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File 141697355648.jpg - (69.26KB , 600x884 , image.jpg )
17037 No. 17037 [Edit]
Rendering waifu in 3d art. How do you guys feel about this? What I mean is drawings of waifu made to look realistic, not two dimensional. Possibly using real people as references to recreate her body and facial structure in 3d.

Does this go against the "spirit" of waifuism? I assume many of us would like our waifus to exist irl. That would mean our waifus must be 3d (duh) and look 3d too, since it would look awfully weird for them to retain their anime proportions and appearance.

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>> No. 17038 [Edit]
>>Rendering waifu in 3d art. How do you guys feel about this? What I mean is drawings of waifu made to look realistic, not two dimensional. Possibly using real people as references to recreate her body and facial structure in 3d.

No, thanks.
I have no problems with people imagining their waifus looking realistic, though, i just always prefer 2d look myself.

>>I assume many of us would like our waifus to exist irl.

Sounds like the worst idea ever to me, i certaintly wouldn't.

>>Does this go against the "spirit" of waifuism?

I'm not sure such "spirit" even exists, since it's so different for everyone.

Post edited on 25th Nov 2014, 8:32pm
>> No. 17048 [Edit]
I agree with everything said in this post. I'm glad she doesn't exist in this world in the form of another 3D human being.
I personally feel like if she would become 3D she would definitely become something she is not, she would drift way too far away from (head-) canon for me to even recognize her. I don't want her to change. I'd rather leave things as they are right now, it's going well at the moment.
Are we just talking about looks changing or also the personality changing along with it? I'm afraid if she were 3D she would not behave the same way she normally does. Such beauty can't exist in this ugly world.

Post edited on 26th Nov 2014, 5:14am
>> No. 17049 [Edit]
File 141700698614.png - (147.27KB , 315x440 , 46689251_p0.png )
Personally I'm more open to different interpretations of her in fan art, even some of the more realistic ones. I take what I can get, honestly.

A 3D model of her does exist, in chibi form in a licensed game, but a more realistic interpretation would probably look pretty odd, to me.

I'm one of those who are happy that their waifu doesn't exist in our world. Too many possible repercussions to even think about.
>> No. 17050 [Edit]
File 141702418626.jpg - (349.85KB , 960x1358 , 139385490547.jpg )
I'm fine with occasional semi-realistic pics. As long as they don't get too realistic because then it'd end up being really gross and repulsive like cosplay is.

Post edited on 26th Nov 2014, 9:55am
>> No. 17053 [Edit]
File 141703375669.png - (1.08MB , 1024x1025 , 9.png )
This sort of thing does interest me, if only because unique interpretations of him are exciting. I don't think my opinion counts much as he's non-human, but if he were human I would certainly be disturbed by it. Though it may be the wrong kind of attitude for TC, I don't hate 3D creatures so much as just 3D humans. I've always enjoyed characters who are humanoid rather than of my own species so I'm fine with him being rendered as such.

I'm not sure his existence in this world would be something I want. I would love to meet a version of him that's alive and able to communicate (2D or 3D), but not in a place as gross as earth.
>> No. 17054 [Edit]
I wouldn't mind it, but I wouldn't be actively looking for it either. It it looked nice, then I'd save it, if not, then I would never look at it again. But I do agree with most of the people here, I would never want my waifu to exist in my world. There are far too many disadvantages than advantages to that.
>> No. 17057 [Edit]
I sometimes imagine her 3D, although a perfect 3D. I don't mind 3D, it's just that no 3D could possibly match the perfection seen in 2D.
>> No. 17059 [Edit]
File 141705807829.jpg - (269.72KB , 1600x1000 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Here's the most realistic picture I have of her.

Interesting. Thank you guys for your input.

I've been giving more thought to her being 3d recently, which inspired me to write this post. I personally do not have the same aversion to 3d as many of you guys do: Ahri does not have the luxury of innocence. She already understands how cruel life can be. If I could have her alongside me, I would accept. Yes, it means she could be hurt, but that happens to her on a daily basis when she fights. It's part of life that I would like for us to face together.

I... fantasize about settling down with her often. Having a house, and children together. Unfortunately, I can't clearly see her face as she would look in real life. Only an animeisque appearance, which isn't a bad thing by itself, it just doesn't... fit my fantasies.

I agree with >>17057, 3D can't come close to the perfection of 2D. But both are appealing in different ways for me. 3D makes her more... human. Less of a perfect goddess, in a sense, and a person with flaws. She's vulnerable, but that means it's up to me to protect her. 2D I love in a more... religious sense, for lack of a better word. She becomes more of a protector, a guardian angel to watch over me, guide me and inspire me. This distinction is why I neither prefer 3D or 2D, but accept both as a way to interpret her.
>> No. 17060 [Edit]
>3D more "human", 2D more "religious"
Interesting how you perceive 3D vs. 2D. Rather than "religious" I would opt for "idol" in terms of wording, but I do kind of see what you mean. 2D, in appearance anyway, seems less fallible and fragile than 3D.
I think our comparisons are good because we both have very human -like waifus, in that they have made mistakes to some degree and are not extremely morally righteous or innocent. Since we like them for that, we don't necessarily want to hold them as idols and therefore a fallible 3D character is still appealing.
I apologize in advance if that made no sense, my mind is at a crawl right now.
>> No. 17063 [Edit]
Whatever works for you, guys.

As for myself - anything 3d, anything "real", anything "human"(in terms of 3d world) has no appeal for me at all.

I'd say 2d can be very human, but in terms of 2d world, which can be as simple, honest and beautiful as actual reality can never be by any means. And i wouldn't say that 2d characters are flawless - it's just that their flaws can not be compared to flaws actual people have(unless you personally like overly realistic characters). Also, unlike 3d, 2d doesn't just seem to be - 2d actually is the way it is(the way you see it, the way you want it to be).

All in all, i don't think 2d and 3d should be even compared. Like probably some people here, i don't think it's possible to have such honest, peaceful and uncorruptible relationship with actual human being.
>> No. 17064 [Edit]
I think it is less the 2D versus 3D and more the separation of worlds that makes waifu relationships so incorruptible. They can't be corrupted by things in our world because they are not of our world. I didn't mean 3D as actually being in this world, more the appearance of my waifu. I just re-read the post and realized the OP meant whether we want our waifus IRL. Sorry for the confusion.
>> No. 17149 [Edit]
File 141816264840.png - (226.31KB , 1326x596 , 2d and 3d.png )
>Rendering waifu in 3d art.
>drawings of waifu made to look realistic, not two dimensional

I actually do so, in order to suit my tastes and refine my own interpretation of the character, which then becomes mine and only mine since I am the only author of that version of her.

About 2D vs 3D, I've absolutely no conflict with it, since 3D itself isn't really the problem but our biological and rotting human condition, and since all in all descriptive/classical drawing is just another form of 2D deceit (although a very sophisticated one) that serves from a lot of other openly "unrealistic" or even impossible principles (e.g. ideal female proportions and fashion beauty canons, or the laws of perspective that are actually grounded on projective geometry and in plain conflict with our euclidean geometry based experience of reality). The extreme of this is exemplified by the trompe-l'oeil art, that openly deceives and thus makes us reconsider out very principles of reality.
>> No. 17153 [Edit]
Thanks, that art style you referred to was very interesting. That being said, I think when people on here say 2D vs 3D they are referring to 2D idealism in both appearance and personality. You can, of course, separate the two definitions as you have.
>> No. 17158 [Edit]
Glad you find it useful.

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