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File 140728324858.jpg - (489.59KB , 1600x900 , 40 (2).jpg )
18350 No. 18350 [Edit]
I saw many things in my life, i'm just twenty but really, once i was nearly dead(it was heart problem), i practiced extreme sports like sailing, i tried some drugs...

When i was young i thought that world is beautifull place with many of destinations... when i was sixteen i find out i was wrong.

Our society is based on boredom and survival... nothing more, when you are thinking that you should do something with your life because of destination or something more, you are wrong.
There is no god, no future or past, no destination... there is only your boredom, and boredom of others.

I found that when i am concentrating on what i am doing "right now and right here" i feel better, i dont feel anxiety, and i dont have any needs...

Maybe zen buddhists are right "screw it and enjoy your life" just that...?
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>> No. 18351 [Edit]
File 140729184760.jpg - (56.20KB , 498x500 , 1396441070727.jpg )
I don't think anyone's really "right" when it comes to matters like this.
It's an issue of perspective, if you like focusing on the moment and living life for the sake of living, then that's fine.
People with such busy and tedious lives seem off to me as well, but who's to say we're right and they're wrong?
They probably look at us the same way and wonder why. Just be yourself, nothing wrong with that. If anyone tells you otherwise, who are they to say something like that?
Just stay healthy about it, okay?
>> No. 18358 [Edit]
Words of wisdom ^^

Anyway, while not enjoying my life here and now i have this kinestetic feel in my head area which is really uncomfortable, something like pressure and pain, but not exactly...
Do you think it could be neurosis?
>> No. 18359 [Edit]
A headache?
>> No. 18360 [Edit]
Not exactly, it is uncomfortable pressure, with this feel that something is inside my head or sinuses(there is nothing i spoke with laryngologist), when i'm falling asleep i'm afraid that my head will explode in a moment(yes i know it is riddiculus)
Like a numb head.
>> No. 18362 [Edit]
I'm also just 20 and am starting to see the same way. Life is now nothing but boredom with some breaks. Nothing really has the spark to it anymore except for brief nostalgia. It's very empty pleasure at most now while trying to do something that makes me happy with it till something kills me. I just don't have the same energy I had when I was younger and I really don't want to experience the pain and slow decay of my body as I get older. I think the early 20's are that stage where you aren't quite young but aren't quite old yet either. So for some typical neet probably still living with their parents it's the easiest time to just kick back and do whatever till life really starts ruining you even more sometimes after. Then it's all downhill from there
>> No. 18363 [Edit]
Why so negative guys?
Cheer up, don't take it easy until you are in wheelchair.Get a goal and work hard toward it.All this negativity will disappear I promise you.
>> No. 18364 [Edit]
Taking it easy is generally considered feeling good.
>> No. 18365 [Edit]
File 140735823629.gif - (300.43KB , 190x190 , 1 (2).gif )
You promise right?
What should i do to feel good and happy?
>> No. 18366 [Edit]
I'm 30, and a wizard.

I'm here to say that life doesn't always get worse.

Boredom usually comes from the sense that you are confident of your environment, and from that confidence, nothing surprises you or moves you anymore. Thus, there is inertia, and then stagnation in life.

It can get better. You just got to be sensitive and receptive to life itself. Do something different. Read a book on something you don't understand, or go out of the house when you normally wouldn't.

Even though I'm in my 30s, I'm learning new things, and am still changing. Action is the key.
>> No. 18367 [Edit]
I promise man.I took up powerlifting and so far I have been the best I am possibly.I am nothing special I was 55kg weakling and now I am 95kg strongfat about to break national record.It was easy as fuck all I had to do was repetetive shit for a year and a half and not be a dumb retard about it.
Thats my take on it. You can try something else like go-kart races (I also enjoy those) or fishing? All I do these days is train, fish and sit in front of PC every single day.
>> No. 18368 [Edit]
What if I wanted to become the best World of Warcraft player?
>> No. 18369 [Edit]
A few months ago I wanted to do weightlifting but I can't afford a gym membership so I tried a bit of lifting with the 35kg set of weights my dad had. I didn't have a bench or squat rack so it really limited what I could do.

But it was enjoyable at times. I liked squats and deadlifts but as said before, I could only go up to 35kgs. I didn't like over head presses though.

If I had money I might go to a gym.
>> No. 18372 [Edit]
You should try re-uploading the image, it's all fucked up.
>> No. 18373 [Edit]
actually it is ok... and it is animated gif ;)
>> No. 18374 [Edit]

It's hard to be any bit positive when your entire life has been sadness with brief periods of happiness.

Every goal I've worked toward has just made me more depressed and reclusive.
>> No. 18380 [Edit]
It can't be that expensive?
Also I got home gym now since I could only go up to 200kg in my old gym and shit limited me. It used to be equivalent of 20$ in my country for gym. Don't know how yours is so expensive.
I've had sad as fuck shit in my life too, but either I got more agitated to do something good or I stock up hatred that I used later on in my life as a fuel to do something. But I never was depressive. Although I practically live as a reclusive man.I have none of the anxiety problems you guys seem to have with people. Maybe it is because people don't want to fuck around me, because I appear a serious and angry as fuck.
Though being angry is the easiest way to go through depression.
>> No. 18420 [Edit]
It costs $15 a week which is expensive when you have no income. I might be going on the depressionbux soon so I might start depending on the money they give.
>> No. 18422 [Edit]
15$ ain't the hard par he hard part is the amount of food you need to eat which is easily in 200$ bi-weekly in my country. Probably double for American standards.So yeah...

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