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File 130462013128.jpg - (21.72KB , 512x384 , boneitis.jpg )
2705 No. 2705 [Edit]

Haha good luck competing with Steam, EA.
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>> No. 2706 [Edit]
If ME3 doesn't come out on Steam then I'm not buying it, so yeah.
>> No. 2707 [Edit]
The article seems to be gone now. That's weird
>> No. 2708 [Edit]
I guess this means I'll never be buying EA games ever again, at least anything made after this change, and I mean it, I never have or will buy digital copy of a game.
>> No. 2709 [Edit]
There's really no reason to be afraid of steam since it's not like they only you download it a few times. The games are yours to install whenever you want however many times you want until they go out of business, which is never going to happen. EA however will almost surely set limits, and possibly even a subscription service or some shit
>> No. 2710 [Edit]
If they implement this on consoles then I'll probably never get another EA console game since the only one I have is an old 360 with like one gig of hard drive space left
>> No. 2711 [Edit]
I've got steam with a pair of games I was gifted
>whenever you want
You mean when steam is working right? because steam on my computer is like a digital version of a neet, rarely works.
And the thing doesn't let me play in offline mode either, so in my case, it's not so much whenever I want, but whenever steam wants.

That aside, I like having something tangible I can justify my purchase with, I like looking at the wall behind me with big ass stacks of games I've collected over the years.
>> No. 2712 [Edit]
huh, I've never had any of those problems
>> No. 2713 [Edit]
Yeah not everyone does, it just hates my router I think from what I read on their support page, ports open blah blah, makes no difference, the thing works randomly when it feels like it.
>> No. 2715 [Edit]
I used to have that problem all the time. It just kind of fixed itself somehow.
>> No. 2716 [Edit]
For my steam I have it set to not run on startup. No idea if that solves any problems
>> No. 2727 [Edit]
Tohno have you ever used GoG? Aside from the lack of having a physical copy, it seems like it might be less intrusive/work more?

Then again, GoG is only old games so it might defeat the purpose, forget I said anything.
>> No. 3571 [Edit]

So yeah, I'm done with EA
>> No. 3572 [Edit]
when sales of the PC version of crysis 2 nosedives they'll blame piracy.
>> No. 3576 [Edit]
Reminder that EA couldn't even handle all the people logging on to their auth servers for Dragon Age. Origin is going crash and burn, it's just a matter of how quickly.
>> No. 3577 [Edit]
File 130816520214.jpg - (358.87KB , 1226x691 , 1266911386881.jpg )
And a huge backlash is fermenting due to the Battlefield 3 pre-order DLC which EA has done without DICE's consent apparently.

I'm also not expecting anything from ME3 from now on after seeing the action-oriented gameplay, even though I bought the first two games I'm pirating this third one for sure.

Everything EA touches it turns into shit.
>> No. 3578 [Edit]
EA is now saying they didn't pull crysis 2, steam itself did because EA violated terms of agreement. It's looking like EA intentionally violated the rules to get crysis 2 pulled so they could make valve look like the bad guys.
>> No. 3580 [Edit]

>> No. 3582 [Edit]
doesnt EA sports only have like, 5 games?
>> No. 3584 [Edit]

They release the same 5 games every year.
>> No. 3585 [Edit]
Yeah I really don't understand how they plan to sustain a store by only selling 5 things.
>> No. 3586 [Edit]
This is why I don't play modern games anymore aside form hand held. Why bother? Most games are the same recycled shit over and over and over, for 50 bucks each.
>> No. 3587 [Edit]
$60 depending on the system
$100 if you're in australia.
>> No. 3588 [Edit]
I'm getting more and more tired of videogames, I've only played like 3 new games this year. It kind of sucks because video games are my most "accessible" hobby, so now I have pretty much nothing to talk to my cousins about when I'm forced to interact with them.
>> No. 3598 [Edit]

Play old titles, that's what I do. I grew up in the 80s and 90s but didn't play many consoles back then, aside from the NES. Now years later I have hundreds and hundreds of games to play, even though most of them are pretty dull..they're still entertaining.
>> No. 3599 [Edit]
File 130833419697.png - (22.25KB , 585x343 , dice.png )
It's a shame BF3 is probably only going to be on origin because DICE is awesome and I'd want to buy it based solely on this.
>> No. 3601 [Edit]
That alice game is up on steam now, so maybe EA isn't really going to do the exclusive thing as bad as I thought. That or maybe they are waiting for more important releases to pull the "sorry steam lol" card
>> No. 3605 [Edit]

DICE can pretend to love PC all they want, but anyone with a head knows that's a lie after BC2.

BF3 will become like MW2. Everyone will hate it, but play it anyway.
>> No. 3609 [Edit]
>> No. 3610 [Edit]
kinda shitty, but its still a decent parody
>> No. 3883 [Edit]
File 131009783320.jpg - (96.31KB , 973x519 , rCVKU.jpg )
>Exclusive pre-order DLC
>Starting from $59.99
>Bald space marine

Gaming is dead.
>> No. 3884 [Edit]
So I'm not buying ME3 after all. Good to know

Oooh wait a minute, only the special edition bullshit is origin exclusive. Still though, fuck them. ME3 is the last EA game I have even the tiniest bit of care about, and only because I already played the first two so I just want to finish it off.

Post edited on 7th Jul 2011, 9:18pm
>> No. 3912 [Edit]

Welp looks like BF3 will flop miserably. Nice job EA.
>> No. 3951 [Edit]
In other news, EA is letting gamestop sell BF3 on their service too

Yeah lets sell our game everywhere BUT the largest online PC game retailer, nothing will go wrong. The funny part is they really expect this to sell better than the next CoD game.
>> No. 3952 [Edit]
You do realize that they most likely know they will lose tons of money initially? When M$ put the original Xbox on market they were selling each unit for over 100$ below productions cost which eventually made them lost over billion $ in a year. In the long run, however, entering the console market was a great move.

Same with EA. For the time being they can't even try to compete with Steam who knows, in 5 years it might turn out it was the right move.
>> No. 3953 [Edit]
You do realize that they most likely know they will lose tons of money initially? When M$ put the original Xbox on market they were selling each unit for over 100$ below productions cost which eventually made them lost over billion $ in a year. In the long run, however, entering the console market was a great move.

Same with EA. For the time being they can't even try to compete with Steam who knows, in 5 years it might turn out it was the right move (although I'd like to go them see bankrupt, fuck EA).
>> No. 3955 [Edit]
>You do realize that they most likely know they will lose tons of money initially?

Not really. Like the link in >>3951 says, Gamestop thinks it will triple it's sales thanks to it's stupid digital download thing, and EA probably thinks the same. What they both don't seem to realize is that they are both the most reviled names in video games for anyone with a brain, and a lot of PC gamers would rather pirate than ever have to deal with either of their bullshit. Hell I never pirate games but I will probably pirate ME3 if origin is required in any way.
>> No. 3966 [Edit]
Fun fact about Origin: Your "rights" to the games you buy from them expire after 2 years if you don't play them

Post edited on 17th Jul 2011, 9:30pm
>> No. 3967 [Edit]
>What they both don't seem to realize is that they are both the most reviled names in video games for anyone with a brain
There's the problem, most gamers don't have one.
>> No. 3968 [Edit]
gamers who have come to rely on digital distribution do. At least, more than a typical CoD kiddy who camps outside of Gamestop to pick up his special edition Xbox preorders does anyway. Gamestop thinks it's going to capture those same kinds of people with this service, and it's just not going to happen.

Post edited on 17th Jul 2011, 10:55pm
>> No. 4174 [Edit]
Dragon Age 2 got pulled off of steam too, so I'm really doubting ME3 will be coming to steam. In totally unrelated news, I am no longer planning to buy ME3.
>> No. 4175 [Edit]

So, now you can walk/drive down to a gamestop store and buy digital copies of PC games. Why the fuck would anyone do that.
>> No. 4179 [Edit]
Some gamers are just that stupid, but not enough to keep this from failing hard.
I find it amusing as I was reading that article, the stock ticker on the page for gamestop kept going down.
>> No. 4419 [Edit]
Gamestop is cool
>> No. 4421 [Edit]
Yeah... that's why I stopped buying 'new games' from gamestop.
I'd buy games that were already opened, but charged for a new copy, how the fuck is that new? they already freaking opened it!

They take the disks out to be placed into envelope behind the desk, a process that might scratch the disk / leave finger prints on it.
Just so they can leave the case for the "new game" out on the store shelfs with their hard to remove stickers slapped all over it, for anyone to pick up and mess with.
God damn I hate gamestop.
>> No. 4422 [Edit]
Yeah between that and their "PREORDER FROM US OR MISS OUT ON CONTENT WE PAID DEVELOPERS TO CUT FROM THE GAME" they really are one of the many cancerous tumors on the gaming industry. I don't really play games on consoles anymore though so I never really deal with them
>> No. 4423 [Edit]

I am a SGA at GameStop, and yes, we are a monster and we are horrible, horrible people. Honestly though, I hate console gaming, completely. In fact, I don't own any consoles. I barely have pushed reserves or new games which has made my sales record go down and I'm getting shit hours, but really the reason why we say "HEY LOOKING TO PRE-ORDER ANY GAMES ONLY 5 blah blah" crap is because they keep us based on how many reserves / subs to game informer we get.

Oh and we not only open new games to put the case on the shelf, we also open new games so we can go and play them at home and sell it as new when we bring them back ;)
>> No. 4424 [Edit]
I'm not surprised by that spoiler at all, hell, I half suspected it.
>> No. 4449 [Edit]
Man origin just keeps getting better!
>> No. 4450 [Edit]
Now the question is, are gamers stupid enough to not boycott it?
>> No. 4451 [Edit]
>> No. 4453 [Edit]

It would seem they're now admitting it.

>Update: In addition to what's been said by GameStop PR, a statement was posted on Facebook which reads, "Regarding the Deus Ex: Human Revolution OnLive Codes: We don't make a habit of promoting competitive services without a formal partnership. Square Enix packed the competitor's coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull these coupons. While the new products may be opened, we fully guarantee the condition of the discs to be new. If you find this to not be the case, please contact the store where the game was purchased and they will further assist."

Also, becuase of this, people seem to now (finally) be calling into question the legality of selling previously opened items as 'brand new'

Post edited on 25th Aug 2011, 4:48pm
>> No. 4454 [Edit]
>Also, becuase of this, people seem to now (finally) be calling into question the legality of selling previously opened items as 'brand new'

They are? I'm pretty sure anyone who shops at gamestop (and didnt already know they are shit) are too stupid to care about any of this, especially since it involved a PC version of a game.
>> No. 4455 [Edit]
well yeah, that's the thing, most of the people calling them on this are probably people that are just going to pirate the game anyway.
Sure, people are taking, but I doubt they'll do anything more.
>> No. 4456 [Edit]
Here are a few tips to screw with Gamestop and it's employees:

1) Reserve like 10 games one day with someone you like. Wait a few days then go in and cancel them all with someone who is a little bitch. Watch them freak out over numbers. The numbers do not come off the original employee. It's why we hated taking cancellations.

2) You can return nearly ANY new opened game with these words: "I bought this game or my sister bought this for my younger (Replace with family member who is a little kid) and it is totally inappropriate." This works especially every time with M-Rated games because Gamestop policy is too take back an M-Rated game from any parent/adult if they think it's inappropriate for their kid.

3) When Gamestop guts a new game they put a little round clear seal sticker on it which classifies it as new by their standards. You can get these at any retail store and Gamestop will take a return of a new game if it's on.

4) Gamestop will allow you 7 days to try a used game out and return it. People can seriously abuse this policy if done with different employees as their systems don't visibly track the amount of returns a customer makes.

5) Gamestop CAN look up a lost receipt within 2 months if you know which register and a rough date.

6) An employee may tell you that a game will sell out and be unavailable but you will be able to find it at any Best Buy. Pre-orders are only good for the bonus stuff.

7) If you really want to annoy pissy Gamestop employees then do this: All the walls in a Gamesotp usually have to be organized and alphabatized every night. Pick up random games and place them in the wrong spots. This infurates them.

8) Ask an employee to help you pick out a DS game for your little kid. They have no idea what they are suggesting and they have to pick up all the DS cases that little kiddie and read it to you like they know about it.

9) When walking in the store, instead of using the door handle, put your greasy hands all over the glass.

10) Get in line when it's really long and busy. Next ask for a rare hard to find game you know is out of stock. Proceed to ask the employee to call other stores if they have it in stock.

11) Do the same as above but do it when your going to make a really large purchase like a console with a bunch of accessories and games.

12) Do #10 again when it's busy but bring in a few game consoles to trade-in. They are required to hook them all up and make sure they work. You can either keep the console or trade it in.

13) My all time favorite. Most Gamestop stores close at 9 and all employees are required to be done by 10 to prevent overtime. Wait to come in to the store at 8:50 with the biggest boatload of trade-ins you have, including consoles.
>> No. 4457 [Edit]
Just because you hate a company, don't take it out on the employees.
>> No. 4458 [Edit]
Yeah, they have it hard enough already
>> No. 4459 [Edit]
Fair enough, but with those tips, you can still theoretically play as many games as you want, new(lol) or used, without having to hack your system for free on gamestop's dime.
>> No. 4463 [Edit]

How many of us really have the social skills to walk into a Gamespot and try pulling that shit?

We'd probably get laughed at, and walk home empty handed.
>> No. 5223 [Edit]
File 132045198924.png - (53.88KB , 1645x296 , UGK8A.png )
more reason to never do business with EA
>> No. 5224 [Edit]
I'd feel sorry for the guy, but anyone with common sense should have known origin was going to be crap, and to expect exactly this sort of thing.
When you stab yourself in the leg, you only have yourself to blame for the pain.
>> No. 5226 [Edit]
File 132046438032.jpg - (103.87KB , 643x480 , 2011-11-04%20at%2008-43.jpg )
Here's a pic from that leaked ME3 build, and apparently it will somehow use origin on the xbox? what?
>> No. 5230 [Edit]
Like someone else in that thread pointed out yesterday, I see charges from DIGITALRIVER.COM. I don't see anything from EA.

I've never used Origin, so I don't know what would show up on your transaction log. However, I'd suspect it would be something more easily identifiable as EA.
>> No. 5251 [Edit]
The leak also had tons of files regarding the story, and bioware is sending cease and desists to places that talk about it. It's like mysterious forces are trying to shit on EA as much as possible
>> No. 5373 [Edit]

>> No. 5374 [Edit]
Nintendo make a bad decision when it comes to online things!?
>> No. 5377 [Edit]
Nintendo is pretty retarted these days.
Every advantage steam or this Origin thing has over Nintendos current set up won't be approved by nintendo. There is still going to be friend codes, no chat with strangers, no user selected lobbies, because these aren't "child friendly things."

The only possible benefit is if you are on steam PC version or something it might say when a steam Wii Version friend logs on and you could get some inter-system chat. But they won't do that, because it is not kid friendly, and it makes the Wii "too much like a computer."
>> No. 5388 [Edit]
File 132134763074.png - (17.51KB , 379x214 , 1251409102192.png )

Then again I'm probably biased because I don't give a shit about multiplayer.
>> No. 5390 [Edit]
I'm a huge Nintendrone and I agree with this. Picto-chat over the internet would actually be a really intuitive way of communicating but they won't fucking do it.

The online multiplayer on Nintendo products is a joke, I nearly shot myself when I realized that the Four Swords freebie didn't have internet multiplayer, and neither does the new Monster Hunter. These things are standard now, if your technology has the ability to do it then utilize it.

Also from what I hear the devkit for the 3DS or Wii are incredibly expensive, when they should really be embracing the indie community that must yearn to develop for their platform. Steam and XBLIG have had huge success with this, why not emulate it?

I assume the reason they don't want to move into the online world is some sort of crazy Japanese adherence to tradition, but if Sony can kind of adapt to the online structure then why can't Nintendo?
>> No. 5391 [Edit]
nintendo are too elitist to allow just anyone to make games for their console
>> No. 5564 [Edit]
Reasons to abandon EA entirely just keep adding up
>> No. 5565 [Edit]
People still think Nintendo cares about (real)gamers?
>> No. 5568 [Edit]

There's not a single company out there who cares about 'gamers'.
They care about money and it just so happens that Nintendo found a bigger market where there can make more money.
>> No. 5570 [Edit]
As long as a game doesn't have a bunch of stupid pre-order exclusives and Day 1 DLC shoved down your throat, I can consider that company somewhat caring.
>> No. 5573 [Edit]
I think you misunderstood what I meant by 'care'.
Exactly as was said, they all care about money above all else, that's what everyone ultimately cares about, To put it simple, Nintendo doesn't really give a shit(care) about 'gamers' because that would mean competing with xbox and ps3's core demographic (guys in their late teens and 20's).
Nintendo does certainly have a devoted following of man-children, but that's not who Nintendo is marking to(cares about) who they are marketing to (care about) are kids and the elderly, and casuals.
Nintendo might have many 'gamers' in it's following, but Nintendo doesn't really 'care'(give a shit) about them.
>> No. 5576 [Edit]

I don't think even you believe that and if you do then there's no point in arguing with you. Like I already said Nintendo found a bigger market where there can make more money. I won't deny that this is their primary audience BUT they are still chruning out a game every now and then.

Also, Microsoft and Sony are doing their best to grab a piece of cake, too. They are spending ridiculous amount of time and money to promote their own devices that are supposed to attract the same demographics.

If you believe they wouldn't trade places with Nintendo you must be very delusional. This is business and noone cares about gamers or games even. Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony would start making teddybears and abandon the industry within two seconds if they could make more money that way.
>> No. 5578 [Edit]
I'm not saying Nintendo doesn't toss their older audience a bone once a year or so, but by far overall, they're targeting kids.
I'm not entirely sure what we're arguing about, since I agree with most of what you say.
>> No. 5580 [Edit]

Nintendo's audience has always been kids, I don't see why that should change now.
>> No. 5581 [Edit]
who said it wasn't?
>> No. 5582 [Edit]
Nintendo's target audience has never been kids and never will be; it's everyone. You don't get sales numbers like they do just appealing to kids. Their games are just very kid friendly, which isn't a bad thing in itself, but does at times cause them to make poor design choices.
>> No. 5589 [Edit]

>I'm not saying Nintendo doesn't toss their older audience a bone once a year or so, but by far overall, they're targeting kids.

So wait, kids can't be gamers anymore? Oh, sorry. '(real)gamers'.

I'm pretty sure I was way more 'hardcore' when I was 7-8 playing all the Megamans and Ghosts 'n' Ghouls than I am now.

Basically I disagree with this statement:
>People still think Nintendo cares about (real)gamers?

They do because there's money to be made there.
>> No. 5648 [Edit]
File 132435842831.png - (500.10KB , 933x644 , digital sold out.png )
>> No. 5649 [Edit]
I think someone forgot to tell EA that holding out on stock to make it seem higher in demand, only works there is actually stock to hold out on.
>> No. 5650 [Edit]

How do you even
>> No. 5651 [Edit]
some MMO's stop selling when they run out of room to ensure server stability.
>> No. 5652 [Edit]
File 132437511088.jpg - (73.26KB , 724x544 , wtf (2).jpg )
reminds me of this. who the fuck is a "collector" of digital versions of games?
>> No. 5653 [Edit]
I dunno, I've seen my fair share of douchebags bragging about how much their steam library is worth.
>> No. 5672 [Edit]
It is probably less about collecting and more about some sort of rare extra.
>> No. 5940 [Edit]
File 132700475570.png - (59.68KB , 1177x528 , gRZPw.png )
>> No. 5942 [Edit]
Well that's interesting.
>> No. 5957 [Edit]
File 132717614328.jpg - (149.33KB , 621x838 , SBjrT.jpg )
>> No. 5958 [Edit]
Oh Go­d, my sides.
>> No. 6241 [Edit]
File 133100462430.jpg - (119.79KB , 1400x750 , meending.jpg )
>> No. 6242 [Edit]
That was quite hillarious to read yesterday at vidya, I almost bet EA will take it down for copyright infringement
>> No. 6245 [Edit]
File 133105731217.jpg - (317.18KB , 1600x1200 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
here's tali's face
>> No. 6246 [Edit]
it's practically a requirement to play the multiplayer to get the good endings. Doesn't matter if you play on PC since you can just mod your points higher, but if you play on consoles you are fucked.
>> No. 6247 [Edit]
Bioware sure is creative!
>> No. 6248 [Edit]
File 133108643968.jpg - (123.20KB , 691x671 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 6249 [Edit]
Oh my fucking god
>> No. 6250 [Edit]
File 133108711961.jpg - (208.49KB , 804x800 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>> No. 6251 [Edit]
After Tali kills herself

This better fucking not always happen. I don't want to play without her.
>> No. 6252 [Edit]
Oh my god! They destroyed Hershel's farm! Those heartless bastards.
>> No. 6253 [Edit]
Maybe now they will finally move the plot forward
>> No. 6254 [Edit]
And all it took was a reaper invasion of earth...

Makes sense.
>> No. 6255 [Edit]
Actually, doing some looking I found out this was made for ME marketing during commercials of walking dead, so in this particular case it was totally intentional. Tali thing and space snow is still funny though
>> No. 6256 [Edit]
From what I know (yes, these are actual spoilers) that only happens if you choose to side with the Geth when they attack the Quarians. Also, depending on your choices in ME2/ME3, you can prevent them from going to war and have them make peace instead.

The fact that they resorted to photoshopping stock images for this game is amusing.
>> No. 6258 [Edit]
Thank god. I would never betray her or her race, so I guess that means she is safe~

Thanks Rostran. I was honestly just not going to pick the game up if it was standard, which I wouldn't have put past them.
>> No. 6624 [Edit]
EA stocks are at lowest point in 13 years is_it_now_a_takeover_target.php
>> No. 6625 [Edit]
File 133659832743.jpg - (70.25KB , 602x429 , lh7Xa.jpg )
Another funny thing I learned about this is that the little boy is actually just a resized adult model. That kind of corner cutting doesn't even make sense considering there was already a little boy model they could have used and nobody would have noticed
>> No. 6626 [Edit]
This was why I was banned from GameFAQ's a few years ago. I just stopped going.
>> No. 6662 [Edit]
EA©™®¶£: we like to steal concepts
>> No. 6663 [Edit]
I can't tell if the comments on that article are sarcastic or not
>> No. 6681 [Edit]
File 133772112430.jpg - (217.39KB , 975x821 , wvZpu.jpg )
>> No. 6682 [Edit]

I can't believe people are even bothering with that game at this point. Buyers remorse can be a strong thing, but sometimes you just have to drop it.
>> No. 6683 [Edit]
I saw a graph somewhere that said all of their servers are on light capacity by this point. Only about half of them were a month before
>> No. 6684 [Edit]

As expected. To be honest I think the whole MMO genre is dead, or stagnant.
>> No. 6685 [Edit]
games need to make more content faster, but it just isnt enough to satiate people.

Something that I've noticed plagued warcraft was a belief that if someone that isn't you cleared content, that content was done for. They join a guild that has 12/12 bosses down and they think "oh, guess there is nothing to do".
MMO's cater too much to a group thought. Players need to be told they are more independent, and base the games around building your character, not what stupid accomplishments you do in a group. That should be a secondary objective as you socialize.

The whole "classes" deal is really old now too. You should have proficiencies in certain areas, and you can just get better at those and switch items. People will just make alternate characters anyways, no reason to just not make it all one character.
A problem that would come up here is the inevitable "these are the best items/weapons/stats you can use" then everyone will do that. Runescape is a bit like that for an example, but I think that may be due a bit to how ranged and mage are both the art of practically throwing money at an enemy until it dies, compared to melee which is a one time investment.
That's a game that I think people seriously overlook.
I think that also, once a game gets too large it will appeal to the wrong people who are too stuck on thinking they need to get from point A to B, instead of enjoying the world. Runescape as an example again, people say it takes forever to reach level 99, but it isnt about that, its about having fun and immersing yourself. WoW is actually a fantastic MMO for this reason, its rich in lore and a world to explore, but they're really fucking it over with how streamlined it started to become in the second and third expansions. Catering to people who don't even like WoW, just only focused on getting a piece of gear and log in only to raid, with a character that has 1200 achievement points at max level since they never actually play the game. Same thing with idiots playing unbalanced arena thinking they are actually playing the game, then complaining about it having "nothing to do". There are worlds to explore in these games, and that's what they are for, the greatest source of escapism in any type of video game Genre.

I'd hate to say it, but this is another thing that "normals" ruined. Games like that become popular and thats the only reason they play it. I don't play that star wars game, but I think its good that the game is losing those customers only there to grind and reach max level or ride a hamster wheel to get whatever there is to show. That looks like a game for real star wars fans. It will probably end up shutting down because a company doesn't understand the value of dedicated customers.
There are few games that actually keep good and steady, and the only ones I've seen have been Runescape and Eve online. The playerbase isn't what matters, but the universe you craft, and how deep those people will immerse themselves in it. WoW really is going down the shitter with this new thing, where there is no lore continuity, just whatever they brought out of their ass as new lore. It could have been done with a lot more tact I think.

now I hear elder scrolls wants to do an MMO also. The history for that series is rich enough that it could work if they abandon their current trend of simplification, or the WoW style copy trend every MMO tries to do now. Complexity of your character will draw players in and make them feel much more invested than something simple I think. Then again, you have a game like league of legends that has simple 4 button characters and only 3 maps, yet is insanely popular. But that isn't an MMO I guess.
>> No. 6686 [Edit]
MMOs aren't really going to evolve gameplay-wise until worldwide internet speeds get better and twitch-based combat is more possible.
>> No. 6687 [Edit]

>WoW really is going down the shitter with this new thing, where there is no lore continuity, just whatever they brought out of their ass as new lore.

Actually this happened pretty much right after they revealed raid bosses in vanilla WoW. I guess I could live with that but with TBC they completely retconned the whole fucking universe. 'Just so you know not all Draenei were evil, some just got corrupted'. Yeah, no, fuck off, check the lore you created yourself Blizz.

Also, I don't get what's up with people complaining about Pandarens, they have been part of the lore for a decade by now.
>> No. 6690 [Edit]
Because anthropomorphic pandas totally don't fit the rest of the races, like the anthropomorphic cows, fish, birds, horses, wolves, moles, etc.

It's insulting to the very warhammer lore it stole took inspiration from!
>> No. 6693 [Edit]

>It's insulting to the very warhammer lore it stole took inspiration from!

While Starcraft is an obvious 40k ripoff I don't see that much similarity when it comes to Warhammer and Warcraft. It's not like Warhammer invented fantasy.

I know that hating/making fun of Warcraft is a cool thing to do but Warcraft really had some great lore, the stuff related to Well of Eternity/Sunwell in partucilar. It's also funny how well it all held together if you consider the fact that it's all one gigantic retcon from the first game where it was just Orks fighting humans for whatever reason.
>> No. 6694 [Edit]
I actually used to be really into the Warcraft lore and spent all hours working on the Wiki for it back in early WoW.

I don't think it's "cool" to hate it or anything, just trying to show that people are complaining about silly things.
>> No. 6696 [Edit]
I know Dranei lore is something people complained a lot about, but I payed it no mind since I played Blood elf since BC. Didn't manage to even hit level cap in original, but questing actually felt like questing, and not running arrows/errands.

Too excited with Medivh's tower, Kael'thas stupid "he's gone crazy now you have to kill him!", which I guess kind of also applies to Illidan, although I think Malfurion has always just been out to get him for no reason.
I never got to raid sunwell during BC but I went on during that as well.

Well anyways what I was trying to get at, was that all the lore and main villains were loose ends left from previous lore, when cata is looking like brand new lore they're trying to put in.
Maybe they should have been a bit better with that, since BC and Wrath both felt so tightly knit to me, and then Cata like a bump and now a bigger bump with this in how its not really phasing in very well for me.

I don't care about pandas although I thought it would be a lot more fun to have something like Naga come in with the expansion after Cata and having the lore go right on along to her as the next main villain after the teasers with the new zone and her NPC in well of eternity. There was a word for a legendary staff promised in Cata and I thought it would be her dropping her weapons for that. I had also hoped for Kael's sword but that didn't happen either..
>> No. 6707 [Edit]

>Well anyways what I was trying to get at, was that all the lore and main villains were loose ends left from previous lore, when cata is looking like brand new lore they're trying to put in.

Thing is they started fucking with the lore way before TBC. I mean fuck, they let you defeat a motherfucking OLD GOD. Everything after that stopped making sense period. TBC should've been 'lol here's Sargeras hf' and the game should've closed down afterwards and Blizz should've stated that there won't be anything even moderately related to Warcraft ever again.
And then, just then when you thought it's over and nothing worse could possibly happened to the lore Dranei happened.


Then I don't understand your Warhammer comparison. If you know that much then you should realize that Warcraft is a high tech high fantasy pastely happy go lucky setting (even though the stories aren't as happy go lucky) and is in many ways the opposite of grimdark Warhammer.

I don't mean to brag but before WoW (and shortly afterwards, I pretty much stopped bothering after War of Ancinets trilogy) came out I was a massive fanboy of Warcraft lore. Read all the books, was digging for info online and in mags etc. There are always a few 'I can't believe he just said that' commentds after I state this but I believe that pre WoW Warcraft was one of the best fantasy settings ever created, better than the likes of Middle-earth even.

Which is precisely why WoW makes me so butthurt.
>> No. 6716 [Edit]
>EA In a nutshell
>> No. 6717 [Edit]
comparing EA to a giant ship and Valve to a tiny truck isn't really accurate. They probably aren't as rich as EA but they certainly aren't "the little guy"
>> No. 6718 [Edit]
and no this WASN'T a Gaben fat joke!
>> No. 6734 [Edit]
Crysis 2 is back on steam. I wonder what this means
>> No. 6735 [Edit]

If I recall Steam lets EA sell some of their crap on Steam.
>> No. 6738 [Edit]
Yeah Steam was selling Crysis 2 last year, but EA took it off citing issues with how Valve handles game updates or some bullshit.
>> No. 6845 [Edit]

>"We won't be doing that," he said, bluntly. "Obviously they think it's the right thing to do after a certain amount of time. I just think it cheapens your intellectual property.


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