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File 133851515717.jpg - (239.33KB , 660x794 , 1336363115316.jpg )
10596 No. 10596 [Edit]
What makes you happy /so/?
What adds light to your world?

This place is far too down let's try to brighten the place up a bit.
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>> No. 10597 [Edit]
At this point: just really good/moving anime, mostly... wich is getting harder and harder to find.
>> No. 10599 [Edit]
I know what your mean. I feel like I've watched all the good anime. Akagi,One-outs, Monster, and Kaiji have set my standards for anime way to high. If you have any anime recommendations that meet my high standards, please tell me their names. I'm dying to watch something good after searching for what seems like months.
>> No. 10600 [Edit]
Love. It gives me hope, faith that things will get better someday. And simple day-to-day pleasures, like playing fun games with people online or watching cute anime are also important. If I didn't have a waifu or Internet or books or any of that, I'd probably off myself.
>> No. 10602 [Edit]
Books, my cats, pretty things, cute things, tea...simple pleasures like that.

What adds light (I interpret this as something more meaningful than happiness)? Ah, I don't know yet.
>> No. 10604 [Edit]
File 133852309346.jpg - (124.47KB , 715x1024 , 26371832_p1.jpg )
Seeing Madotsuki in my dreams. Fantasizing about Madotsuki. My love for her itself.

Good music, good video games, good anime/manga.
I'm loving Nyaruko and Zombie S2 so much, right now.
>> No. 10605 [Edit]
Music. I found that jazz and progressive rock made my world a little brighter.
>> No. 10606 [Edit]
Fantasizing, getting a good deal or just buying otaku stuff, talking with best friends. Watching "good" cute anime.
>> No. 10612 [Edit]
Fantasizing for me in a nutshell too along with my huge love of all kinds of music. I can't even really say video games since all they really do is give me something to do as I just let my fantasies take my mind away for a while, most of the time I'm hardly even paying attention to whats going on, on screen. Really all I can do to keep my head above the water right now.
>> No. 10613 [Edit]
Cooking for others.
I don't really get a chance to do this much of ever though.
>> No. 10618 [Edit]
I'm not sure if I should say my imagination since when I sometimes daydream/fantasize about things, I can get myself angry or depressed with whatever thoughts get stuck in my mind. The thing that I really like is Vocaloid music.
>> No. 10639 [Edit]
I get to cook for others quite often. I wouldn't say it's all that much fun but it gives me something to take my mind off things for a bit.

You're right about that, though it is one of the only things that keeps me happy, it at the same time can ruin me for an entire day or longer with crippling depression.
>> No. 10662 [Edit]
>> No. 10664 [Edit]
Same here. I know exactly what you mean by that, man. It's like, you can't get out of your own imagination, and before you know it, you're expecting the world to follow suit, too. Is this making any sense? I feel like it isn't, haha. I get what you mean by your own imagination turning on you, more or less. That, at least, makes sense, I'd hope.
You get locked onto thoughts of the future, a future that's not going to come, because you're too weak to make it happen, and that's just a poor feeling, y'know?

I have music, too. Music is a wonderful tool for escape. I can't even put into words how much I owe to music, you know what I mean? It's so difficult. I can't even begin to begin, haha. And that's good - Music means what it means to me, and I'll let it mean what it means to you, it's only fair.

And /tc/. Whenever I see you guys muster up all of your strength, and come together as a community, like, say...I dunno, this thread, even, it's such a nice feeling. Or the big thread on /ot/. Or the imagethread on /ot/. Or the depression thread(s) on /so/...
I love you folks, y'know that? You people are the best - Each and everyone of you.

Post edited on 4th Jun 2012, 7:26am
>> No. 10671 [Edit]
Have you guys ever tried to be completely honest to your parents or maybe siblings about your problems? Of course not all of you have good enough relationship to even talk with them, but if you do, you could give it a shot. Yes, it does make you cry, but in the best scenario you get really happy because someone listened to you.
>> No. 10672 [Edit]
File 133891422091.jpg - (41.21KB , 407x407 , 1327590641733.jpg )
I've never felt a close relationship with my family and would rather do it with 'friends'.
Though now I wish I had seen what family meant as they are still here and my 'friends' are long gone.

I've always had trouble telling people my true feelings face to face though, it's much easier in text.

This post isn't happy so I'll spike it up a bit.
Favourite thing that makes me happy lately is when a new anime episode comes out and you were expecting it to be meh and it's actually 9/10. You know? I love that.

And naps. Naps are the best.
>> No. 10673 [Edit]
The problem with talking to friends is that it's very hard to completely trust them. I kind of lost one childhood friend when I talked to him about my depression... We've never really chatted, even met each other after I opened up year and half ago. That's why I won't do it again to anybody other than my family because they are actually aware of my real problems unlike friends.

>And naps. Naps are the best.
Yes, I love them. The best thing about naps is that you actually see the dreams clear during a nap. It's especially beautiful when you feel love - was it 2D or 3D - in them. Had one of those kind of dreams today, by the way.
>> No. 10674 [Edit]
My parents don't believe me. I really just have one good friend, I'm glad she listens.
>> No. 10701 [Edit]
I can't tell my main problems to anyone. I don't trust anyone enough. The only thing to do is abide and live with it in silence until the end of my life.
>> No. 10705 [Edit]
I can't bring myself to talk to anyone about my issues. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, feel like its somehow their fault, feel obligated to do something, or just ruin some kind of good mood.
>> No. 10710 [Edit]
File 133909683149.gif - (14.58KB , 100x100 , rakusu.gif )
I really enjoy daydreaming about the far future. (That is, at least a few decades away from now.)
I also like collecting cute pictures and interesting e-books.
>> No. 10711 [Edit]
Being home alone, in silence.
>> No. 10794 [Edit]
Quite a few things, mainly having new experiences when I'm not too scared to try them I guess.
>> No. 10818 [Edit]
Cute girls. I also like to learn new things and create new things, but I'm usually too lazy to do that. Daydreaming is kinda fun somteimes too.
>> No. 10819 [Edit]
The best way for me to be happy is to avoid the things that make me upset (which is getting hard to do these days), because once something gets in my head it bums me out for hours and nothing can stop it.
>> No. 10821 [Edit]
A lot of things, but in the end it all boils down to escapism.
>> No. 10846 [Edit]
Hm.. good stories. Sometimes medication. Not too sure, really.
>> No. 10889 [Edit]
File 13404456833.jpg - (1.25MB , 1116x891 , 1c428abc609a5ef463f032743749ff72.jpg )
I like being praised. Only rightfully praised though.

I have memories of doing things like playing piano during school and people said I was amazing for playing petit chien like trash with my left hand slagging behind. I felt bad when they complimented me though. I didn't do anything praiseworthy, and there are plenty of people on youtube who are half my age and can play it much better.

I really hate it when people are easily impressed. I try to do praiseworthy things, I really try, but when I finally get close to my goal people congratulate me before I reach my goal. At that point I kind of just give up, I don't know. There just isn't a point if their praise was so free that I can just half ass it and get praise; I lose motivation. My mom in particular is like this...

I got caught up with sleeping lately. I finished my degree and haven't had anything to do for a few months. Sleeping is very addictive, especially once you start remembering your dreams.

When I'm the happiest is when I am uninterrupted for a long period of time, I hate being disrupted by people. Being told to wake up for breakfast or having to take my headphones off for a few seconds so someone can tell me something. I wish I could just go a few days, completely uninterrupted in an empty house. That would be fantastic. I can't go about what I want to do if I get nervous because people are around.

That would not work for me, my parents are very religious and turn pretty much any topic into a religious discussion. Not that I have anything against them, I'm happy if they can be happy, just like anons and their gensokyo, I'm not going to be a dick. I also don't want to make them sad so I agree along or try to fit in what I know about history with what they study.
But my views on a lot of things are incompatible with theirs which will obviously be very strict, and their idea for trying to be helpful would be to push religion on me more, which is a nice gesture and all but I'm not interested.

I have two friends left who I still talk to online though. Both NEETs, and I don't want to push my problems onto them since I'm not even a NEET technically, just a fresh graduate.

I feel better talking about these things here, since I'm anonymous and even if I make a fool of myself I can stop caring since it's not like I have an identity. That, and since most of you don't have names, your replies feel like a part of me responding to myself. No face, no tone, no weight on your words. It really is the best way to communicate.
>> No. 11199 [Edit]
File 134338548021.jpg - (151.55KB , 800x600 , 1342691133573.jpg )
Having the house to myself on a pay weekend (thank you Government) so I can get high, jack off and watch Stephen Fry on Q.I. steal my heart away.
>> No. 11201 [Edit]
I can with my friends (all two of them - I have other acquaintances but they aren't close enough to be "friends" in that I barely speak to them), but very ineffectively - one insists that the problems which I stress over so much are either my fault (which isn't entirely untrue), or, say, with waifuism; "you got into that because you were bored", and the other friend simply doesn't want to talk about things such as, uh, most of my problems. It isn't that he doesn't ever want to talk about my problems in general if they were your standard, everyday issues; it's the content and kind of problems I have which he doesn't like talking about, which I can mostly understand.

But with my family would be impossible because my dad's reaction would probably involve 1. weeks of shouting matches, and 2. involuntary mental treatment. My mom would probably fully understand, but there's no way I could talk to her about all that. She's really the only good parent out of the two; my dad has always been just under the line for the definition of "abusive" (which I refuse to believe is a coincidence). My mom, though, legitimately tries to take some kind of interest in things that I like, or if she doesn't like them for some reason she simply doesn't care, unless of course I was committing arson or something. I even got her to play Katawa Shoujo and she fucking liked it, and didn't even get too caught up on the whole sex-scenes thing; she understood the motive for characterization/plot development. You can actually talk to my mom about stuff, whereas my dad takes absolutely everything you say as a personal attack; he's a combination of bipolar, and extremely paranoid.

No one needs to read all that, I just needed to type it.

But... on topic:

I dunno if there's much. My waifu, of course, as with almost all of you, but beyond that, there isn't much which explicitly makes me happy.
Maybe just being alive. I don't really get sad, I just go into emotionless states. So any roughly positive emotion at all means the world to me.
There are a few general things that brighten my day for at least 15 minutes (heh), like certain moments in songs or albums (pretty much every song by Badfinger fits in here, especially all those written by Pete Ham, hence my name on here). Like, for example: there's a point in their song "Take It All" where it all kind of just gets to a point, and there's a bunch of tension building on a mildly dissonant chord, and then everything stops. Then they suddenly rush back into the song. Or in the Beach Boys' "Let's Go Away For a While" - just the entire thing.
I also collect vinyl, so whenever I come across something I've been hunting for for forever in a shop, the feeling is incredible. I can't explain it except as "drinking canned sunshine and rainbows with a dash of cute girls doing cute things anime number 18764". Well, the same goes for finding anything special you've been looking for for a long time. Happened just the other day; the rush just makes it all worthwhile.
Beyond that, there isn't much I really live for. I'm pretty boring. My life reflects that.
>> No. 11204 [Edit]
Lately I've found there isn't much that makes me happy anymore besides short bursts of happiness whenever someone in the house is going somewhere I want to kill time at for a while anytime of the day and listening to some music the whole time. But honestly I wouldn't even call that happiness, just brings me some numbing comfort. I prefer going out places late at night. One of my favorite places is the mall around 10 PM and up when there is almost no one around and the few places that are open are the dollar store and a small arcade I can play some pinball in for a while. I like the way it looks and feels when no one is around. Just me alone in some giant dark work of modern art the place is blissfully listening to some glitch or dark ambient music. I enjoy taking pictures of it at night too. Besides all that I just feel depressed with my life, it's so empty. I'm also one to get easily jealous of those that have easy access to the pleasure I seek. All it takes is just me taking notice of someone happily indulging on what in my life is equal to a fairy tale in mine and I'm off into a downward emotional spiral of shit till I hit the bottom where I don't really feel anything again. It's a cycle that never ends.
>> No. 11205 [Edit]
That sense of accomplishment after creating something. I love to create things, almost as if it's my duty as a person to do so.

...I just don't like sharing what I make. I'm afraid of criticism and that sort of "false praise" that >>10889 described.
>> No. 11206 [Edit]
>...I just don't like sharing what I make. I'm afraid of criticism and that sort of "false praise" that >>10889 described.

I'm like this too. I write philosophy and create various forms of visual arts, but never really share it unless it's anonymously. I don't think it's fear of criticism though, but rather I simply don't want the attention.
>> No. 11207 [Edit]
Whenever I create something, I never get the sense of satisfaction. I always feel like "I put that there, now what?" It could be something amazing or something useful for the people around me as if I were capable of something like that I only feel as if I just did something to do it or to avoid feeling bored.

Even just seeing results from an experiment/test makes me think: "Okay, it does what it's supposed to do". I've been like this for a long while now, probably since I was a kid.
>> No. 11234 [Edit]
Maybe you could try making something amazing or useful for the people around you. If it's something noteworthy and genuinely useful you might feel as though you accomplished something.
>> No. 11266 [Edit]
File 134424277567.gif - (818.82KB , 350x300 , 1340202037299178.gif )
My only hobby is masturbation.

I love the lewdness, the feeling of finding some new kink that gets my penis standing and heart racing.
2D, 3D, or Text, I fap to it all. I'm just lewd obsessed. I like finding new ways to masturbate like sticking things up my butt or doing it in a risky way that might get me caught. I love the afterglow and the feeling of cum all over my hands. My penis is my best friend.

Sorry if this was too lewd but..
>> No. 11267 [Edit]
It's ok, I made a hobby out of it too. I'm always looking for new ways to do so myself but for some reason I can't fap to anything be it 2D or 3D, porn just doesn't do it for me. My favorite thing to use when I'm fapping is my imagination because it feels more real and I can do whatever I want in it without consequence. I'll probably never have sex in my life and if I do it will most likely be to normal to satisfy me though if it's a guy I would gladly make him cum as long as he isn't so ugly I can't even look at him because I get so turned on by pleasuring someone else anyways, not attracted that much besides that. As for women there is nothing that turns me on about them, not cute enough. Only my limited fetishes can turn me on, very little does naturally and what does naturally is out of reach. My sexuality so far from normal that it's broken. It's like I'm just attracted to making things cum and cute.
>> No. 11270 [Edit]
Finding porn is always the highlight of my day especially if it's a game. 3D Custom Girl and Shinobi Girl are going to be with me for a while.
>> No. 11317 [Edit]
I like feeling well rested and having plenty of food to eat. I like staying warm in winter. I like the rewarding feeling when I've worked for and genuinely deserve the fruits of my labour, however rare this might happen due to my computer addiction. I want to feel these feelings more often.
>> No. 11335 [Edit]
File 134465146637.jpg - (94.07KB , 510x720 , A.jpg )
Fapping makes me feel dirty for some reason.

I wish I didn't do it when I do.
>> No. 11336 [Edit]
Same here.
I have to put up with it because I can't fully control my desires, but I'd rather not do it.
>> No. 11340 [Edit]
I don't like doing it either, not because it makes me feel dirty, though. I tend to only fap to kill time when I'm depressed and can't get interested in anything. Then after the rush, I feel even emptier than before.
>> No. 11483 [Edit]
I'm the same way. Every time I masturbate I get the rush fo a couple seconds then instantly feel like I wasted my time, the cleanup isn't worth the rush, the emptiness after isn't worth fapping anymore. But then I do it again when I get bored enough.
>> No. 11486 [Edit]
When my parents go out I always take the opportunity to watch some h-anime since i don't have to worry about anyone walking in and hearing it, and after I'm done fapping I always wish I would have spent the time alone doing something else.
>> No. 11523 [Edit]
I never fap to anything on my pc. I have a few personal fetishy stuff I watch occasionally if I'm extremely horny at the time which is usually on Sundays when I feel horrible and fapping is all I can think about. I always fap before I go to bed and have fun with my own imagination. Fapping is one of my only sources of pleasure in my life so I treat it like a hobby.

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