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File 142163765693.jpg - (86.79KB , 318x450 , 69513l.jpg )
21818 No. 21818 [Edit]
Seems Ginko has taken up bartending in the after life.
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>> No. 21819 [Edit]
This is the only show I'm interested in watching season.
>> No. 21821 [Edit]
there is already like two or three other threads for this show, please delete this one
>> No. 21822 [Edit]
proof or it didn't happen.
>> No. 21970 [Edit]
That second ep was such shit. Really felt kinda condescending that they felt they needed to devote and entire ep to just explaining everything that happened in the first one. God forbid you let viewers work things out themselfs. It's like they think people who watch anime are all children that need their hands held and every detail explained in depth. Then there's that retcon. You toss out something that you know is gonna be controversial for the first ep, but you can't stick to your guns and sugar coat it in the very next ep. common.

Oh and good going there making the main character look like a idiot who can't do his job properly and sometimes condemns people to the wrong afterlife. You take a cold uncaring mysterious character who's seemingly all knowing, and drop him down to the level of a blundering retarded doll freak in just a few lines. yeah thanks for that.
>> No. 21978 [Edit]
>You take a cold uncaring mysterious character who's seemingly all knowing, and drop him down to the level of a blundering retarded doll freak in just a few lines.
He judged her based on something that was clearly a lie from her side. The guy attacked her, wouldn't you normally condemn someone who has that kind of person in him? The only reason she was chosen was because the man's reaction was somehow justified. But the reaction was based on an easy to see through lie from an outsider's perspective.

So in the end you can't really call him all knowing because 1) he first and foremost have to get them to reveal their characters which would be pointless if he could actually judge them fairly and without basing his opinion on something (the ones who died are not there for the shinigamis' or whatever they are's amusement), and because 2) he judged her based on her lie which shows us that he at least cares about morals, but have no understanding of how humans work.
>> No. 21982 [Edit]
I just meant that's the impression he gave off, but you're completely right and I really didn't think about it that way. Quite the oversight on my part.
>> No. 21998 [Edit]
I actually thought the second episode was great, it sort of pulled the rug out from under me.

I thought I was watching one show, and then I realized it was something else entirely.

I really like the idea of flawed gatekeepers to the afterlife. The idea that you can be a good person but you may end up being sent to the void because of a misunderstanding.

I also thought it made the barkeeper more interesting. I see him as a very innocent, almost childlike creature. I don't think that makes him stupid, but I do think it makes him sympathetic.
>> No. 22005 [Edit]
After having watched three and four I can't really say I'm impressed. They're probably going down the path of Hell Girl while also making sure to include some character development. That isn't in itself bad, but I personally don't like that development nor the overall theme/atmosphere.

It's like they want to show us something dark, the cruelty of the world or something, and end up making humans something special, something "bright". The first couple were unfortunate in that they were victims of a misunderstanding and the suspicions and anger/jealousy which followed - this is the cruelty of the world, the dark part. But in the end they both became "bright": One of them became mad with grief and the other became a liar to lessen the grief. The second couple died right as they found each other and the boy got the courage to ask her out. Obviously those two were "bright" all the way through, they could only think about using the time they had left and didn't despair in face of death and of course they fought not to survive but to have fun. Even though the guy in the third couple committed suicide, he also regretted it. Meanwhile the woman had a tough life. You could say that they both deserved to die, or at least that it was understandable that they did, but there must have been a lot of build up to both committing suicide and to hitting the manager. In the end they cared about their family and regretted their actions thus becoming "bright".

Meanwhile Decim becomes more and more "human" while learning about them. He may actually use what he learned from previous episode so that he had been taught how to lie in the first using it in the third and how to be kind or something in the third using it in the fourth... but it's a bit early to say.
>> No. 22008 [Edit]
That's actually a pretty interesting way to look at it.
>> No. 22009 [Edit]
My problem with Decim learning and being capable of making mistakes is it seems like he's probably been doing this for a while no? I dunno but I haven't seen any real indication that he's new there. In fact that large doll collection would make me think he's been there for a long time (I doubt he brought them all over and set them up in the same day) Seems like it'd be weird for him to only now be learning things.

Speaking of those dolls, what do you suppose happens if someone chooses to stay there? does he just drag them off to the elevators with those strings without the games? in the ova and first ep when that's brought up he just shows people the dolls, and they'd mistake them for bodies. That just seemed to be for show though, like an idle threat. Is it possible he actually turns some people into dolls?
>> No. 22010 [Edit]
This is really nitpicking here but there's something that's been bugging me for a while. So when two people die at the same time they get sent there right? First off, someone dies every five seconds somewhere in the world (estimate). So I'd imagine that he'd have a lot of people showing up, and these games don't seem that well optimized for getting customers in and out in a timely matter, it's almost as bad as a DMV.

Secondly, The chances of people who are both involved in a accident dying at precisely the exact same moment seem pretty high. I mean even when they're involved in the same accident one person's heart might take a tad bit longer to give out. like in that car wreck, the impact wouldn't hit them both at the exact same millisecond. Depending on what the car hit on the way down and from what angle, one of them would have died just before the other. The bus accident was a much bigger and clearer offender of this since one of them was standing up while the other was sitting. My guess is at the moment of impact the one seated was killed by smacking into what was directly in front of her while the guy would have been flung forward by the impact and been rag doll for a split second before hitting the front of the bus. So I highly doubt they would have died at precisely the same moment.

Lets just say they're a bit lenient with the timing of death and maybe allow a few second gap. This then would go back to my first point that all around the world people are dying every five seconds. So if you add in a leniency gap of a second or two, the place should be contently flooded with people from around the world.
That is unless of course this is just one of many bars that do this game thingy. maybe there's hundreds of these things for all parts of the globe.
Makes me wonder though what happens during natural disasters, or if 3 people die at the same time. Actually, why wasn't the bus driver with them in ep 3?
>> No. 22012 [Edit]
>Seems like it'd be weird for him to only now be learning things.
Everything he's learned has been partly the dark haired woman's fault. At least he only questions himself because of her. The point is probably that you can't just "be" human if you act as an observer and don't involve yourself with them. After all, humans are so fucking special.

>Speaking of those dolls, what do you suppose happens if someone chooses to stay there?
>Is it possible he actually turns some people into dolls?
Everything he does is with the intent to fulfill his duty as an arbiter, at least it has been so up till now, so he would probably try to find out their "true" self regardless of what they choose. The game is just the easiest way to let people reveal their self, is what I think, and fear is just the motivation to do so. And he probably isn't turning people into dolls, but he is instead fascinated by humans and can't just get his head around them. He makes images of humans, dolls, and is able to control them with strings, but he is unable to make them become "human". He's an imitator with no clue as to how that which he imitates work.

Maybe they have to have some sort of connection and can be seen as some sort of duplicates? I don't really know.
>> No. 22013 [Edit]
I enjoyed this week for the Yousuke character, I almost teared up.

However I felt like the show wanted you to pity Misaki to some extent but as it went on I just hated her more and more. Her life was awful there's no question about that but she turned around and became awful herself.

I'm interested for next week, I've been wanting to see more of the characters featured in the op for a while.

I agree with this. I think the dark haired woman with no name is the first person who has ever challenged the way Decim thinks. Decim looks like a adult human to us, but he's not human at all. He may not even be an adult. I personally think he was created to serve one function and before the dark haired woman, never thought anything of it or of himself.
>> No. 22069 [Edit]
File 142339131529.jpg - (62.36KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Death Parade - 04 [E62A11C3]_mkv_snapshot_04.jpg )
>> No. 22072 [Edit]
heh. you can really play as yourself now in video games.

Post edited on 8th Feb 2015, 7:34am
>> No. 22077 [Edit]
File 142342883973.jpg - (62.54KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
When I heard people talking about how SJWs were up in arms over the first ep because it depicted how women really are, I was expecting something a lot more like this.

Nice ep overall though gotta say, reminded me a lot of the OVA, maybe too much even.
The arcade game felt a bit in bad taste though and even a bit of wasted potential. So far in every game one player's actions effects and hurts the other player, here they're playing a fighting game but it only seemed to cause headaches which might have been more due to memories from the looks of it. I dunno but maybe it was because there was a relatable character this time around but I was really able to enjoy this ep a lot more than the others so far.
>> No. 22080 [Edit]
File 142342919292.png - (722.98KB , 1024x576 , cute anime screencap2015-02-08-04h27m25s13.png )
if you're that concerned about 3D women you should probably go back to /wiz/ or /niggertits/.
also ka kuso
>> No. 22082 [Edit]
Who says I'm concerned about 3D women?
>> No. 22091 [Edit]
File 142343017236.jpg - (49.55KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Death Parade - 04 [E62A11C3]_mkv_snapshot_22.jpg )
What the hell does he need this dildo for if he can seemingly control everything in the area by will alone? I didn't seem him pulling out any remote control for those wires he uses sometimes.
>> No. 22104 [Edit]
Probably for the viewers too stupid to realize he's fucking with the game without it.
>> No. 22121 [Edit]
But isn't it cool?
>> No. 22161 [Edit]
File 142407745919.jpg - (77.53KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Death Parade - 05 [FCEC9137]_mkv_snapshot_01.jpg )
yeah... that's totally not creepy at all!
>> No. 22168 [Edit]
The lovely smile of demon laughter and dying children.
>> No. 22176 [Edit]
File 142419611895.jpg - (60.69KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Death Parade - 05 [FCEC9137]_mkv_snapshot_13.jpg )
>he would probably try to find out their "true" self regardless of what they choose. The game is just the easiest way to let people reveal their self,
So much for that.
>> No. 22224 [Edit]
File 142468046979.jpg - (80.57KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Death Parade - 06 [05022842]_mkv_snapshot_03.jpg )
This was the first time I've been glad one of the characters who showed up was dead.
I am curious though... if she died naked why did she show up fully clothed?
>> No. 22229 [Edit]
Am I wrong if I say they're nothing but dolls? If so, then it wouldn't be that weird to be able to recreate their clothes again since they've already done it before. It's not like they arrived with damaged clothes or anything anyway.
>> No. 22231 [Edit]
Well I certainly haven't noticed anyone show up with any injuries. Could be they alter people's appearances to avoid having them remember what happened too soon.
>> No. 22234 [Edit]
File 142473624452.jpg - (84.29KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Death Parade - 07 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
>> No. 22237 [Edit]
oh! so that's why when people ask what happens if they stay there, he shows them that room full of dolls. It all makes sense now...
>> No. 22255 [Edit]
File 142510144025.jpg - (58.59KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Death Parade - 07 [01665C28]_mkv_snapshot_02.jpg )
They kept going on about no emotions this no emotions that, but this guy seems to be full of emotions. all be it mostly frustration.
>> No. 22257 [Edit]
ep 8 was a pretty damn good ep. For something so tame it felt far more intense than many of the past eps.
>> No. 22258 [Edit]
I read it was a bad translation and it was supposed to be empathy, not emotions.
>> No. 22259 [Edit]
That makes a hell of a lot more sense.
>> No. 22313 [Edit]
ep 8&9 were great, but I gotta call bs on something why couldn't the detective have killed him after he finished off with the girl? why wait? he saw what he needed to see right?
>> No. 22327 [Edit]
Because he was twisted and not a normal man.

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