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File 141779801093.jpg - (77.55KB , 831x505 , night traffic.jpg )
19152 No. 19152 [Edit]
Anyone here like to drive?
I really like cruising around for no particular reason.
It's one of the few times where I can be among other people and feel equal to them.
I can be around people without having to talk to them.
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>> No. 19153 [Edit]
I used to but now I can't afford to waste the gas. Night driving was the best. Cites can look so pretty at night while the roads are empty. pushing my car to it's limits on highways at 3am was the best.
>> No. 19154 [Edit]
I once tried to get a driver's license, but they rejected me at a psychological test to see if I was mentally fit to drive a vehicle. The woman testing me said I was mentally unstable and was invalid to get a license. Go figure.
>> No. 19156 [Edit]
Yeah, I love driving around. If I have nothing to do sometimes I'll drive into BC and then back (about 10 hours). Highway especially.
>> No. 19158 [Edit]
I love long drives, but I cannot afford the gas or wear on my car. I struggle to support myself.
>> No. 19159 [Edit]
What country is this?
I'm officially diagnosed with various mental problems but I'm still allowed to drive.
The only thing that I am aware of that is grounds for not allowing someone to drive (not counting crime) is a history of seizures.
>> No. 19160 [Edit]
In summer time yes. Into parks and tranquil country roads. Winter now is a crappy season to be driving though. Snow/ice is only kept well in check on freeways and major city roads.
>> No. 19170 [Edit]
I don't have a driver's license.
>> No. 19181 [Edit]
When did you guys get your licenses?
I got mine at age 23. I had to teach myself how to drive because I never took any driver's ed classes.
The guy at the DMV made fun of my ID picture and criticized me for getting my license so late in life.
I don't get why people are so unnecessarily hostile.
>> No. 19182 [Edit]
People are asses. I got mine at 16, but had to try twice because the first time the guy was yelling at me over every little thing so I stressed out and messed it up.
>> No. 19184 [Edit]

I got my learner's permit at 16, but didn't get my license until I was 23.

I had no reason to until I tried to apply to jobs when I was 22; you basically need a license in order to get a job. And after I got it, I still couldn't get one until I was 27.

I did like going on drives in the countryside, though. The environment that I lived in at the time was a very beautiful place.

Ironically, the second job I got had me drive every morning to deliver newspapers every day. I did that for well over a year.
>> No. 19185 [Edit]
I'm 30 years old and I don't know how to drive.

It's ok, really. I don't go out much at all and don't want that responsibility either.
>> No. 19204 [Edit]
My car gets around 30 miles per gallon.
Where I live, gas is $2.20 per gallon now.
Lately I've been driving 100+ miles per day.
It's cheaper and more stress-relieving than therapy, which can cost $50+ per hour.
It's not as harmful as drugs or alcohol (unless you factor in the increased chance of crashing, because more driving = more likelihood to crash and die).
I never really drive anywhere in particular. I don't go to restaurants or bars or other social venues. I just drive and drive and drive. I get lost, find out how to get back, and eventually drive home. I drive for the sake of driving, not to get from point A to point B.
>> No. 19205 [Edit]
I do this quite a bit as well. Which car anon?
>> No. 19206 [Edit]
I'm 19, and I don't want to drive because I'm too mentally and psychologically fucked up, I know that I'll make one mistake and I'd just explode in tears or some shit and just breakdown
>> No. 19207 [Edit]
I was the same way and had breakdowns a couple times when I was first learning, but if you do get the chance to just drive around and practice you will get used to it. Try listening to music while driving, seems to calm people down.
>> No. 19208 [Edit]
Congestion in my city is so bad that I've never seen driving as anything but a chore. I hate it and wish I lived where driving was not necessary.
>> No. 19209 [Edit]
A bit after my 20th birthday. I was sure I failed, but I guess the instructor liked me.
>> No. 19210 [Edit]
File 141853384392.jpg - (817.92KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF1595.jpg )
I love driving, and I too randomly just get in my decade-old Chevy Monte Carlo and burble muh straightpipes in muh supercharged Buick 3800 aimlessly, preferably on county line roads in the middle of nowhere at night. I find it very therapeutic, especially with some good music. I once ended up two states over.

Though a big problem I have with that is, well, the ol' girl drinks premium and isn't frugal about it ether so fuel alone can get pricey. But hey, it's the price of your toys.

Pic related.
>> No. 19218 [Edit]
Driving gets easier over time. There's nothing that will help other than experience.
At first it can be scary or overwhelming, but the more you do it, the more relaxed you'll be.
>> No. 19220 [Edit]
I don't like real long drives, but I enjoy going out for 30-45 minutes with some music playing.
It's too cold now, but my favorite times to drive are when the sun is out but it isn't too hot. Small breeze is nice too.
I roll my windows down, turn on some chill music, and drive down back roads at whatever pace I feel like going.

Driving all alone like that makes me feel really at peace. My mother likes to say I'm wasting gas, but my dad understands.
>> No. 21367 [Edit]
I don't like it. I feel like wasting my time because (if I really need to go somewhere for whatever reason) I could sit in a bus/train reading a book instead.
Most people are fucking retards too, I wonder why there aren't much more accidents happening.

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