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File 134060238595.jpg - (31.51KB , 500x370 , keiichi-6_21_2012.jpg )
15582 No. 15582 [Edit]
Downloading is two years. Uploading is ten:

And of course mass surveillance too, because our current copyright model is incompatible with individual privacy:
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>> No. 15584 [Edit]
Oh no, now people are gonna have to put their mp3s into zip files before they upload them somewhere. You did it japan, music piracy is over

Post edited on 24th Jun 2012, 11:12pm
>> No. 15590 [Edit]
Actually after researching it a little it turns out uploading copyrighted content has carried a 10 year prison sentence there for a while, and it's not like that's stopped anything.
>> No. 15591 [Edit]
its a neat solution. but dont we already have the laws and technology to prosecute people for copyright infringement?
>> No. 15592 [Edit]
>its a neat solution.
Are you serious dude?
>> No. 15593 [Edit]
Considering the heavy consumer culture its not that surprising.

That said I don't think it'll do shit all
>> No. 15594 [Edit]
if he's the same guy from that other thread then trying to talk to him is pointless, don't even try
>> No. 15595 [Edit]
Copyright laws in Japan rarely do anything. I wouldn't worry.
>> No. 15596 [Edit]
it's not even a new law, it's just them adding a punishment to something they declared illegal long ago. also yeah japanese media companies don't care about pursuing copyright infringement for the most part so whatever.
>> No. 15609 [Edit]
Japan enforces copyright laws at all?
>> No. 15610 [Edit]

Most of the time they don't really care but I guess their record industries do since this is entirely their doing
>> No. 15862 [Edit]
File 134223954131.png - (203.92KB , 646x363 , Screenshot-07142012-123812-AM-646x363-316197084.png )

I guess it's not unheard of for pirates to have their homes raided by police in Japan.
>> No. 15863 [Edit]
I saw that earlier today, it's pretty shocking, isn't it?
>> No. 15864 [Edit]
I believe most laws are simply an excuse for the authorities to arrest you when they want to. You're always breaking a law of some kind or another, and the authorities will find it and jail you for it.
>> No. 15865 [Edit]
This is true.
There are tens of thousands of laws in the united stats, they can change from state to state or even by the city or county. and it's impossible for the average citizen to know them all.
>> No. 15868 [Edit]
Some of the 4chan anon as well as think some 2channers were involved in fighting those people. theres videos in english and japanese about that
>> No. 15923 [Edit]
>Next, the Agency for Cultural Affairs gives us a rather inspired ruling of “illegal download”: it claims that TV shows which have been broadcast and are not yet available on DVD or Blu-Ray may be downloaded freely, because they were broadcast for free! However, you can still be sued for piracy as a civil offense. Furthermore, there are existing criminal charges for people who upload such videos.

this kind of sounds like a good idea to me
>> No. 15931 [Edit]
all laws really are to benefit one group of people (usually the wealthy, the powerful, the haves) at the expense of the others, the powerless majority
we are the have-nots
>> No. 15941 [Edit]
Many, probably. But not all. I think laws against such things as killing people are probably best for everyone.
>> No. 15954 [Edit]
No, they only benefit the people who do not wish to kill people.
>> No. 15955 [Edit]
and people who do not wish to be killed
>> No. 15956 [Edit]
many are created for the soul purpose of giving lawyers a reason to exist.
>> No. 15970 [Edit]
one of the commenters suggested the law was crafted to accomodate the anime industry & not to piss off the doujin/comiket scene - out of respect for its' necesity and also out of not wanting to piss off such a beehive
>> No. 15971 [Edit]
nice pun
>> No. 15987 [Edit]

So apparently /journalists/ are being arrested for publishing how to back up and rip DVDs, because in doing so you're circumventing digital rights management software (DRM).

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