much thought into this.

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