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File 136941920633.jpg - (950.51KB , 1000x800 , e6a7114fc0562703c3c3d2bc20a82ef6.jpg )
12686 No. 12686 [Edit]
Compare your height, weight, health condition and general body type to your waifu. How do you two look like when walking in public?
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>> No. 12687 [Edit]
File 136942255021.png - (57.28KB , 123x354 , EricaHeight.png )
She's 154cm, i'm about 175. We're both of healthy weight (I don't know either of ours specifically), and I actually have kind of a curvy physique. Erica probably takes somewhat better care of herself in general though.

We'd look like a pretty normal couple, although her extraordinary beauty would really overshadow my blandness.
>> No. 12688 [Edit]
One of the nice things about her is that she's rather tall for a Japanese person at 180cm tall, which puts us pretty much around the same height.
Not sure about 180cm. Not to sure about weight, I'm sure all that rice as to go somewhere but I figure she keeps her weight at a moderately healthy level although there are a few official images that show her with a super thin waste. Now sure how we'd look together, she's certainly a lot more outgoing than me and it might show.
>> No. 12689 [Edit]
File 136942416073.jpg - (39.38KB , 675x806 , 1368070602200.jpg )
She's 154 cm and I'm about 183 cm, which translates to me being around a foot taller than she is. I probably weigh around twice what she does as well. Outside of playing drums I don't think she is particularly active as far as exercise goes, so I'm probably the one in better shape because I lift and do cardio a lot. We're around the same age as well with me being a bit older.

I don't suppose people would think we're that strange of a couple although she is on the small side and I am fairly muscular so I wouldn't be surprised by the occasional comment on the size difference. And I am a non-Japanese person as well, so I guess that might attract a bit of attention if we're in Japan. Not quite sure if that's as big of a deal over there as I've been told.
>> No. 12690 [Edit]
I guess there would be some kind of contrast between her and me. But as we would walk along, I am convinced that people would notice how pure and strong our link is. Then this contrast would not matter anymore.
>> No. 12695 [Edit]
File 136945781542.png - (125.00KB , 204x599 , my empressu skirt.png )
She's 150cm and I'm about 176cm. She weighs 42kg. I have no idea what I weigh, but I think it's probably a little bit more than I should, not by much though I've been losing some weight recently. She has that, what's it called? Hourglass body type I think? I'm kind of broad I think.
All in all I think I would look kind of big compared to her, though I think a lot of people would probably think the different is cute or something. Others might think it's weird or something. I think we would look fine though.
>> No. 12697 [Edit]
File 136947089192.jpg - (424.58KB , 889x800 , 1235964553590.jpg )
Her exact height has never been revealed, though it's been said that she's "fairly short" even by normal teenage Japanese girl standards... so she'd probably be a lot shorter than me even with my average-range height (5'10 ft/178 cm).

Her canonical weight and body type are completely unknown thanks to her long, baggy clothing. As for our health, we're both asthmatics, though I'd imagine she has it worse than I do. Because of this, we'd probably end up walking slowly and maybe give off an appearance of being an older couple or something at a distance (assuming you could even catch us outside).

This is a pretty nice idea for a thread, OP.
>> No. 12698 [Edit]
File 136947741226.png - (218.93KB , 500x500 , 35602745.png )
We'd just look like a couple of lovestruck late teens/early 20's, I suppose. Similar height, nothing really wrong with us in terms of physical health. So pretty normal, if not a little clingy.

That's adorable
>> No. 12699 [Edit]
I find it quite difficult to visualise. She's depicted as slender and probably average height for a woman, but most Japanese women are fairly short. I would image she's just half a head shorter than me (I'm about 174cm.)
>> No. 12700 [Edit]
File 136949431440.jpg - (143.16KB , 600x1028 , dress yellow.jpg )
I'm just about a head taller than her. I'm thin but not athletic anymore. I double her age but I look a bit younger. I don't want to think any further.
>> No. 12702 [Edit]
File 136953224696.jpg - (58.85KB , 430x700 , b8cf5bb96b3f79531f3e93c65fec9975.jpg )
I'm 181cm and 170-175lb, black hair, dark-skin white, medium build, broad shoulders.
Erica was 154cm at age 16/17, so I just round up her final, adult height to 160cm for our current age of 21. She is fairly light due to her petite frame.
My diet is very healthy and I do an average amount of exercise, mostly to aid my chess studies.

I doubt much would be amiss in public, even the ~8-inch height difference. People could hear my Britannian and her Karlslandic accent and perhaps assume we're tourists. Or if they observe our actions, they could see that we're a playful couple in love.
>> No. 12704 [Edit]
File 13695352776.jpg - (297.14KB , 700x990 , 14625525.jpg )
I'm around 175 cm, she's about 165 cm which puts the top of her head at around my chin area/lips area. She's 45 kg and real slender (she's got a nice hourglass figure). I'm just a tad underweight so I just have a flat stomach. I never work out but she's a track star so we definitely don't compare there. I look like a pretty average guy but she looks gorgeous so she would definitely be the center of attention if we were walking in public together.
>> No. 12705 [Edit]
File 136954414357.jpg - (269.71KB , 800x600 , Narcissu_full_295373.jpg )
I'm 5'10" and about 130 lbs. She is described as having the body of an (implicitly Japanese) junior highschooler. As for health... well, she has a life-threatening heart condition and I haven't had so much as a fever in years.

This isn't too far off from how we'd look.
>> No. 12710 [Edit]
File 136971674797.jpg - (105.63KB , 472x699 , 34790670_p7.jpg )
At first this thread made me feel really self-conscious. He is far more attractive than I am, and is in much better shape, and if we were walking out in public "as a couple" I think people would definitely turn heads just because I'm so homely in comparison.

Then I thought about it and I think regardless of what world we inhabited, in public we'd most likely only go out "as friends" due to... obvious reasons. I'm okay with that. I'm not looking towards the public for validation of our relationship, anyway. I imagine it'd make private moments even sweeter.
>> No. 12720 [Edit]
File 136980834158.png - (385.72KB , 650x695 , 34294882.png )
For height, we're not close to the ideal boy:girl height ratio, where the boy should be noticeably taller.. While I am taller than her, it's not by much, and she'd probably tower over me if she wore heels. For weight, she's considerably more fit than me-- though, since we're walking in public I'd say it won't be noticeable since we'd be wearing clothes. Health condition, she is definitely more healthier than I am, but I'm not a zombie either, at most, she'd just be walking with a really sleepy looking man. I don't think we'd look bad together, although our looks would heavily contrast. Because of that, though, I'd think we'd make a perfect duo. We'd have our arms linked and we'd stroll through the streets like any other couple, perhaps even more lovely. I'd wager that we'd look like Producer x Makoto from [email protected] episode 17, just that Producer would be alot shorter and a little more on the weight side.
>> No. 12732 [Edit]
File 137006350467.png - (100.32KB , 600x800 , c13f55f16c1f60c0101903ed95323edf.png )
She's 142, I'm 178. Basically, she's an imperial foot shorter than me.

I'm pretty light, only about 55 kg. She's also light.

Healthwise, I'm not sure. Neither of us are exactly frail, but we're not exactly impervious either. She's athletic, I can be athletic when I want, but I probably couldn't match her very well. We could probably play football together or run 5K, but who has the time for that?

I know her family has some health issues present on both sides. Her mother was incapacitated and later fell to side effects stemming from childbirth, and her cousin has immune issues. I have ulcerative colitis and have heavy onset fatigue issues.

In all I think we would look cute together.
>> No. 12746 [Edit]
File 137083200446.png - (345.45KB , 406x528 , 1327789686600.png )
I'm 5'8"
She's 5'4"

I'm a bit of a chubster while she's rather slender.

I'm sure we'd look like a normal couple, but some might think I'm just her guide or something.
>> No. 12755 [Edit]
File 137102183853.png - (515.29KB , 500x657 , Flandre (129).png )
While no definite height is given, (from what I can tell) I imagine her to be about 155cm, or 5'1. I see her as a girl about 12-14 years, body-wise. I am 185cm, standing a foot over her. We're both really skinny, and I doubt either of us would be that physically fit. Although, she is a vampire, so she would be much stronger than me despite physical differences.

Certainly, going out as a couple would attract too much attention... I would pretend to be just her loving, older brother. It would raise fewer questions, and allow us to spend quality time together even when outside.
>> No. 12812 [Edit]
I'm about 168-169 cm, while she should be around 150 cm. She's about 40-45 kg, or 90-100 pounds, while I'm about 145 pounds, or 65 kg. So basically I'm six inches taller than her.

Both of us are in great shape. She's on the petite, slender side with an hourglass figure. She is also more noticeably athletic than I am. So I guess we look like a relatively normal couple, it's just that she stands out more.
>> No. 14283 [Edit]
I'm 6 and a half feet, average weight. even though she is taller then the rest of the girls in her class i still tower over her, the hight difference wouldn't be the thing grabbing peoples attention, though. I'm sure society would look down on human/elf relationships.
>> No. 14284 [Edit]
File 139049636531.jpg - (88.68KB , 481x641 , 1360182821116.jpg )
She's 5'7''. Come on man, how could you ignore all the times it's mentioned she's very tall?
171 cm.

I'm roughly 6', and about same body type as her, maybe a bit more muscular, but lean.

Post edited on 23rd Jan 2014, 9:01am
>> No. 14285 [Edit]
File 139049924460.jpg - (147.54KB , 788x1014 , tender_kiss_by_candor_shade-d6yvd3j.jpg )
Homura is 155-158 cm (5'1"-5'2") and I'm around six feet (183 cm) a little shorter maybe. I think she would come up to my collarbone. Idk if people would scream pedo without the school uniform, of course she still has a young face but I read on Wikipedia that the average height of the Japanese woman is 5'2".

I'm skinny, but the design for moe anime characters is even skinnier. I'm 153-156 lbs (69-71 kg) Anyways here's a drawing I did that I didn't get to post in the creative things thread because I think I was banned er something. Probably should've bought a bigger set of colored pencils and found the scanner and used that lighting.

Post edited on 23rd Jan 2014, 12:48pm
>> No. 14286 [Edit]
She is about 157cm and I am about 169cm. I am about 61kg, while well, I don't know her weight. She looks a lot better than I do, especially since she is more noticeably pretty and beautiful than I am.
>> No. 14291 [Edit]
you can't be banned from a single thread, stop being dumb.
>> No. 14295 [Edit]

I try to post in that thread and I get redirected to the front page. Brought it up in fb and a Moderator said I was banned.
>> No. 14626 [Edit]
File 139414335240.jpg - (247.45KB , 650x700 , 1239063870740.jpg )
I imagine she is about 155cm, and her weight shouldn't be beyond average. Her physical shape and health condition are pretty good, despite her lazy attitude towards any kind of exercising. As for myself, i'm almost 195cm, blonde-haired, possibly underweight a little bit, and my health condition is fair.

Contrast will draw some attention for sure. Though, we would look rather cute together after all.
>> No. 14627 [Edit]
Actually, I guess in many cases we'd have to factor in that most anime girls are skinny and have big heads in comparison to how people actually look... Would you take on the artstyle of the series your waifu is from, or would you simply be represented by the most realistic anime style in this case?
>> No. 14629 [Edit]
I think that should be up to each one, so follow your heart.
>> No. 14651 [Edit]
>>14627 I would prefer not to look too realistic. But i wouldn't want to look like generic self-insert guy either, i still want to be able to recognise myself easily, without second thought.

>>Would you take on the artstyle of the series your waifu is from

You made me imagine how funny i would look being drawn by Zun...
>> No. 14653 [Edit]
File 139432532019.jpg - (163.79KB , 703x1000 , yande_re 76366 sample.jpg )
I am a foot and a half taller than her.
>> No. 16970 [Edit]
File 14157435438.jpg - (1.80MB , 1250x3500 , yande_re 166761 kiriya_nozomi mayoi_neko_overrun s.jpg )
I am 181 cm, and she is around 165. I believe it's a normal height difference and we would look good together. Weight-wise it'd be alright too, she's quite fit, and I'm, well, normal. Being with her is a very pleasant thing to visualise for me.
>> No. 16971 [Edit]
I never really thought about it much.
I am about 175cm, Hanako's 164cm.
Weight 165lb. vs 115lb.
Wealth...well Hanako was under government care with no relatives so I would imagine she's close to broke. I'd have had a wealthier upbringing.
>> No. 17081 [Edit]
File 141757553412.gif - (3.33MB , 550x600 , spinny test.gif )
I made her canon height 157 cm and my OC around 183 cm which is how tall I am real life. Proportions are still probably a bit off... Just something I animated in August kind of inspired by the first LoGH OP. It's grainy because .gifs aren't very friendly.
>> No. 17083 [Edit]
That's pretty neat! What's it like interacting with your waifu throigh an OC?
>> No. 17087 [Edit]
Pretty strange to say the least, lots of non-canon stray thoughts that wouldn't fit in decent literature... It's actually interesting to me how I would like to consider my work mainly intellectual and describing ideas rather than passions-- in a sense there's a limit or blocker so I don't burn out and so I don't try to write anyone "too perfectly". In comparison my OC would be a conscious manifestation while she would be more subconscious, and even though I can perceive what I write I'm still surprised by how I feel when it comes out. I would be the rational while she would be the emotional.

To put things in simpler terms I really feel like this is just the beginning anyways and I hadn't expected her presence to stand out that much in my mind, as I only ended up putting more attention midway (perhaps it was an important factor in preventing my novel from tumbling down into nihilism/emptiness like previous works) Overall you could say I'm excited but trying to fully flesh out both her and my OC is going to be a big challenge.

There's still lore and thought experiments to be fleshed out, perhaps in a spin-off rewrite before I actually feel comfortable with the continuation.
>> No. 17096 [Edit]
That actually sounds really interesting, especially the bit about test arcs. Do you right "secret chapters" that are non-canon then?
I'm curious because I want to write a novel (not enough time though).

Post edited on 4th Dec 2014, 10:53pm
>> No. 17097 [Edit]
I daydream ridiculous amounts almost at all times, reviewing old and new ideas alike, and I'd like to think that makes up for my lack of planning/editing. Good chance I'll write non-canon stuff this winter.
>> No. 17355 [Edit]
File 142069230035.png - (174.81KB , 500x432 , 34.png )
I've always been insecure about my appearance, but we're both rather unattractive by average standards, at least in our faces. Beyond that our builds are pretty different as he's tall and thin/athletic while I'm short and on the stocky side. I think I look something like a thicker Onoda.

Midousuji is definitely healthier than I am, though we both have terrible posture and appear as if we could use a good night's sleep.

Overall we'd look more like awkward friends than anything. I doubt anyone would consider us a couple.
>> No. 17406 [Edit]
He's about 180cm (5'11") while i'm 170cm (5'8") so I guess we'd look like a typical couple. There's nothing that would really make us look weird; we are both pretty skinny and have decently pale skin.
>> No. 17511 [Edit]
File 142245355958.jpg - (40.85KB , 324x260 , ayana ii.jpg )
Ayana doesn't have a specified height (that I know of), but she's pretty short. I'm about 5'9", so I'm not tall either. That's not so bad, but there's her rather unlikely proportions combined with the fact that I'm extremely underweight. I doubt she could really integrate into the public at all unless she had a lot of clothes that cover her shape, but I guess it really depends where we are.

(just bumping this old thread because I found it interesting sorry)
>> No. 17515 [Edit]
The source material gives Rei's height as 140cm (although, in my headcanon*, she's more like 170cm tall) and 34kg, although she seems a bit heavier, (due to the increased height), and, despite my best efforts to the contrary, she's in better shape (one of the official images depicts her with muscular abs and a hint of biceps, which I quite like).

We would attract some raised eyebrows and double-takes, at least in part because of her tigress-like appearance, in part because there's no way a guy like me would end up with someone as hot as her, and, last but not least, because she'd most likely be spewing drill-sergeant style ribbing the whole time if we ever went out for a run together (assuming I could keep up).

*I always read this as headcannon.

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