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File 129345186536.jpg - (41.63KB , 470x356 , article-0-03A96B0B000005DC-951_470x356.jpg )
705 No. 705 [Edit]
Well, it's some kind of off-topic, but I think I should post it here...

In his five short weeks of life, Orbit hasn't met many other owls.
So he isn't at all worried that his new best friend doesn't hoot back.
The orphaned chick is perfectly content in the company of the stuffed bird perched next to him and is never far from his side.
chick Orbit and his toy playmate
Orbit, a common barn owl, was given the toy by Lyndsey Wood, his carer at Folly Farm, near Narberth in West Wales.
She said: 'A friend suggested that I find something like a toy owl to stop Orbit feeling lonely.
'I thought he might try to eat it, but he just cuddles up to it and goes to sleep.'
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>> No. 706 [Edit]
That sort of reminds me of this, which has always kinda touched me:

Once upon a time, there was a butterfly.
One day, he fell in love with a beautiful butterfly.
But the butterfly he fell in love with was always resting on the flower in absolute stillness.
Despite that, he continued his courting, wasting his life away day and night.
Even when his life was expended and he fell slowly to the ground, the wind taking his wings...
..the flower that resembled a butterfly, but was not one by any means, merely stood there, swaying in the wind.

Describes how some of us live, I guess.
>> No. 709 [Edit]
I think is remarkable and very waifu related.
I hope we can know more about Orbit's development, in the future.
>> No. 710 [Edit]
File 129347824465.gif - (1.14MB , 260x146 , 1244023249091.gif )

If anything, Orbit has just pointed out what's wrong with most of the newer userbase on Tohno.

Orbit is lonely and desperate. He has no choice but to attach himself to that stuffed bird.

If there were real owls around he would hang out with them.

We are not like that. We all have a choice to spend time with 3DPG or with 2D and we all chose 2D on our own. That's our choice.

tl;dr: You don't get what a waifu is, you're just lonely, go to /so/.
>> No. 711 [Edit]
The New York Times had an article about -among other things- waifus. For those of you who didn't read it, it is at http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/26/magazine/26FOB-2DLove-t.html?_r=1
>> No. 712 [Edit]
>You don't get what a waifu is

Get off your high horse brohno. A waifu isn't something to be elitist about.

If you love your waifu, I'm proud of you, we are brothers. But there is no way you can go and define what a waifu is for everyone.

On topic, reminds me of a surrogate mother experiment that was done with rhesus monkeys.

>> No. 714 [Edit]
I found the OP quite insulting so I think being a little elitist is justified.
>> No. 715 [Edit]
File 129347931446.jpg - (109.27KB , 525x470 , Princess-And-The-Frog-Ray.jpg )
I feel bad for being reminded of this.
>> No. 716 [Edit]
File 129347968011.png - (104.37KB , 400x300 , th.png )
He didn't hurt your relationship with your waifu did he? I understand your sentiment, because I take my waifu very seriously as well, but it is foolish to expect the same out of everyone, and to go so far as to expect an owl to understand what a waifu is.

All your post was was going to do was alienate some part of the userbase. So let's just take it a little easy, and you can be thankful you have such a special relationship that evokes these indignant emotions in the first place.
>> No. 717 [Edit]

Yeah, I feel the same way.

In the article >>711 mentioned (I'm pretty sure I read it before but then again articles about 2D and otakus in general are everywhere) you can find following paragraph:

>“I’m pretty conflicted inside. People say there are some otaku who don’t want to get married, but that’s not true. Some have so little confidence that they’ve just given up, but deep inside their souls, they want it just as much as anybody else.”

To think that a guy this dedicated to his waifu would say something like that is ... I don't even know. Sad? Despicable? I'm trying to pretend that I don't even notice that some of us, even though we have waifus, would still prefer to date real women. But it's hard to do so when stuff like “Health and Physical Education for Over Thirty” sells the way it does (and now they're making an anime), when it's obvious that people in similar situation would change their life if they knew how to do so.

The comments of NYTime's readers are the icing on the cake. Pretty much everybody mentions how these people (or should I say we?) are insane, that they're pedophiles and that they should seek help from psychiatrists/psychologists. Fucking normalfags. Why do they even care? It's not like our lives affect them.
>> No. 718 [Edit]
To be fair, these kind of guys existed long before our kind of waifu devotion did.
>> No. 719 [Edit]

I don't want to be reminded of this. The article implies that many of those who chose 2D over 3D didn't have a choice, as if 2D were some surrogate for 3D. It also gives their readers an impression these men are delusional and somehow need psychiatric help. Obviously it's tailored for a normalfag audience, but what can you do? They think everyone who has a waifu has to have a dakimakura of her. What a joke this is. They always seem to imply that there is a sort of sexual connotation or some kind of pedophilia to all of this. I can't fap to mai waifu.


>I'm trying to pretend that I don't even notice that some of us, even though we have waifus, would still prefer to date real women.

Like I said, to some people with waifus, 2D is a surrogate for 3D. They don't really have waifus. When they say they love their waifu, they don't really love them. It's just a backup plan if they can't get 3D pigs, they might as well have their 'waifu'. For them, they would glady give up 2D in favor of a 3D pig that they feel infatuated with. As for myself, anyone can get a 3DPD. Anyone. It's just that having a waifu and giving up 3D for 2D is a choice rather than some form of compulsion.

>Pretty much everybody mentions how these people (or should I say we?) are insane, that they're pedophiles and that they should seek help from psychiatrists/psychologists.

This is why nobody else I know in real life knows that I have mai waifu. They expect me to get a 3D pig. Because if you aren't interested in 3D pigs, they label you as a pedophile, a creep, or whatever comes up in their minds.

>Why do they even care? It's not like our lives affect them.

They care because the NY Times is a liberal newspaper (which is obviously pro-3DPD) with plenty of 'humanitarian' readers who are 'willing' to 'help' people by donating millions of dollars to terrorist organizations and corrupt governments under the guise of 'feeding the poor children'. They say they don't care about a lot of things yet they still have to give a damn about the 2D thing. They're hypocrites, for a lack of a better word.


People like that are everywhere, it can't be helped.
>> No. 722 [Edit]
I think the point the OP was making is that this Owl can find happiness with something that isn't real, just like us. I appreciate the sentiment.

The fact that it would prefer a real owl might just be because it lacks the powers of cognition that we do. I guess you could say the difference between us and this owl is that it makes no distinction between real and imaginary, while we do but still choose the latter.

Yet it would be stupid to criticize this owl, or anyone who is similar, because we are the ones who are going against our nature. I wouldn't say it makes us better or worse off. We all just want to be happy, right?
>> No. 724 [Edit]
The bottom line is that whether imaginary or real, love is love no matter what it is. It's all just a chemical reaction. Though most animals lack some sort of cognitive sense and think things are real nearly all of the time, from attacking their own reflections in the mirror to that owl in the thread.

But either way, the owl was happy. I doubt that it was using the toy owl as a surrogate for companionship or love. Either way, it proves that even animals (well, of course humans are animals) are capable of 2D love.

But what irks me more is how people say that there is a difference between 2D love and 3D love. They call those that who just happen to love 2D more so than 3D are called as 'insane' or 'in need of psychiatric help'. Mostly because of their misunderstanding of the whole waifu concept as somehow bordering pedophilia and that it somehow has sexual connotations to it. 2D love isn't some type of surrogate for 3D relationships, and no one should be compelled to have a waifu just because they can't 'score' any 3D pigs. Even the mention of fapping to 2D makes normalfags laugh because 'who fucks to something that isn't real'? I doubt it's much different than, say, fapping to 3D whores. They aren't going to sleep with you.

Even if 2D lovers would forsake their waifu for 3D, at least in some ways, love the idea of 2D love and appreciate 2D girls.
>> No. 824 [Edit]


I picked up a special meaning from it... something that resonated in me. I liked it.
>> No. 825 [Edit]

Whoa, whoa, whoa... I don't think it's that offensive at all.

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