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File 135547255658.jpg - (34.19KB , 256x256 , yesimeanhidamariandshaft.jpg )
19233 No. 19233 [Edit]
Do you like something made by people or a group you hate?

If so, how does it make you feel?
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>> No. 19234 [Edit]
I can't think of anything. I usually don't pay attention to devs or studios or whatever that I don't like. If they have a bad track record of products, I don't give it a second thought and ignore what they release.
>> No. 19235 [Edit]
Sometimes an artist I hate draws something I like once in a while, but I don't pay much attention to these thing.
>> No. 19248 [Edit]
Frank Sinatra was a complete asshole.
But he was a very good singer.
>> No. 19250 [Edit]
Art > the artist
>> No. 19251 [Edit]
I tend to hate Ubisoft. I wanted to like ZombiU after seeing it get 10/10 in Eurogamer but I dont see why its good. I'll play a bit more.
>> No. 19252 [Edit]
>but I dont see why its good

That's because you didn't get paid money/gifts like they did
>> No. 19254 [Edit]
File 13555264911.jpg - (41.15KB , 238x177 , Fry goes crazy.jpg )
yeah possibly.

I cant even find the right review now, it says 9/10 but I think its a different review. I swear I saw one by Tom Bramwell that gave it a perfect score.
>> No. 19255 [Edit]
You might want to watch this.
>> No. 19257 [Edit]
ZombiU is more of a 6-7/10 game, not a 10. Never trust gaming review sites and ask people who've played the game or people you trust. I mean, yeah there is the thing about it being a survival-horror game and not an action one, but still.
>> No. 19258 [Edit]

Okay, I laughed.
>> No. 19260 [Edit]
Pretty much everything about EA as a company is just the worst, but they make okay games sometimes I guess.
>> No. 19261 [Edit]
I don't really like Capcom, but I do love Monster Hunter.
>> No. 19265 [Edit]
I don't like them either. They reduced Megaman into a worthless iOS game that's most likely as terrible as it looks, and they replaced the original Dante with some loser and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFWZAb9ejPs&t=0m23s .
>> No. 19267 [Edit]
EA is indeed a pretty shitty company.
I liked dead space, but they turned that series into shit pretty fast. much of their other stuff might look interesting, but turns out to be watered down shit once you play it. it can be a real shame, when playing army of two, all I could see it for was all the features and stuff they announced during the making but were striped out of the final version.
>> No. 19269 [Edit]
We have a dedicated videogame board

here: http://tohno-chan.com/vg/

post thread in a fucking category idiots i hate otaku tangents so much because of you retards
>> No. 19270 [Edit]
I want to complain here, though.
>> No. 19272 [Edit]

>Do you like something made by people or a group you hate?

OP never specified it should be limited to video games.
>> No. 19274 [Edit]
It's not just about videogames, OP's post is about anime, second post was about art and the post after that was about music.
>> No. 19278 [Edit]
Not big on Shaft in general, but I enjoyed Madoka.
>> No. 19289 [Edit]
I'm divided on Toei. They can really give some powerful moments and characterization to characters in a show that's primarily made to sell plastic crap to little kids. I love it when there are strong moments that transcend their merchandise train, but they tend to seem cut-short or not fully realized due to said train. I don't hate them though.
>> No. 19295 [Edit]
>a show that's primarily made to sell plastic crap to little kids.
Compared to what? shows that are primarily made to sell PVC crap to manchildren?
>> No. 19315 [Edit]
I know that I'm going get shit for this
but even if I don't like the series itself I do like the music they make for the naruto anime.
>> No. 19318 [Edit]

Much like Sonic the Hedgehog, Naruto's fanbase makes it seem a lot worse than it actually is.
>> No. 19337 [Edit]
The Zabuza arc for Nartuo was great, Chuunin examsarc was enjoyable. After that it was like the mangaka just ran out of stuff to write about.
>> No. 19362 [Edit]
You obviously have not seen the stuff both series have come out with in the last few years.
>> No. 19375 [Edit]
I hate the Japanese but I love Japanese video games and Japanese anime.
>> No. 19467 [Edit]
File 13560642797.png - (28.14KB , 351x219 , 1338171096020.png )
I don't like Koreans, but that gandamstyle song is kinda catchy, and there is a cute guy in it.
Would date and pound his butt. [spoiler]the one in the yellow suit that drove the cabriolet.
>> No. 19496 [Edit]
I share similar sentiments (though I wouldn't use a word as strong as hate) but in place of video games I'd say music.

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