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File 133134029059.jpg - (291.78KB , 807x1000 , haruhi-movie-preview.jpg )
8782 No. 8782 [Edit]
Whats you're all-time second favorite anime after Haruhi?
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>> No. 8784 [Edit]
Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu
>> No. 8785 [Edit]
>> No. 8790 [Edit]
All joking aside, Disappearance may be my favorite anime movie. I feel like kind of a twat for ranking it higher than the likes of Millenium Actress and 5 Centimeters per Second, but watching Disappearance was like this crazy, immersive experience almost. Part of it may have been that I first watched the movie with pretty low expectations.
>> No. 8796 [Edit]
File 133135980722.jpg - (607.02KB , 1280x720 , 5cm_720_08.jpg )
OK, I can understand. Disappearance does have:

- Satie
- winter mood
- long hair/dark uniform Haruhi
- adult Asahina
- emotional Yuki

... but seriously:

>5 Centimeters per Second

Please reconsider.

Post edited on 10th Mar 2012, 1:31am
>> No. 8798 [Edit]
Serial Experiments Lain

Frankly, Haruhi is second to that. Or like 10th.
>> No. 8807 [Edit]

Whatever do you mean OP? Haruhi isn't actually my no 1, there were shows that I liked even less (not many of them but still, it's not #1; maybe #1 in overratedness).

As for my favorite movie I've got to say Tekkon Kinkreet BUT I haven't seen the Eve no Jikan movie yet and I absolutely loved every second of the ONA series (which is precisely why I haven't seen the movie yet, I'm the type who saves the best for the end).
>> No. 8815 [Edit]
Yakitate Japan
>> No. 8819 [Edit]
I'd definitely name 5cm/s as the better movie, but for personal favorite I think it has to be Disappearance. Which I admit is rather embarrassing to say even anonymously, but whatever.

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