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7799 No. 7799 [Edit]
I didn't see a thread exactly like this, so I'll start one.
The source material only shows a small portion of your waifu's life. What do you imagine they would be doing in 10 years or well into the future? What do you think they were like as children?
(I suppose this doesn't really apply to all characters, especially with immortal youkai, but I guess you can still think about what they were up to before or after the events of the series they showed up in)
>> No. 7812 [Edit]
I'm probably one of the few people that falls into this category
I have no idea what her past was like, hell, even in her source material, so little is actually given out about her life and personality
but I made a promise to her that if she didn't ask about my past, that of which I would rather leave in the past, I would never do the same to her, and it goes well enough without saying, knowing how miserable my past was and just wanting to live now and forever with her in my life is enough to quell any curiosity about her past.

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