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File 138993751223.png - (13.98KB , 300x300 , 51233.png )
14212 No. 14212 [Edit]
/mai/, I found a really cool website! You can make your own self-insert story, with lots of customization so the story will be about you and your waifu/husbando. You can edit details down to your age, social class, struggles in life (same with your waifu/husbando) and it makes a special story from that. I'm trying it out right now...

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>> No. 14213 [Edit]
I'm normally not a fan of these types of things, but this one actually wasn't bad at all. The generated stories are too wordy for my tastes, and the customization options might not fit for everyone's particular waifu- but it's still pretty neat regardless. Thanks for sharing.
>> No. 14214 [Edit]
File 138994238622.png - (14.50KB , 400x400 , 30.png )
Oh man, "I" was hilariously out of character when "I" tried unloading my past woes onto Keisuke.

I played it about 6 times. It was pretty fun, I wasn't expecting a lot out of it, so I liked it more than I thought I would. I did laugh really hard at the synonym swapping. "Windows to his soul", "orbs", and "spheres" had me cracking up every single time. (Anon's windows to his soul widened at first...)

I didn't futz around with character creation too much after my first run so maybe I missed this option in replays, but I wish there were more customization options for the love interest in terms of personality. Then again this is a free game.
>> No. 14217 [Edit]
File 138998258791.jpg - (8.25KB , 141x150 , 1336084556607.jpg )
>His tawny hair danced lightly in the ocean breeze, tickling against one cheek as he tried to keep still despite his impatient excitement, resting his cheek against one hand as he hummed "My Heart Will Go On" to himself.
>> No. 14219 [Edit]
Yeah too wordy, although I myself prefer classical literature to VNs and LNs and teen novels this is really overdoing it. Was embarrassing and funny though.
>> No. 14236 [Edit]
File 139012847333.jpg - (267.40KB , 754x962 , 71d9de0e0db78559bdb1080678e075ea.jpg )
Hahaha, not bad, just ignore the fact that it tends to be yeah, a bit wordy. Ain't that much of a writer, so you can mostly skip the narrations and just read the lines.
>> No. 14239 [Edit]
File 139015733450.jpg - (144.14KB , 550x900 , 040.jpg )
But Ritsu was different from the rest. Under that charming, outgoing exterior, there was a truly kind heart. Alexander had previously known nothing but loneliness and isolation until Ritsu came into his life and filled it with her warmth. Pain and doubt had plagued Alexander before Ritsu nearly extinguished it with her infectious optimism.

>> No. 14246 [Edit]
File 139022482611.jpg - (127.64KB , 640x480 , kagununu.jpg )
I tried it out the other day.

A fun little time waster, though I did expect a slightly longer story for the amount of questions I had to answer, and some of the things I filled in seemed inconsequential to the story.

I did only try it out once though, so maybe if I go over it a couple of times I'd get better results.

>"My Heart Will Go On"
Yeah, that was pretty funny. Also I thought of you when the "How would you describe her hands?" question came up...

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