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File 133916698961.jpg - (1.58MB , 2318x2132 , 27739195.jpg )
10727 No. 10727 [Edit]
Has anyone here ever been heavily on drugs/alcohol, and managed to quit? I've been trying for a while now but I keep fucking up and using stuff again and again. I want to avoid any hospitals cause..well they just suck. How can I go through with this?
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>> No. 10728 [Edit]

I did crack/cocaine over my teens; also, used to get drunk pretty much daily over a couple of periods; finally, I did shiva (opium) for a while...

Family problems induced by them (like my mother's attempts of etc.), together with my own (old) goals, helped me on moderation. But to leave them entirely, the only thing that worked was a radical change of mind, when I came to utterly despise recreative drugs and all the social life and culture (of any kind) associated with them.

I still smoke cigarrettes, though, and don't plan to quit them ever.
>> No. 10729 [Edit]
I've used alcohol a lot but I managed to quit. Now I've been 5-6 months sober. I don't think I had any sort addiction or anything. It was just weekly habit. I quited because it just felt like wasting money and time. Always when I was drunk I wasn't able to focus on my hobbies. I don't regret my decision. My life has been much more enjoyable after I quited.

OP do you feel you have some sort addiction?
>> No. 10730 [Edit]
The only way I'm ever going to stop is if I don't have the money to anymore. My life is already fucked beyond repair anyways so why stop now. I actually grounding myself into reality now would cause me to instant suicide because on or off them I'm still a useless, retarded pile of shit. I would just be an even more depressed, suicidal, useless, and retarded pile of shit.
>> No. 10731 [Edit]
My drinking had increased over the past few months. I used to drink a litre a day, now it's more like 2.5 litres a day. Over the past few weeks I've spent some time on a dating site trying to meet women. I've gotten some numbers and texted/talked regularly with a few. All failed miserably. I keep drinking because it makes me numb. I just wish I hadn't been born, it would have been cheaper.
>> No. 10733 [Edit]
Not heavily and not hardcore drugs, but after non-stop everyday use I found that many like alcohol become very boring and start to make me more and more sick. Well how badly you truly want to stop is a big determinant, but realize you are going want to stop even more later on so keep that in mind.

Here's some advice that workded for me though. First start associating drugs and everything surrounding them with disgust, don't associate them with any positive ever. Now simply limit yourself to the minimum of what you think you can reasonably handle and just work on that. If you give in, just tell yourself next time, it'll happen eventually if you never completely give up so no need to get paranoid over it. Distract yourself constantly. A day or 2 off from everyday use can be a big accomplishment, then every other day and you will be most of the way there. Keep in mind you will probably have to quit forever at some point, especially coke and opiates. Indulge in other things using that drug money. Teas, coffee (powerful stuff), or even chocolate, gum, candy, really spicy food = endorphin rush, buffets, or even better, distractions that take up your time like going to move theatres/cool performances. If you get an urge, go for a run, bike, learn to skateboard, swim, workout, dance crazy. Releasing adrenaline and endorphins work great and you will start to feel better after, healthy = mental strength and more dopamine. Or you can clean, organize, rearrange your place or anything constructive, it will make your mind more clear and in control. If you manage to do one of these things instead, don't save that drug for later, throw at least that much away as if you used it, you will be doing the opposite of wasting. If you have anxiety look for linden tea, it's the most calming, relaxing tea I've ever had but there are others, I buy my from mexican shops. Also, some good weed is the best drug if you don't have a bad history/association with it. I often find it leads me to want to do other drugs, so what could help is to just have a ton more weed to smoke instead of other drugs (can never be too high), even better is to find a good distraction you can do forever when you are high. Another very good way is to have someone who might care help you, as long as you won't get super pissed at them later. I hear meditation or just breathing exercises is super powerful. Lastly don't smoke cigarettes, bad for mind, body, and I can think of 10,000 better ways to die than cancer. Think of replacing the drugs with something good so you won't regret having given it up when you have stopped. Hope you try some of these things, good luck!
>> No. 10734 [Edit]
I drink tons at the end of the day.

Beer mostly. Despite being rather active I am still fat cause there is no way I am going to burn all those calories off.

I did LSD once many years ago. Was the most amazing time of my life, followed by one of the worst when I freaked out when it wore off. Don't think it was worth it.

I don't really know how I am going to kick the booze habit.
>> No. 10735 [Edit]

This is some helpful advice, thank you. I'll certainly try a lot of what you said. Distractions seem to be the best route to quitting so I'll need to reignite my hobbies and interest in arts. Normally I compose music or write or draw but I've lost any affection I had for any of that.

My main problems are alcohol, heroin and benzodiazepines. All horrible and all highly addictive. I know how bad they are and I know I end up doing terrible things while on them, but I can't stop myself. I've come to believe I'm addicted not only to drugs, but to my own mental misery and physical pain, no matter what form it manifests itself in. "...The more I drink, the more I feel it. I give myself up to drink on purpose to feel and suffer more. I drink in order to redouble my sufferings!" I can't seem to get enough of it, even though it ends up hurting those around you.

Since I started this thread, I've managed to avoid any chemical drugs, but I did drink. And those drinks managed to shatter everything I thought I cared for into a million pieces. Upon this realization I think I've found what I needed to make a compelling attempt at self improvement. Prior, I could only conceptualize what I thought would be right but never made an attempt to amend any of it. Now, I have nothing nor any reasons for anything, so quitting these evils suddenly seems like a good idea. Maybe it's all I have left? Ah, who knows. Well, let's see if I'm back at square one a week from now.

Also linden tea is fucking great. I forgot that stuff existed, I'll have to buy some again.
>> No. 10764 [Edit]
File 13395385115.jpg - (27.35KB , 361x252 , 1334884777951.jpg )
I went through a pretty bad drug problem awhile back. It led to a downward spiral type scenario, where I basically ruined what remained of my life at that point. Was thrust right back into depression and lethargy and whatnot, dropped out of university, my anxiety went through the fucking roof and I had then managed to alienate what friends I had left. I was never into anything too too bad drug-wise. I dabbled with DXM, MDMA, mushrooms, caffeine, anything I could really get my hands on. The big one for me was when I got into smoking pot every day. Especially when I would stay up for days just getting high. I was so out of my fucking mind, I couldn't deal with my own life anymore. I was never addicted to anything, the drugs just masked my sort of "life problem". I didn't know what the fuck else to do with myself. Nobody ever taught me how to live. I was just a broken person in pretty much every way. I had failed to be a functioning person, and it made me so fucking depressed and angry. Doing drugs was natural for me; it was like pushing a button to have fun. When I got high I either hung out with people if they were still in my life, or I played Gears of War multi-player while listening to music. So damn easy, right?

You have to find something to do with yourself. Things that take even the most miniscule amounts of effort. I started to read books, started to play guitar and bass again, went on walks, exercising.. Anything, really. Anything to fill up my time. I try to put effort into my life nowadays.

Replace the drugs with something else.

Post edited on 12th Jun 2012, 3:06pm
>> No. 10787 [Edit]
So, I nearly made it a week without drugs, but ate some MDMA today and did some stupid stuff. I also drank earlier in the week, but stopped each time before I was drunk. I still want to quit but fuck, is it hard.

Little by little, I guess.

Post edited on 14th Jun 2012, 3:28pm
>> No. 10825 [Edit]
File 134022137529.jpg - (334.13KB , 1000x875 , 3f0f597bd81848082040f730ac01c8f7.jpg )
Hard to quit. Alcohol. I've drank every day for... some time...

Get these striking pains on my side quite often now. May be my liver trying to tell me something.

Yet it continues. Actually, I'm drunk right now.

It can't be helped.
>> No. 10826 [Edit]
File 134022243380.jpg - (492.73KB , 720x800 , 1334898898250.jpg )

Sorry. That wasn't helpful at all.

All that's ever worked for me in kicking this habit is replacing it with something else. Find something you really enjoy and really run with it. Of course it has to be something that isn't a health hazard...

Not to assume too much here, but people like you and me, OP, we have addictive personalities. We need that one stable, consistent thing in our lives to console us as everything else falls apart. So in theory, as long as you have one thing like that, you should be fulfilled.

In theory.
>> No. 10827 [Edit]
Not him, but I'm like that too. My internet addiction is the only things that keeps me from full-blown alcoholism, even though I already drink a lot.
>> No. 10828 [Edit]
If I didn't have an internet connection, I can't think of where I'd be...
>> No. 10829 [Edit]
Being without internet is one of the worst things.

I used to watch television when I didn't have internet. Haruhi, I'm so glad that those days are long gone.
>> No. 10831 [Edit]
File 134023390266.jpg - (498.88KB , 800x1109 , 1334986262160.jpg )

With you 100%, my friends.

I feel extremely grateful and lucky to know you guys are out there and relate.
>> No. 10832 [Edit]
>So in theory, as long as you have one thing like that, you should be fulfilled.

This is what I've concluded too.

Since starting this thread I haven't managed to quit anything yet, but I still feel the will is there. If I can find a distraction strong enough to keep me from using anything, I think I'll be able to do it. So far, I've only thought of learning German or working, the latter I really wouldn't want to do.
>> No. 11071 [Edit]

Well, I've been off drugs for a while now. It feels nice, but I have so much energy and no real way to expend it. As a result I end up craving them just for something to do, but I've yet to follow any impulses. Still drinking, but I never get drunk - It only causes headaches.

All my old interests have returned; visual arts, writing and so on. I've accomplished so much lately. I really hope it (this optimism) persists because I've felt real good the past 2 weeks.

Say no to drugs - seriously!
>> No. 11075 [Edit]
I ended up watching shitty reality shows when my comp was broken for a few months a while back
>> No. 11079 [Edit]
I may not have watched reality shows, but I understand your pain just as well. Being without internet is true suffering.

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