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File 14332983365.jpg - (306.88KB , 850x1275 , sample-ab57bf3192a4159465659d463795867c.jpg )
20195 No. 20195 [Edit]
Do you have any event/thing that since has happened its completely dictates/changed your life?
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>> No. 20196 [Edit]
Yes, quite a few, actually.
>> No. 20197 [Edit]
No, I feel like it's just been a series of events combined together that lead to the result. Nothing visual novel sort of dramatic has ever happened to me.
>> No. 20198 [Edit]
When I was misdiagnosed as being "autistic" at 16. That fucked up my life, and I'm 31 now.
>> No. 20199 [Edit]
So what happens when the doc says you have teh autism?
>> No. 20200 [Edit]

Well this was back in 2000, and my parents were basically looking for any excuse to control me, but you are pretty much doped up on meds and treated and kept at the level of a retarded toddler, even if you were in advanced classes in high school and have an IQ that is well above average.

Anyone who says that autistic people aren't given medications as a defense to what I just said doesn't know what the hell they are talking about. Many, many psychiatrists who specialize in autism are basically quacks who dope their patients up as guinea pigs because they are given a cut by the pharmaceutical companies, or at least were at one time. Some autistic people are on as much as 20 different meds.

The kicker, though, was that I wasn't fucking autistic, and it was obvious. It took me almost a decade to get away from that, and for the longest time my father tried to put it back on me as a means of control. He failed, but he still managed to ruin my life. I wouldn't have been around him if my mother wasn't dying of ovarian cancer.

I have some form of psychosis now. That does run in the family, but a part of me wonders if I became that way due to severe abuse. I think that my mother was smart enough to know that I did have that, but wanted to "hide" it with the autism label; my father, on the other hand, is simply too stupid to know what either autism or psychosis really is, despite being a general surgeon.
>> No. 20214 [Edit]
When I started playing World of Warcraft all the way back when it first started with open beta was probably a big turning point for me. I was already well under way on the road to addiction before that, but WoW was the last drop needed for me to shut myself in and completely ignore the outside world for a couple of years, and all that I am today was probably bred during these years.
>> No. 20225 [Edit]
File 143421304792.jpg - (94.24KB , 500x500 , 1298694658663.jpg )
A string of hospitalizations, first in a mental hospital. On the same day I was thrown in there, I was anally probed and diagnosed with a chronic illness, which got me hospitalized for 2 months some time after I'd been released from the nuthouse.

Following that, I wound up with several surgeries involving a physical deformity (stoma; googling 3D images not recommended) for around two years.

It wasn't very fun. I maintained a 10-20% attendance record in education, which was allowed because of physical illness.

My condition eventually improved, but after getting a taste of the NEET life there was no other way. It's been 7 years since I first got hospitalized - 3 of them fully NEET, though even prior to dropping out I was not getting educated in the slightest.

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