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File 14051495859.jpg - (384.21KB , 1280x720 , mute.jpg )
18009 No. 18009 [Edit]
I've begun to question how many people still remain on this chan who are still true to the tc ways. Who among you can honestly say you have no job, aren't attending school, are not in training, have no 3DPD, have no friends, are hopeless virgins, and have no interest in 3DPD?
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>> No. 18010 [Edit]
You're asking for the ideal tohno-channer. Such a thing does not exist.
>> No. 18011 [Edit]
speak for yourself, I can still attest to everything I listed off.
>> No. 18012 [Edit]
Muh elitism. It's the internet too. Are you going to post your universally recognized NEET-license or what?
>> No. 18013 [Edit]
Everything on the list applies to me except arguably the friends part; I have two buddies left that I still talk to and hang out with on rare, rare occasions. I for one do not find being a virgin to be "hopeless" or negative in any way, though.

How is it elitist to ask about the basic ideals that TC embodies (or used to embody)? Would you go to an atheism site and call someone an elitist for asking 'how many people are still atheists here'? When a community is built around a certain set of principles, it's not unreasonable to expect it to live up to them and question it if it appears to be drifting from them.

Post edited on 12th Jul 2014, 2:20am
>> No. 18014 [Edit]
It's foolish to think the demographics of a website/board will always stay the same or just be the exact way you want them to be. You not being a micromanaging admin which would come off as pretty elitist/anal. The 'core ideals' themselves will change or loosen up too.

'NEET neckbeard' threads are now banned on /jp/, Uboa rules that the NEET board isn't a 'secret club' for just NEETs, relationship stuff always surfaces over in Wizard etc.

Post edited on 12th Jul 2014, 2:39am
>> No. 18015 [Edit]
It's foolish to think that communities have to tolerate you just because you want them to. The difference here is that places like /jp/ and Uboachan were never intended as NEET communities in the first place, nor does Tohno-chan seek to mimic those communities. Even the FAQ on the homepage makes it very clear that TC *was* intended to be a NEET community. It was a place created specifically to get away from normals (ie: the exact opposite of the kind of person described in OP's post). /jp/ was created to clear Touhou, VNs, and other shit off of /a/, Uboachan was created based around a doujin game, and Wizardchan was created from an /r9k/ branch. You can't reasonably draw any parallols on boards that don't even have similar rules or reasons for existing, even if the boards have some NEET/hikki members running around.

It's true that communities change over time, but change in the sense of the people here becoming Ford Drivers would completely ruin the point of the site. If TC is a place to get away from normals, and if the place were to be heavily populated with normals, then for what purpose would the site exist at all?

Post edited on 12th Jul 2014, 3:44am
>> No. 18016 [Edit]
File 14051665121.jpg - (38.25KB , 640x480 , 1397325218825.jpg )
I'm guessing that a large portion of us are simply too apathetic to post. I remember this being brought up last year or so. I rarely post but I'm here every day.

Even though I've never gone out of /so/ much in all my years here (going to /cr/ sometimes), lately I've seen that are plans to advertise this site on /jp/. I'm strongly against this as that place is brimming with normals these days and overtime it might really cause a shift in the general mindset of the forum, which for me would decidedly be for worse.

And it's Summer after all, so I'm just taking some posts with a grain of salt.

If this place changes considerably then I might make a new board in the future, that's something I've been wanting to do for a while.
>> No. 18018 [Edit]
I'm that, but I have one single online friend.
>> No. 18019 [Edit]
>Even though I've never gone out of /so/ much in all my years here (going to /cr/ sometimes), lately I've seen that are plans to advertise this site on /jp/.
It already happened, ended, and will probably never happen again. It did not have much of an effect.
>> No. 18021 [Edit]
I am about half of those things. I don't flaunt it, and it's not reflected in my posts, so who the fuck cares. Think police, or what?
>> No. 18023 [Edit]
Defensive much?
>> No. 18024 [Edit]
Been on tc since 2010, went to college but dropped out. Still leading the same lifestyle. I browse nearly every day but only posted maybe 10 times in the last 2 years, probably less.
>> No. 18026 [Edit]
Yes. I must defend myself from the otaku neet bullies.
>> No. 18028 [Edit]
When I need a quick fap I sometimes use 3D because for some reason it makes me cum much more quickly than 2D, if that's the kind of interest you're talking about.
>> No. 18030 [Edit]
File 140519548366.jpg - (51.49KB , 640x480 , kasumi_ob.jpg )
once I drop out of university I'll be here full time!

imo such things like not having a single friend or being a virgin are merely symptoms. one could be non virgin and socially inept simultaneously. same thing with education/ employment, all that matters is your mentality which will determine whether you are destined for neetdom or not.

so don't feel left out of the astronomy club eh?
>> No. 18031 [Edit]
If one of us became a traveler going to random places instead of staying in a room all day with all those qualities you listed would he still stay true to the tc ways?
>> No. 18032 [Edit]
I'm all of those things except i live with a 3DPD. I dunno if my heart's really in it, though...
>> No. 18033 [Edit]
Is the 3DPD your mom or a relative taking care of you?
>> No. 18034 [Edit]
I don't get this traveler thing some of you have been throwing around. Just how does that work for a neet?
>> No. 18035 [Edit]
Idk if you're lucky maybe you can find odd jobs, maybe that would be employment though. Or you can mug people and then you wouldn't be in education, employment or training unless you count mugging as a job. Begging might be considered a job as well...
>> No. 18036 [Edit]
I guess it's also foolish to think someone would reference the exact parts of the rules to make a coherent argument.

First sentence of Tohno-chan RULES TAB(the vision):
Tohno-chan is an anime-themed image board for NEETs, hikikomori, OTAKU, AND OTHER SOCIAL OUTCASTS. Please take this into consideration when posting.

Note that it doesn't specifically prescribe YOU MUST be a NEET/hiki to post or GTFO here.

Now let for /so/ in particular in the BOARDS tab:
/so/ - Ronery
Feeling sad? Feeling lonely? Feeling hopeless, lost, pathetic, unloved, unappreciated, uncared for, neglected, or confused?
Feeling ronery?

Notice how this also doesn't say NEETs who shit on the floor only?

It's not like there are rate me, hookup and YOLO clubbing threads everywhere so I don't see why you're screaming the sky is falling either. You're not the admin and your comments are just your own views of how the membership must be. Make your own board and screen every single member if you are so stuck on your anal standards.

To those who own this site, if I interpreted the descriptions wrong, my apologies and please feel free to corect me. I completely agree/respect the no normalfag crap but at the same time, I am under the impression that there's no fundamental rule that all non-NEETs must be dragged out and shot.
>> No. 18037 [Edit]
I'm sorry I failed you, OP, but I've started attending college ever since I came to Tohno-chan long ago. I'm still following the rest of my NEET bushido closely though, such as pissing in bottles and having no friends. I won't let you down, OP.
>> No. 18038 [Edit]
Yes, we should all strive to be the biggest failures we could possibly be. Work hard, everyone!
>> No. 18039 [Edit]
Suffering from a lack of reading comprehension. TC is anti-normal. If you think "NEETs, otaku, hikikomori, and social outcasts" contradicts this, then your comprehension is even worse than I thought. The majority of the people that first came here were indeed NEETs, and it's presumed that most people still here are at the least hikikomori. Those NEETs that originally made up the majority of the community are the people OP is asking about. NOBODY even said "YOU MUST be a NEET/hiki" or claimed to be an admin. That's just blatant bullshit you're coming up with from being an overly defensive dipshit.
>> No. 18040 [Edit]
He's gotta be defensive when you're so aggressive.
>> No. 18041 [Edit]
How is that post even aggressive compared to the CAPS LOCK RAGE in the one its replying to? I do believe the other person was the one that posted first, anyway. And he was defensive from the get-go. >>18012
>> No. 18042 [Edit]
>NOBODY even said "YOU MUST be a NEET/hiki" or claimed to be an admin.

In other words, you concede that >>18015 was bullshit and the OP post whether yours or not. Quote:
>TC *was* intended to be a NEET community.

When an individual starts a thread on that premise - that you must be a NEET fit the 'tc way' what kind of reaction do you expect? It's just a personal opinion pulled out of their ass compare to what's actually stated which is that TC's for 'otaku' and 'social outcasts' as well. These types including myself certainly hate normalfags which you agree is also the focus. But at the same time, there's no requirement to be truNEET piss-in-bottle to be anti-normal. If you want NEETs only then might as well start your own non-anon forum and require an application from everyone you sperg asshat. You can ask for SSI documents and piss bottle pics to pass.

That 'truNEET' elitism was truly a clusterfuck to behold on /jp/ leading up to the NEETban and I'm only annoyed because I hope it doesn't become a thing here.

Post edited on 13th Jul 2014, 12:11am
>> No. 18044 [Edit]
you don't really think we'd ever have a NEETban here do you?
>> No. 18045 [Edit]
Of course not. I was referring to the who truNEET here and if you're not NEET then gtfo brand of trolling/shitposting. Certainly didn't help preserve the NEET threads on /jp/.
>> No. 18046 [Edit]
>you concede that >>18015 was bullshit
Where does that post say that you have to be a NEET to post here? It only states that TC was built as a NEET community to get away from normalfags. And no, I'm not OP.

>If you want NEETs only then might as well start your own non-anon forum and require an application from everyone you sperg asshat
Why do you keep saying this shit? I'm personally fine with anti-normals that are at the least, anti-3DPD and socially reclusive. Maybe that's not what OP was trying to say, but from my point of view it looked like he saw more normal-inclined tendencies in the community (high amounts of job threads in /so/, for example) and was asking how many 'veterans' were still lurking. It didn't come across as too much of a 'non-truNEETs get out' witch hunt to me.
>> No. 18047 [Edit]
If it makes anyone feel better...
Been around since /ib4f/, still a virgin, no real friends (unless a couple of people I talk to online actually count), NEET and whatever else is there.
Since I'm a highscool droput in my mid 20s who hasn't worked for a sigle day in his entire life I doubt it'll get better anytime soon. Can't say I have any intention to 'fix' things, either.
Also lately I began to have to deal with my receding hairline and at first I felt bad about it but then I realized I haven't really seen anybody besides my parents for the last couple of years so who cares.
>> No. 18048 [Edit]
I'm not a virgin and I want a real 3DPD. But I am an actual NEET and have no friends.
>> No. 18049 [Edit]
Normalfag gtfo
>> No. 18050 [Edit]
I check /so/ everyday for new posts. I just feel like there's no discussion left here that could include me and that my shit isn't like anyone else's and worth making a thread for.
There's that and the fact that I think imageboard communities in general are degenerating, every thread just has too much arguing or namefagging. Nobody ignores shitty posts, yet when actual discussion occurs it gets glossed over. It's already happened to this thread.
I'm really just apathetic about it all. I've stopped going to /r9k/ completely, 4chan once in a blue moon for updates on anime from /a/, Uboa I check but it's the same shit there, Hikki is okay, but it's really slow. I think it's all old nee o/.nu crowd anyways. Wizardchan is a failed novelty from the get-go because people are gonna shitpost the hell out of a male-virgin imageboard(like female virgins even exist to have their own amirite).

I'd like to see the online NEET/Hikki community as it was in Late 2012/ Early 2013. A bunch of guys comparing horror stories, hobbies, music and shenanigans completely anonymously without persecution.
>> No. 18051 [Edit]
>it looked like he saw more normal-inclined tendencies in the community (high amounts of job threads in /so/, for example) and was asking how many 'veterans' were still lurking.
Pretty much. Seems like everyone is attending collage these days, getting 3dpds, jobs, and becoming normals, even in /mai/ of all places You got guys openly talking about treating 3DPDs as sex toys.
I asked becuase I was starting to feel like one of the last 'ideal tohno-channer'
>> No. 18052 [Edit]
>Wizardchan is a failed novelty from the get-go because people are gonna shitpost the hell out of a male-virgin imageboard

Wizardchan is a failed novelty because virginity is not a unifying quality in people. People are virgins for all sorts of reasons and that common denominator has little impact on their lifestyle.

The most annoying thing about Wizardchan is the assumption that virgin = non-normal and non-virgin = normal. I've known a few very normal virgins. I've also known some very non-normal guys who have had sex before.

I identify with the NEET lifestyle. It's a way of living. I can relate better to a guy who had sex but is currently a NEET playing video games and masturbating all day than I can some normal, functioning, gainfully employed guy who just happens to be a virgin.
I think the only exception would be if the guy had Chad potential or already had an attractive 3DPD. I'm sure there are some upper class kids with Chad genes who are able to live off their trust fund (so technically NEET) while getting hot girls, but those guys aren't anything like me.
I think success is the key difference for me. If a guy has a landwhale/ugly 3DPD it doesn't automatically make him normal like having an attractive one would. If a guy has a shit job it wouldn't automatically make him normal like a good job would. I'll admit my bias though: I am a NEET with no friends but not a virgin.
Still trying to figure out if this is the right place for me as well. I'm 31 - is everyone here college age like on /r9k/ and wizardchan?
>> No. 18055 [Edit]
>talking about treating 3DPDs as sex toys
Considering this is true, I'll easily state that they would be the deviants. That wouldn't be a big deal, easy judgement call for the odd mod.

>getting 3dpds
As in love real life love interests? On what ground do you presume this? The one or two users making this statement is shaky grounds for such a statement.

>attending collage (...) jobs
That's just real life for some of us. Not everyone have the means to live the neet life, now or forever.

>becoming normals
You don't have to be "normal" even if you attend college or get a job. Doing these things it not a magical trick that suddenly changes your personality just like that. From my observations, most of the college/job guys despair on how awful it is to be forced in that situation. Then there's the guys who lose their jobs and drop out of college because they can't cope. To me it seems like you scan for certain key words, then alienate them without regarding their context. Even if there are some former neets progressing out of their locked room into something more expansive, then I'll say good for them. Neet is not a status symbol, and I think your estranged users can make quality posts in line with the theme of this site just as well as any other. But I do understand your sentiment, or I think I do. This is/was your sacred hideout on an odd corner of the internet, am I right? In that line I can understand that you feel its integrity has been compromised by the exodus of the vocal users you associated with. But what's more to establish? You've gathered your core, mourned your loss, and disputed the outsiders.

Post edited on 13th Jul 2014, 3:34pm
>> No. 18056 [Edit]
sorry if this sounds melodramatic but I'm 29 and the scars of being a NEET for 5~ years will stay with me for the rest of my life. I suppose thats why I still check this site.
>> No. 18057 [Edit]
Not at all. Even mainstream news run by older generations seem to recognize the 'scarring' effect that being a long term NEET can have. You're not alone with those scars.
>> No. 18060 [Edit]
A normalfag is still a normalfag, go brag to 4chan Chad
>> No. 18064 [Edit]
I have 1 friend I interact with about once a month. No others online or otherwise. Other than that everything else applies, and soon I'll have been a NEET for over half my life.
>> No. 18070 [Edit]

>I'm 31 - is everyone here college age

I can't tell you if it's still true but a couple years ago it seemed that most people were in their early to mid 20s. So a wee bit past college age on average I think.


'Normal' can refer to some state of mind (basically the way you see it), sure. Some frat boy is the last kind of user we'd want here. But 'normal' can refer to a lifestyle as well. If you have a job or are attending college or something of the sort one could argue you live a relatively 'normal' lifestyle. Of course you could say you're a virgin and that you don't have any friends but compared to those of us who are floor shitting NEETs you appear to be a functional human being (I bet somebody will actually get riled up over the use of 'functional'). I'm not sure if everybody will agree with me here but at least as far as I'm concerned you're simply not in the same boat as us.
Not telling you you don't belong here or anything, though, I never really cared much about stuff like that.
>> No. 18071 [Edit]
I'm all that with the exception of the occasional "friends".
>> No. 18075 [Edit]
>no job
I have one now

>aren't attending school
>not in training
>no 3dpd
Those are true.

>no friends
>hopeless virgin

>no interest in 3dpd
Most are uninteresting and unremarkable. Very few are actually interesting. To look at, that is.
>> No. 18076 [Edit]
That kind of NEET you describe is a really status symbol in that it isn't possible for all. Not everyone has at least half-decent parents willing to support them or a state generous enough to give them enough to NEET it up on their own. Personally I can't be that kind of NEET thanks to those two things. Wouldn't last a day as a street NEET either. Reclusive hate 3DPD KV though.
>> No. 18080 [Edit]
>relatively 'normal' lifestyle
>[to NEETs] you appear to be a functional human being
So in short, it's mostly about the difference in lifestyle? I guess it can be as simple as that. I may have overthought things in presuming that abstract dimensions of complexity was intertwined with the term 'normal'. The second quote links nicely up with the quote below.

>That kind of NEET you describe is a really status symbol in that it isn't possible for all.
Now that I think about it, I never stopped to think how being a neet could be a status symbol. We're all fortunate in some ways, the functional neets and the functional non-neets, in that we do what we do because we can. Indeed I do think there's such a thing as a 'functional' neet. Maybe not a functional member of society, but a functional human none the less. Personally I can't function as a neet. I can't even have pure vacation for a whole week. I lose all creative energy, I stop ticking, and I go insane. We do what we do because we can, or we do what we do because we can't do the opposite. In this sense, all I see are different types of humans, none lesser than the other.
>> No. 18081 [Edit]
File 14053917762.jpg - (40.94KB , 541x700 , fox-grapes.jpg )
>your estranged users can make quality posts in line with the theme of this site just as well as any other
Precisely this - the board as a whole encompasses topics broader than NEET-blog threads. There are no unifying, essential characteristics possessed by people classifiable as non-NEET and such a classification doesn't preclude a capacity to create acceptable contributions to the site. A general air of contempt is for the most part unjustified, provided this demographic recognizes that the site is oriented around very specific themes and subjects of discussion. If this is clarified in the posting guidelines (it is), the existence of such a demographic shouldn't be a contentious issue.

Even if the userbase collectively decides that rabid, open intolerance is sensible and in some manner administratively actionable, falsifying posts would be of little challenge given the anonymous format of discussion. Discussion of poster identity in the context of anonymous forums actually seems a bit misguided; as long as everyone plays a believable cute NEET in their interactions, I'm for the most part content.

Post edited on 14th Jul 2014, 7:53pm
>> No. 18107 [Edit]

>That kind of NEET you describe is a really status symbol in that it isn't possible for all.

Except I'm precisely that. I see what you're saying, though.
You probably realize that but some of us are getting some sort of welfare (myself not included this time around). How to apply for something like that (and all the important details) used to be talked about much more than they do nowadays.
I hate this 'NEET is a status symbol!' thing, though. And I mean it, it really makes me mad. Nothing 'status symbol' or 'cool' about being a useless piece of shit. It's precisely because of that that I feel uncomfortable around people who actually do something with their lives (i.e. who have a job or attend some kind of school). It's not that -you- are inferior here and I'm telling you to get out from the position of His Lordship Sir NEET. It's the opposite pretty much.


>I do think there's such a thing as a 'functional' neet. Maybe not a functional member of society, but a functional human none the less.

Sure, there are exceptions to pretty much every rule.


>A general air of contempt is for the most part unjustified, provided this demographic recognizes that the site is oriented around very specific themes and subjects of discussion.

And those very specific themes do not include the likes of job hunting, uni credits and the like. The second you allow them the demographics shift a little.

/so/ went from massive wannabe-normalfag hideout to sensible discussion related to NEET-esque stuff (sensible discussion, on /so/? as unbeliveable as it sounds that's what was actually happening some 3 years ago) back to being more normal, more bloggy and more about selfpity. I don't really care either way I guess, as long as venting a little will make people feel better it's fine with me.
>> No. 18133 [Edit]
I'd rank welfare as an enabling factor for neetery, on level with generous family members. Except it's your country doing the generosity. What a twist!

>Sure, there are exceptions to pretty much every rule.
I don't know what came over me when I wrote that piece of shit yesterday.

>The second you allow them the demographics shift a little.
Actually it's the other way around.

>it's fine with me
Me too. I'm content as long as I get to talk about weird things with weird people. Since I don't own fantasy stocks in TC, it's as simple as that.

I'll fucking say, it's pretty ballsy to use the fox and the grapes analogy with a straight face.

Post edited on 15th Jul 2014, 7:35pm
>> No. 18138 [Edit]
File 140548306441.jpg - (24.02KB , 593x334 , akari.jpg )
I don't understand the fox and grapes thing. I mean, just look at the fox. His arms are too short. He will never reach the grapes. Isn't he better off convincing himself he doesn't want the grapes?

When normals compare hikkiNEETs to the fox, are they admitting people like us were born flawed and are incapable of becoming normal? Is that what they're saying?
>> No. 18139 [Edit]
I think the jist of it is "don't distort the truth* just because life is unfair. It does not make your life less terrible, and to be quite frank your voice is annoying."

*Truth being their truth, of course

Post edited on 15th Jul 2014, 9:03pm
>> No. 18140 [Edit]
what if the grapes actually are sour?
>> No. 18143 [Edit]
Ehh? I think the image doesn't explain it well but basically the story of the fox and the grapes is that there are grapes behind a fenced garden and the fox squeezes inside in order to eat them. However, when the fox attempts to get out he gets stuck because he is too fat and thus must work off his fat in order to escape the garden. I just thought it was a funny story when I was young, but I'm guessing the message is that people shouldn't allow themselves to be spoiled (fat) so they won't get trapped in a small garden or something?
>> No. 18145 [Edit]
The story you just told is a completely different one.
>> No. 18147 [Edit]
nah, the story was a fox not being able to reach some high grapes and as such claims they look unripe anyway.
moral of the story is; if you encounter anyone who doesn't like something you should assume they're unable to get it. just kidding about that last part of course, but that's what some people really believe.
>> No. 18161 [Edit]

>I don't know what came over me when I wrote that piece of shit yesterday.

Well, I guess you weren't really wrong. I think a 'functional' NEET is technically possible. Like some kinda of volunteer or an old, crazy philantrope. It's just that those are like one in tenths of millions.

>Actually it's the other way around.

Well, I was making the point under the assumption that those weren't really allowed to begin with. Point is if you ban them when they are allowed the demographics will shift (albeit not that much I think) and if you allow them when they are banned they will also shift (a bit more compared to the other scenario).


>It does not make your life less terrible

Or that's what you made yourself believe. For example tons of studies show that happiness is directly related to the level of economic (in)equality. If asked how happy they are with their lives people's answers will generally correspond with the level of ecnomonic (in)equality in their country/area. If nobody around them lives a better life even if they live in a literal mudhut they are likely to say they feel happy.
Knowing a better alternative exists somewhere out there is a prime cause of unhappiness period. It's in no way related to NEETdom or anything of the sorts. If you add 'grass is greener on the other side' effect things get really bad. Convincing yourself the choice you made is correct and better alternatives don't exist is actually good for your mental health. Without cognitive dissonance people would fall apart.
>> No. 18238 [Edit]
What matters isn't what the person has done or what they are doing, it's how they feel and how they are.

I am looking for a job halfheartedly.
I have online friends and some offline friends I see rarely.
Not in education anymore, but I was for 2 years of my time here on tohno.
I'm not a virgin, though not necessarily by my choice so maybe this one doesn't matter.
I'd like to have a 3D someone who loves me that I love in return, boy or girl.

Despite all that I've never once had trouble fitting in or feeling left out from /so/. Like I said, it isn't about what someone has done or what they are doing. It's about who they are and how they act.
>> No. 18240 [Edit]
>It's about who they are and how they act.

I agree, which is why I feel as though this:
>I'd like to have a 3D someone who loves me that I love in return, boy or girl.
... makes you rather unsuited to being here. I have no qualms with the rest of it. I'm not advocating "truNEETs only", but there's a limit to the level of normalfaggotry I want to see here.
>> No. 18242 [Edit]
I currently attend university in my second semester rather unsuccessfully, have no 3DPD and never have, thus am a virgin with neither the prospect of nor the will to change this anytime soon. I have no online friends, one offline acquaintance that I rarely speak to. I've been here since late 2011 but I rarely post, for which I wish to apologize as I don't contribute anything to the quality of the board and makes me question whether I should even post in this thread, but I think OP might want to hear about the mostly silent demographic as well.
>> No. 18243 [Edit]
I can't say I blame them. For many people the loneliness can be unbearable and a waifu can only go so far.
>> No. 18245 [Edit]
Epic greentext, newfriend. There are much more suitable places for "lonely people" that seek to discuss transient 3D love. Why don't you hit up /r9k/ for discussion, or set up some online dating site profiles or something? Just don't bring that shit here.
>> No. 18246 [Edit]
You seem to be under the misconception that this is a board for lonely people. It is not. It is a board for the tohno-chan target group to discuss their negative emotions and hardships in life, loneliness being one of these.
>> No. 18249 [Edit]
Wanting to fuck a whore automatically puts you at odds with every single other person here (besides tourists and trolls). I really don't think this is the website for you.

And it is possible to feel lonely because you have no friends, your family doesn't talk to you, you have rejected society, etc. Loneliness because you have no 3DPD is fixed for most people by having a waifu so I don't think we can relate to you on that point.
>> No. 18250 [Edit]
>I'd like to have a 3D someone who loves me that I love in return, boy or girl.
>Wanting to fuck a whore
Bit of a leap there don't you think?
>> No. 18251 [Edit]
3D doesn't know about true love. all they want is money, status, and someone to put up with their shit.

Forget about them and you'll feel much better.
>> No. 18252 [Edit]
>there's a limit to the level of normalfaggotry I want to see here.
I agree with this.
>> No. 18254 [Edit]
'lol u mad' arguments, intentional rule breaking, blatant disregard for logic and reason; 2/10 troll for lack of subtlety. Apply yourself.
>> No. 18256 [Edit]
and I suppose TC users are experts on the topic of True Love, right? Love (including having a waifu) is simply a chemical reaction happening in your brain.
>> No. 18257 [Edit]
What difference does that make?
>> No. 18260 [Edit]
>Love is simply a chemical reaction happening in your brain

You do realize this point is more harmful to the case of 3D love than helpful, right? Even in 3D love, you're really in love with the fake, idealized concept of the other person rather than the person themselves. Oftentimes, your partner doesn't even love your idealized concept- they are simply using you as a crutch for social status, financial aid, emotional therapy (while often not granting you that same privilege), or to simply avoid being alone. They'd just as soon "love" you as any other guy on the street. Getting away from that is a large appeal of waifus.

Of course, if you just want to have casual sex with 3Ds, it won't appeal to you much. If you're a male have fun keeping up with their double standards of being 'acceptable' that they don't abide by, too.

If you're looking for a Disney-esque, loving, equal relationship, you'll be sorely disappointed.
>> No. 18262 [Edit]

This so much. "I want a gf... I love 3D... ...that feeling when no gf" isn't an acceptable theme here. Especially when there's many other boards that cater to that.

Post edited on 25th Jul 2014, 3:03pm
>> No. 18263 [Edit]
Pointing out an emotion being "simply a chemical reaction happening in your brain" really isn't a very meaningful statement. The mind being an emergent property of physical phenomena hardly invalidates all or even any of your or anyone else's experience.

Seeing consciousness as an emergent property of the body and the brain in particular seems a highly practical approach and can well inform a better understanding of the human condition, but choosing to instead blindly leap to the conclusion of trivializing something as fundamental as any given emotion as "simply a chemical reaction" is the intellectual equivalent of throwing the baby and the pail out with the bathwater, then jumping after them yourself, and promptly drowning in the discarded pail after hearing water isn't demonstrably made up of the glorious piss of angels of the Haruhi.

In the most reductionist sense it's not incorrect, but is the only choice really to reject human experience as suddenly somehow "fake" if you reject mind-body dualism? Indeed, is it even a well reasoned choice under any known conditions?
>> No. 18264 [Edit]
File 140635142827.jpg - (32.35KB , 557x396 , 2756541170.jpg )
Most of those, along with the inevitable transition of becoming a shut-in. It was going fine for a short while. Not so much anymore. I've also deteriorated quite a bit.

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