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File 134930989811.jpg - (19.76KB , 362x380 , stock-photo-1240652-scientist-shrug-on-white.jpg )
12085 No. 12085 [Edit]
How would you feel if you saw a family member destroying themselves and no matter how reasonably you tried to tell them to stop, they just wouldn't listen?

Someone has to be right. There must be some theory that correctly explains the existence of the universe, because if every theory was wrong, the universe couldn't exist. Christianity, Islam, atheism, science... since these ideas so frequently contradict each other, logically one of them is wrong. And logically, if one is wrong, one must be right. So when one claims to be able to prove it is right, you as a conscious being are faced with a conundrum; you can investigate and come to know the truth, or you can reject it and risk living under a delusion. You're either right or you're wrong.

I know that it is in the nature of every theory to present itself as fundamentally true, otherwise that theory couldn't logically exist. And I know that you with your mere human brain do not have the time nor the energy to investigate every single one. So I'm not going to try to convince you to do anything. I'm going to simply present the truth to you and you will do what you do. The first step on the path to enlightenment is inquiry. You'll either be right or wrong. There's no in between.
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>> No. 12087 [Edit]
I'm not following your logic, OP. Could you elaborate on the ``logically, if one is wrong, one must be right'' part?
>> No. 12091 [Edit]
The truth is that you are the universe. Now I know that you've probably heard that before. Well, it is just one of thousands of theories that attempt to explain existence, only this one happens to be true. If you encountered this truth before and rejected it for whatever reason, you're wrong. If you want to come to know it and experience enlightenment, then if I had to give this theory a name I would say that Zen Buddhism most closely resembles it, and so is the one most worth investigating.

Zen doesn't try to teach you anything. It is true. You don't 'believe' the truth, just as you don't 'believe' that 2 + 2 = 4. It is a fact. Facts are known, not believed. "The fire of Satsang (truth-seeking) will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not." So Zen does not add anything to you but rather takes away, until all that is left is the truth. The implication being that the truth is already there. It is not created, not given, not learned. It is known. You are already enlightened. You are already Buddha, Haruhi, the universe, One, being, whatever you like to call it. You just forgot.
>> No. 12092 [Edit]
Let me put things in perspective for you. The first human being reported to have become enlightened - Buddha - is said to have lived 2,500 years ago. Now I personally don't know if this man really existed or not, belief in him is not required. But the point is that ideas about enlightenment have existed for well over 2,000 years.

People back then didn't know about cosmology, physics, psychology, physiology, brain chemistry, biology, the Earth... they didn't really understand very much at all. And yet the truth of the self was revealed. Worldy, academic knowledge, while certainly helpful on the path to enlightenment, is not necessary to understand the truth. Meditation, mantra, gurus, sects, while all also helpful to varying degrees, are likewise not necessary to know the truth. Yes, not even meditation. Not really. I feel it is safe to say that whatever you think you know about Zen Buddhism and about what meditation really is, no matter how deeply you think you've studied it, is most probably completely wrong, misunderstood or just plain not known. Otherwise you would be enlightened. No offence.

Now, on that note, I feel it would be best for you to begin true enquiry in this direction, but again, you will or you won't. Although I would truly, truly love to sit with you all and keep hammering you over the head until you finally get it, it is of ultimately no concern to me what you do and I imagine that there are far better teachers than me anyway.
>> No. 12093 [Edit]
The reason I am telling this any of this is because I am enlightened and I do whatever I feel like. Also because I feel kindred with you, my fellow NEETs, for I was one, and still am in many ways. I know that any proclamation of enlightenment will be met with cynicism. Perhaps you think that it is only attainable for ultra-devoted, super-intelligent, mega-Buddhist monks, and only then after decades of deep contemplation about matters far beyong your grasp. Perhaps you don't believe there is any such thing at all. It doesn't matter because you're wrong. I am telling you that enlightenment is real, and when I say that we are the universe, I mean it 100% literally. There's really not much more I can do than that because enlightenment is beyond definition. Not beyond description - there is a difference. Description makes things recognisable. Definition gives things meaning.

Maybe you're thinking that this isn't for you, or that you tried it already and nothing happened. Well remember that I WAS you. There is nothing that you are going through that I myself haven't been through in the 9 years that I was a shut-in NEET. And if it didn't work for you before you did it wrong. Perhaps you think that I am simply a poor deluded loon talking bullshit. Well, bye-bye, farewell, enjoy your shit life. There's really not much I can do for you.

Perhaps you are unwilling to let go of your nihilism, because you believe that it is the truth and therefore everyone else is wrong. Well remember, Zen doesn't teach you anything, it adds nothing. Of course the universe is meaningless! HA HA! It's obvious! It's one of the first things that Zen practice makes clear. But you're so hung up on this fact that you think the buck stops there. It doesn't. You think that everything is meaningless therefore everything is bad, unpleasant, unworthy. This is a fallacy. The truth is that everything is just meaningless. Meaninglessness is meaningless. It's not good or bad. It just... is.
>> No. 12094 [Edit]
Stop spamming and go away.
>> No. 12095 [Edit]
I am enlightened. Believe it, don't, whatever. It's not that special. Millions of people have done it. Millions more will after my body passes away. Is it worth seeking after? Yes, because it's true. Does it have tangible benefits that can be applied to the 'real' world? Yes. Does it give you superpowers? No. Does it make all your problems go away like magic? Kind of. Does it make you happy? Hmm, a little. Have you ever seen Buddhist monks? They don't exactly look like a cheerful bunch. There's a reason that they are not jumping around on rooftops, screaming and raving about the whole thing. Because it's not that big of a deal. Not in a cynical way. It is 'worth' it, just as it is 'worth' it to sit and rest when you are tired. The peace and contentment enlightenment brings is quite unlike anything you've experienced before and is consequently difficult to compare to anything you know. It will not make you explode with pure bliss and make you SUPER-DUPER happy forever and ever and ever. You want that, take drugs. Don't be seduced into chasing after things that don't exist. After all, that's the problem.


Again, sorry for the 5 thread mess.
>> No. 12097 [Edit]

A part of me would like to satisfy your intellect but it is ultimately pointless. If you start on the path to self-realisation you will come to learn all of this, then laugh when you realise that you didn't need to. All I hope to do is encourage to take a look at Zen Buddhism.>>12094
It does not do to get bogged down in trivial semantics and arguments about quantum mechanics and the definitions of words. It has as much to do with enlightenment as juggling flaming swords, i.e. nothing.


You masturbate too much. Try exercising a little more.

Post edited on 3rd Oct 2012, 5:45pm
>> No. 12098 [Edit]
Go away Deepak Chopra.
>> No. 12099 [Edit]
Do you have a 3DPD by any chance or a relationship of any kind? Or do you believe that more than 50% of people in the world are soulless organic portals?
>> No. 12100 [Edit]
>Does it give you superpowers?

Then your rambling does not interest me.
>> No. 12101 [Edit]

I'm glad you know so much about enlightenment and that you're really enjoying your life.

>Do you have a 3DPD by any chance or a relationship of any kind?

Not yet, but I might if I feel like it.

>Do you believe that more than 50% of people in the world are soulless organic portals?

People are either enlightened or unenlightened. The rest doesn't matter.
>> No. 12102 [Edit]
You're funny. Where did you even come from?
>> No. 12103 [Edit]

But your miserable life does? There's a way out that isn't suicide. Take it or don't.
>> No. 12105 [Edit]
>> No. 12107 [Edit]
Why do people try to say so little using so much space?
I bet you're not even sorry for using 5 threads
>> No. 12109 [Edit]
Before I go for now, I'd like to clarify some things. I know that you cynical fucks don't want to become enlightened, probably because you think it is boring, pointless, non-existent, too difficult or "just isn't you", even though you hate yourself so much that suicide seems attractive. Fucking any other thing is better than 'you'.

I imagine you have ideas in your mind about hippies and peace and love and acting like a faggot. None of these things are true. The peace that enlightenment brings is peace with the self, not peace with serial killers, animal killers and other degenerate filth. I hate stupid, evil people as much as you do. If you don't understand why I could still feel this way yet still claim to be enlightened, all it shows is how little you know about enlightenment.

There are no rules. You might have read about 8-fold paths and other stuff like that. These are merely guidelines, their strictness entirely up to you. Even a murderer can become enlightened. An enlightened person is completely free to do anything, something Nietzsche almost grasped. √úbermensch is just another word for enlightenment.

All I ask is that you make an honest attempt at researching this subject. If you don't you're just going to continue doing what you're doing until you reach the logical conclusion of your beliefs and kill yourself, either directly or through neglect.

Understand that I'm not trying to save you. Continue your shitty waste of a life if you want, it doesn't bother me. All I'm doing is pointing and saying "Hey, you might want to try that". Indeed, if you want a decent start, you might want to try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIagG3tD740 If you can't stomach it, well then good luck to you. Oh, and please dispense with "a YouTube video?". What do you want? To fly out to Tibet?
>> No. 12110 [Edit]
Before I finally go, the physical body is a empty shell when you die. That's why the Tibetans often sent dead corpses up to the top of a cliff to get eaten by vultures. If in the case when you die, you get eaten by insects and all sorts of microorganisms. It would make no difference if you attained enlightenment or not, just that you will always die a worthless piece of shit like myself. You are nothing special. Japanese Buddhist monks, when they are about to die sit in contemplation as they are slowly mummified as they die. Now I am enlightened, which makes me better than 99.999% of you, if I were to imply that 100,000 people visit this site. I am better than all of you. You can all eat shit and die. There is only one truth and none at all. It would be pointless for me to convince all of you that you are social rejects and need to jump off a cliff to attain enlightenment as I am about to do right now. I confess that I love animals, especially furry animals, and by "love", I mean "enjoy" like a video game that's fun to play or a football game that's good to watch. There are some people out there that believe we want to make out with a furry animal that we admire in real life... THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE. It is actually sick and perverted to think about something like that, and I want to let everyone know that I do not do that at all. Ask anybody else that draws what I like, they will probably tell you the same thing. You and your Chinese cartoons are quite inferior to the western cartoons filled with many anthropomorphic animals.

And what good use is enlightenment anyways?

You can practically do anything you want. Even the ability to shove ten dragon dildos in my rectum.

The choice is yours.
>> No. 12111 [Edit]

Ohoho! Now I really hope you become enlightened. You're going to laugh when you realise that posing as someone you're not was the problem all along. Peace nigga.

Post edited on 3rd Oct 2012, 6:51pm
>> No. 12112 [Edit]
I was thinking of the same thing the as I read OP's name.

I'd rather just kill myself.
>> No. 12113 [Edit]
Ohohoho, I just realized that I accidentally clicked on 'reply' as I sent that message! I must be lonely talking to myself all the time about enlightenment as people throw rotten food at me as I am wearing my fursuit!
>> No. 12114 [Edit]
Sounds good to me. Though I'd much prefer suicide to enlightenment, both sound the same to me.
>> No. 12117 [Edit]
who cares
>> No. 12118 [Edit]
Please stop shitting up the one decent imageboard that exists

Thanks in advance
>> No. 12125 [Edit]
Sounds like some retarded pseudo-intellectual smartalec wants to try and make himself sound clever on the internet. Go away, nobody cares about your nonsensical babble.
>> No. 12126 [Edit]
>Sounds like some retarded pseudo-intellectual smartalec wants to try and make himself sound clever on the internet.
Tohno-chan in a nutshell
>> No. 12127 [Edit]
No that's only some people here who act all super intellectual. I don't even understand their posts half the time. I hate intellectuals, such fucking tools. Why do they even bother to come here. This place is filled with every breed of lowest scum on the planet who couldn't give two fucks about their "knowledge".
>> No. 12130 [Edit]
I dislike these smug jerks, too.
>> No. 12131 [Edit]
It's mostly only the philosophy circle-jerk faggots like Overman here that piss me off..
>> No. 12132 [Edit]
>> No. 12133 [Edit]
I agree. Fuck filosofy and smarterer people than me. I relish in my stupitity.
>> No. 12134 [Edit]
> I hate intellectuals, such fucking tools
I agree. Who gives a shit?
>> No. 12135 [Edit]
I don't hate people smarter than me, I only hate it when people try to pretend they're smarter and superior to others by using as many unnecessary big words and quotes as they possibly can.
"in my opinion, long winded meaningless writings that require a dictionary to understand are almost as bad as cellphone style gibberish." - me
>> No. 12136 [Edit]
You're either right or you're wrong gentlemen. Can't have it any other way. If you stay in the wrong, your feelings of dissatisfaction with life will never go away. By all means, prove Zen wrong. Prove we are not all one. Not to me here. To yourself. It's not particularly difficult to understand.

Enlightenment has nothing to do with intellect. It is a mere recognition of the truth, automatic, like recognising your own face in the mirror. Neither is it philosophy, for philosophy attempts to explain reality, whereas Zen IS reality.

Make excuses for your shit life or recognise the truth. It is not a search for self-improvement. Improvement in your life is merely a reaction to enlightenment, not the goal. It is not a religion, a call to stop living one way and conform to this way. It is not at all what you think it is because it is true and if you disagree you are wrong.

I don't believe I'm better than you. I am more enlightened than you. You are more of a suicidal loser than me. These are merely our natures. Don't discount the truth based on anything I say. I have nothing to do with anything.
>> No. 12138 [Edit]
Why you feel posters feel superior when they try to be precise in words or give references? It doesn't need to be a threat for you: no one knows everything about anything. Providing with ground for what one says actually bounds it, making easier for others to judge it, instead of just throwing some illumanati diatribe that pretends to be ultimate and safe from scrutiny (like OP actually does here).
>> No. 12139 [Edit]
Please explain in words the common layman would understand.
>> No. 12140 [Edit]

Really though, anyone who proclaims themselves as "enlightened" should never be taken seriously. Especially when said person bases their "facts" on personal assumptions about people they've never even talked with. This clown is even worse than Lunar.

Post edited on 4th Oct 2012, 5:52pm
>> No. 12141 [Edit]
The problem is exactly that they are not being precise, but rather doing mental masturbation
>> No. 12142 [Edit]
File 134940481099.png - (23.05KB , 97x137 , nope.png )
Maybe (Not) All In Life Is Masturbation.
>> No. 12150 [Edit]
yeah, eva fans are a good example.
>> No. 12219 [Edit]
File 135051284932.png - (837.14KB , 1280x797 , 1348449756426.png )
>And logically, if one is wrong, one must be right.
> 2 + 2 = 4. It is a fact.
>serial killers, animal killers and other degenerate filth.
>It is actually sick and perverted to think about something like that
>You and your Chinese cartoons are quite inferior to the western cartoons filled with many anthropomorphic animals.

False. It is just as likely that all of them are incorrect. As for your second point, you might start to doubt if you examine the limitations of classical mechanics, which in my humble opinion would mean that mathematics as we know it is simply a construct unique to humans, the same as "natural" language. The third and consecutive points I've quoted are entirely subjective; it is also Japanese animation, not Chinese.

>unds like some retarded pseudo-intellectual smartalec wants to try and make himself sound clever on the internet.

Did anyone else first see the thumbnail on this image as an egg on Reisen's butt?
>> No. 12235 [Edit]
I did at first, but the yolk seemed too big, so I had then thought that it must've been an orange or something.

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