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26516 No. 26516 [Edit]
I remember when younger I would often apply significance to items that didn't require it. Become overly sentimental over things, objects.

After being neet for a while and watching many things just become dust magnets and space occupiers I began to question the relevance of things in my life. And subsequently the impermanence of objects.

I could take something with supposed meaning, destroy it and nothing would actually change. Life would go on almost completely unaffected. The natural order of things.

So began some purging. Removal of the irrelevant. My room is still my childhood bedroom, though little remains of that time, except the horrible curtains and some cheap furniture.

There is no theme or organisation though, as I would like. Things that are used tend to lie where they fall, or where is most convenient/comfortable.

Depression tends to prevent finding meaning in things anyway, which is a barrier to more possessions, as there is little to no real pleasure to be gained from acquiring. I tend to get a little anxious now with new acquisitions anyway, as each thing is still just another burden on my mind. I don't keep much digitally either. Or bother taking photos.

If I can't get something I let it go.

It does make buying more essential items stressful though. Everything carefully considered, so carefully in fact that I tend to give up and just make do without.

In truth I would like a simple minimalist space to inhabit.
>> No. 26517 [Edit]
I feel you OP. I don't really get depressed over nothing having meaning, but it's a bit disappointing. I'd rather my space be filled with computers and computer parts. I don't feel very attached to them, but it's a lot more of an attachment than to anything else.
>> No. 26523 [Edit]
I can relate to this. Recently I have been giving some of my things away to my parents. Last time they came down to visit I gave them some speakers that were collecting dust---I only use headphones anyway. I also only have two plates, two glasses, two knives and forks now. It forces me to clean up after myself immediately.
Despite this my place is quite cluttered with papers and books that accumulated over the years (I used to study). I don't have a bookshelf so I sort of threw them on a pile in the corner of the room. One day it will be interesting to do an archaeological dig through it. Realistically though I could probably throw it all out without looking.
Sometimes I wish I could just get rid of everything except my bed and computer. I think that impulse arises because I find aspects of the world so complicated and exhausting that I want to at least reduce complexity in what I have control over. Complicated and/or poorly designed things can make me feel uneasy to the point where I avoid them entirely. "Things" can be anything---websites, user interfaces, shops, events. You can't avoid them all though, I wish I never had to do anything.

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