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File 142509378269.png - (413.62KB , 500x600 , 1354944522207.png )
26412 No. 26412 [Edit]
At what age did you grow out of 4chan "culture", and why?

I personally found it to be increasingly pretentious without maturing. It grew wings but never learned to fly, pretty much.

What are your thoughts?
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>> No. 26413 [Edit]
Around 22-23 or so I guess? 26 at the moment. It was just getting really obnoxious and pointless.
>> No. 26414 [Edit]
Was on there since 14, always found the supposed culture pretty annoying.
>> No. 26416 [Edit]
I think a bit after high school. While the biggest reason is that I simply stopped caring, surely the fact that chans have turned into a total normie fest has also been a factor.

I still respect the unwritten rules of an anonymous imageboard. That's why I can still enjoy reading a couple of smaller boards even though I have grown out of 4chan.
>> No. 26417 [Edit]
I was never into it in the first place.
>> No. 26418 [Edit]
Not 4chan specifically, but I still like the "stupid" aspects of imageboard culture like Spurdo, etc. I never really liked the rude/obnoxious/edgy aspects that you see a lot of on 4chan. Some of that "culture" is really toxic and it's part of the reason I stopped going there.
>> No. 26419 [Edit]
I had left the site permanently in 2010 since it stopped being funny to me. Everything was literally being repeated not only every single day, but every other hour. It was getting worse and worse despite having gone there for a couple of years.

7 was better than it and more fun in every way. I remember when being a passive aggressive, lonely, and angry loser that hated every one and everything was all it took to fit in and be part of the site. It was nice while that lasted.
>> No. 26420 [Edit]
I grew out of it a long time ago, but I only completely stopped browsing 2 months ago. It's usually the same discussions over and over with a TON of "meme humor" added in by other users. I often just found myself miserably bored refreshing the page over and over just looking for a good thread.

Once I got pretty bored with the site, I didn't know how to quit it, then I played a amazing video game for days straight and then suddenly I felt zero compulsion to ever visit the site again.

That said, I did check it out again the other day and it actually was much worse when I left off. I get the feeling that it was always like that, only this time I actually noticed.
>> No. 26421 [Edit]
>I never really liked the rude/obnoxious/edgy aspects that you see a lot of on 4chan.
It annoys me too. On 4chan it's not enough to tell someone they're wrong or that you disagree — you also have to call them a fucking retard or some other witless remark. No argument will ever be settled or any kind of conclusion met because both sides become so engraved in their name calling that they become too stubborn to consider conceding the slightest ground. It only ends when one one of them gets too bored to continue and either adopts the 'okay pal whatever you say' pitying approach, claims the other side is trolling, or simply leaves without word. And it's not like this is a isolated phenomenon — every single thread with clashing views present follows this exact pattern, often multiple times.

I'm not saying it should be a peace and love hugbox. There's a time and place for calling someone a fuckwit. But when it happens on 4chan it seems kind of forced to me, as if they're calling someone they disagree with a retard only because that's what you're supposed to do when you disagree with someone on 4chan. It isn't enough to say someone is wrong — you also have to prove how wrong they are or how superior your views are by being as hostile as you possibly can.

I think it may have an effect on the overall post quality too. Why bother going into depth when all it takes is one line of greentext and a hilarious misnamed reaction image to render your post a waste of time? Say you arrived fresh off the boat with no prior knowledge of the site. Would you be inclined to make a quality post after having a look at the front page of any board on 4chan? Of course not. Wave after wave of senseless bickering clinging to each copy-pasted thinly-veiled bait thread that somehow still gets a million replies.

I've noticed this phenomenon on every spinoff imageboard that does not deliberately try to distance itself from 4chan and its post quality. 8chan and Wizardchan are two recent examples, Wizardchan being a particularly bad offender. Maybe one to two threads in ten are not merely post after post of low-quality name-calling.

Post edited on 28th Feb 2015, 12:09pm
>> No. 26423 [Edit]
I'd say it's moreso 4chan culture got tired of me.

Along the line somewhere it just changed and I don't find myself that into it anymore. I still long for the old days though. Sometimes I'll load up the archive and browse threads of old and it's really nostalgic.
>> No. 26430 [Edit]
About 18 I guess. I really don't know why. When I think of how it was like when I arrived and when I left, it feels worlds apart but I don't really know why. I think I just lost interest. It's like with airing anime, there is probably a good show but I can't be bothered to even look at a chart, just like 4chan probably has a decent thread but I just don't care.
>> No. 26438 [Edit]
17. I returned, sort of, at 20 due to lack of substantive alternatives.

This is all dependent upon what you refer to by "4chan culture". If it's the virtue of an anonymous platform of discussion and the unrestrained interactions that it breeds, I absolutely thrive on that. I cannot express how refreshing and lucid that form can be in direct comparison to the castrated, unchallenging, commercially sponsored pap that has come to infest the greater internet. Alternatively, like any platform that enables actual human beings to communicate their unique conception of what constitutes thought, you will have to wade through a tide of excreta to encounter anything of substance. It's saddening that such a requirement doesn't make imageboards less appealing than other options on the internet.

In the face of the sheer garbage that is most communities it's difficult to maintain any desire to uphold contribution quality. I exclusively frequent obscure boards where some semblance of standards and identity is preserved, but can't seem to reproduce the same feelings I got when I was younger. My current usage tends to concentrate within fits of procrastination and I increasingly perceive myself doing it for the gratification that comes with doing this. Imageboards are only entertaining when I have the opportunity to neglect things of consequence in my life.
>> No. 26462 [Edit]
File 142534544341.gif - (144.98KB , 561x461 , 1185284023485.gif )
/ot/ - 4chan meta
>> No. 26509 [Edit]
/r9k/ and /sp/ spelt the death of chan culture for me.

/lit/ and /mu/ are pretty terrible, aswell.
>> No. 26557 [Edit]
I really hate shitposting, I feel like it's just a bunch of people trying to make a "new epic meme" it's the same as those people that see a screencap of a once funny post then repost it themselves to get replies.
People always give reddit shit for their upvote system, which they deserve, but since 4chan had the replies link at the top of your post become widespread, most posting that goes on there seems to just be reply fishing so they can see that number grow.
I know it existed before but it seems much worse now.
It's a shame because it's really convenient, we have it here and it works well because of the general attitude of the community, but it's awful over there
>> No. 26566 [Edit]
Exactly how much do those tits weight?
>> No. 26567 [Edit]
The same as a paper weight.
>> No. 26579 [Edit]
Are paper weights heavy?
>> No. 26583 [Edit]
Is that a rhetorical question?
>> No. 26584 [Edit]
No? I just want to know how much do paper weights weigh
I asked for the tits' weight, you told me they're the same as a paper weight so now I need to know how much a paper weight weights
Then I'll find something of the same weight and hold it so I'll have a vague idea of how it feels holding those tits
>> No. 26587 [Edit]
You know those things you, like, place on your desk. It's about as heavy as a paperweight.
>> No. 26588 [Edit]
I have a lot of things on my desk with very different weights and none of them are used as paper weight
>> No. 26589 [Edit]
If you were to use them as a paperweight, it'd be roughly as heavy as a paperweight.
>> No. 26594 [Edit]
"The same as a paper weight" was a pun on real life weight and the weight of 2D "the same as a paper weights". I guess "the same as a paper weight or a paper weights" would have been better,

In all seriousness: She's an oni, probably, and bigger than most people, so if we go by some site which says
>A pair of D-cup breasts weighs between 15 and 23 pounds—the equivalent of carrying around two small turkeys.
they might weight four turkeys or something like that.
>> No. 26598 [Edit]
I think 2011 was really the year where 4chan as a whole really went downhill and it's basically been stagnant ever since. I think that was really the big year when "4chan culture" (what was left of it) started bleeding way more heavily into other places. And now, in 2015, you see that there's almost no difference between sites like 4chan, reddit, KnowYourMeme, etc. All the content you'd see on one, you'll likely see on another (memetexting, obnoxious 'waifu jokes', pepe frogs, etc). Similarly, there is no more 4chan 'board cultures' anymore apart from really superficial differences. Boards like /a/, /b/, /v/, and /pol/ bleed into every other board with the same terrible shit. There's no room for any tiny tight-knit community to come up with their own style. Everything has to forcibly be integrated with "4chan culture" at large, which has been stale and samey for years.

There is no sense of community or effort in any of it. And 99% of the time you see people start caring about that stuff, they're new people desperate to fit in to this toxic stuff. The "culture" is just to regurgitate obnoxious shit that's been said for years. There's practically no attempt whatsoever from the users to be original or creative. In that regard, among others, 4chan is exactly like the other sites it scorns (reddit, KYM, etc).
>> No. 26599 [Edit]
File 14269631986.jpg - (152.71KB , 799x799 , seeds.jpg )
I still like pepe, sadly people keep making those terrible images of him and now 90% of the time I'll see him he will be shitting on the feel guy or talking about memes
>> No. 26619 [Edit]
Funny, I just deleted my Pepe and Wojak just awhile ago. Maybe I'm getting older and more disillusioned with 4chan culture, but "LOOK AT ME GUYS, I'M SUCH A LOSER NEET XD" is starting to annoy me just as much as the usual normalfag bullshit, if not moreso.
>> No. 26626 [Edit]
>"LOOK AT ME GUYS, I'M SUCH A LOSER NEET XD" is starting to annoy me just as much as the usual normalfag bullshit, if not mores.

at least 4wd drivers are innocently being retarded NTs, just being themselves in their natural idiotic state that they can't help. the
"LOOK AT ME GUYS, I'M SUCH A LOSER NEET XD" crowd is a bunch of manipulative, lying attention whores.
>> No. 26629 [Edit]
File 142732032760.png - (1.04MB , 656x1024 , 39674203_p0.png )
It has been odd, to say the least.

I went to 4chan when I was 21, back in 2005. I found it hilarious, at a level I had barely seen before. The memes were slightly more original, and every day there was more than enough pictures that I had never seen before. Of course people were edgy and try-too-hard back then, but there was no standard for that and as such people acted like real people.

I was never one of the crowd. I usually just stuck to /d/ because I liked seeing anime girls getting milked or fucked by animals. In 2008, /jp/ showed up, and I joined it a few months later. I never even went to /a/; /jp/ was just really interesting for me because we were all just a bunch of alienated losers who talked about staying in their rooms and enjoying solitary activities, like collecting dolls, playing Yume Nikki, and trying to create shit. It was the first time I ever even halfway fit in somewhere. It introduced me to so many awesome things, like Touhou, Elona, traps, and eventually SSI and being a perma-NEET.

I didn't even watch anime (haven't for over ten years). I just loved being there, with people who were even slightly similar to me. I still read manga occasionally, though.

But 4chan was only one place that I went to; in many ways I preferred Pixiv and later on 420chan. I did get into some of the culture, in that I liked talking to shemales and cross-dressers back when it was popular, and started taking OTC medications to get high when that took off, but for the most part I belonged to no one besides myself.

I stopped going to 4chan in 2013 for many reasons. I was getting older, I didn't fit in anymore, nothing was original there, few things were funny, /jp/ wasn't interesting anymore, I could find my porn somewhere else...the list goes on. But I think what stopped it is that I simply found better sites, such as this place and 420chan.

To me, it died before most people said that it did. I wouldn't ever go there anymore, because I despise how m00t betrayed everyone just to get some SJW pussy (who ended up cucking him) and to obtain more Jew gold. None of that is worth my time; I have all the time in the world and none of that is worth a second of it. I'd much rather make my own imageboard and just 'tard off there; I could, 8chan allows that.
>> No. 26634 [Edit]

Remember how "gold accounts" used to be a joke.

I think i left in 2011, idk, that "pony" shit was blowing up/ whenever that was.

It ceased being relevant to me, novel or interesting.

That previous line describes how I'm feeling about the entire internet now. Good for reference, but I mainly just read the news.

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