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File 138347340695.jpg - (66.34KB , 845x479 , image.jpg )
17773 No. 17773 [Edit]
I feel very alone now that I am losing interest in keeping up with new anime. I still rewatch the series that I know and love, but the will to stay up to date has almost wholly faded. I only watch currently airing shows if they particularly catch my eye, and that hasn't been for several seasons. Anime aboulia is a horrible thing.
>> No. 17776 [Edit]
How's your backlog? Did you lose interest because you're dissatisfied with quality of new anime or for no apparent reason?
If it's the former you should be able to find something unless your powerlevel is really damn high (250+ days), if it's the latter... Well, you're fucked.
>> No. 17824 [Edit]
Its expected going by your OP image. If you watch anime only to slap your dick while looking at children there isnt much entertainment other than sexual gratification.
Get some taste and watch some good animes.
I recommend;
-Elfen Lied

the holy triad of good high quality anime.
>> No. 17833 [Edit]
Your post would be more funny if your sarcasm wasn't so obvious.
>> No. 17843 [Edit]

Yeah, if you're trolling at least don't make it so obvious, it's cringeworthy.

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