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File 133161508235.jpg - (339.49KB , 1000x1000 , 1314843717751.jpg )
8729 No. 8729 [Edit]
Guys, I don't know what's real anymore.
A few weeks ago, I broke down and had to be taken to a psychiatrist for some anger/depression related issues and now they put me on this. . . stuff that makes me feel different
I can no longer feel the touch of mai waifu as I lie in bed at night
I can't even see her as I walk to work in the early hours
when I see a picture of her, I still feel the same, but when it is gone, so are my feelings
I fear that this too will fade and soon I will forget her and all of you before I know it
I don't want to go back to my depression, but I also don't want to forget her.
I'm scared. I don't know what to do.
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>> No. 8730 [Edit]
Perhaps you should refrain from taking whatever they're making you take? All I can suggest is to force yourself to stay strong regardless of the medication's effects. Keep her in your mind at all times, make it your only priority, she's more important than anything in the whole world right?
>> No. 8732 [Edit]
To be honest I don't know solution. Only thing I can think of is to "overload" yourself with thoughts of your waifu. Watch pictures of her for hours, stop and try imagine her being with you. If that doesn't work try again.

Also if you have really mental problems, maybe all comes back when you get your head alright. Maybe it is just phase. Every love has their on and off moments. In situtations like this, you always need to stay strong.
>> No. 8733 [Edit]
>I don't want to go back to my depression, but I also don't want to forget her.
I'm deeply sorry to tell you, but I think they're somehow implied. I mean: "depression" or whatever someone calls it, I'm certain that, for good or bad, we owe our love to our waifus to the very lifestyle we're dweling at; so as much you do anything to grow apart from it, you'll grow apart from that love in the same extent...

But I don't want you to be sick or miserable, either: I'm dead seriously concerned about you, right now; is it an anti-psychotic you're taking? However, in relation with your initial concern, not being able to tell what's real and not (an issue that extends determinantly towards your waifu), I think I can tell you this: I am an atheist; I do not believe that any kind of God is plaussibly "real" for any of my standards; but I firmly believe that it being "real" or not doesn't really matter at all, because God (i.e. a character, like yours or mai waifu) does exist, indisputably, in the measure that it affects and changes your life; and I am certain, as well, that simply taking faith away from someone, it's as unffair and brutal as cutting his legs or worst: that simply amputating yourself from your spirit, or whatever keeps you on your feet and wich allows you to make every step in front of the other, it's simply suicidal...

If you give this some credit, maybe you could put yourself together a bit; you could re-gain your waifu once again, somehow, by putting the entire affair now on your own hands, even without the former hallucinations. However, I might be even more fucked up than you to come up with this stuff now.

Best of luck. Take care.

Post edited on 15th Mar 2012, 12:13am
>> No. 8734 [Edit]
File 133163222628.jpg - (174.76KB , 1050x1260 , 16163760.jpg )
Sounds like the opposite of the situation I'm in. With my depression, I'm often too distracted to think about her at all. It's more like I have a head full of angry wasps and I'm too busy worrying about everything for any thoughts of her to fit in.

So, personally, I can only recommend staying on the medication and working on your imagination to substitute for the hallucinations. Meditation might help with this part. Also, do what I've done, take up lucid dreaming for her.
If you truly love her, the medication won't be able to change that. Persevere.
>> No. 8739 [Edit]
Im afraid its the REALITY slowly getting on you :s
>> No. 8740 [Edit]

>is it an anti-psychotic you're taking?

Same question here. It must be Topiramate. I've taken one of those before. Kills your emotions and imagination. But I am stubborn and, as I result, with nothing distracting me, I could vividly imagine my waifu with me.

Don't let them take her away from you, man.
>> No. 8741 [Edit]
>> No. 8742 [Edit]
I know a lot of you are wondering about my mental health, I am not on an anti-psychotic, I am on Citalopram Hydrobromide, an anti-depressant which is essentially a Ford Driver pill. It reworks the mind to function as a normal person's works as they have been tested to have no effect on those with stable brain chemistry.
I do not have that.
Thus it is changing who I am; I cannot cry, I cannot love, all I can feel is periodic ecstasy and nothing else. I'm now realizing that maybe it was my pain that gave me my soul and that maybe things were better before.
I still don't know
>> No. 8743 [Edit]
sounds like you might be better off not taking them.
>> No. 8745 [Edit]
Maybe look into some proven natural methods to combat depression (exercise and green tea seem to work for me), and see if your mental state becomes manageable enough to stop taking the anti-depressants. I've been able to get by this way for quite a few years now, and my response to anti-depressants was exactly the same as how you described your own.
>> No. 8746 [Edit]

> I cannot cry, I cannot love, all I can feel is periodic ecstasy and nothing else.

Practically what I experienced with Topiramate. You just need willpower to keep her in your mind, man. Just remember, they suppressed your ability to feel, not to think.
>> No. 8748 [Edit]

>I cannot cry, I cannot love

Jesus man, get off of that stuff right now.
>> No. 8749 [Edit]
that is pretty much the point of those meds, to make you stop feeling like shit by making you feel nothing
>> No. 8758 [Edit]
"A patient cured is a customer lost"

Your waifu is all you need, not a psychiatrist. However that is merely my opinion, Do what you feel is right and stay safe.
>> No. 8759 [Edit]
Is life without feeling worth living?
>> No. 8760 [Edit]
depends. Some people would prefer to feel nothing at all than constant, crushing sadness
>> No. 8985 [Edit]
Chris, I am wondering. If you know, could you say whether your depression leans toward a chemical or a psychological cause?

What I mean is depression can be one of two things:

1. Clinical Depression, a condition cause by a chemical imbalance in teh brain and only treatable by anti-depressants. The effects can be reduced though by other methods and may only show when the individual is going through emotional distress.

2. Psychological Depression, a condition caused by a situation, event, etc, that causes grief or misery on the individual. in other words, you're depressed due to some specific reason, that, if fixed, will end the depression. Most of the time the situation is related to finance or romance, or the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, many psychiatrists assign anti-depressants for this type as well because it's the easiest way to make the individual forget about their situation, rather than to make them feel better.

If what you have is number 1, I do not recommend not taking your medicine. Believe it or not, they help more than hurt. (even though they may hurt a lot)It is a matter of learning to cope with them, and to concentrate o0n things that you know make you happy, even if you don't feel such a way at the moment. Therefore, you should continue concentrating on your waifu, as well as other things, to help you cope wiht this medicine.

If what you have is number 2, I don't believe medicine will be more effective in helping you that to fix whatever it is has you depressed. I can give you further advice if you let me know what that is.
>> No. 9525 [Edit]
Oddly, after taking medications; I felt a bit better on mai waifu after the mental crisis that lead me to stop having feelings for her. Told the psychiatrist about it, and he seemed OK. Actually he told me that it is something common for people to have some attraction to "fantasy" or sorts, like a guy with a crush on a movie star.
>> No. 9609 [Edit]
>psychiatrist... told me that it is something common for people to have some attraction to "fantasy" or sorts, like a guy with a crush on a movie star.
Well, what a poor conclusion... as expected.
>> No. 9614 [Edit]
If you're dissing psychologists, allow me to join you.
The only thing those shitheads are good for is drug dealing. Their "therapy" (in which they try to dig as many holes in you as possible, and tell you there are things wrong with you that you completely disagree with) will only ever make you worse.
"Medcation won't solve everything!" is just a weak attempt to justify their "job."
>> No. 9637 [Edit]
The worse they make you feel, the more medications you'll want to take. "A patient cured is a customer lost"

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