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File 139477185361.jpg - (189.38KB , 1090x1000 , 42055605.jpg )
14699 No. 14699 [Edit]
Anybody doing anything for White Day this year? (Picture isn't my waifu.)
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>> No. 14705 [Edit]
File 139480153041.jpg - (27.34KB , 320x240 , 1327882018305.jpg )
Oh man, I've been so caught up with other stuff lately that I totally forgot.

Although I was the one who gave her chocolate on Valentine's, so shouldn't she be the one to get me something, technically?
>> No. 14706 [Edit]
File 139484362624.jpg - (54.81KB , 600x540 , 36944209.jpg )
I didn't actually buy anything (aside from flowers) for Keisuke on Valentine's Day - we just hung out - so I bought him stuff for today. I got him a few chocolates, a bouquet with white roses, and a pen from his franchise. We also ate dinner together; it was nice.
>> No. 14721 [Edit]
Oh god, I completely forgot about it. I'm just going to celebrate it tomorrow I suppose.
>> No. 14722 [Edit]
Definitely! I just need to look up what White Day is first.

...oh. Looks like I missed it. Well, I'll just have some chocolate anyway.
>> No. 14723 [Edit]
I didn't have anything planned since I was the one who gave my husbando a Valentine's gift and since I get a return gift everyday and neither of us are Asian it made no sense to bother.

Coincidentally I did get a download/rip of the official colourised version of his series on that day, so I like to think of that as my return gift.

I hope everyday had a happy White Day.
>> No. 14752 [Edit]
File 139509764143.jpg - (25.70KB , 640x360 , 640px-Chrome_2013-11-19_13-54-47-48.jpg )
It's kind of silly but I did make a special dinner, with peanut butter chocolate sweets after, and we had some really nice beer. It wasn't just for White Day, we were also celebrating that I'm getting an unexpected raise at work. It was really nice.
>> No. 14756 [Edit]
File 13951419623.png - (564.29KB , 621x719 , Lizlet 4.png )
Uhm.... crap, I forgot! T _T

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