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File 136019515436.jpg - (84.25KB , 420x682 , 1154428832325.jpg )
20448 No. 20448 [Edit]
Amongst out community in recent years it has been hard not to notice a strong push back against the weebs, the people who are very open and public with their form of otakudom. These people have associated themselves with a lot of things relating to Japanese culture in general and those thing in turn seem to have become anathema amongst the world's non-Japanese true otaku hikki neets, including a great fraction of the local denizens.
I feel this is a mistake.
Part of my own enjoyment of 2D has been it's association with and illumination of various aspects of Japanese culture. For example, I'd have never decided to purchase taiyaki at my local Japanese grocery had I not been made aware of it via anime. The utter rejection of such amusing trivialities is a misstep as it negates a fair amount of the potential enjoyment of an otaku lifestyle. Furthermore, antagonizing the types of people who do delve into practices that have been labeled as "weeaboo" will alienate a good number of educated veterans from our ranks. This little essay is not an obtuse effort to tangentially justify for cosplay and the like, that shit is still gay.
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>> No. 20449 [Edit]
Words words, words
>> No. 20450 [Edit]
Condense your sentences.
>> No. 20456 [Edit]
I don't really mind weeaboos much, unless they're the obnoxious type, which many tend to be.
>> No. 20457 [Edit]
I know one at the unfortunate job I have.

He is an alright guy actually. I can't talk much about anime with him, and he didn't even know of Miku till I told him about her recently.

That said he is a huge JRPG otaku. He has played far more than me. It is nice to be able to talk about stuff like that with someone outside of the internet.

I envy him though. He is well on his way to being fluent with Japanese. I haven't even started...

If I wasn't so weird and untrusting, I could consider him a possible friend.
>> No. 20458 [Edit]
I am a weeaboo and I really do not give a fuck. It's lost any sense of insult anyway.
>> No. 20460 [Edit]
according to the rules page you're an illegal immigrant here
>> No. 20461 [Edit]
I met someone at school who called me "baka" and had the Laughing Man thing from Ghost in the Shell all over one of his papers.
So I called him "onii-chan" and he laughed and said to never call him that again.
>> No. 20466 [Edit]
EVERYONE here is an illegal immigrant :/
>> No. 20470 [Edit]
Being a public "weeaboo" isn't something I really want to do.

However, I don't think people should think of Japanese practices as something to shy away from. I gain a great deal of enjoyment and comfort from doing things "the Japanese way," in quite a few different areas. It's a nice structure when followed correctly.

For instance, passiveness in conversation. I never outright tell someone when they are wrong, and I always try to look for the best way to say something without being rude.

Also kotatsu are cool.
>> No. 20471 [Edit]
>Also kotatsu are cool.
>> No. 20472 [Edit]
I couldnt care less about Japanese culture. Being a fan of a country is dumb, in my opinion. Especially if you dont speak the language and you've never been there. There are a ton of shitty things about Japan.
>> No. 20473 [Edit]
You seem to be new to this "society" thing.
>> No. 20476 [Edit]
I hate people no matter what they like.
>> No. 20479 [Edit]

I honestly can't recall a single instance of people complaining about weeaboos on /tc/. Con goers get flamed to hell and back but I'm okay with that because it doesn't really have much to do with being a weeaboo, it's mostly about being plain obnoxious.

So yeah, no problem there, hell, I'm not even sure what you're talking about. This coming from a big weeaboo.
>> No. 20482 [Edit]
Regardless of how stupid this thread is, I'll just add a little something:

I think of myself and everyone here as a weeaboo, but kind of ironically, since I just hate the self-important trendiness the word "otaku" has accumulated. It doesn't really matter what you call it, but I prefer the word with the negative connotation.

I know otaku is a negative word in Japan, but nobody can deny its trendiness in recent years.
>> No. 20550 [Edit]
Same I don't like the word otaku much either, in fact I don't like most labels because they're so self restrictive. I am just me and I happen to like many Japanese things.
>> No. 20584 [Edit]
I feel like the word weeaboo has lost a lot of its meaning over the years. I'll post its history if anyone wants to know it, but I'll warn you, its pretty much "4chan this, 4chan that".
>> No. 20595 [Edit]
I'm somewhat interested, but I think I might be alone in that regard.
>> No. 20600 [Edit]
Eh, might as well
>> No. 20619 [Edit]
File 136073836634.jpg - (113.40KB , 900x300 , PBF071-Weeaboo.jpg )
Ok then.

The first use of weeaboo can be traced back to this comic. (The comic is called Perry Bible Fellowship, its fantastic. Read it.) Sometime very early in the lifespan of 4chan, Wapanese (I have no idea what this word means but I think its like wigger but for whites that act like Jap stereotypes) gained popularity and sometime in late 2005 it became wordfiltered to weeaboo, both as a nod to the effect it had on threads similar to how it was received in the comic and to try and reduce that effect. By this time Wapanese was pretty much a dead word, but weeaboo took on something of a meaning. It came to refer to Japanophiles who liked Japan more than their mother nation to the point of spitting on their culture despite knowing nothing of Japan outside of entry level anime. It was typically used against people from sites like gaiaonline and just whomever /a/ didn't like. You need to remember though, at the time some things that are thought of as something only weeaboos do like go to cons or watched dubbed anime were things done by /a/. 4chan had even had its own panel at Otacon until about 2007 (when they were banned) and sub groups were not nearly as prolific as they are now.

This meaning still lives on, but only in communities like 4chan's /a/ or /jp/; as I mentioned, its meaning has changed and the people it refers to have changed. That being said, weeaboo also has another far more widespread meaning, thanks to the ironic style of writing common on 4chan and its eternal summer, normals co-opted it to refer to any kind of Japanophile, and eventually any person who enjoys media that is off from the American mainstream and uses a noticeably Japanese style unironically.

Works that have a Japanese style but are very western like The Big O or Cowboy Bebop often avoid this stigma, as does pretty much anything shown in America in the 1990s to the early 2000s. For one reason or another, this does not include Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, InuYasha, and Sailor Moon. In avoiding this stigma, The Big O and Cowboy Bebop have managed to draw the ire of Western otaku communities simply by being recommended by the same groups that ostracize them for liking other anime, even if its something like Black Lagoon.

Full disclosure: I used to go on 4chan often before alot of things happened in my life, one of them being coming here. Also, I love Cowboy Bebop and it really makes me sad whenever someone acts like I killed their dog and proceed to strip me of all my otaku cred for ever suggesting that Knocking on Heavens Door had good animation.

Sorry for the wall of text. If I got anything wrong please say something, I'm not saying what I wrote it the absolute truth, just my observations.
>> No. 20620 [Edit]
File 136073951612.jpg - (76.91KB , 1920x1040 , [OZC]Cowboy Bebop - Knockin' on Heaven's.jpg )
>For one reason or another, this does not include Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, InuYasha, and Sailor Moon.
They were dubbed and put on cartoon network's toonami/adult swim timeslots when they were pre-internet aged, so most of the people who watched them didn't know they were japanese until years after they watched them. That's why they see those as the "really good American cartoons" and not weeaboo.

>it really makes me sad whenever someone acts like I killed their dog and proceed to strip me of all my otaku cred for ever suggesting that Knocking on Heavens Door had good animation.

It's a movie, the animation being good is a given. You really shouldn't let low-tier trolling get to you, especially when it's that Haruhi damned obvious.

The thing that really irked me was the complaints about the movie ripping off from r07's umineko.
>> No. 20621 [Edit]
>The Big O and Cowboy Bebop have managed to draw the ire of Western otaku communities simply by being recommended by the same groups that ostracize them for liking other anime

I think your observations are pretty wrong
>> No. 20624 [Edit]
File 136075330958.png - (79.68KB , 554x647 , Anime_Expert.png )
>> No. 20626 [Edit]

He's right on that one, though.
>> No. 20641 [Edit]
I meant that the anime I listed is consisted too Japanese for normals despite when it aired. I agree with your reasoning but I think it only applies to things like Pokemon, YuGiOh, and DBZ.
>> No. 20677 [Edit]
jii-chan, you need to get with the times. look at what the younger generation grew up with.
>> No. 20735 [Edit]
So to sum up your thoughts:
Shounen = Weeaboo
Seinen = Something else

That sound about right?
>> No. 20744 [Edit]
Wasn't it the other way around?

But really, maintaining a somewhat intelligent conversation based on an underground term with its heritage in select internet subcultures; what prospects are those?
>> No. 20828 [Edit]
I wanted to be more social at my college so I hung out at the new anime club that formed last semester.

Hanging out with weebs will very quickly remind you why you dissociate yourself from that crowd as much as you can.

But hey to each his/her own.
>> No. 20944 [Edit]
File 13627054333.jpg - (79.03KB , 720x480 , Dh8lA.jpg )
Sad but true. I've tried finding other anime fans to befriend but every one of them made me want to set myself on fire. The only people worth talking to can only be found online. Nobody worth my time leaves their house.
>> No. 20948 [Edit]
>Nobody worth my time leaves their house.
Amen, brother!
>> No. 20952 [Edit]
i go to cons so weebs dont bother me. Then again someone said they could stab me and I would still be their friend, so perhaps I am naturally thick skinned. Or something
>> No. 20968 [Edit]
Weeaboos bother me so I don't go to cons (they rarely have figs I want for decent prices, anyway). But it's merely part of a general condition: common folk joining together bother me, since they go full retard in the maremagnum, so I don't go to gatherings in general. Online and anonymously, though. I can be much more tolerant.
>> No. 20970 [Edit]
File 136276183012.jpg - (40.53KB , 453x700 , ddt.jpg )
Hell, it's hard for me to even find people on the internet. Weeding through 99% of the Anime-du-jour crowd just to find people who have even heard of greats like Suehiro Maruo, Kazuo Umezu, and Nishioka Kyoudai.

Sometimes I wonder how half of the stuff even got translated. Frustrating that so much of it wont [be translated] during my lifetime, despite being published decades ago.

oh well, I'll stop my bitching and go back to counting my blessings.. for now.
>> No. 20976 [Edit]
>go full retard

epic meem
>> No. 20977 [Edit]
Cool your jets

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