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File 132023127457.jpg - (806.46KB , 1920x1080 , 1318590652120.jpg )
11249 No. 11249 [Edit]
Imagine you're a girl. Imagine what you would want to look like, act like, be like as a girl. If you were a girl, what kind of girl would you like to be?
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>> No. 11250 [Edit]
The kind of girl who can turn my waifu into a lesbian, perhaps.
>> No. 11251 [Edit]
I want to be someone like MakoMakorin.
>> No. 11252 [Edit]
2D or 3D?

This is very important OP.
>> No. 11253 [Edit]
If 2D
-Become a slutty loli fucking every day and night, getting pregnant and mind broken every other day

-Be a refined lady and try to seduce mai waifu

If 3D
-Find a good guy from tohno-chan or /a/ and cosplay as his waifu. We then lead a relatively peaceful life.
>> No. 11254 [Edit]
A refined and elegant lady who secretly wears thongs.
>> No. 11255 [Edit]
If I were a girl I would act like I do now, but because that personality is on a cute (hopefully 2D) girl it is now moe instead of weird.
>> No. 11258 [Edit]
I don't see how it would change things much.

I'd still hate people, since men are pigs I'd probably be a lesbian, but since women are sluts I'd probably still be a Hikikomori 2D addict.

It's not like I'd be a completely different person right?
>> No. 11259 [Edit]

Although, I'm glad that I'm male. I like not dealing with the whole bleeding thing and other female things that sound like hassles.
>> No. 11260 [Edit]
File 132026520069.jpg - (124.63KB , 619x800 , 1acdd57541bd968e2064e7a9ba5082a3.jpg )
Maybe I'd be more satisfied with my body, but probably not. I'd also make an effort to dress elegantly. The rest would be about the same, I guess.
>> No. 11261 [Edit]
I would dress around the house like I do now (big t-shirt and underwear), except now my underwear will be shimapan and maybe I'd wear some thigh high socks
>> No. 11263 [Edit]
I'd attend a Christian all girls school and seduce all my underclass(wo)men. After graduating I'd try to come back - this time as a teacher - and continue seducing 16 years old girls.
>> No. 11265 [Edit]
File 132028510735.jpg - (87.22KB , 597x740 , e9faae4702be06daab74a6992e2da26d3d7b46b3.jpg )
A thin girl with long black hair attending an old Catholic all-girl's establishment. Since I was raised in a poor neighborhood I only managed to get in because my dear old honest parents scrimped and saved and put all their hopes on me to succeed.

Sadly, I think fate had other plans for me. My personality was by nature crude and rough because of the conditions in which I was brought up. All the refined girls make a mockery of me and constantly harass me and teachers single me out for punishment, but that is just the way things work in such a strictly hierachial environment. I didn't fit in with the old rich, the landed aristocracy with noble blood and country estates. I didn't fit in with the noveau riche, the girls whose fathers got rich doing business or industry. I didn't even fit in with the scholarship girls, brought in on 'good will' by the establishment for the sole purpose of shining academic prestige on them, the girls who were whipped and drilled and constantly reminded of the 'debt' they owed.

It must have been natural that I developed an abrasive personality and incredibly sarcastic manner of speech which seemed to compell me to commentate on things in the most inappropriate of circumstances. I got into fights a lot too- the teachers tend to turn a blind eye to this because they think it toughens the girls up- and I developed a bit of a reputation for my iron fist and dry wit. A few other outcasts seemed attracted to me for Haruhi knows what reason. And the higher-up girls, even though they probably hate me even more now, at least I seemed to garner some respect in their eyes. But I think this is all just to hide how scared and weak and sad I am inside. Sometimes when I'm alone in the dormitory at night, I think about what I've become, how I might've been so much happier if my parents just sent me to another school or even straight to work, and how disappointed they will be when they see what I have turned into.
>> No. 11266 [Edit]
If 2D-
Moeka. She's easily the single most relatable girl in any anime ever. I see myself in her so much it's just down right depressing. I'd be a very moe Moeka were it the 2D world.

If 3D-
A frail girl with feathered brown hair and a full-on Hanako-fringe (not because of deformity or anything, but because it's so damn cute~).

I'd be shy to the point of it being a central issue in my life. Blushing a lot and generaly being useless.
>> No. 11269 [Edit]
Whichever you want to be. If you want to be a 3D girl then okay
>> No. 11271 [Edit]
Probably the kind that would suck many dicks for personal profit. Sure beats getting a real job.
>> No. 11274 [Edit]
File 132034195159.png - (119.79KB , 194x472 , Lil II (esmalte).png )
I as a girl? I only see 2 posibilities:

1. I am really beautiful, so I spend a fair amount of time playing with myself until I'm fed up. Then I kill myself.

2. I am not (that) beautiful, so I just instantly kill myself.
>> No. 11283 [Edit]
I would like to be a girl whose worth wasn't primarily based on looks and who didn't have to waste half of each month on severe physical and mental distress until turning 50.
>> No. 11284 [Edit]
The you want to be a man (or a man-surrogate).
>> No. 11285 [Edit]
I imagine being a woman would suck twice as hard as being a man.
>> No. 22782 [Edit]
I don't think I'd be any different in character from what I am now.
>> No. 22784 [Edit]
This, except my life would most likely be a bit easier from the preferential treatment females receive virtually everywhere. I'd probably act pretty tomboyish, though I'd want to grow long hair as I find it pretty.
>> No. 22787 [Edit]
I would become twice as passionate about the hobbies I currently have, because they are considered "feminine". I'd get to wear pretty dresses but I wouldn't go outside.
>> No. 22788 [Edit]
I would try my best to emulate Yui.
>> No. 22789 [Edit]
File 137749797154.jpg - (216.13KB , 537x1302 , 756bec2a62965582e0fba4c246674bc2.jpg )
I'd like to be the same way I am now. I don't want or need much and have developed a state of mind that isn't too bad.

I think that it might just be better if I didn't exist, though.
>> No. 22790 [Edit]
I've been a female version of myself a few times in dreams. I don't recall my personality being any different, all I really remember is what I was wearing in the dream and waking up highly aroused. Anyways. . .

Yeah, if we're talking 2D then I'd definitely want to be like Mio, and even have my life (high school, at least) be like K-on. Actually, that'd be an awesome life as a 3D girl, too. But thinking of a 3D adult woman, I'd want to be a brooding, troubled, and rather intense indie-rocker, a la Jenn Ghetto or Carolyn Berk. Or maybe even someone a bit gothier, like Chelsea Wolfe. Either way, being a female musician in the vein of those I listed seems like it would be pretty cool. I think they might have to deal with more bullshit once established, but it would probably be way easier to get noticed and appreciated.
>> No. 22898 [Edit]
I saw a video on motherless not too long ago, and I felt that the girl in the video looked the way I would imagine a female version of myself to look.

- pale
- skinny
- hair isn't combed
- average looks
- room was very messy and dark
Kinda weird. I should have saved the link.
>> No. 22899 [Edit]

Let's not go down this road.

As for the question itself I have no idea how to answer it. I'm sure if a 3D girl I'd have a much different way of thinking and if I had a good body (by 3D standards anyway) I'd probably be popular and getting attention all the time and be a much different person. Thinking about this one is just unpleasant in general.

If 2D I'd want to be a cute loli I guess. I've always been the guy who wants to protect and be with the loli rather than be one himself though.
>> No. 22908 [Edit]
File 137910070079.jpg - (404.42KB , 934x1400 , 1379021479860.jpg )
I want to look like this.

for 2 or 3 weeks at a time I'd stream myself playing videogames, watching movies, browsing imageboards, eating in front of the computer and sleeping on the floor. I'd wear the same clothes every day and try my best to look unhealthy. I could easily make 20k from ads and donations every "season", I've seen camwhores raise thousands in a single night.

as for the stage, I'd need a small room full of trash.

I could even get family members to participate and make things more interesting.

-mom comes in and berates me for not doing anything with my life
-brother comes in to pick up some of the dirty plates and tries to make conversation, I screech at him and tell him to go away

more random ideas:
-video game marathons
-christmas/december 31st/easter special
-Crap! I ran out of food

and so on.

After 4 or 5 seasons I'd retire and then just live off the interest

Why haven't any real girls tried something like this?
>> No. 22910 [Edit]
Always cute amatuer girls on there.

You know who I really liked from there? Its Gone Forever. I want a 3DPD like her.

>I'd probably be popular and getting attention all the time and be a much different person

Pretty much this. If you're a cute girl, you're treated nicer by society and socially. I wouldn't be a shut-in without a job if I was a cute girl. I wouldn't have self-esteem issues. I wouldn't have a serious lack of social interaction in my life. I wouldn't be unwanted if I was a cute girl. I wouldn't be anywhere near as disliked even if I was 10 times worse of a person. I'd be given more leeway to do stuff socially. I'd have less expectations and responsabilities.

Pretty much everything could be solved if I was just a cute girl with the same mind I have now.
>> No. 22921 [Edit]
girls are more likely to have low self esteem
>> No. 22923 [Edit]
Girls are only more likely to REPORT low self-esteem. A guy admitting that he has low self-esteem is social suicide, and males of all esteem levels almost always exaggerate their own readings for that reason.
>> No. 22934 [Edit]
>its gone forever

i transcribed her "creamy shit" video, but i lost the transcript a while ago cause of a flash drive failure.
yeah, she was nice
>> No. 22943 [Edit]
Are you sure about that?
>> No. 22944 [Edit]
Was this your story as a dude?
>> No. 22945 [Edit]
>> No. 22956 [Edit]
I'd probably be a lot like Nekojiru just with messy brown hair and not Japanese.

I'd be fucking adorable.
>> No. 22976 [Edit]

People like to beat the shit out of girls, so I would go to S&M clubs and do that because I fucking hate myself. I would just be someone's sex pet for a living and do lots of drugs, and hopefully they would kill me. Alternatively, when I got tired of living, I would stream me hanging myself with vibrators tied inside my holes (would be too risky to try to get some guy to choke me to death while fucking me. Might call the cops or some bullshit).
>> No. 22977 [Edit]
If I were a girl I'd be genetically inferior, I don't like to imagine what it would be like to be a lesser creature.
>> No. 22978 [Edit]
Nice try, sis.
>> No. 23038 [Edit]
Would I be a girl from this moment on? Or would I be a girl from birth?

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