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File 133242045566.jpg - (0.97MB , 1176x1016 , 1331424612343.jpg )
9371 No. 9371 [Edit]
How many of you are frustrated? Why?
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>> No. 9372 [Edit]
What do you mean by “frustrated”?
>> No. 9373 [Edit]
File 133243719598.jpg - (43.46KB , 636x480 , arccc.jpg )
Tremendously. Every day.
Today I was unable to get online while doing my labowork and browse the internet. I was unable to take it easy like that, and no work got done today.
Everytime I make friends online they never want to really talk at all and I have to say everything or initiate conversation, otherwise we would not talk at all. Then they are busy with other friends all the time and I don't like having many friends so I can dedicate more time to just one person, but no on else ever does the same. Haruhi dammit, why can't someone just stay exclusively for me.
>> No. 9374 [Edit]
I think most of us here are pretty frustrated, I mean this is the ronery board right? I'm just so frustrated with my life in general. Mostly the whole "wanting what you can never have" thing. I get lonely and miserable as shit sometimes due to that feeling sometimes, even worse when I'm in a really lovey mood if you know what I mean. Had one of my depression periods yesterday and I couldn't even get up to go play some games in another room for a bit. Even if I do manage to do that, I'm terrible at whatever I'm playing and it only makes me more mad. Love frustration, sexual frustration, life frustration, it's just all over the place. Sometimes when the weekend comes I eat and drink myself to death (coffee, energy drinks, ect-, alcohol only makes me worse, hate that stuff.)and that usually makes me feel comfortable for a while if the good feeling carries over into the week.
>> No. 9375 [Edit]
I'm frustrated that I haven't died in my sleep yet
>> No. 9376 [Edit]
Because my social anxiety won't go away. I can't bring myself to care about anything anymore, not even my hobbies, but I still have to experience this feeling. It makes no sense.
>> No. 9377 [Edit]
File 133245207615.jpg - (171.79KB , 1920x1080 , hommushommus.jpg )

It feels very refreshing to hear someone else
lament about this for once in my life..

Out of the three times I've mustered up enough
courage and determination to try making a
friend two ended up borderline-ignoring me
after a month or so and the third supposedly
offed himself after two days.

They'd hardly ever strike up any conversations
whatsoever and whenever I did they'd rarely

I think I'll try again sometime soon, though;
It's been a good three months since my last attempt.

yes i frustrate
>> No. 9378 [Edit]
All I do is work hard for other people but theres nobody I can trust, they all try and take advantage of me.
>> No. 9379 [Edit]
I can't stand the noises around me, I wish people would just shut the fuck up already.
why can't they stop talking?! how can they even have that much to talk about?!
I hardly ever make any noise and almost always use headphones, but everyone else is so load and obnoxious.
fucking neighbors on one side of us are always arguing and having parties and speeding around on their loud minibike thing, jack asses on the other side leave their tv on 24/7 and are always getting construction or some shit done.
When I got up today around 3pm, I layed in bed having to listen to people talk endlessly for hours, playing with the fax machine, bull crap on the tv and so on, and it was driving me nuts... but I guess that's my fault for forgetting to go to bed with earplugs on.
Going nocturnal don't help much, even at 2-4am I still hear them up and about in the house.
>> No. 9380 [Edit]
In Western culture its awkward to have silence in the company of others. Thats why people yammer on with meaningless small talk. Americans are the worst at this. They can talk for HOURS about the most inane and self-obsessed shit. Its similar to what Orwell called 'duckspeak'. You know somethings wrong with society when you have to pretend to be an idiot to make friends. There should be nothing wrong with comfortable silence or, y'know, actually doing activities with your friends.
>> No. 9381 [Edit]


>> No. 9389 [Edit]

I hate hearing sounds that I can't control, it drives me crazy when I hear people talking loudly near me. Why do normals have to laugh so much every time they find something slightly humorous? The only time I ever feel relaxed is in my room with my headphones on.
>> No. 9390 [Edit]
How am I not supposed to be frustrated when I can't be satisfied properly? I'm not asking for much, just a little bit of entertainment to let me forget about the things I don't want to think about.

Is this too much to ask for?
>> No. 9410 [Edit]
File 133273623757.jpg - (152.35KB , 720x900 , 9847bc9387ce5f90cc4e13bf80afd3e5.jpg )
I want a pet, that is a person.
A dogs brain in a humans body.
That would be good.
It frustrates me that I don't have that.
>> No. 9436 [Edit]
I also barely have any actual friends. I'd say my list of online acquaintances is on the bigger side, but they're just that, acquaintances, and I never talk to almost all of them because we usually end up not having as much in common as I initially thought. I'd really like to make a good friend for once. I've got one of those, and there's quite a few things I wouldn't feel comfortable discussing with him (he's not your average person by a long shot but definitely more mainstream oriented than I am), things that I would have no problem discussing with a tohno-chan user. I'm frustrated too.
>> No. 9437 [Edit]
I mainly get frustrated about petty things. Today, for example, being squished against other people on the bus and not having any space of my own definitely frustrated me. But I'd say that the really bad things generally sadden me more than they cause frustration, so it's not a big problem for me.
>> No. 9440 [Edit]
The only thing that frustrates me is how self-pitying I get. It's as if I genuinely believe myself to be worse off than 95% of the world's population, when that simply isn't true. I just keep getting into the same cowardly spirals.

And the sound my computer makes. That frustrates me, too, but in a completely different way.
>> No. 9445 [Edit]
Yesterday I was frustrated for a while. When I saw the suicide note and all I had a miniature panic attack for a few minutes, then I realized it was April 1st and I beat myself over the head for a while about it.

Now that it's past I'm glad it happened, having such a reaction reminds me how much I care about this place.
>> No. 9446 [Edit]
Yeah, it made me feel really sick. Both this place being gone and the thought of tohno killing himself. this place (and by extension, tohno) have been a pretty big part of my life for better part of the last 2 years.
>> No. 9447 [Edit]
geez, I said I'm sorry.
>> No. 9453 [Edit]
Yeah, I'm fucking frustrated. All I want is one good nights worth of sleep so I can have enough energy to do my assignment. I have been constantly harassed by mosquitoes, noise and other mysterious 3am wake ups. Fuck you. Its like I don't even have a chance to make my life better.

It is also sad that tohno-chan is the only place that I can post honestly without being trolled or harassed. But even that is being compromised.
>> No. 9454 [Edit]
I'm frustrated that I managed to get through my teen years relatively pimple free only to start getting them in my 20s
>> No. 9469 [Edit]
I just saw a trailer for a Battleship movie (yes based on the board game) except it's actually transformers or something. This is modern cinema
>> No. 9471 [Edit]
Noise frustrates me the most nowadays. I'm on a fairly regular 12/12 sleep schedule where I wake up at around 12pm-3pm and go to bed between 12am-3am. I went to bed last night at around 2:30am (a reasonable, normal time). I was woken up at 7:30am by my dad banging on the door trying to get my mum to push the button to open the garage door. Then my mum's dog started barking and whining like crazy because the front door was open but she couldn't get outside. Then there was the garage door opening, which is a hell of a noise alone. To top it all off, my mum decided to turn the heating on full blast and then go back to bed, toasting me, and guaranteeing that I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep.

I'm on this sleep schedule, or the reverse of it sometimes, so that I can be awake during the day when she's at work or during the night when she's asleep. I just can't stand all the noise, and what's worse is that she doesn't seem to even notice that she's making any. Is it just some hikikomori trait that we like peace and quiet? Hearing downstairs' TV even with my headphones on in my room, people fucking about in their gardens, people doing hoovering, dogs barking at nothing. I long for the nights when she's out with friends or whatever it is she does.

The worst part is that it's a holiday weekend or something, so she's going to be bothering me for the next four days.
>> No. 9472 [Edit]
I get pimples on my face randomly but it doesn't happen that often but it's related to something else I'm frustrated with these days. My own ugliness, I don't feel comfortable in my own body right now. I seriously sometimes keep myself from doing things that make me happy just because I don't feel like I deserve to. Just sleeping and feeling have more of a belly than I did before because I haven't been able to exercise and just been eating more throughout the day because I got nothing else to do and time in my life moves like a snail. It's enough to make me throw up just thinking about myself. I find myself looking at the clock every other minute now and it's driving me crazy.
>> No. 9473 [Edit]
The pathway between my present state and desired state is not mapped.
>> No. 9478 [Edit]
I've had varying degrees of acne since early puberty, and I'm getting close to thirty now. Ever since my late teens it's been a cycle of getting it under control for a couple of years, and then having a phase of breakouts for a month or two or three. It has improved quite a bit in the last few years, but I still get a cyst now and then that lets me know it's still there.
So yeah, pretty fucking frustrating.
>> No. 9494 [Edit]
There's just too much noise during the day. My family keeps moving things around, they are always in a hurry and yell at anyone and anything, they drop things to the floor, the telephone is always ringing and no one wants to pick it up, they turn the volume of the TV way up, there's always something. I can never sit down for more than 5 minutes at a time because they are always calling for me and giving me chores to do. I can never play any multiplayer games because of this, or any games with unpausable cutscenes (like Mass Effect)
This is why I love staying up from 10pm to 5am. It's beautiful. Just me and the computer for 7 straight hours, with no interruptions or distractions.

Remember that scene from the fast and the furious? When Vin Diesel talks about reaching the maximum speed possible with his car. He says the engine can only keep up that speed for 3 seconds, the only time when he can feel truly free.

It might have been a shitty/generic action film, but I can never forget that scene, because that's how I feel during those 7 hours. It's just the right dose of solitude for me. Anymore would be intoxicating and would lead to depression, and any less would make me feel too anxious and desperate during the day.
>> No. 9495 [Edit]
The thing that frustrates me is the weather outside, all year round 30+ degrees Celsius. It means I have to have air con on pretty much 24/7 and the noise from it gets very annoying, particularly when going to bed. Also, not being able to wear anything but shorts and T-shirts is frustrating, I don't feel comfortable in them. We only moved here a couple of years ago, but I miss having normal weather conditions.

Really, these things aren't much of a problem at all I guess. It's even slightly reassuring they're currently my only problems. It's going to be nice whilst this situation lasts.

I feel the same way. I wake up around noon and I get a few hours of peace until people come home from work. Then, come 10 or 11 o'clock in the evening I get the best period of the day until 4 or 5 in the morning. It's the best sleep pattern in my opinion. Enough interactions with family to not be driven insane by isolation but still enough free time with zero interruptions to enjoy eroge and games.
>> No. 9500 [Edit]
I'm extremely frustrated. Because of /jp/. Why can't moderation be as great as here? It's fucking perfect here. Anything aggravating gets wiped off the site like the shit it is.
>> No. 9625 [Edit]
I'm frustrated because i can't get that warm happy feeling out of anything anymore
>> No. 9633 [Edit]
Even though I used an umbrella, the rain was pelting down so hard it seeped through my shoes, socks, jeans and long johns up to my knees and I had to sit through class wearing these soggy clothes. At least I got to pretend I was a ww1 soldier with trench foot
>> No. 9634 [Edit]
Because /jp/ gets like fifty times the amount of traffic we do, and this site isn't exactly a prime target for dip shits to spam and shit post on.
>> No. 9637 [Edit]
because moot only makes friends and friends of friends mods and moot is a shit person, so you can guess what kind of people the mods there are. what finally got me to leave /jp/ and 4chan in general was when moot would purposely cause other boards to spam /jp/ and got mad at the janitor when he tried to clean it up.

Post edited on 18th Apr 2012, 10:44am
>> No. 9640 [Edit]
Yes, I am very frustrated. It's like one of my personality traits at this point.

I hate people. I hate being around them, having to do the same things as them, having to interact with them, being one of them. If I could give up my humanity for something else, I'd gladly do it. Being human feels like a bad joke that I can't get myself out of.

I want to die, but I'm too much of a worthless coward to do it. I hate everything I have to deal with. Nothing in my worthless life has been worth living for.
>> No. 10044 [Edit]
Playing pretend with yourself like that in the strangest of situations is fun isn't it?
>> No. 12987 [Edit]
I was almost caught up in my own web of lies when my therapist met my parents. I told more lies though and the stress went away. But now I can't help but think that it's all going to catch up next time, or the time after that maybe, or the time after that.
>> No. 12988 [Edit]
I'm the same way.

Also, I'm frustrated because I can't get a job. And even if I do find one, and find decent friends, will I be able to start caring about stuff again? Or will I still want to die?

I'm frustrated by how inferior I am.

I'm frustrated by how disgustingly unjust this world is. And how there is no solution, because life itself is violent, disgusting, opportunistic, unfair, hateful, and there isn't even any meaning to justify the inherent terribleness. With a foundation so corrupt, there is no hope.
>> No. 12989 [Edit]
What are you lying about, and why?
>> No. 12995 [Edit]
I frustrated that I now have next to no control over my life and as I'm here not living alone the lack of it will continue to kill me but I'm far to brain dead to do much of anything on my own.
>> No. 13000 [Edit]
I am quite satisfied with how things are in my life. Except that I shouldn't be. I have no job, I dropped out of college, and I spend all day sitting in my parent's basement in front of my computer. I know I am going nowhere and I don't want to go anywhere. It's comfy here, aside from mandatory dinner at the table occasionally interrupting games. Nobody can know how satisfied I am though, else they will think I am strange and try to force me out and to do things. So I've told lies. I'm depressed, quite a bit actually, enough to make me unable to work correctly or go to college even. For 8 months now I've done nothing and my parents willingly accept it due to my inability to go out and do things except see this therapist. However the therapist thinks I am a partial schizoid who wants attention and friends or something along those lines. When they met I had to interject comments and tweaks and interrupt and move the topic along at many points to make sure nobody got too suspicious about something someone else said. It was frustrating but it worked and now everyone is on the same page. I am no longer a schizoid, just a very stoic person who has a big fluffy inside full of emotions that I only show to people close to me. The therapist thinks he's made some kind of breakthrough I think. I just want to be left alone to do my thing, but it's impossible without lying constantly to keep myself in this position.
>> No. 13002 [Edit]
i'm only frustrated with the now mostly, like when I eat crappy food and don't get enough exercise because I've been sitting for hours. Also I smoke cigerettes 20% out of physical addiction, 80% out of habit, I can't even finish them and they rarely make me feel good, in fact they usually make me feel just plain awful, but it's something to do and look forward to somehow =\
>> No. 13003 [Edit]
i'm only frustrated with the now mostly, like when I eat crappy food and don't get enough exercise because I've been sitting for hours. Also I smoke cigerettes 20% out of physical addiction, 80% out of habit, I can't even finish them and they rarely make me feel good, in fact they usually make me feel just plain awful, but it's something to do and look forward to somehow =\
>> No. 13020 [Edit]
Today I got yelled at and abused and called names by a customer because I was only doing what my boss told me to do and my co-worker made me look like a super mega asshole. Then another customer compared me to the same co-worker about how much of a better employee he is and how much I suck.

The same employee that I buy lunch and coffee for every day and do favors for out of kindness because I'm a nice person.

I'm frustrated at how hard work doesn't pay off and good deeds go unnoticed. At least for me, anyways.

Post edited on 20th Jan 2013, 12:36am
>> No. 13021 [Edit]
>Today I got yelled at and abused and called names by a customer because I was only doing what my boss told me to do and my co-worker made me look like a super mega asshole. Then another customer compared me to the same co-worker about how much of a better employee he is and how much I suck.
Sounds like a rough day. I don't envy anyone in retail (I'm assuming from the context); it's hard work, you don't get paid much, and you usually only hear something about your job performance from customers when you screw up something rather than when you do something well.

What's interesting to me, though, is the thought process you went through during the post. In:
>The same employee that I buy lunch and coffee for every day and do favors for out of kindness because I'm a nice person.
Your frustration at your coworker comes through while you also try to defend your self image of being a "nice person" from the words you heard to the contrary (from the angry customers). "I was only following orders" (or "I was only doing what my boss told me to do") is the classic Nuremburg defense, and it's the same one you use to defend your actions at work so you don't feel culpable for what you did (i.e. shifting the locus of control from internal to external so you can separate your self image from your actions, thus avoiding the need for taking responsibility or for coming to terms with what you did).

If what you did didn't seem kind to others (and, from "made me look like a super mega asshole", I'd think so), then it wasn't kind. My guess is that what you did was more about self-preservation and trying to get along with your coworkers and boss. There's nothing wrong with this--it's very human in fact--, but doing that might not have been living up to your ideal of being kind to others. You must ask yourself not if you are kind, but if you're acting kind. You can't just throw up a psychological defense when you do something contrary to your self image and call it a day, and you also shouldn't hate yourself for doing whatever it was without taking any actual steps toward trying to live up to your ideal. Whether I think I'm a kind person doesn't matter squat to others if I'm not acting kind to them at the moment. In interactions, behavior is everything; belief is nothing.

Should you go against your boss and do what you think is kind instead? I don't know. It depends on your situation and what you think is more important: keeping your job or acting in accordance with your idealized self. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with either choice, but you shouldn't delude yourself into thinking one isn't contradicting the other.

>I'm frustrated at how hard work doesn't pay off and good deeds go unnoticed. At least for me, anyways.
That's the thing with kindness as an ideal: you can't expect anything--not ever. You probably already know that, but I'll go further and say that kindness is meaningless if it's regarded as a sort of quid pro quo, even if the "quo" is only regarded as being redeemed eventually by some quasi-karmic mechanism that rewards the just and punishes the wicked.

I could go on longer, but it's already long and you probably think I'm being a jerk, piling on after a hard day (like you need a NEET giving you a job critique anyway). Maybe I am a jerk, but I still believe you should consider the situation again. And, even though you didn't explain the situation in detail, I feel like most people would've acted the same way you did (including me). It isn't absolution, but it may be some comfort.
>> No. 13022 [Edit]
Normals are shit and they only look our for themselves. They will use anybody as a pedestal if it means getting themselves into a higher position. What you experienced is just a part of why I avoid as much meaningless interaction with people since most of them are complete and utter shit.

You wrote a long and boring post, but all of it amounted to nothing more than saying "deal with it". Thanks for wasting bandwidth.
>> No. 13023 [Edit]
>You wrote a long and boring post, but all of it amounted to nothing more than saying "deal with it". Thanks for wasting bandwidth.
It may be long and boring, but you should probably learn to read better before making pronouncements about what someone else is saying. I didn't say "deal with it". I said "if you want to live according to what you value you shouldn't externalize mistakes". There was more to it than that, but I'm sorry I can't condense advice and explanations of a psychological defense mechanism into less than 140 characters. I'll also be sure to put more smiley faces to lighten up the text in my posts from now on, just for you. ;P
>> No. 13024 [Edit]
Looking out for your interests isn't exclusive to normals - NEETs also do it a lot, perhaps even more so than normals. It also isn't just elevating yourself above others. It's doing whatever you think will get you the desired result, be it space, resources, recognition, worth, or dick.
>> No. 13025 [Edit]
File 135872819886.jpg - (1.94MB , 2048x1536 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Well, I'll admit that I didn't read your post entirely because as I stated, it's long and boring. Also, Smileys don't enhance a post no matter how much you believe that somewhat moronic belief. Maybe you had a little tantrum and wet yourself as soon as you saw a post that didn't like your blabbering to post such a thing.

> My guess is that what you did was more about self-preservation and trying to get along with your coworkers and boss. There's nothing wrong with this--it's very human in fact--

Yes, telling him that things are "very human" is helpful. I'm sure that him being "very human" will convince his coworker to not laugh at him and use him as a mat to make himself look better.

Not only did you not say anything helpful while trying to sound like a psychologist, but you tell him things that he most likely already knows and tell him to do what he thinks is right, which he did.

I'll admit that I was wrong with saying that you wrote nothing more than "deal with it" as I somehow only read the bad parts of your post (although the whole thing can be considered bad) initially.

Well then, Mr. Internet Psych analyst. I won't leave a smiley, as I have standards and think that as fairly low class, however I shall leave you with something I'm sure that you will enjoy. At least you got to use your Jr. Psych kit to look "smart" for a while.

I never said anything about NEETs being an exception to this. The line about the "higher position" and stuff was a metaphor for pretty much the same thing you've said, but I probably did a piss poor job at that and should've clarified since I ended up getting this.
>> No. 13027 [Edit]
>Also, Smileys don't enhance a post no matter how much you believe that somewhat moronic belief. Maybe you had a little tantrum and wet yourself as soon as you saw a post that didn't like your blabbering to post such a thing.
I was only matching the level of dialogue coming from you, Mr. I Badly Summarize What I Didn't Read. "Long and boring", you misunderstand what you read, so my conclusion was that you must be a child or a complete imbecile. I was being charitable with the former, so I added something that might lighten up the text for a child. If you're merely an idiot, why not just start with a greentext "implying" next time so everyone knows you're just misrepresenting someone else's words? I mean, what were you thinking? Was it "I don't know what the writer's saying, but it's long, boring, and some of the words make me frustrated so I'm going to say something mean about it"? It sounds like a kindergartner's book report, and sadly that's the impression I get of the amount of thought that led up to your response. It just seems rather stupid to respond to something you haven't read and don't really understand.

>Not only did you not say anything helpful while trying to sound like a psychologist, but you tell him things that he most likely already knows and tell him to do what he thinks is right, which he did.
Closer than your first response, but no. If you read the original post, he did something he obviously believed wasn't exactly right, then externalized it as not his fault. By "very human", I'm saying he's not a bad person and he does the same thing that many people would do; that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do according to his ideals.

He might already know it, or he might not. Neither you nor I know that since we're not omniscient. He didn't seem to be aware he was externalizing culpability for his actions, though, and pointing that out along with ways to come to terms with his actions and himself without externalizing them formed the bulk of my original post. It's not about playing psychologist, but about being self aware of our defensive thought processes.

No matter what he chooses he values more, he still shouldn't delude himself into thinking mistakes contradicting his self image are just outside of his control, otherwise "following orders" becomes an excuse to do anything since, if an action contradicts his ideals, he can simply disown his actions and avoid taking responsibility for them.

As to the other thing you wrote that I ignored the first time around (or, rather, your defense thereof):
>I never said anything about NEETs being an exception to this.
But when you say:
>Normals are shit and they only look our for themselves.
You separate "normals" from non-normals. Why bother separating the two in the first place if you don't intend to distinguish between them? It's like saying "most Germans have two legs, two arms, and one head." Of course, but so do most people of every nationality. Why bother pointing this out if you're not excepting one group (Germans or non-Germans) for special treatment? Why say "normals" when you could've just said "people"? My guess is rank tribalism.
>> No. 13049 [Edit]
Anybody who doesn't live the exact same lifestyle I live is a filthy normal. And if you are employed, you are neurotypical by default.
>> No. 13056 [Edit]
Pseudo-intellectuals arguing over who says the biggest words frustrates me.
>> No. 13057 [Edit]
>> No. 13058 [Edit]
Cynical bystanders tickle my fancy.
>> No. 13060 [Edit]
>Pseudo-intellectuals arguing over who says the biggest words frustrates me.
If only that were what actually happened. People bandy about the word pseudo-intellectual as if it applies to anything long that they don't want to read.
>> No. 13110 [Edit]
I actually did read the entire thing. I read everything on this board, good or bad. I think I used pseudo-intellectual well considering those guys started arguing by saying semi-intelligent things then as they went on they just started using bigger words without any reasoning besides "I SOUND SMARTER THAN YOU BECAUSE MORE LETTERS! HA! I WIN!"

They were just using large words to try and outdo one another in the brains category, which is something a pseudo-intellectual does to seem smarter than he or she is.
>> No. 13113 [Edit]
File 136066214589.jpg - (240.96KB , 559x800 , f0ab48ef988f6e75dd089980cbb62bdb.jpg )
Arguments on the internet frustrate me because everyone is too proud to give in and it usually ends up like monkeys flinging shit at each other

You know what also frustrates me? T-Shirts. I had to go buy some new t-shirts because i didn't have any left in my size and after going all the way to somewhere where i could buy some, all the shirts i could see had stupid normal designs and logos and things on them, not to mention they were really expensive. i looked all around a few stores and i was completely unable to find a plain cheap shirt, so i gave up and went home

Post edited on 12th Feb 2013, 1:48am
>> No. 13115 [Edit]
I'm frustrated because I can't get over how I was wronged in the past, both major and minor transgressions. I just want to forget it all and let go, but I keep holding on to my anger as if it's possible that I'll have revenge someday. Sometimes it gets to the point where it constantly invades my thoughts and my dreams where I can't even function properly anymore because it gets so bad. It's like my mind is mocking me by saying "Looks like you're having fun doing xxxx" before suddenly shouting "HEY REMEMBER THAT TIME YOU WERE SCREWED OVER NEARLY A DECADE AGO THAT YOU MANAGED TO BLOCK OUT UNTIL NOW?"

Is it really too much to ask myself to let go of a few bad memories?

Did you try any department stores? They generally have plain T-shirts compared to the smaller, more specialized clothing stores that are everywhere.
>> No. 13116 [Edit]
I'm frustrated every day.
>> No. 13117 [Edit]
I can't let go of the past since I live through it not much for me in the present besides some new media to enjoy. My only escape is an experience of having fun in the moment or more natural moments of living my life from a view outside of time in meditation and related experiences that can bring that feeling.

Right now I'm frustrated about how hard Winter is on me. There's not much for me to do and all I can do is play the constant waiting game for things I want and I'm stuck inside all the time. On top of that I hate the cold.
>> No. 13118 [Edit]
I'm frustrated at myself for not doing much after graduating. I'm still stuck at living with my parents since I can't afford to move out yet.
>> No. 13119 [Edit]
>Arguments on the internet frustrate me because everyone is too proud to give in and it usually ends up like monkeys flinging shit at each other
Dealing with people like this frustrates me to no end because I'm actually capable of swallowing my pride and admitting my fuck ups, but I have yet to meet a single person capable of doing me the same courtesy.
>> No. 13120 [Edit]
Soon it's gonna end...finnaly salvation.
>> No. 13126 [Edit]
Well, I just feel stuck.
I'm not going anywhere or doing anything I want to.
I'm chained to what others want me to do, the problem is I can't break free because I myself do not want to do anything.
>> No. 13134 [Edit]
I know that stuck feeling all too well, really turns life into one giant, confusing waiting game sometimes. Then comes the things you want to feel or do that you never will. It's hard to live sometimes when what you really desire is out of reach.
>> No. 13191 [Edit]
I'm bored.
I still go to the university, but I'm barely making it, and I don't really like it. Programming. I thought "well why the fuck not, we don't know what we really want, or rather we don't want anything this world can offer, so why not more time spent in front of the computer?" But it's boring. Studying for shit I don't care, calculus, algebra, etc.
Then coming home, playing games, watching anime and browsing.
Then sleeping, knowing that I wasted another day, knowing that I should be doing something, that I would like to have a goal, something.
>> No. 13192 [Edit]
I feel the same way. I used to be able to get done with the day's tedium and then enjoy my hobbies.
Now I barely enjoy them, not enough to justify all this work. Lucid dreaming is the only thing I truly enjoy anymore, and I don't know what to do.
>> No. 13198 [Edit]
Pretty much this. I was forced into college directly after high school at 17. My dad is batshit insane and would happily turn all my family members against me and kick my ass out if I didn't secure a job or pursue higher education. It makes me wonder if having Asian parents would've been better.

Jokes aside, I don't have energy for doing anything. Everyone keeps telling me six classes isn't that much, but it's way past my limit. I can't keep up with everything. I go on auto-pilot for most of the day. It feels like I've lost any sort of imagination I once had. I can't even turn to escapism anymore. I can't daydream, remember my dreams, or induce lucid dreams anymore. I wake up in the middle of the night sweating for no reason.

Fuck, it's like every fiber of my being is trying to reject this lifestyle. Why can't I just take it easy like every normal seems to be doing?
>> No. 13200 [Edit]
I wish I knew, both to help you and help myself.
>> No. 13202 [Edit]
I think you're stressed. Stress can do things like that to your life.
>> No. 13203 [Edit]
Yes it's definitely stress since I experience exactly the same stuff especially the fact when I'm very stressed over something I can't sleep and the nights last forever making me even more anxious and stressed. That life style your forcing yourself through is ruining you. You can only just hope it gets better over time if you learn to deal with that much college work on your shoulders. Some people aren't just cut out for that life, you need to find a way out. I would probably snap within the first couple months of college if I ever was forced to go. I'm one of those people who was just able to handle high school long enough to pass through it. I'm already drained from going through that, no way I can handle anything more stressful than that or a bottom level job but I doubt I'll ever get one of those either.
>> No. 13232 [Edit]
I'm frustrated because my parents wants me to get a job or something, saying that I will never get ahead in life if I stay holed up in my room all day, but I think life is shit so I don't want to "go" anywhere else than here because its the less shit place

I'm frustrated because I don't even have the motivation for my hobbies anymore

I'm frustrated because I don't have the guts to end myself
>> No. 13233 [Edit]
Suicide is an act of cowardice, not bravery.
>> No. 13234 [Edit]
Whatever, I still don't have the courage to do it
>> No. 13235 [Edit]
it could be seen either way. on one hand you are running away from all your problems, on the other hand you are taking death - the fear of which is what drives almost every single thing humanity has ever done in one way or another - and jumping right into it
>> No. 13237 [Edit]
I'm frustrated because people talk too much.
The more quiet and introverted I get, the louder and longer people seem to drone on and on and on.
It shouldn't make me so angry, but it does.
>> No. 13238 [Edit]
Do what I do and wear earphones all the time.
>> No. 13240 [Edit]
That's what I've been doing whenever I get the chance. It's a hell of a lot better.
>> No. 13307 [Edit]
I only use my earphones in the car so I don't have to listen to people and listen to whatever is on the radio and if I'm going for a walk. I like going for car rides because it's like I can just relax for a while with just my music and thoughts, and enjoy looking at everything passing by.
>> No. 13325 [Edit]
I'm frustrated by how desperately want write, or draw, or make music, or do or have any sort of skill at all, but I can't and I'm paralyzed by the thought of trying.
>> No. 13339 [Edit]
I feel you. I've been trying to get into drawing seriously, but I'm starting to think maybe my brain just doesn't work in that way. I have no perception of depth, not to mention a five-year-old probably has a greater understanding of foreshortening and perspective than I myself do.
I keep telling myself if I rough it out and keep practice, I'll get better. But what if I end up like those people on DA that never improve?
Fuck it, I'm not going to let myself get that bad.
>> No. 13341 [Edit]
Just got back from spending 60$ at the liquor store, not something I am proud of.
Especially considering I spent the first 23 years of my life never having as much as a single drink. Two years and the need for it only gets worse and worse.
I want out ;_;
>> No. 13342 [Edit]
Don't be afraid to fail.

Personally I struggle with willpower and maintaining interest. I don't feel like I get much done when trying, and I never enjoy my accomplishments.
>> No. 13343 [Edit]
I'm frustrated with money. I don't like money and I don't like using money. Whenever I look at something I spent money on, aside from the necessities, I feel guilt.
>> No. 13344 [Edit]
You place too much value in money. It's understandable as it is necessary and useful, but still, money is absolutely worthless.
>> No. 13345 [Edit]
Pooping is frustrating. I'll spare you the details, but the end line is that it's frustrating. Although I know others has it worse when it comes to bowel issues and the like.
>> No. 13347 [Edit]
If you say that money is worthless, you have to say that everything is worthless. You'll probably want to say "pretty much" like an edgy nihilist, but if we stop being silly for a moment, we can begin to recognize that when society (which we all live in ) has agreed that something has a certain value among all of us and can purchase goods and services, it's not inherently valueless because it exists in the universe (in which, nothing has value)--it's valuable because we've collectively agreed that it is.
>> No. 13348 [Edit]
When I say that it is worthless, I don't mean in its uses and with how it works, I mean that it shouldn't be held as something worth more than what it is considered. I understand that money is necessary and needed as a concept in these times where the world cannot function without it.
>> No. 13350 [Edit]
Let me tell you about frustration.

Ever had to deal with dentists, /so/? They're human shit. They'll find cavities everywhere and refuse to fix the biggest ones, hoping that they'll get worse and worse until they're beyond repair. They make more money that way.

A few weeks ago I went to have four cavities filled- he marked them all as fixed in the sheet even though he only worked on one. I was under anesthesia, but I was perfectly aware of what was going on and where he was drilling, and I'm positive he only worked on that one tooth. In fact I could still feel one of the holes with my tongue after the operation. When I went back for my checkup, he gave me a brochure and started telling me about their new implants, which cost no less than 1400 USD. I hate these people.
>> No. 13351 [Edit]
That's why a lot of people head to Mexico for dental work.
>> No. 13352 [Edit]

I haven't been to my dentist in at least 5 years
>> No. 13360 [Edit]
I also have a problem with the dental industry. I can't stand it they fuck up your teeth more than they already are in the name of simply looking good that I was forced to go through or at least tricked into thinking I needed what they did to my teeth done. So many tooth extractions, so many torture devices in my mouth, and so money from my parents down the drain for no reason. Now that I actually do realize I have a choice I'm never letting them near my mouth again to put in or remove shit. I've seen what happens to people that get their back teeth extracted, it isn't natural and I'm not gonna be another one their torture victims anymore. Pieces of shit they are
>> No. 13361 [Edit]
Yeah they do more damage than good to the teeth when preparing them for fillings, which don't even last that long. The process of root canals literally destroys the nerves in a "bad" tooth. they stab and scrape out the living tissue causing irreversible damage. then there's the bridge method for replacement teeth, in which they keep a fake tooth in place by drilling into the two perfectly fine neighboring teeth to anchor it in place. It all sounds barbaric to me.
I was pretty pissed off at this local place that was offering a discount on exams, just to find out what kind of work you'd need. they picked and pulled away at one cavity I had and made it twice as big. then told me I'd have to pay nearly $2,000 to fix my teeth. they pestered me for ages about it too, I regret giving them my phone number. I can't afford that crap.
I've heard researches are making good progress on figuring out how to regrow teeth in adults. I hope it works out, but I'm sure the process will cost a arm and a leg just so dentists don't loose money. that's if it even becomes publicly available in the first place.
>> No. 13363 [Edit]
I like to think my national teeth healthcare works in our best interests.

But on the flipside they don't do more than necessary so I never got braces.
>> No. 13373 [Edit]
Painful memory about being an adult with braces.
Weeks after getting them off I lost my retainer. I learned it would cost $600+ to replace the retainer. I was so ashamed and depressed about losing it, I quit going to the orthodontist and avoided contact. Slowly my teeth began to shift back.
>> No. 13374 [Edit]
At least you have national teeth healthcare. I'm stuck in USA aka:The land of the free, where nothing is free.
>> No. 13375 [Edit]
>I learned it would cost $600+ to replace the retainer.
You serious? The little plastic-and-wires thing? Or are retainers different in your country? 600 bucks for that is... wow.
>> No. 13376 [Edit]
Then you wasted the money spent getting braces, which is even worse.
>> No. 13378 [Edit]
File 136282798196.jpg - (287.32KB , 700x700 , 210247.jpg )
Yeah, you are thinking of the right thing. They take an impression of your teeth and send it out to a lab. Lab work is why the fee is so high.

I know. I did end up meeting a guy who had a similar experience (he lost his retainer while in the military and couldn't get it replaced, resulting in his teeth shifting back). So it doesn't feel as bad anymore.
>> No. 13381 [Edit]
Is the retainer that metal thing you get behind your teeth?

You really gotta wear that for the rest of your life or else your teeth goes back?
>> No. 13383 [Edit]
I believe so and I thought that was bad enough, I had one for a little while before they forced braces onto my teeth which I got removed shortly after because they were ruining my teeth even more and scratching up my mouth as well as very painful. Removing them was an even more terrible experience, I believe they like cemented them to my teeth or something. what I had next was much different though and I got it removed the next week because the pain was insane and I couldn't eat or speak with it in my mouth as I had to have it in at all times. I don't know what it is was called but it attached around 4 teeth holding it to the top of my mouth. In the middle was this plate that blocked the entire top half of my mouth. My mother was given this little key thing that she had to insert in the center and turn that would stretch out those teeth little by little. I have no clue what the exact purpose of it was because my teeth did not need stretching. After that was removed I hadn't dealt with anything until next time I had to go to the dentist and she talked about wisdom teeth extractions with my mother and there isn't even a reason to remove them. They got another thing coming if they think they are getting anywhere near my teeth anymore.
>> No. 13384 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi, that metal expander thing you're talking about, I had that before braces as well. Shit's medieval.

I think it depends. I only needed the retainer for one year full time then one year just at night.
>> No. 13389 [Edit]
Yes, extremly bitter and grumpy.

Have been like that for over 10 years now.
>> No. 13402 [Edit]
Yes, but not all the time. As time goes on you wear it less and less. I wear my about once or twice a week at night. However if your teeth shifts position by a lot, due to time not wearing the retainer or cause you just took off the braces or something, then it becomes very uncomfortable to wear them.
>> No. 13537 [Edit]
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this but if anyone wants an (online) friend I would highly appreciate it as I like talking to people (online, in real life it's really disgusting). I don't mind striking up conversation either...
So if you are interested post here and I will provide you with an email adress to which you can send me your skype name (I won't post mine here because I am sort of paranoid).
>> No. 13605 [Edit]
File 136373324660.png - (137.00KB , 465x996 , 1353624955196.png )
I'm frustrated because I worked hard and failed.
Then I worked more and failed again.

3rd time's the charm eh?
>> No. 13607 [Edit]
File 136374850529.png - (630.86KB , 1700x1403 , ye.png )
If at first you don't succeed, try again.
If then you still don't succeed, try again.
If you don't succeed that third time, give up; no one likes a sore loser.
>> No. 13629 [Edit]
New year, new classes, and I think I was close to getting my first date today. Needless to say I fucked it up and she probably thinks I'm gay now.
>> No. 13825 [Edit]
File 136484935821.jpg - (795.50KB , 1000x1321 , d50bd0bacab23a52a120414ca832a4d148b9ce0a.jpg )
I told myself I would quit drinking this month. Mainly for financial reasons but also to prove to myself that I don't really need it.

Now the liquor store is having some 'Spring sale' and the stuff I usually get is now super cheap.
Fuck it, I hate how shit like this always happens.
>> No. 13826 [Edit]
Well think of it this way: if you don't buy any now, thatll demonstrate that youre serious about it!
>> No. 14495 [Edit]
Gone one month alcohol free. (Feels much longer)
Withdrawal caused some major insomnia and constant hunger pains but they seem to be becoming less severe.

I'll probably continue with my sobriety.

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